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Confidence Men: chapter 2- it gets worse

In this chapter, Suskind takes us back to 2007 as seen through the eyes of Alan Krueger, some Princeton economics dude, who was shopping his skills around to different campaigns even though he was technically an advisor to Hillary. You know, networking.

Anyway, he relates a meeting he witnessed with Obama and his economics team about why jobs suck these days, don’t pay well and are not secure. They went over what could be done about it and noted that the health care industry was booming. But that was only producing jobs like medical technicians, nurses and home healthcare aids. You know, “women’s work”. Obama said that men don’t want to do women’s work. They want to feel like men. Krueger was astonished at first because he’d never use such a term. Then he attributes Obama’s use of the term to his “writer’s sensibility”. {{cough! Bullshit. Cough!}}

Krueger comes up with the bright idea that the campaign should propose infrastructure jobs, like that’s so damn novel. *I* could have come up with that. Oh, wait, that was exactly what I asked Hillary Clinton about at YearlyKos2 in Chicago in august 2007. So, you don’t have to be an Econ genius to think through the problem. But in Hillary’s case, she already had plans to upgrade the broadband across the country and enter into public-private partnerships to expand the rail system in addition to fixing our roads and bridges.

But Obama wanted to concentrate on infrastructure jobs primarily because it would make the mens folk feel better about themselves if they didn’t have to do wimmins work.

I didn’t think I could like him less but I have surprised myself.

But here’s the problem with this approach:

1.) Even women don’t like womens’ work. I mean, really, Can you imagine an 8 year old girl answering the question of what she wants to be when she grows up with, “I want a low paying job doing work most men wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole!”. We grow up thinking we can be anything. The sky is the limit. I know *my* limits. I would suck as a daycare worker or a home health aid. I’m not saying that there is no one who doesn’t like doing this work or there isn’t dignity but most of us take those jobs out of necessity, not out of desire. And Barack Obama just reinforces how undesirable and undignified that kind of work is- for a man. Thank you, Barry. By the way, has anyone caught the latest episode of America’s Handyman on HGTV? One of the leaders is a woman. I’ll betcha no one was going to talk her into women’s work. It’s too bad more women don’t learn these skills.

2.) Obama and his advisors are already behind the curve. When so many PhDs in chemistry, engineering and astrophysics are out of work, it is the highly skilled that need help as well. This country can’t thrive without a vibrant technology sector and right now, a lot of high skilled jobs are being lost. It’s like a hemorrhage. What’s left is contract work. It’s low pay, unstable and doesn’t come with benefits. If we concentrate only on infrastructure projects for the He-Men, we leave out hundreds of thousands of potentially much better paying jobs in the technological industries where both men and women can find jobs they that give them a sense of identity and purpose.

I’ve already suggested how the government can buy up some empty lab space and put to work thousands of scientists to work on central nervous system and antiinfective drugs, two areas that the big pharmas have abandoned. We could sell the patents back to the government in exchange for decent salaries. That way, you would preserve the scientific infrastructure and put money back into the economy. So, where are the plans for that, Barry? You should have been Much more forceful in appointing Elizabeth Warren if you wanted to help the struggling middle class.

I’ll betcha Hillary would never have made these mistakes.

64 Responses

  1. I don’t know if Suskind knew how inflammatory some of these recollections were going to be but I get the distinct impression that the long knives are out for obama.
    Damn, I wish he had waited until 2016 and learned some humility. All of this could have been avoided.

    • Had he not “won” the nomination in 2008, I’m pretty sure he would have been “out of there”, pronto. Can’t imagine him taking the VP position – especially not to a female POTUS! – nor staying on as 2just” a junior senator. Not with his aspirations.

  2. I didn’t think I could like him less but I have surprised myself.

    Ditto. What an ass.

    So are the DNC “deciders” the same and dragged someone just like them across the line, or are they just morons?

