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Take my governor – PLEASE

In 2009, I voted for Chris Daggett for governor of NJ.  Jon Corzine lost that election.  Daggett was really the best guy for the job and had been endorsed by a couple of regional papers.  Didn’t matter.  As an independent, his position on the ballot changed from county to county.   But Corzine’s governing style reminded me a lot of Obama’s.  The property tax situation here in NJ never gets resolved and Corzine commissed a study on the problem, his number one issue, and then just threw up his hands as if to say, “It’s intractable.  What do you want ME to do about it? What do you think I am?”  He was initially a Hillary superdelegate but sometime early in 2008, someone must have told him the fix was in.  So, Corzine, the former CEO of Goldman-Sachs (where have we heard that name before?) switched his allegiance and gave ALL of the delegates from NJ to Barack Obama at the Convention in 2008.  For those of you who are new to this story, Hillary Clinton cleaned Obama’s clock by 10 points in this state.  Anyway, I really liked Daggett and I want to thank him for running because he made it easy for me to find somewhere else to go.  If he runs again, he can count on me.

But we ended up with Chris Christie.  I went to one of the candidates’ debates at Drew University and could not figure out what Republicans saw in the guy.  It was like he wasn’t even trying.  His answers seemed scripted, well, don’t they all?  But in Christie’s case, it was like he could say any S^*( up there.  It didn’t matter how shallow or simplistic it was, the Republicans cheered like he was delivering the “I have a dream” speech.  Daggett won that debate easily.  Corzine was being cagey, Christie a buffoon, Daggett was articulate, cheerful and well-prepared.

Christie won.


Since his accession to the throne of NJ, he’s made a lot of enemies.  He’s been particularly hard on schools.  In his first year, our local school district slashed 70 jobs.  Maybe that doesn’t seem like a lot in a district this size but believe me, it is.  Our superintendent quit.  He said it was the commute.  But I think it was because the guy just wasn’t making enough money in this district where we’ve always managed to keep administration costs low.  I can remember one of my Republican former colleagues fuming with righteous indignation that the superintendents were making too much money.  It was something like $125,000/year.  But try to get some smartass MBA from the corporate office to take a position where he would have to manage the budget, facilities and personnel for a company that serves 40,000 people.  That salary is going to look laughable.

But the property tax situation?  As bad as it’s ever been.  Mine went up.  I look at mortgage amortization tables and try to figure out a way of bringing the numbers down.  But I can’t.  The taxes keep my mortgage stubbornly pegged at a ridiculous number even though the actual amount I owe on this townhouse is relatively little.  When I do finally get another job, I will be working to pay off my property taxes.  If I lose my house in the next year, it will be because of my property taxes.

Christie’s sturm and drang has signified nothing to those of us struggling with the property tax situation.  We’ve simply received fewer services and now have to deal with even more surly school receptionists.  I haven’t gone to one of Christie’s TownHalls but I’ve heard that he’s dropped the “I’m just an average jolly fat guy from New Jersey, nowhatImean?” and has adopted the demeanor of a pugnacious and rude bully.  If you don’t like it, he just shouts and screams and acts like he’s going to jump off the stage and tackle you.  Regular taxpayers are intimidated by his Mussolini routine and back down.

Note to Christie and other Republicans: $83,000 in NJ is barely middle class and most teachers do not make that kind of money.  It’s probably a small fortune in Mobile but in NJ?  There’s not a whole lot left at the end of the month after the mortgage, the property taxes and federal taxes (for which we receive back 60 cents on the dollar. Enjoy it while it lasts, Alabama)

I will give him this: he stuck up for a Muslim appointee and told his own crazies to STFU.  So, even if he works for the wealthy and well connected, he has a diversity program.

But if the Republicans are dissatisfied with their current crop of midgets, I would be more than happy to donate my governor to their cause.  With Christie, you get the hardass bully with absolutely no relief to the wallet.  Sounds like a Tea Partier’s dream.  Except for the ones on fixed incomes who live in high property tax states.  Christie will discipline you.  You’ll pay your taxes, put up with S^&tty schools and disgruntled state employees and you will LIKE IT.  It’s mean and unsympathetic.  He doesn’t have the milk of human kindness to those of us who have to live here on less than a couple of million dollars a year.  But happiness is not his goal.  His goal is to make you accept the way things are.  You don’t like it?  There’s the door.  Don’t let it hit you on the way out.  You’re poor if you don’t make more in bonus than salary.  Everything is going to cost you and the state’s taxes will continue to be regressive and high.  Get used to it.

The only reason I might consider him for president is his committment to diversity.  But that won’t go over well with the malignant Christians.  But hey, whaddayagunnado?  Sometimes, you have to touch the fire before you learn how hot it is.

28 Responses

  1. Had a rough couple of days there. I think my gall bladder waged another gruesome attack. Wretched.
    Feeling better today.

    • I’m glad you feel better.

