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OccupyWallStreet: Respect yourself

Saw this site at Susie’s place this morning:

We are the 99%

This one hit especially close to home.  I have a degree in chemistry and there are zilch jobs in NJ for what I used to do.  This person should look into relocating to Massachusetts or California, although, without a MS or PhD, she won’t even have the privilege of doing grunt work in the lab, which is, quite frankly, ridiculous.  If you have a PhD, for most jobs, you’re overqualified.  But she looks young enough to emigrate.  I hear Canada is taking sciencey types in and tonisllectomies are covered by single payer health insurance.  Think about it, biochem major.

Hmmm, NYC is only an hour by train from my house and I haven’t been there in about 6 months…

Respect yourself.  This is an open thread.

26 Responses

  1. I have a degree in chemistry and there are zilch jobs in NJ for what I used to do

    Two words: Breaking Bad

    • Nooooo, sorry. Besides, there are probably more interesting substances to make. Remember, I once worked at a CNS site.
      Come to think of it, no. Definitely not. I keep thinking about those priapic monkeys. It’s all fun and games until someone loses a penis.

  2. ^ … Funniest comment thread ever?

  3. Occupy Kansas City started today (kind of) and goes live tomorrow. This thing is spreading all over the country!

  4. Hmm…. does Canada allow extradition for unpaid student loans?

  5. I just noticed that the symbol in the upper right hand corner is t-butylbenzene. Too funny.

  6. Joe Cannon has a post up about this, it has generated the most replies as any recently.

    How will the print and broadcast steno pool report this?

  7. This is a fun and relaxing video … Abbey Road:


  8. This thing is spreading all over the country!
    yep the natives are restless. 🙂

  9. Tom in Paine’s latest post is spot on. Check it out. Time is running out for what’s left of a Democratic Party to get it’s act together.

  10. You’re probably aware of this, but Regeneron has been hiring. Not sure what the pay is, but a good friend says that there are a lot of young researchers coming in- however, it’s in Tarrytown, although he works near Albany.

    • No, I hadn’t heard, or at least it’s not showing up in my daily alerts. Tarrytown is about 1.5 hours from me. It would be a killer commute. I check it out anyway.
      Yeah, employers generally want someone fresh out of school – with 25 years experience. Sometimes I feel like I’m living in some Joseph Heller satire.

  11. Holy HEMIOLA! I just realized what brilliant movement OccupyWallStreet is. The city is fricking ginormous and not everyone works in finance. There are only so many police officers and a shitload of unemployed people with a lot of time on their hands.
    Omanomanoman, this has the potential to be huge and the NYTimes is finally starting to cover it on the frontpage.

  12. What adds even more to the bad is those that have jobs- including even in state and local governments since around 2007, have been dealing with with the most toxic corporate mentality toward employees infecting the leadership since the 1920’s- so that you have virulent attempts at union busting, tormenting of workers to try to get them gone before they can reach enough seniority to be eligible for retirement medical coverage and even half their pensions…. I saw this mentality hit the private sector even before Bush got in in the health care deliverers, but it escalated after that, then even infected places with unions, and since around 2007 state and local government jobs. Federal employees seem to not have been dealing with this level of toxicity yet, but with the siege of state and local unionized employees I’m sure it’s creeping in. Oh and this is going on just as strongly in so called Democratic strongholds as Republican…

  13. Since this is an Open thread, I don’t feel too guilty for jumping in to say that I just upgraded my Macbook Pro to Lion and it was the easiest upgrade I ever did in my life!

    It looks like it comes with a kazillion little apps too. I’m kind of having a blast poking around and playing with it.

    Then tomorrow, I’ll check out the Kansas City Occupation….

    • Oh, sure, you can upgrade to Lion but none of your modeling apps will work anymore. Grrrr

      • I feel your pain but, I’m not quite tall enough to be a model. ….

        All kidding aside, what can you do? I know you don’t want to go backwards….

  14. I wanted to add to what I said above is that I am personally an ongoing victim of the treatment I mentioned above- they started to really get nasty in late 2009 and it’s getting uglier and uglier.

    I’ve been hiding from saying anything online out of fear of losing my job, but in August this they outright told me that unless I performed at at humanly impossible level they were going to fire me in six months- this is breaking our union contract in all sorts of ways. Never mind I had no customer complaints, and many compliments on a daily basis (love my job, by the way). I have a visual disability and have been harassed by supervisors since soon after I got an ADA accommodation. I have taken this case to our state’s commission on human rights and they told me I have a strong case, but warned me the tormenting would quite likely escalate before HRC got the case officially going. It has escalated, the supervisors are now outright faking customer complaints (and minor things at that, that are blown up into something far beyond what they should be, also things that I have observed other staff members do, and with no negative reactions from supervisors whatsoever) against me to attempt to build a case that they had no grounds, and in reality still don’t.

    I’ve been emotionally devastated by this and battle depression and a desperate desire to flee the hellish treatment. I can’t though, I must fight on to save our union. If they win against me then they can even more blatantly violate union workers rights and make our contract meaningless. But it’s sheer hell. I wish someone legally powerful could swoop down on them and get this to stop right now, and let them feel some of the pain I and others have. One employee has already committed suicide over the tormenting, another had to go all the way to court to get her job back. My union rep says the tormenting I’ve endured is even more extreme than those two and she’s in awe at how I’ve been able to get through it as mentally strong as I have. Don’t feel that strong right now, cried when I got home, and am tearing up right now and wanting to curl into a ball and stay in bed all day today. I can’t lose my job and I can’t stand to think of the people at top doing this to anyone else. I’ve been told other people are starting to be targeted elsewhere in our system, mine is just the current most outrageously extreme case (worse that my union rep has seen in her 28 years working in our system too)

    I desperately need lots of emotional support and even more importantly, if there’s a lawyer amongst the readers that is outraged enough by my story to help us without fees I and my union would exceedingly grateful. I just can’t stand to suffer in silence anymore….

    • So, so sorry about your anguish and pain, Ciarda. It just breaks my heart to read about your situation.

      Though I really don’t know how to help, I was thinking that maybe you could find help at TalkLeft. In the right hand column under “Law blogs” there are quite a few links to blogs, of which some might specialize in your particular problem? Or you could make a request for advise in the comments section in an open thread?

      Hoping you’ll find a way out of this and sending you loving hugs through cyberspace.

      All the best!

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