    • I’m beginning to think it was all some exclusive male mutual admiration society with everyone in awe of everyone else’s “big ideas”. I didn’t think I could be more disappointed but I find that as I get older, people aren’t all that smart. Group dynamics trump hard work and research every fricking time.
      I’m disgusted with the whole lot of them. The DNC knifed Hillary for this? They couldn’t manage their way out of a paper bag. The unemployed are so f}#%ed.

    • I think it helps to have spent a couple of decades in corporate research to see where all of this is going. It’s sooo not good.

      • The regular corporate world is sadly kind of the same. I’ve been lucky to work with two companies that are exceptions, but the majority are like what you’ve experienced I suspect.

        That glass ceiling has to be broken through not just with a new president but in other arenas. This sort of thing needs to be understood as bad and intolerable now if we’re to have any hope.

        • The glass ceiling is only part of the problem. I’m astonished by the insane level of self satisfaction everyone has. Like they’re onto something profound that no one has ever thought of before. I think this is why Suskind titled the book “Confidence Men”. They are totally in love with their own sense of self worth and confidence in spite of all evidence to the contrary. Obama was completely unmatched to the job, he doesn’t have any gifts for management and he had no idea what was going on with the economy. Knowing the difference between a CDO and a CDS is really important but it’s not enough knowledge to use the mechanisms of government at your disposal to fix the problem. Hillary was not just a better choice, she was the only logical choice because at least she knew what the job entailed and who to go to for advice. Obama had none of those options. In a way, it was cruel of us to expect him to take on the responsibility for a broken system when he was so over his head. This is something you can not come into the job cold and just pick up in a couple of months. Getting through 2009 was going to take a person much more skilled than Obama is.
          But that doesn’t stop him or his lieutnants from deluding themselves into thinking they’re the most talented, smartest, wise, coolest people on the planet. If Obama had truly been wise, he never would have let anyone talk him into a post-Bush presidency.

          • I always thought if the post-Bush president was anyone other than a Clinton, it would be a miserable failure and might take down their party. That was part of my motivation for my McCain protest vote. The Republican’s did it, they should go down for it. Now I fear the Democrats will go down for it. It still boggles my mind that so many could be so stupid.

          • And I think you’re right. The DNC and others are part of the boys club and pushed someone like themselves.

            A more cynical motivation might be that the best thing that could have ever happened to the Republican party after Bush was an Obama presidency. So they along with Goldman Sachs helped arrange it all. But I’m thinking they’re not that clever and organized, but instead it’s more about the boys club.

          • DT, I think you may not see that the Democrats allowed the economic collapse of 2008. In 2007, I watched Hillary asking the Democrats to do something about the subprime problem, and the Democrats sat on their hands. I think the Democrats didn’t want to give Hillary anything she could use to advance her campaign. I expected and saw the economic downturn as early as 2006. If I could see it, and Hillary could see it, you bet the Democrats knew too. But they were salivating for the 2008 election with their chosen candidate. They were anticipating Democratic power for many years.

            The Democrats are responsible and should pay for their mistake.

          • Nah, I’m with DandyTiger on this one. The DNC erred on the side of stupidity than malice. Obama, the guy, appealed to other guys and those guys had the power to make him the nominee. {{snort!}}. Remember your recent experience with the ACS? I imagine it was something like that. A bunch of older dudes who weren’t brought up to work with women who just didn’t see Hillary leading them. It’s not like they considered their options and chose Obama. It’s like they *never* considered their options. Once long, cool Obama came on the scene, it made them pine for their heady youth. It’s a backslapping, “I like the cut of your jib” kind of thing where the old guys saw a younger version of themselves and the young guys were just honored to be in the presence of so much intoxicating reflected glory.
            Very much like the corporate world. The people who suck up and flatter each other get ahead and the rest of us have to pay for their delusions of grandeur and competitiveness.

          • I believe the exchange of checks was involved. Like the 10,000 one Nancy sent out to compliant Dems

          • Yep RD, I think that’s it.

