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Glenn Beck’s head on a pike?

Oops!  I meant Lloyd Blankfein’s effigy of a head on a pike, not the actual, you know, *head*.  Because that would be wrong.

So, recently Glenn Beck got all hysterical and hid under the bed because a bunch of regular Americans (who probably don’t listen to Glenn Beck) decided to occupywallstreet and speak their minds.  He and his doofus side kick (who bears an uncanny resemblance to my brother) made fun of the way Zuccotti park occupiers have to repeat what their speakers say.  He didn’t bother to explain that voice amplification is not allowed in Zuccotti park or just about any other space in Manhattan because his guffawing audience might stop and think, “WTF??  You mean even Tea Partiers couldn’t amplify themselves in Zuccotti park?”  That’s right, but I encourage interested Tea Partiers and Glenn Beck fans to check it out for yourselves.  No, really, take a bullhorn to Zuccotti and see what happens.  Report back to us here, after you post bail.

Glenn says that the occupiers are a bunch of pissed off marxists who are now going to kill all the capitalists.

Beck then made the first of his dark analogies. Saying that the only thing that could control the movement would be a forceful crushing from “the top,” he added, “It will be the Night of Long Knives. It will be a purging of this country.” This was a seeming reference to the political murders carried out by the Nazis in 1934.

Beck then turned to “capitalists,” and here his warning was even starker and more graphic:

“Capitalists, if you think that you can play footsies with these people, you’re wrong. They will come for you and drag you into the streets and kill you…they’re Marxist radicals…these guys are worse than Robespierre from the French Revolution…they’ll kill everybody.”

Gosh, why did the commies wait so long?  A lot of people are losing their houses.  They’ve had three years to hatch their diabolical plan and all they can come up with is a mass movement using a democratic, open source process to work their way through the problem while using militant non-violence to assemble and protest peacefully?  Betcha Glenn couldn’t start a nationwide movement without a bullhorn, his own media and a posse of mean spirited, bullying senior citizens who deliberately refuse to evolve.  These occupiers are blood thirsty fiends with their cardboard signs and their sharpies, using the power of the word to cut through all of the right wing nastiness.

Oh, wait, Glenn is one of those nasty right wingers.  So, what we have here is a genuine uprising that is threatening the astroturfed Tea Party movement and Glenn’s moment of glory.  It’s tapping into the zeitgeist of a very dispirited and angry middle class.  It’s non-partisan, a-religious, doesn’t endorse any political candidates and doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings except the bankers (poor widdle guys).  In short, it’s anti-Beck, the little, greedy, mean, libertarian, uber conservative, anti-gay, anti-feminist Mormon man.

Oh My God!  What is happening??  Americans don’t seem to be afraid of their own mortality or intimidated by Beck and his selfish, cranky and para military fantasist  followers.  How can that be after all of the money that has been pouring into the GlennBeckian wet dream network?  It’s the end of the world.  Before you know it there will be earthquakes and floods, dogs and cats living together.  Good thing Beck has an underground fallout shelter where he can hide from the pacifist hordes who are about to force a vegan diet on him.  (Ok, the occupiers do go a little overboard on the crunchy granola. It is a little frightening.)  If this movement is not stopped, before you know it you’ll have capitalists operating under more strict regulations, unable to gamble away your retirement money at the global craps table, forced to pay taxes or pass their workers’ productivity gains back to them, working on an increasingly non-carbon based infrastructure and encouraging Americans to take mass transit and work from home.  Oh, the humanity!

Calm down, Glenn.  They’re not coming to take your head and parade it around on a pike.  They just want to shove your malicious rhetoric down your gullet – metaphorically.   You can come out from under the bed now.

Oh, and about the “acres of trash” that are supposedly accumulating in Zuccotti park?  Well, I was there last week during their third week of occupation and the only thing that I smelled were the street vendors peddling falafel and halal kebabs.  The park was spotless and the garbage cans were empty, not overflowing.

Get a life, Glenn.  Or a night light.

