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GOP candidate’s debate: live blog

Alright, do we want to live blog this thing?  What is more fascinating?  The stupid things the candidates say or the audience reaction to the stupid things the candidates say?

GoodHair Perry is supposed to be the frontrunner.  Yeah, it doesn’t make sense to me either but then, their side of the aisle exists in a parallel universe.  Let’s listen in, shall we?

Have at it.

51 Responses

  1. Here’s a question I wish someone in the audience would ask:

    “When was the last time you had oral sex with your spouse? Oh, I know it isn’t any of my business but, you know, I want to keep the orifices engaged in only natural activities. And who did what to whom?”

  2. Whooowee! Doesn’t Perry look presidential? He’s got executive hair.

  3. So, Gingrich (or “That Fat SOB”, as my late mother used to refer to him) thinks that unemployment compensation should be tied to participation in a “business-led training program”. That’s obviously the problem with you unemployed pharma-types. You’re undereducated –
    a PhD just isn’t enough in today’s job market. 😉

    • {{snort!}}
      Actually, I don’t have a PhD, but I worked for the last 8 years in a PhD level position, which just goes to show that you don’t really need a PhD.
      But anyway, yeah, what exactly are they going to train me to do? I already know how to teach myself. I need a job, not a training program.

      • I think you need training in “Biblical Chemistry”.

        • I think a lot of chemists pray over their reactions.

          • Back in my chemist days, I know I did. 😉

            Besides, think of all the lab time and modeling you’d save! Just take some water, pray over it, and you’ve got the newest antibiotic!

  4. You know, these people are boring me. And the audience is really stupid for buying into the idea that all governmental services should be privatized. That’s a recipe for higher prices and eventual downsizing.

  5. How come the bar for the 14% who think 100K is “rich” is bigger than the bar for the 22% who think it’s 250K???? Since when is 14 > 22? This must be that “fuzzy math” Bush was talking about back in 2000.

    Oh, and since when is 44% a “majority”? I guess that’s a “FOX majority”.

    • Do you think they don’t know the difference between a majority and a plurality? Actually, I’m a few minutes behind. Who is this Gary Johnson guy? He’s from New Mexico but he has a Wisconsin accent. What’s up with that?

  6. 50 separate social security programs?
    Sooooo, if you are already retired, you’re golden! But if you’ve paid into your social security account for 30 years but are still not close to retirement, you get… what, exactly?

  7. Ooo, Romneycare, low blow!

  8. It’s beat up Romney night.

  9. Let’s force Romney to tell a lie about socialism.

  10. OMG, we aren’t anywhere near Europe as far as social spending goes.
    Jeez, I used to think Romney was too plastic to be president but he sounds almost aware of reality. Not a reason to vote for him for president but still.

  11. Oh, yes, the reason we don’t have jobs has nothing to do with the years and years that the pharmas merged and didn’t protect their pipelines. It’s because of taxes. {{Rolling eyes}}

  12. Wait, wasn’t the EPA a Nixon initiative? Does that make Nixon a commie socialist?

    • Why yes! Yes, the EPA *was* a Nixon initiative:

      The EPA was proposed by President Richard Nixon and began operation on December 3, 1970, after Nixon submitted a reorganization plan to Congress and it was ratified by committee hearings in the House and Senate

      (from wiki)

    • Yup.

  13. Didja notice how Newt managed to squeeze in socialism and a whole bunch of other trigger words? Well, he wrote the book:
    Language a Key Mechanism of Control

  14. Rick, have you seen how much it costs to send your kids to private school?? Around here, it’s about $26,000/year. The reason most parents turn their kids over to public schools is because they can’t afford private schools.

  15. School choice?? I’m all for charter schools- that are paid with public money and staffed by union teachers.

  16. I favor getting rid of bad teachers too. If only the unions would police themselves…

  17. *snicker* Wait til those parents get the bill for all those private schools or have snotty teenagers at home all day.
    We’ll see how long that lasts.

  18. Santorum said it was parents’ responsibility to educate their children from birth.

    Doesn’t he mean “from conception”?

  19. Perry’s right, paying $100000 for a 4 year degree makes no sense at all.

  20. Oh jeez, saddling a 22 year old with a student loan mortgage payment is so harsh and brutal. I hope that Brook scores some scholarship money.

    • Especially since by law it can’t be discharged in bankruptcy. It’s debt peonage, reinvented.

      I had *zero* debt when I got out of school (thank you, National Merit Scholarship) – and it was hard enough to get started. I just don’t see how young people can get any traction at all these days.

      • National Merit Scholarships are just a drop in the bucket, aren’t they?

        • Yeah, but I went to a state school (which, at the time, charged only a $190/quarter “registration fee” to in-state students). Between the scholarship and working (as well as an occasional parental cash infusion when things got tight) I got through okay.

          The big drawback was that my mom was on the faculty ;-).

          • Actually, it was a little more complicated than that because I wasn’t old enough to work when I started 😉

        • University of Oklahoma gives full rides to all National Merit Scholars..at least they did a few years ago.

  21. We’re just f-ing doomed, RD. Between Ozero and these idiots we’re pretty much done for in 2012.

    I really feel sorry for Huntsman. He’s the only person on that stage who doesn’t belong in a straitjacket. He’s no prize, but at least he isn’t in need of copious quantities of Haldol.

  22. Must take a break and empty the dehumidifiers.

  23. Whoo-hoo! Social issues, I can hardly wait.

  24. ” Representative Bachmann, would you be in favor of the privatization of religion?”

  25. Cuba is a state sponsor of terror? Really? BTW, is Fidel Castro still around?

  26. Rick Perry: “I will always err on the side of life.”

    Except for those pesky executions, of course.

    • ‘cept the number of babies he saves is greater than the number of criminals he executes so it’s a net positive.

  27. So, according to Santorum, soldiers should not only be not gay, they should also be CELIBATE. All of them.

    But sex is not an issue.
    But don’t do it. Even if you’re straight.

  28. Ron Paul believes in the morning after pill? Is he some kind of godless secular humanist or something? Wait, did he come to the wrong debate?

  29. I can’t stand it anymore. It’s too much. What is wrong with these people?

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