          • Another way the Obama Administration is modelled on Camelot: the “Best and the Brightest,” management whiz-kids (all smug-ass men as well) who shining vision and self-confidence led us straight into the worst quagmire we’d known to that point and turned our society on its ear. Thanks for nothing Robert McNamara.

        • I think these guys read Dilbert and think it’s a how-to manual.

          • True story.

          • LOL … I doubt that they took the time to read the other manuals, the one the career bureaucrats are forced to read and reread and reread due to the ever changing rules and whims of those in charge of policy making. They refuse to rely upon the career bureaucrats who are the *experts* because they do believe they are the best and brightest in the room, and we all suffer because of that arrogance.

  3. Obama was raised in his first years in a Muslim environment. We know he has mommy issues, so my guess is that his mother is not someone he holds in high regard. I think the combination of those two factors influence Obama’s views about women. Jarret gets a different treatment because he owes her too much.

    • Nah, Obama’s Muslim experiences probably didn’t have any effect on his love of himself.

      • Obama’s religious experience , no matter Muslim or Christian most certainly had effected his love of self. Religions are patriarchal. Most of the world sees the order this way. Man is king in own home stuff. Sadly women are usually having to carry the entire burden.

        What do women get?
        Queen for a day.

      • I think it’s the white Ivy-League half of Obama that’s causing the trouble. This administration is modelled after Mad Men, not the mosque. The respect that upper-class Northeasterners have for women is massively overestimated.

  4. Yes, I read the “women’s work” section last night. I didn’t think it was possible for me to despise the man more, but I do. Yes, it’s fine for the girls to empty bedpans and wash 400 pound patients with terminal cancer, and make coffee and answer phones, but you know that kind of work would just kill a man’s pride. A man’s got to have a job that will make him feel good about himself. Leave caring for the dementia patients to women. And pay those women low wages or maybe they should just do it for free. Then they can be dependent on their husband’s he-man jobs. And they’d better be good little girls and stay sweet and pretty or they’ll get dumped.

    2012 can’t come fast enough. I have a feeling that by the time I’m done reading this book I’ll be spitting nails. He disgusts me.

    • I’m having the same reaction. Is it possible that Suskind just let these guys tell their stories and that’s why we are pissed off or are we his target audience? A lot of this stuff I could deduce by reading between the lines and watching what they did, not what they said. But I’m gobsmacked to find how accurate I was.
      maybe it’s just what we want to hear but the results speak for themselves. The Obots should be thoroughly embarrassed. Betcha those Obama bumperstickers disappear for good in the next week.

  5. Obummer’s a conservative so no surprise he thinks women should have nurturing jobs, and also has some stupid stereotypes about men (no doubt thinking of those bitter lesser people who cling to their guns). But he’s also a wall street owned piece of shit who thinks “high tech” means better computer stock trading algorithms and marketing websites to steal money from those bitter clingers. He does the Washington wank about “math n science” but he probably knows nothing about physics, chemistry or biology. And why should he? Those things involve hard work and effort that could be better spent self promoting, staring in the mirror and giving vacuous speeches to adoring crowds. Can we please send this asshole back to Chicago now? Primary? Anyone?

    • Again, I’m wondering if the book is designed to throw women off the Obama kibble. It’s hard to believe it could be this bad.

      • Wasn’t Gloria Steinem just on stage raising money for The Great Feminist? She probably hadn’t had a chance to read this book yet.

        • Gloria was a vigorous Hillary supporter in early 08. Then in March of 08 I watched her be totally sandbagged on ” Obama Now,” ….er I mean” Democracy Now” by Amy Goodman . Who sat there blinking and mute as an Obama operative screamed rac*am at GS’s every word. The writing was on the wall. She was invited on the show to be tarred and feathered for supporting Hillary. I believe GS tried to keep going for Hill for awhile ….but eventually it was made impossible for even Hillary to be for Hillay. Every arm was just about twisted off for Obie in an vast operation of pay off and Mafia intimidation . What GS is thinking now I don’t know….that Barry is better than Perry? The only diffrence I see is one of speed. With Obie we drift to the pre new deal world …with Perry we would pick up speed…but same direction.