One more thing:  I noticed that the GBTV crew went to an occupation and found some occupiers who were definitely not your suburban soccer mom types.  But what he didn’t show his audience was who is really in the crowd down there.  So, I will.  This is a replay of the pre-march gathering at Zuccotti Park from last week.  Those radical marxists are cleverly disguising themselves as normal looking Americans of all ages and descriptions.  It’s scary.:

40 Responses

  1. I suggest you go watch Doctor Zhivago. And see what those nice normal people are capable of when they decide that they ought to have what others own.

    You aren’t seriously advocating college educated adults to renege on their student loans?

    Weren’t those “protestors” just in Wisconsin ‘fighting’ for teachers TO get paid? And now they want to NOT pay them for services rendered?


    • No, I’m advocating that we provide affordable university educations just like other developed nations so that graduates don’t face a lifetime of overwhelming debt.
      Compared to countries like Germany, France and Finland, we pay a lot of money in taxes and we receive very little for it. Republicans are always saying we should be able to do what we want with our money. And it looks like a lot of people in the occupy movement all over the country think that what they want to do with that money is make America more affordable for the 99%.
      Note to the conservatives: be careful with the right wing talking points around here. There’s a whole blogosphere to repeat that nonsense. We have to put up with that shit in doctor’s offices and garage waiting rooms and from our own fanatical and misinformed relatives but not here. This is a safe place to be unpopular (oh, wait! We’re popular now. And the Beck fans are starting to be UNpopular. Whatever will the authoritarian conformists do?)
      Do not trouble yourself that we will be overly offended if you go somewhere else. We will try to go on.
      Some people just do not get satire.

      • This is the real fight, Rose, your relatives, and the folks in those waiting rooms have come to their conclusions after being inundated by the lies of the corporate controlled print and broadcast media.

        If we are serious about reforms why not pass legislation forcing corporate America to divest themselves of media holdings. MSNBC is owned by GE so how can they report objectively on their parent company?

        • You’re wasting your time with Rose and her ilk. They’re programmed. Hypnotized in a way, by very clever psychological manipulation by Beck and his droogs who understand the shadowy recesses of the human consciousness. They’re very good at using Chewbacca defense-like tactics to channel their audience’s rage into pointless arguments about social programs. But it doesn’t matter. Pretty soon, the legacy of the fifties, the slut shaming, the dominance of the white male and the radical conformity will have died out.

          • I hate to tell you RD, but Rose isn’t the only one who doesn’t grasp your “satire” … I had a hard time determining just what is was you were or weren’t trying to say….

            Rose’s point about the violence leftists are capable of is valid. Not only are they quite capable of it, they are predisposed to it, and they even seem to enjoy it. You don’t have to be on the wrong side of the “aisle” to be victimized either … you need only be in the wrong place at the wrong time, which is what Glenn Beck has been trying to tell us. We would all be wise to heed his warnings, and take action before we find our society immersed in anarchy, and innocent people are dying.

            Rose’s point about the hypocrisy of the left is valid too. They protest when THEY don’t get paid what they think they deserve, then they turn right around and protest when other people pay themselves what they think THEY deserve. It seems they want to be the ones who decide who gets paid, and how much. Imagine that … And when the violence breaks out, they’ll want to decide whose property gets burned, and whose doesn’t too.

            As far as your comments about higher education go, our higher educational system was working just fine, until the liberals in our government got involved and started handing out billions of tax dollars in the form of government loans. Once that happened, the schools smelled the blood in the water, and tuition rates skyrocketed, making it almost impossible for anyone who wanted to actually PAY for their damn education to do it. Now, our schools are full of spoiled brats who think they “deserve” an education, instead of the hard working kids who really want to make something of themselves. To top it off, these punks want to walk away from what is probably the first and only serious commitment they’ve ever made … and leave the taxpayers holding the bag.

            As usual, the do-gooders have created this problem, and now that everyone is complaining about what they’ve done, they’re proposing more of the same failed Socialistic policies to fix it. Frankly, thinking people like me, who worked hard and paid for our education, are getting pretty sick of crap like this.

            I’m certainly not surprised that you would want people like Rose and I to go away though. From what I’ve seen, most liberal bloggers reserve the open exchange of ideas and free speech for people with the “proper” ideology …

          • Glenn has nothing to offer this country. And BTW, I financed my education using Pell grants and federal student loans. My interest rate was something like 2%. I paid them off in full, years ago.

