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OccupyWallStreet: Wow! Who is this guy?

Have you been practicing your rant in case you ever get asked to explain what’s wrong with the country to a Fox News reporter?

Well, this guy finally got his chance…

I don’t know who he is but he gets my vote.

24 Responses

  1. He was given an opening to discuss the failings of the Obama Administration and sidestepped it. Not good. The Republicans aren’t our problem—the Democrats are. Guy sounds like a Dem loyalist.

    • In the context of OccupyWallStreet, it makes sense. They are trying to stay away from politics. I dud hear him criticize Obama. And ge made a good point about birthers and scandal enthusiasts.

      • Yeah, because there’s nothing political about the opposition to Fox News.

      • This guys dismissal of the Solyndra scandal by the Obama people was shocking. This type of Corporate Cronyism is at the heart of our problems. The Bush people used the Defense Industry for their corporate cronyism and Obama used “Green Stuff” for theirs. One is as cynical as the other.

        • yes, corporate cronyism is shocking. But the scandal associated is being driven by the desire to jazz up the election year and knock Obama off his pedestal. And while I have no particular objection to investigations of scandals, I would hate to see the media consumed with it to the detriment of the economy. I don’t want to see Solyndra every time I turn on the TV. I want to know what Congress and the Obama administration is doing to put people back to work and protecting their houses. That’s my number one concern.
          So, as shocking as it may be to hear this, Solyndra is not my #1 priority. If you are employed or otherwise financially secure, I suspect you can obsess over it. The rest of us have more important things to think about.

  2. I didn’t think you were that gullible.

    • ??
      Just because he sounds articulate and well rehearsed?
      I think he makes several good points

  3. Mmmmm, slow cooker brisket and potatoes.

  4. His name is Jesse LaGreca.
    Go, Jesse. You are lookin’ mighty fine.

  5. I’ve gotta get some headphones. I’m missing all the good stuff tonight.

    Well, not ALL the good stuff. My neighbors were in fine fettle.

  6. “Jesse LaGreca blogs at Daily Kos as Ministry of Truth”: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/social/mumtaz_nepal/fox-news-occupy-wall-street-video_n_992406_111072370.html

    transcript of the clip above:
    “Fox: Alright, fair enough. You have a voice, an important reason to criticize myself, my company and anyone else. But, let me ask you that, in fairness, does this administration, President Obama, have any criticism as to the the financial situation the country’s in…?

    “Jesse: I think, myself, uh, as well as many other people, would like to see a little but more economic justice or social justice—Jesus stuff—as far as feeding the poor, healthcare for the sick. You know, I find it really entertaining that people like to hold the Bill of Rights up while they’re screaming at gay soldiers, but they just can’t wrap their heads around the idea that a for-profit healthcare system doesn’t work. So, let’s just look at it like this, if we want the President to do more, let’s talk to him on a level that actually reaches people, instead of asking for his birth certificate and wasting time with total nonsense like Solyndra.”
    (“if we want the President to do more, let’s talk to him on a level that actually reaches people”—I don’t know what that even means. “. . . a little but more economic justice or social justice”? WTF? Nothing about criminality, kleptocracy, and the end of the rule of law?)

    I don’t read Kos, but I went and looked him up. Working backward chronologically, I found the first mention of Obama on 9/09/11, in a story about Eric Cantor: “BRILLIANT! IDIOT GOP dives right into Obama’s trap!” LaGreca seems to be of the school that sees Obama’s reelection as the goal—like Angry Black Guy at Talk Left. Not “Is it good for Americans?” but “Is it good for Obama?”

    Since I don’t see “good for Americans” coinciding with “good for Obama,” I’m disinclined to get in bed with this guy.

    • yeah, his remark about Solyndra kind of tipped me off. He thinks the president is playing eleventh dimensional chess. It is guy like this who will try to co-opt the protests to make it all about the left hating the right and “let’s all re-elect the president”.
      Yup, because the president’s warping of the system for personal gain can’t be a problem, I wonder if this guy could wrap his head around what this protest and the tea party people have in common.

    • So, the whole point of OccupyWallStreet’s caution about introducing politics is that it takes the focus away from the blood suckers on Wall Street. Once you start saying, “I’m not protesting with that guy because I know he’s an Obot” or “What are those Tea Party people doing over there?”, then the MOVEMENT falls apart.
      And let us not forget what the left did and is continuing to do towards those of us who simply declared Party Unity My Ass in 2008. We became the lepers of the left. They still won’t acknowledge that we were right. We’re just a bunch of crazy Hillary holdouts. It somehow never occurs to them that we would have opposed Obama no matter who he was running against not because he was African American but because he ran an unethical campaign that, with the help of the DNC, suppressed the votes of 18,000,000 voters. I’m sorry, just the thought of what they did still makes my blood boil and to this day, I am amazed that the left doesn’t understand what destruction it wrought on the party and the country by buying into the Obama hype. So, I *know* how much you detest guys like LaGreca, really I do.
      BUT, if you put that aside for a moment and recognize that LaGreca is not endorsing any candidate and that when it comes right down to it, it is the Republicans that are hell bent on destroying our economy because they want to disable Democrats and the rest of us *permanently*, then you have to admit that LaGreca’s rant cuts through the political rhetoric and nails it when it comes to messaging to the Fox News viewer. There is visceral anger there that LaGreca channels in articulate and easy to chew sound bites. And that is invaluable to any movement.
      Now, if LaGreca can completely divorce himself from Obama, we might have a very effective loud mouth. Let’s use him.

