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    • The Well Meaning American Oligarchy Are SO Misunderstood
      Just saw a case of the argument that “the people who have been enriching themselves by fucking everyone else for four decades are misunderstood, they’re just following the incentives, and suggesting that the people killing and impoverishing you are bad is polarizing.” Lovely. Everyone is well-meaning, and it’s all just a misunderstanding. They don’t mean […] […]
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OccupyWallStreet: Something’s Coming

Good Morning, 99

34 Responses

  1. What a nice way to be awakened! Kind of like being in a space capsule and having Houston wake us up with some inspiring song.

    Good morning to you, too.

  2. Good morning, Rd, something is coming, let’s all join in

    have a great day all Conflucians

    • Nice.
      If you want to embed a youtube video, follow these steps:
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  3. Hope this is a better link than the one above

  4. We have parallel woes across the pond. Le Monde says Europeans are going to bail out their banks. Think I’m gonna go occupy a café at Bastille with OccuponsParis. (Occupation has unhappy WWII connotations in French. Indignés, the indignant, captures the idea better.)

    Btw, last night I went to a campaign rally for Martine Aubrey, a Socialist candidate for President, who has a lot of Hillary’s qualities. France may yet elect its first Madame Présidente in 2012.

    • I have been to that cafe at the Bastille. They make a great country salad with lardons, potatoes, tomatoes and a creamy dressing, mmmm, my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

      go rally the sans culottes and occupyParis!

  5. I have a dream.
    The next President is a third party candidate who, opon taking office, issues a presidential pardon that “forgives” all credit card debtors and cancels said debt.
    This would destroy the credit card companies and put a lot of money in Joe Lunchbucket and Jane Everywoman’s pockets. Since the US economy is now built on consumerism, almost exclusively, boom times would commence. Sure, the one percenters would howl that we middle class deadbeats were getting away with murder, so what?

    • Well, they’re already howling that we’re lazy, no account welfare queens simply because we aren’t millionaires. So what exactly would be different?

  6. And that’s upon taking office, natch.
    Damn these farsighted eyes!

  7. What always exasperates me is when protests completely lack focus and when it’s clear the protesters themselves don’t understand the root problems they are protesting against. Why occupy Wall St? Every single one of those banksters would be out on their ass – or at least would have to go work for a fraction of their current pay for a bank that made money based on the traditionalist view of banking (taking in deposits and providing a savings rate and lending for homes, business loans, etc at a slightly higher rate) – if they weren’t propped up by our government. What these protesters clearly are ignorant of is that it is the FEDERAL RESERVE based in DC that is continuing to shovel the resources of the entire country into the maw of wall st. banks and our Congress which allows this.

    This could stop in an instant if: 1) Congress began active oversight of the Fed and legislated against the Fed being able to print currency to fund zombie banks (which are all of our TBTF banks right now); 2) Our Exec. branch agencies – DOJ, SEC, CFTC – started massive investigations into the outright fraud that was rampant in the last 5-6 years and has never been investigated let alone punished. Yes, many banks would fail and there would be pain for a bit, but we could reconstitute our banking system into something that actually works for main st., write down principal on mortgages across the board so average homeowners were no longer debt slaves to homes not worth what they borrowed, begin to get credit back to small businesses, etc. etc. Until we do this, nothing will get better in this country for the average citizen.

    Why in the world are these people on Wall St, rather than massed in DC, other than to get on t.v., seem “protest cool” and generally just cause rich people inconvenience? (I’m not against that last except for the opportunity cost of it not actually accomplishing anything).

    The reason the Tea Party was so concretely successful was because:
    1) they realized where the essence of the malfeasance was – in DC;
    2) they had a focused 3-point message – a) the federal government needs to stop spending our money recklessly on bankrupt banks and let the market allow them to fail if they made irresponsible business decisions; b) the federal government needs to stop borrowing recklessly for everything else it does; c) the government health care mandate was a massive overreach of the fed’s power and should not pass;
    3) they specifically said – our “representatives” are not listening to us on these 3 basic demands – which we have made clear in townhalls around the country, in letter-writing and phone call campaigns and in marches on DC, so we will vote them out of office 1 by 1 if we have to and replace them with people who will.