            My daughter is going to have to take out close to $100,000 in student loans at interest rates much higher than that. If I want her to graduate without debt, I will have to sell my house because, as a laid off pharma worker who was part of a restructuring plan where my job was sent to Europe, I will be stretched to find even a penny to help her pay for school. And unlike a lot of kids who go to college who really don’t belong there, she does. If she’s lucky, she’ll get some scholarship money. If she’s not lucky, she’ll be working for a very, very long time before she’ll be able to afford the kind of life most Americans took for granted 30 years ago.

            Why the hell are you paying any attention to a guy who makes millions of dollars a year for sitting behind a mic and telling you nonsense? What did Glenn Beck do to earn his money? Any manipulative idiot could do what he does. Can he cure cancer? Create great art? Build a highway or a bridge? Does he know chemical engineering? Has he ever waited tables for eight hours straight? Painted oil tanks on the night shift? Has he butchered a cow or deboned fish for 200 people? I’ve done 3 of the jobs in that list, some for very low pay, and I worked my ass off. I live in a townhouse and I drive a second hand car. This with a college degree in Chemistry.

            No, he’s just a loudmouth scare monger who has some crazy idea about so-called “leftists”, by which he means anybody not stupid enough to believe anything he says.

            Save your breath about Glenn. You lose all credibility when you mention his name. He’s finally meeting his opposition, the people who never believed his shtick in the first place, and they are legion. No wonder Glenn is scared. He has no shame and we are calling him out.

            As for the free exchange of ideas, there’s a big blogosphere out there. Knock yourself out. But as long as this is MY blog, exchange of ideas are reserved for people who get bullied off of other blogs, both right and left. People who are interested in pushing a conservative point of view will find that I have no respect for stupidity, lies and misdirection. The readers of this blog have put up with that crap for too long and have been bullied repeatedly to accept your opinions as somehow legitimate even after they’ve ruined this country. You can think and express anything you want about your failed conservative ideology- somewhere else.

          • I rest my case. What a wonderful attitude you have … (not).

            So much for tolerance and free speech. Don’t worry … I won’t waste my time visiting this propaganda zone you call a blog anymore. You can huddle up here with your conservative-hating sycophants and dream your liberal dreams to your hearts’ content. Ignorance is bliss I guess …

          • And by the way … 90% of my comment had nothing to do with Glenn Beck, yet you seized on that one sentence, and became hysterical over it. Obsessed with Glenn Beck are we? I wonder why that would be …

          • If I had the only blog in the world, I’d have to accommodate you. Fortunately for me, there are plenty of blogs and media outlets where you can share your point of view.
            I don’t think conservatives such as yourself quite understand how sick of you and your ideology the rest of us are.
            There’s nothing to argue about between you and the regular readers of this blog. What could you possibly say that we haven’t already heard? Conservatives had their chance and they failed miserably. What can you say that would make us want you to give us more of the same?

          • RD, it is indeed your blog, and you’re free to immerse yourself in whatever ideology you feel comfortable with. However, I do find it rather ironic when supposedly intelligent people refuse to even consider differing opinions. I’m curious. Do you think the science of global warming is “settled”? Are you tired of considering new evidence? Are you willing to let our national environmental policies be formulated based solely on what we know today? I would certainly hope not …

            Anyone who believes in education and the sciences knows that the quest for knowledge and understanding is endless. In my opinion, anyone who decides that they’ve learned all they need to know and closes their mind to other peoples’ opposing viewpoints is a fool. Of course, anyone who behaves that way while calling themselves a Democrat, moderate or otherwise, is a major hypocrite….

          • I already considered right-wing ideology years ago, recognized it was nothing but a gigantic confidence scheme to justify inequality, and rejected it.

          • Monster from the Id, on October 14, 2011 at 3:03 am said:

            “I already considered right-wing ideology years ago, recognized it was nothing but a gigantic confidence scheme to justify inequality, and rejected it.”

            Well aren’t you special … people “rejected” the idea that the earth was round too, and where did that get them? I’m not advocating a far right ideology, or any ideology in particular…. I’m just fascinated that people who claim to be “Democrats” can be so closed-minded. The hypocrisy is stunning …

  2. You can tell who are the bought and paid for stenographers in the print and broadcast media by how they report on the OWS demonstrators.