          • Gloria threw her support to Obama after Hillary suspended her campaign. June 4, 2008


            So disappointing that so many public figures I respect, have supported Obama and continue to do so. Without the internet and a very few friends who see through Obama, I’d feel isolated and alienated from political analysis.

          • Oops. I’m wrong. Hillary suspended her campaign on June 7. Gloria announced on June 4.

          • While it is disappointing, given the threats and the total upper crust insistence on Obie…I’d say waiting till June 4th was pretty good.
            Most did not wait , but ran into the arms of Obama long before.

            I remember at the time Jimmy Carter in an interview said “it ( the nomination ) will be taken away from her ( Hillary) on the 3rd” So it seems GS support was given the next day after a from DNC move closed the door. That’s right. Mr. “Count the votes elsewhere” Carter dismissed Hillary’s run with a “it will be taken from her” .

          • Oh I should make it clear when I say ” most did not wait” ,,,I’m speaking about public figures like Gloria Steinem. The pressure on them was huge….career ending and there fore family hurting pressure. But how they handle it is revealing. I’d say she handled it pretty well waiting that long. Most did not. When the whole upper crust wants something, one person cannot stand up to it in the end . As I point out, in the face of this , even Hill could not keep supporting Hill

    • Excellent post, RD, and well said BlizzardofOz.

      Another annoying tactic is that some men use on women colleagues is to lie about the work performed by the women, in the most condescending way possible. Seen it, heard it. I would not be surprised in Mr. Geithner used this tactic.

      Why hasn’t he been fired? Is keeping him on a requirement from some of the President;s financial supporters, because he is protecting their interests? Heaven knows, he is not protecting our interests.

      I used to think that men hung around with men because of the comfort factor or because mentoring young women might distress their (the men’s) wives. Then I noticed that the few women who did get mentored were often exactly the ones the wives should be worried about. That’s when I realized that many men just have trouble thinking of women as colleagues. Astonishing. And law firms are often much worse than corporations in this respect.


  6. ” men don’t want women work, they want men jobs…”

    does Mr 11 levels of chess sound any smarter than Bush 2?

    • The both sound like they’re members of the same club with the same intellect and curiosity. Pathetic, isn’t it.

      • You know, I don’t think I have pink thoughts. I think of my mind as sort of genderless. That’s why this stuff is so offensive. Women my age thought we were making progress until Barry came along and set us back four decades. Now, all he sees us as is secretaries, bedpan cleaners and women who do not take their careers seriously, like Michelle. We had more respect when Hillary was first lady. To Obama, we’re just quota fillers. What a waste.

        • It does feel like we’ve fallen back into the 50’s. Perhaps it’s another wave of backlash that Susan Faludi wrote about in ’91.

          • Doesn’t it seem more like the culmination of the backlash wave? It seems to me that if Hillary had been given the due she earned and won the White House, a whole bunch of advertisers would have had some major brainstorming to do regarding their female targets. It simply would not have been acceptable to see the daily barrage of women as sexpot and vacuous housewife ads.

  7. “Obama said that men don’t want to do women’s work. They want to feel like men. Kruger was astonished at first because he’d never use such a term.”

    RD, could you provide the direct quote from the book on this? I’m dying to use it. People like to feel productive, period. Obama it seems has bought into the whole notion of gender division. Is he saying then that other men who choose these jobs are not men? What a web he wove.