    What are the OWS protesters asking for – everything – money, jobs (or just money even without a job), free healthcare, free college education, free houses – and nothing – no pathway to get there. How exactly are their demands going to happen? Are they going to organize around specific candidates? Doesn’t seem so.

    Ugh – 2 massive missed opportunities by progressives/liberals. First, in not finding common cause with the tea parties in the very beginning just because tea partiers didn’t like Obama and letting that movement be coopted by the Right. (Hey, OWS types – here’s a news flash – you shouldn’t like Obama either. He screwed you more than Wall St. could since he enable Wall St). Second, in starting this inchoate, completely unfocused rabble rousing protest with no specific demands and that isn’t even directed at the right parties and that is easy to ridicule. To the average person, this protest is going to seem like college kids who don’t want to work and want working people to take care of them and union members who want to keep gold plated salaries and benefits that few other americans have anymore.

    • Um, they ARE in DC. They settled on yesterday.
      As to why they’re doing it, neither of the parties are taking the 99% seriously and the cable news channels and talk radio are not reporting the truth. They only report what their management wants which tends to distort reality in favor of the 1%.
      I can’t answer all of your questions but if you put your religious, political and social issues ideology aside and join with the occupiers, you add your number to a growing pool of resistors who all want tge same thing- that the 1% worldwide stop taking advantage if the rest if us.
      Go visit an occupation and participate.

    • Oh, and I’m pretty sure that Obama and tge DNC have no fans among the occupiers. They’re pretty quick on the uptake.

    • One more thing: there are fewer college kids than you think. And if they have to go back to school, there are plenty of unemployed adults, such as myself who can search for jobs online while we take their place in Zuccotti park.
      They’re not asking for anything from you. If you want to donate, that’s good but they are resourceful, they’ll get by. By the way, they will feed anyone. And no one I know who is put of a job is lazy. We’re all desperate to get back to work in our fields. Mine is drug design of cancer drugs. So, we’re not exactly uneducated welfare queen slackers.

    • One more more thing: the reason tge Tea Party was successful was that it was funded by the GOP and got an ungodly amount of press coverage out of proportion to its size. This in contrast got almost no coverage for 3 weeks. It has an organic quality in the best of the open source tradition. As the participants develop, so will tge nature of the movement.
      Labels are not welcome so go without one.

    • Uh, the pols are merely the overseers. The Malefactors Of Great Wealth are the masters. Hence, I think the Occupants are recognizing this in going to Wall Street rather than DC.

    • This meme of Teh Protestors are Spoiled Kids who Want Free Everything stops right here, right now.

      These are people who did everything right. They followed the rules. They borrowed outrageous amounts of money to become educated and are perfectly willing to work to pay it back but there are no jobs. Or they are massively indebted for medical care that ought to have been covered under a rational, halfway decently financed health system. Or their patiently-accumulated 401k savings went up in a puff of smoke. Or, like your blogmistress, their careers went south in midlife because some MBA decided their productive and profitable labor wasn’t profitable enough. Or they were evicted from their homes because the only loans available to buy a house to live in were subprime and *all* housing prices for a 50 mile radius were 10x their annual income.

      So stop it the sanctimonious BS. Stop slandering your fellow citizens. They followed the rules and got royally screwed. There but for the grace of God go you. Have some decency.

  8. Who’s old enough to remember the civil rights slogan, “I am a man” that was hand lettered on placards in the sixties?
    Right now, the simple message of the Wall Street protestors is “I am a human being.”
    I am a human being, not an erg, not a resource and not a consumer.
    It resonates with me.

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