    They have to keep screeching the commie canard lest some of their own audience start to pay attention and realize they been fed a rasher of bull exhaust all these years by the Right Wing media.

    The last thing they want is the voters waking up to the fact that republicans and Obama-crats are not their friends.

  3. Rose, on October 12, 2011 at 10:38 am said:
    I suggest you go watch Doctor Zhivago. And see what those nice normal people are capable of when they decide that they ought to have what others have stolen

    Fixed your typo, Rose.
    Don’t thank me, now.

    • LOL! Er, I mean, thank you for editing that. I think it clarifies Rose’s point. Better to prevent the 1% from stealing now or a different group from occupywallstreet may go all Sans Culottes.

    • Don’t thank me, now.


  4. Perfect, Sweet Sue!

    Ya know, when the right wingers started going on about “Commies!” I didn’t know whether to laugh, or cry.

    • Commies strike a nerve with people who came of age in the 50’s.

    • Ain’t it the truth. When I saw people I know going all batshit about “commies are running loose everywhere”, I knew Occupy had hit the right nerve. I choose laughter. 🙂

      • I’m still debating. But will take your comment to heart. Hey, at least we’re seeing everyone’s true colors. 😀

        It’s amazing they can’t see that their own commie!/anarchist!/socialist! meltdown kinda looks a bit “astroturfy” in its own right. And for goodness sake anti-OWS people, pick a stereotype, any stereotype, but stick to just one, because that commie-anarchist-socialist-hippie-obot frankenstein you’ve created is just a wee bit fantastical.

        • Ok, the cold war, not just the fifties. Let’s just say that McCarthyism is still alive and well. And that predates me. I came of age during sting’s Russians Love Their Children Too. By then, we knew that we had Very little to fear from a political system that even the people who lived under it despised.
          How should we characterize the people who buy into the bullshit about radical marxists? I suspect that a lot are older and gravitated to conservative media because of social issues, then stayed to be hopelessly confused about taxes and socialism.

          • RD, I’m stymied. Really baffled by the whole commie/cold war hysteria the right wants to drum up against OWS. But I think the same people who can believe that Obama is a socialist will also believe that OWS is run by radical Marxist Obama supporters which is (what?) an oxymoron squared.

          • It’s not really that hard to understand when you consider the cold war this country lived with for 40 years. We were indoctrinated to late communism, though, as I said before, by the time I was old enough to vote, no one really believed the Russians were happy with communism.
            The accusations of democratic socialism is the thing that confuses me. Many americans have never been to Europe or have worked for Europeans. Contrary to popular opinion, Europe is not still recovering from WWII. The toilets may still look weird but there’s no shortage of indoor plumbing or electricity. And while the unions in France can sometimes be a pain in the ass, the standard of living in Europe is pretty nice. Tuition at a university in France is about the same price as the student activity fees are here. Healthcare is good and affordablle. There’s plenty of transportation infrastructure that we can only dream about. And Europeans get generous vacation time to really live a full life with their families.
            That is what you get with your tax dollars over there. Not only that but because it’s so hard to fire or layoff workers, the early retirements provide a nice living wage and their scientific and technical sectors are protected.
            But all we hear from the deluded who listen to talk radio is that they,re socialists and we’re agin’em. We are so far from socialism it’s not funny. Wed have to go halfway back to the left to even be FDR Democrats. It’s sheer lunacy.
            What we have not yet figured out is why so many Americans find the voice of Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck so authoritative. And I think Jesse Lagreca has part of the answer to that. Lagreca is smart but he is also a street wise working class guy. For too long, the guys we have had on the radio and in the media defending us have been like Howard Dean. Cerebral, bland and not at all scrappy. People can relate to Lagreca and his funny accent and straighforward “get outta my face” gaze. He’s either going to be a mega hit or the right is going to dig up his past to discredit him. I hope he’s ready. We need about 100 Jesses.

        • that commie-anarchist-socialist-hippie-obot frankenstein is just a wee bit fantastical

          That’s putting it mildly. I expect any day now there’ll be a serious pimping for the 9-9-9 plan as solving all our economic problems and curing herpes or something.