    • I wish I could but I’m listening to the audible version and not sure where the quote is. Krueger says something like he’s been in his professional life as an economist for 30? years and never once has he ever referred to “women’s work” the way Obama did. I’m sure it’s in the second chapter, basically, if Obama had followed through with the jobs proposal he had in 2007, it would have been formulated almost exclusively for men. It would have focussed on infrastructure jobs where upper body strength is an asset. Jobs for women and high tech jobs for men and women who aren’t suited for infrastructure jobs weren’t even on his radar. It was like one half hour meeting and he had it all sorted out. All that was wrong with American jobs was that there weren’t enough of them for real men to feel manly.
      No, I am not exaggerating. Then he left the meeting saying, Good meeting, or some such nonsense, his mind blissfully untroubled by the prospect of plunging millions of women into below poverty wages and dead end butt wiping jobs.
      What an ass.

      • Worse than I even imagined. And I imagined he’s be pretty horrible.

      • He’s a knuckle-dragging neanderthal.

      • I am still waiting on my copy but a Skydancing post shows the quote as:
        “Look, these are guys…A lot of them see health care, being nurse’s aides as women’s work. They need to do something that fits with how they define themselves as men.”

        Health care as women’s work? That must be why we have no male doctors. Oh, wait, that’s not right: it is only the lower paid health care which is women’s work.

        The President has a real problem with women. I hope he has a problem with women in the next election.


  8. RD,

    Your proposal of using government money during hard times to build up scientific infrastructure is not new. During the 30’s the WPA built the Oak Ridge Observatory in Massachusetts which when it was completed had one of the largest telescopes in the world. Front line research was done using that telescope at least through the 90’s.

    • Yep, and let’s not forget the manhattan project. I realize it’s not new but given the dire circumstances facing scientists laid off from high tech industries, you have to wonder why they haven’t been pursuing it. Sure, it’s great to employ construction workers but the loss of our jobs means a lot less revenue since we were in the sweet spot when it comes to taxation. But nary a peep from the administration about snapping up some abandoned labs and chap equipment for us to discover new drugs in therapeutic areas the big guys have no interest in. How do you account for that? By the time he turns his attnetion to the problem it will be too late for us.

      • According to the ACS, the field of Chemistry is in great shape. {{palm to forehead}}

        • Yeah, unemployment is at something like 3% for us.
          Very disturbing.

          • You could do like Walter White and try self-employment.

          • But it would be wrong!, she said loudly.

          • I get an email every fortnight listing jobs for scientists and engineers,
            and 62 of 104 jobs in a recent list were for jobs in finance or banking.
            So if you want to work on weapons of financial destruction and if you can program in C or C++, then maybe there is a job.

          • Ha-ha! We must be on the same mailing list. I get that too. It’s supposed to be biotech jobs but all they seem to want is people with a business degree. I have no idea who’s doing the work at those companies.

          • RD,

            Yep. it certainly sounds like the same list. Note too that for these finance/ banking jobs it is often stated that applicants must have obtained their doctorate from a “top university” which is funny because
            as you know a university could be good in one area and crap in another, and one sort of doubts that these clowns would keep track.

      • When Obama said

        We’ve got more than one million unemployed construction workers waiting to get dirty right now…

        all I heard was the condescension. I mean, who’s “waiting to get dirty”? And I’m embarrassed that not until you pointed it out did I realize that he was solely referring to male jobs.

  9. On ‘women’s work’ yes, but..I had a widowed doctor in my neighborhood. He was smart and funny, but had a terrible time getting around, due to two failed hip surgeries. He had a young male attendant from Jamaica, who he loved. They dined in the best spots, laughed together, and the young man received a very large bequest when the doctor passed away..
    Older men with mobility problems can do much better with a strong male aid, I don’t think young men should turn their noses up at this kind of work. Especially in today’s dire economy.

    • It was the president who turned up his nose. That’s what is so troubling. Now we know how Obama really feels about women who are forced to take those kinds of jobs because they don’t have a lot of other options,

  10. I think his emphasis on infrastructure jobs is also about the old Chicago style corruption of funneling money to several thousand mini Rezkos everywhere and establishing vote banks and campaign donations. That is what he learned in Chicago and he wanted to do that on a national scale. This in no way takes away your point about his sexist attitude and contempt for women.

