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OccupyWallStreet: Bloomberg postpones the “cleaning”

Please note that I am not at the park at the present time.  I’m just following the livestream.  See URLs below.

Update 8:06am: Live coverage back at Zuccotti and financial district.  The white shirts are back.  This is looking very tense.  The cops now have their guns out.  Crowd dispersing.  Some rumor that the police are going to take the park.  New rumor: They closed the Brooklyn Bridge??

Update: 7:43am: Livestream down again.  The last shot of the bull statue had a few policemen guarding it.  There are thousands of people pouring into the streets there.  So far, the atmosphere seems festive.  Police look a bit overwhelmed.  Arrests are being made.  The police are getting rough.

To me it looks like the police have lost this battle.  Too many people in the street right now.  This is what I thought might happen.  NYC has a huge population, today is Friday, expect the crowds to get bigger as the day goes on.  As long as the crowd stays non-violent and arrests are few, this could be quite a day for a party in NYC.

Update 7:32am:  Crowd estimate in Zuccotti park 5K.  The occupiers are marching in the street.  Police have arrived.  It’s looking tense.  Police appear to be gently escorting protestors back onto the sidewalk.  Not sure that’s going to work.  There are a LOT of people down there.

Holy S^&*!  It looks like the city is pouring into the street.

Cue the music!  Street bank striking up.  Lots of horns honking.  It’s a frickin’ party down there.  They’ve made it to the bull.  How much you want to bet someone(s) climb up on that thing?  I hope the photographers are ready to capture the moment.

6:30am: The cavalry unions are arriving.  The crowds at the park look huge.  CNN is reporting that Bloomberg has postponed the “cleaning” of Zuccotti Park.  Looking for link.  So far unconfirmed.  The livestream shows that there is something going on at the park that they refer to as a “situation”.  I think the rumor of a partial victory has gone to their heads and it’s a bit chaotic.  They were doing a mic check a few minutes to take a straw poll as to whether to take on the barricade at Wall Street.  Sounds like they’re going to go for it.  You can follow the action here:


http://www.livestream.com/occupywallstnyc (covering street protest)

http://www.livestream.com/avaazwallstreet (this one is working)

Follow them on twitter at #occupywallstreet

They sometimes lose their livefeed.  Not sure what’s up with that.  They’re using generators and last night, one of their streaming computers died because it wasn’t charging.

Most recent shot of the crowd shows that the people of NYC turned up at 7:00am this morning as requested.  There are many people over 30 in the crowd right now.  Zuccotti park looks full.  It looks like the pre-march shots I got from last week but bigger.  The park is wall to wall people.  There are thousands and thousands of people there.  More than 2 thousand?  Looks like it to me.

Tomorrow at 5pm, there will be an Occupy Times Square.  Not sure how that’s going to work out but the cool thing about Times Square is that there’s a bleacher type structure smack dab in the middle of it.  When the lights go on in Times Square, it’s like daylight there and the view from the bleachers can’t be beat.  Times Square is super busy on Saturday night to begin with.  Will it be like New Year’s Eve in October?  Hard to say.  Probably not the best night to be visiting New York City if you’re from out of town.  On the other hand, it would be hard to not be caught up in a Times Square Occupation.  There will be other activities on Saturday.  Check the schedule at occupywallst.org

The situation is less promising at OccupyDenver where the occupation has been under siege.  It was raided at 3:00am this morning.

13 Responses

  1. This from occupywallst.org…it sounds like an ad from Brookfield Properties about itself! lol Can’t say what it means


    Take home info: Bloomberg’s girlfriend Diana Taylor is on Brookfield Office Properties Board. It’s up to Brookfield whether to kick OWS out. Brookfield chief exec Ric Clark is the one making the decision.

    New York City has more than its fair share of bare-knuckled, ball-busting caricatures for landlords. Luckily for the protesters camping out in Zuccotti Park near Wall Street (and, likely, the City) Brookfield Office Properties, the vast, publicly traded real-estate firm that controls the public-private park, doesn’t fit the mold

    Brookfield, unlike some of its more local competitors, embodies the growing professionalization and corporatization of the real estate industry, something that has evolved in lock-step with the development of real-estate investment trusts and the commercial-mortgage-backed securities market….

  2. It sounds like OccupyDenver is having a very rough time. They were invaded early this morning and it sounds like the police have been very successful at routing them.
    I was in Denver for the Democratic convention in 2008 and from what I saw, NYC is nothing compared the police state in Denver. Those guys are mean SOBs.

  3. Well, you know that Obama is cracking down on California’s medical pot growers so I wouldn’t put it past him to have provocateurs embedded in the OWS protests to cause trouble and give the cops a reason to beat the snot out of the demonstrators.

    • I think they’re remarkably well behaved considering. They know how to shush up the rowdier elements.

  4. So OccupyWallStreet is similar to the Arab Spring where there is no visible leadership to guide the movement forward..Not like the Philippines Peoples’ Power Revolution in 1986 where it was lead by Corazon Aquino..

    • Didn’t it turn out that the military had put her up to it?

      • No, the People Power were the ones responsible for making her President. Click the link to know the true story of the People Power in the Philippines..


        Now this is not to say that the OccupyWallStreet movement is similar to the events that lead to the People Power Revolution. What is beiing noted here is that there is a visible leadership to guide it and OccupyWallStreet has not.

  5. Just read somewhere that Brookfield Management built Zuccotti Park in return for some zoning waivers when building in the area. Doesn’t that make it truly a People’s Park – some paid-off official bargains the “people’s” rights and that means we own it….not Brookfield. IMHO.

  6. Saw on the local Seattle news this morning that the Occupy Seattle group was gathering an hour before police were due to arrive. Those who stayed in the downtown park last night were only allowed to be in the park if they did not fall asleep…anyone found sleeping was promptly awoken by the first officer to find them. They want to sound tough here, but so far they aren’t getting into “riot gear” or antagonizing the protestors — my guess is that the officials are trying to discourage people from joining the march out of fear the size of the crowd will scare the police.

    It’s raining today, but predictions are for great weekend weather – good for the protest. 🙂

  7. I took a drive through downtown today and saw about 35 tents set up at the old Courthouse. No one was around and the grounds were tidy. I also rode by Bank of America Corporate Center and guess what was set up in front? A farmer’s market. No protesters. The protesters here had a meeting at this same courthouse this past Sunday.

    The irony is that Obama could make his acceptance speech next September 12th in the Bank of America stadium.

  8. Good capsule coverage of several Occupy cities here, scroll down:


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