  5. I would not be surprised if Beck was donating pizzas to OWS at a furious rate. I see a new book deal in his future ! lol!

  6. My Advice to the Occupy Wall Street Protesters

    Matt Taibbi on OWS. He sounds a good note and has done some really brilliant reporting on the Banksters for the past couple of years.

  7. From an informative article at Business Insider, with lots of graphs and stuff.

    [ Does OWS ] have legitimate gripes?

    To answer the latter question first, yes, they have very legitimate gripes.
    The problem in a nutshell is this: Inequality in this country has hit a level that has been seen only once in the nation’s history, and unemployment has reached a level that has been seen only once since the Great Depression. And, at the same time, corporate profits are at a record high.

  8. Jeffrey Sachs in Salon: What caused the wealth gap?

    Good interview which goes back to the beginning in the ’70s.

  9. Made my first batch of yogurt tonight. It’s sort of like microbiology for hobbyists. Halfway through, I realized the stoichiometry in the directions for my new yogurt machine was incorrect. It said to bring 42 oz of milk to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Ok, that’s cool. The machine came with 7 6oz jars. 6×7= 42. So far so good. Next step, add 1 6oz container of plain yogurt to milk, stir til smooth. Pour into jars.
    Wait a minute. If I add 6 oz of yogurt to 42oz of milk, won’t that be 48oz inoculated milk? I’ll be one jar short. What do I do with the rest? Then I started to think, do I really need 6 oz of plain yogurt? Can I get away with 2 tablespoons? I mean, the bacteria are going to grow in the incubator. It takes 24 hours for insect cells to double, how long does it take greek yogurt bacteria? Where are those damn cell counters when you need one?
    Too late. I added the 6 oz to the milk. Stupid, stupid, stupid. You should always read the experiment all the way through at least twice before you start.
    I really miss my job.

    • That sounds so fun — but, don’t beat yourself up. This is your first time through it. I’m sure you’ll be making all kinds of changes as you go along. Flavors, maybe?

      • Have you done this before?? I should have called you. I bought the yogurt maker because 1.) I eat yogurt everyday and it tends to add up and 2.) the stuff you get in stores doesn’t compare to the homemade stuff in little glass jars you get on European breakfast buffets. It’s going to be a long time before I get back to France, soooo….
        I made blackberry and cherry. Used frozen fruit, threw some into a pan with about a tbsp of sugar and heated it up. The fruit was just to my liking, not too sweet. 3 cherry, 2 blackberry, 2 plain. Ok, I ate most of the fruit in the pan. Couldn’t help it. So delicious.
        When I poured the milk over the fruit, it turned this lovely shade of violet pink.
        Just checked the yogurt. it incubated overnight. It looks set but not too firm. It was still warm so I put the tops on the jars and threw it into the fridge. Will sample in about an hour.

  10. “They’ve had three years to hatch their diabolical plan and all they can come up with is a mass movement using a democratic, open source process to work their way through the problem…” RD…

    Yes, just like the Tea Party, eh, RD?

    • Yeah, just like the Tea Party, without the millions of dollars in right wing billionaire seed money.

      • But according to the Crawdads, the TP is an authentic populist movement, in spite of all that fat cat seed money. 😉

        *sigh* I suspect that site will go the way of Uppity Woman’s blog and No Quarter. 😦

        • oh, myiq, where did we go wrong? Did we not give you enough attention? Didn’t buy you a pony for Christmas like we said we would? What? WHAT??

          Yeah, it’s sad. So much promise.

          • I reckon most of the Crawdads simply think any mass movement is the Kool-Aid Kidz all over again. Plus, the handful of violent, ostensibly leftist, speakers who have attached themselves, remoralike, to the movement trigger old anti-Commie reflexes in members of certain generations. I say “ostensibly” because, as the bitter wisdom of the original DFH radicals goes, “The first guy to suggest violence is always the undercover cop”. 😉

  11. I went over to CH, and the comments sound just like what the “Silent Majority” were saying about DFHs back when I was too young to understand much of what was happening.

    I observed, “Welcome to the Agnew Hole”. 😈

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