      Gallup just came out with a new poll. Democratic voters are not very enthusiastic about voting in 2012. That’s what is going to sink the Democrats.

      • If the New Jersey state Democratic Party comes up with a genuine antiChristie for their next election, will New Jersey citizens vote for him/her?

        How many New Jerseyans like Christie’s style and will vote Christie all over again at whatever continuing cost to themselves?

    • I’m so sorry you’ve been sick!!! That sounds miserable. And I’m really glad you’re feeling better.

    • apple juice every day for a while will take care of that.

  2. I was surprised to see what Christie looks like. Kind of resembles Taft.

  3. I suggest he Fast

  4. I’d rather have Snookie.

    She knows how to party.

  5. I guess I don’t understand the tax structure in NJ very well. In all of the states where I’ve lived, real estate taxes were strictly county taxes (although the millage was typically capped at the state level). Is that not the case in New Jersey?

    It would be kind of entertaining to watch Christie beat up President Obama ™ in a debate. The downside is that one of them would end up being President :-(.

    • The state of NJ is funded primarily through property taxes. There is a small sales tax on non-essential items and there is an income tax, but it doesn’t appear to be burdensome.
      The property taxes here are very high. For example, if you live in a small townhouse with no land, your taxes in my township could be as much as $7000/year. Imagine you are on a fixed income.
      And the property tax is not applied evenly from town to town. If you live in a district with a large high school, you get hammered the hardest. But if you live in a swank town that *sends* your kids to the next town over for high school, your taxes are much, much lower. Maintaining the high school becomes somebody else’s problem, not yours. The price of housing is more expensive but with lower interest rates these days, you can end up doing pretty well.
      Basically, if you live in the suburbs, you’re going to pay and tge state tends to suck money away and give you little.
      You’d think the state would have figured out how to solve this problem but it hasn’t. There are some obvious solutions. No one has tried them. Christie is no different. All he’s doing is raping the schools but our taxes aren’t going down.

  6. Chris Christie is the dreamboat (emphasis on “boat”) of the billionaire Koch Brothers and their ilk: http://tinyurl.com/3dqdmbf

    But, keep in mind:

    The first thing Christie did as NJ Governor was to give a tax cut to anyone making more than $400,000 per year.

    The next thing he did was to refuse to send the New Jersey’s school districts and municipalities their promised state aid. Since budgets were already in place and contracts signed, the municipalities had to get their money to operate from somewhere, so they raised homeowners’ property taxes.

    Then, to top off his attack on New Jersey homeowners, Christie refused to send out the homeowners rebate checks.

    The total, to New Jersey homeowners, of the increased property taxes along with the missing homeowners rebates was financially devastating.

    NJ property taxes have continued to climb, while the Very Rich in New Jersey continue to benefit from their reduction in income taxes

    Christie seems to hate the public schools and managed to pass a bill that uses homeowners’ property taxes — which are supposed to fund free public education for all — to enable tax breaks for corporations that give out scholarships for kids to go to private schools. In other words, Christie has found a way to launder NJ property taxes so all NJ property owners end up paying for the private school education of the favored few — at the expense of funding the system of public education for all.

    And, P.S. Christie lied about who was responsible for New Jersey losing out on a $400,000,000 federal education grant that was on track to be NJ’s for the taking until his administration officials screwed up the grant application

    • The first thing Christie did as NJ Governor was to give a tax cut to anyone making more than $400,000 per year.

      And did the tax cut for the job creators improve the economy of NJ?

      • No, NJ’s unemployment is at 9.4%, which is higher than the national average.

        And, for every dollar NJ sends to Washington, New Jersey gets back only about 60 cents; that is almost the lowest return in the nation.

        New Jersey is basically supporting Alabama and/or Mississippi (or any other poor states).

        NJ gets screwed on all counts.

  7. And, I should point out that Christie has laid off state employees at a clip, forcing them onto the unemployment lines.

    Christie, also, denied adequate state aid to New Jersey’s public libraries (forcing public libraries to lay off librarians, close public libraries earlier in the day and/or close one extra day a week), refused to send New Jersey’s public schools the promised state aid (forcing schools to cut program and fire teachers), refused to send scheduled state aid to NJ’s towns and cities (forcing them to lay off fire and police personnel), and is providing only a fraction of the amount formerly sent to homeowners as their property tax rebate (after not sending out any homeowners rebate checks his first year as Gov.).

    Yet, Christie seems to have $millions of New Jerseyans’ tax dollars to throw at failed business ventures that, in the end, will bring gobs of money to private individuals who will not have to pay back state financing dollars or even pay taxes on the first few $hundreds of $millions they may earn. http://tinyurl.com/3g9s6ds

    Christie is no better than a thief; he takes taxpayers’ money and gives it to political friends (who, undoubtedly, will cough up money for Christie’s political campaigns to keep him in power so they can get some more sweetheart deals like this one). http://tinyurl.com/3g9s6ds

    • Oh, yeah, I forgot that new white elephant in the meadowlands. Xanadu, right? We bailed them out in an amount that was about equal to the money cut from NJTransit. Have you taken the train to the city lately? Let me rephrase that, have you been able to afford the train to the City?