  11. I imagine it was something like that. A bunch of older dudes who weren’t brought up to work with women who just didn’t see Hillary leading them.

    RD, you may be right with a few Democrats not being able to see Hillary, a woman, as the leader, but we’re not talking about a woman who just came into the Democratic Party. She was a known quantity.
    Ted Kennedy couldn’t be president, and he must have seen himself with all the power to write bills, and Obama signing them, leading from behind. Hillary would have lead Congress. She was running for president, while doing her job. The Democratic leaders (Pelosi and Reid), with malice, did nothing.

    Legislation Would Enable Tens of Thousands of Families in Danger of Foreclosure to Refinance their Mortgages

    January 30, 2008 — Washington, DC – In response to the escalating housing crisis that is devastating communities, shaking our economy, and putting the financial security of millions of families at risk, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton introduced the Mortgage Refinancing Initiative of 2008 which would provide an opportunity for at-risk households to refinance unworkable mortgages. Newly released data shows that 1.3 million households received foreclosure notices last year. Mounting foreclosures are contributing to the weakness in house prices, and therefore even families who are not at risk of losing their homes are affected. The decline in home prices has already cost families an estimated $1.6 trillion.

    “We can reduce foreclosures by helping families replace costly and risky mortgages with stable, affordable ones. Today I am introducing the Mortgage Refinancing Initiative Act of 2008 to help states do just that”, said Senator Clinton.

    Senator Clinton’s proposal has been applauded by groups such as the National Association of Realtors who have called Senator Clinton’s proposal a “flexible, timely and much-needed improvement to current law”, that would ensure that “more individuals and families would be able to stay in their homes without the threat of foreclosure.”

    • S. 2574: Mortgage Refinancing Initiative Act of 2008
      110th Congress: 2007-2008
      A bill to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to allow the use of qualified mortgage revenue bonds for refinancing mortgages and to provide a temporary increase in the volume cap for such bonds.

      Sponsor: Sen. Hillary Clinton [D-NY]
      This bill never became law.

    • Notice that Senator Clinton was actively working to get something done about the foreclosure crisis in March 2007.

      Senator Hillary Clinton Calls for Immediate Action to End Foreclosure Crisis (Letter to Paulson)

      December 3, 2007 — Washington, DC – Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton today sent the following letter to Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson calling for needed steps to end the foreclosure crisis.
      In March I called on the mortgage industry to observe a “foreclosure timeout” so that lenders and borrowers could work out solutions. I also wrote to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke urging him to act swiftly to curb abusive and irresponsible lending practices. Just two weeks later, however, you told Congress that the subprime problem was “contained.” Unfortunately it was not. While you and others in the Administration misdiagnosed the problem, over 1 million additional foreclosure notices were sent out. Later, I called on the Administration to convene a “crisis conference” that gathered the housing stakeholders—lenders, investors, mortgage servicers, regulators, representatives of homeowners, and others—to devise a way of modifying the large number of unworkable mortgages. I am glad that the Administration has at least heeded this call.

  12. If your government can’t or won’t give you what you need and is unwilling to change, perhaps it’s time to find one that will. We’re like a battered spouse, Washington keeps screwing us over and we come back for more.

    Seems like a parliamentary form of government might be a little more responsive to the demands of its citizenry then this “Representative Democracy” we have.

    If you have a skill set that is needed in France, Germany, Australia, or any other civilized country why not think about bailing out?

    I mean if it’s a choice between homesickness or dying of stress or stomach ulcers at an early age …

    • Yes but they are doing the same stuff…they are following OUR lead


      • Since they have single payer health care that isn’t tied to their employment they can call a general strike to oust the politicians that sold their souls to the banks. Why do you think big business doesn’t want single payer here?

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