  7. A Daily Kos poster trying to switch anger away from the WH. He has the spiel down pat. It is not Obama’s fault. We need to engage him. Do not look at Solyndra . We need economic justice. It’s all our fault because we did not make him do enough. We need to take care of sick people and stuff. We need to vote for Obama because he is doing the best he can. The Republicans won’t compromise with him enough. He really is too good for us.

    This entire movement may, MAY, have started out with pure motives but I suspect that it is part of the Obama for America agitation corps that has been de-mothballed to switch media and public attention away from the exploding scandals, co-opt dissent, and punish Wall St who are not meeting their fundraising (kickback) goals. If my suspicions are correct, the White House is treading a very dangerous path and shows how deep their problems with the up coming election truly are.

    • I’m not falling into this trap. LaGreca is effective. He can speak to the Fox News viewer and channel the anger towards Wall Street. To make him truly a threat, LaGreca has to say, “I’m not getting into the politics. This movement is not about that. Wall Street is supported by both parties and any politician who writes the rules in favor of the rich and well connected should be a candidate for removal from office. Period.”
      Just because Jesse was an Obot doesn’t mean that anything he says is going to make me vote for Obama. I assure you, it will not. There isn’t one thing that Jesse can say to me that would make me vote for Obama. Not one thing. My opposition to Obama has everything to do with the destruction he and his supporters did to the party and to the rest of the country by extension, when they conducted their scorched earth campaign against the 18,000,000 votes who did not vote for Obama and whose votes were deep sixed.
      But at some point, if you want to have a movement, you have to pull together on some issue that is of common concern to all of us, Democrat or Republican, Obot or rational adult.
      When someone has the gift to speak simply and powerfully and fearlessly about what Wall Street is doing, that person should be used shamelessly for your cause.

  8. “[Nothing] he says is going to make me vote for Obama”
    RD, I don’t think you’re his target audience. If those of us who see his goal as deflecting focus from the real source of our betrayal -the Obama juggernaut that came to power just in time to shepherd in the greatest transfer of wealth in our history- are right, then his message is anything but apolitical: his message dovetails so well with the DNC Re-elect Him; Republicans are worse mantra to the masses.

    Commenter Zaladonis at John W Smart:

    “And if they don’t correctly identify who it is they’re fighting and what they want, all they’re really going to accomplish is further weakening citizen power.

    How do these protesters identify politically? Are they Democrats? Independents? Whom did the protesters vote for in 2008, 2010, and who’ll get their vote in 2012? Have they held the President and Democratic leaders accountable for the deterioration since 2008?

    Bankers owe these people nothing because the chance for that was in 2009 and it was squandered by Obama and Congress. Who among the protesters defended Obama during 2009 and 2010? Where were the protests then, when it could’ve done some good? Why aren’t they protesting Obama’s campaign stops? These people don’t recognize where their power is. They are, as my mother would say, barking up the wrong tree.”

    • Sorry, I disagree with you. I don’t know where you live but here in NJ, what is happening to middle class people is starting to be visible. I mean, there are people who were once doing OK who now have rotted teeth they can’t afford to fix. There are people I meet all over the place who look like they’ve had the life sucked out of them. Their eyes are haunted. They are wracked with anxiety and depression and self doubt. I know people whose bitterness and anger has made them unrecognizable to me. Those people are ready for a movement. And if we start bickering about politics and who supported which candidate, we will miss an opportunity to gather those people together so they can put their energy towards expressing their great dissatisfaction. And without other people who are experiencing the same thing you are experiencing, you are isolated, a mere drop looking for an ocean.
      I don’t like Obama. Electing him was a catastrophic mistake and the Obots of 2008 have a lot to atone for. They need to work and work hard to gain our trust. I understand that. And I don’t like the Democrats who have caved to the banking industry. In fact, there are only a few Democrats or independents who I do trust. I can count them on one hand. There are others who I believe will do the right thing but they will do it through politics, which Obots inexplicably seem to hate.
      The others? VOTE THEM OUT. That means Barney Frank and Chris Dodd and Chuck Shumer and Joseph Lieberman and any other compromised Democrat. BTW, my Senators, Lautenberg and Menendez are two of the more reliable liberal votes in the Senate. Chris Christie LOATHES them.
      But let us never pass up an opportunity to criticize the Republicans. Because they really are at the heart of the problem. They have lied to the public over and over again through their media mouthpieces, pumped up religion to keep people in line and pursued an aggressive political strategy to destroy the New Deal and to atomize workers so that they can’t stick together to demand fairness and a living wage. If we have a person who can clearly and aggressively show that we are not push overs, we would be stupid to demand their political credentials to make sure they were pure. If LaGreca is sticking to Obama because he can’t think of a suitable alternative, that’s his problem. If we can’t get anyone to speak for the 99% effectively, that’s OUR problem.
      Two different problems.

  9. I see Michael Moore, I smell a rat.

    JWS on the danger of people like Moore becoming the face of OWS:

     Moore’s  – and Olbermann’s – problem is that they are both easing toward the exact spot Obama wants them in going into 2012. Which is: I’m your only hope against the evil Republicans. Looking around the interwebs today confirmed my suspicion that the faux Left is being gamed yet again. I suspect it’s only a matter of time before Plouffe’s dwarf army starts tableing at Occupy rallies. And I further suspect that plenty of the marchers will slip into the Obama headgear once again


    • Yeah, I think Moore has outlived his usefulness as an advocate for the little guy.
      You may think that Obama will try to coopt the occupy rallies and I have no doubt that they will try. But from the open threads I’ve seen, the moderators are very aggressively eliminating any taint of political talking points or support for specific candidates.
      But if they do try to take over, there is one thing you can do to make sure their influence is limited. You can go to one yourself and take people with you.

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