      • Yes, I might point out that in kiboshing that much-needed tunnel, Christie did a few bad things.

        1. People who live in NJ and commute to New York City are dealing with increasing commute time and wildly escalating costs. The existing tunnels and bridges linking NJ and NYC are simply inadequate to handle the crush of people.

        2. In the event NYC ever had to be evacuated, that tunnel would have been a great help in enabling New Yorkers to escape whatever they had to escape. But thanks to Christie, that escape path will not be available to New Yorkers; and who knows what will happen to them, trapped in the City.

        3. When last I checked, New Jersey was supposed to reimburse the federal government for the $600 million NJ owed for the work done so far on the tunnel. Not sure how that turned out, but given NJ’s track record for being screwed coming and going I would imagine NJ is liable for that $600 million tab.

        4. If the construction of the tunnel had kept going, a few thousand New Jerseyans would have found good jobs doing the work. But thanks to Christie, those workers will just have to remain unemployed.

        This guy, Christie, is a liar, a bully, and an incompetent jerk.

  8. RD take your gov hmmmm
    well normally i say take my GOV in stuck with bought and paid for Perry ‘ hes jacked over texas and good so like i said i wish somebody would take him . but if he wins the wingnut primary’s and becomes POTUS
    then i sure the entire country is screwed and big time so its kinda i catch 22 for me

  9. There seemed to a love-fest for Christie yesterday at Uppity’s. Mean incompetent bully for president or a sexist incompetent? Sigh. Bullies can’t be corrected; sexists can be reprogrammed I’m told.

    • They apparently love arrogant, lying bullies.

    • Uppity? Does she know who she’s getting in bed with?
      One thing I really don’t understand is how disgust for the way Obama treated Hillary and her supporters have pushed so many of them into the arms of Republicans. I hate to say it but you’re a few sandwiches short of a picnic if you think Republicans are the answer to anything, especially revenge.

  10. all these Repug two week wonders! It reminds me of the movie business the last few years….blockbuster movies that peter out after two weeks…..let’s see if CC can last longer than the others ….but the guy is a walking heart attack.Seems to me the press give him a break…mostly frame him in head shots. He looks huge in a super sized USA world…take it from there. But I will give Christie this: he dropped out quitely and quickly months ago while other GOP governors kept going and racked up huge debts trying to generate some excitement ( HA!) about themselves…( like Tim P and the little guy, Mitch whoits ) .CC dropped out and waited for the call. That’s what you do …it’s smart and it signals obedience to the backers. Unless you are asked by the money bags …you will find it very tough going out there as a canadate

    glad you are feeling better!

  11. Christie is grossly obese. There, I have said it.

    Is it fair or appropriate to call attention to NJ Gov. Chris Christie’s fatness?

    I say, yes absolutely.

    Unless Christie’s massive overweight is caused by some medical condition, I think we voters have every right to call attention to his bulk.

    If he is overweight because he has some extreme medical condition, we have a right to know, because his “illness” could reduce his ability to do the serious work of a governor — and his “illness” could cost us taxpayers a lot of money, OUR money.

    But, if Blimp Boy is so huge because he cannot control his urges and impulses and appetites, we need to know about that, too, because it indicates he is Out Of Control (which is, I suspect, the true cause of his corpulence).

    • Strange, isn’t it, how it’s always been perfectly all right to question slim, slender, skinny people and their state of mind: Openly speculate and discuss if they might be suffering from anorexia, bulimia or have other psycological problems – while at the same time you are not supposed to even notice when people are obese? Not even if out of concern for their well-being.

      • Normally, I wouldn’t make a big deal of it. But during the campaign, he kinda reveled in his girth. It was like he was a right jolly old Republican elf with his bowl full of jelly. The debate was a bit surreal. Corzine was the elite Mr. Moneybucks. He practically reeked dollar bills off the stage. Chris Daggett took the debate seriously and did his homework and came off really well. And Christie just came to the mic, said some inane thing and his Republican cheering section went wild. You know, sort of the “I truly believe in swirled peas” and on cue, they erupted as if he had just rewritten the 10 commandments. Too weird. I thought NJ would see through the guy but Corzine didn’t make any friends here and the state is desperate for property tax relief. Getting Christie for tax relief was a cruel joke. He wasn’t a bowl full of jelly. He is just a mean fat man.

    • I use to think his amazing bulk was a liability…but it’s sort of an answer to race card..Please It’s not the same of course, but fatties ( myself included! ) are discriminated against. So it’s something in that sphere….where as everyone else have nothing like it…and I can see Obie’s show disgust at the debates…omg, the jokes will write themsleves…” can I finish my waffle? No! I want it “

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