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Dear Democratic Party

Will you please get your shit together?

The NYTimes is reporting today that some of you want to break up Obama’s (less than adequate but at least it’s something) Jobs Bill into tiny pieces that you think *might* pass.  Do any of you remember your party’s history?  This is a Lesser Depression.  Maybe we’re not all starving in some turf home in Dust Bowl Oklahoma but this is very serious.  It calls for a comprehensive plan and courage to see it through, even if the morons on TV convince the Republican base that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme.

I don’t know what you guys are up to but from the outside, it looks like a bunch of chickens who just cut their own heads off.  You guys were once dominant in politics and gave us Medicare and the Peace Corps and Sesame Street.  You looked after the post office (BTW, do you have any idea how expensive it is to send a high school logo sweatshirt and a pound of Skittles to your former French exchange student in Avignon by FedEx?  I sent it USPS for a small fraction of the FedEx quote.  Yeah, put THAT in some campaign ads.)

The optics are not good.  There is no unity.  There doesn’t seem to be a plan.  And your leadership is too busy kneecapping its own players to pay attention to how it’s being rolled.  Amateur hour is over.  We in the rest of the country, particularly the unemployed, do not have the luxury of 14 more months of this incompetence.  Our COBRA payments are going to suck 50% of our unemployment checks and our kids still need to be fed and educated.  And it’s incredibly heartless the way you have overlooked the plight of families who have been broken up by distance or have lost their houses when a wage earner has lost his or her job.

I’m disappointed.  I was hoping you would rally and make this jobs bill greater than the sum of its parts.  Instead, you seem determined to save your own asses first.  We care very much whether a jobs bill passes this year, don’t underestimate its importance, but what we really want to see is some kind of spirited effort on your part to challenge the Republican message machine.  As a commenter on another blog said yesterday, “If I want to vote Republican, I’d rather do it directly”. Your efforts to accommodate the Right Wing Noise Machine is never going to be enough for them.  Know why?  Because you’re Democrats.  No matter how much you come over to their side, they are still going to hate you and take great delight in making your life miserable and your attempts to get things done come to nothing.  They want a one party system and they are perilously close to getting one.

Maybe you guys need therapy.  You’ve been shouldering the guilt so long that you’ve lost perspective.  These problems are not insurmountable.  It will not be a catastrophe if you lose your seat.  What will be catastrophic is if you don’t put your collective heads together and put together a bill to end all bills.  If you’re so convinced you’re going to lose the argument anyway, why not go big?  Add health care provisions to it, reform the patent system in an unexpected way that encourages long term investment to save our jobs, crack down on visas, create a pharmaceutical company to discover therapeutic areas abandoned by the big guys.  Challenge these bastards.  If they tell you government can’t create jobs, give them a “Oh, yeah?  Says who?”.  Stop handing over our social safety net to stop the beatings.  TAKE the beatings and stand up and keep on going.  It matters that a bill pass but not if it’s so watered down that its effects are negligible.  Much more important is that we actually see you fighting for the right things even if you fail.

Don’t let us down.  Turn off the TV monitors.  They’re only going to distract and discourage you.  Besides, it’s not your job to make Fox News happy.  That’s impossible anyway. Your job is to pull the country back up and put it on its feet.  Shut every other distraction out and focus solely on that.

Do it this way:

27 Responses

  1. During the Bush administration blogger Bartcop had “I Miss Clinton” bumper stickers for sale. Lately he reissued them.

    You know a President Hillary Clinton would have gotten the job done despite the likes of a Pelosi (R-Jealous), Reid (R-Clueless) and Joe Lieberman (R-Backstabber).

    I ain’t gonna hold my breath in hopes that anything comes of Obama’s (hand) Jobs bill.

    • And it’s why they didn’t support her. BO was clearly someone who could be manipulated by the likes of P, R and L, and, indeed, he outsourced his job to them to craft the legislation he should have taken the lead on.

  2. The problem with the jobs bill is that, regardless of what may be in it, America has seen Obama take trillions in stimulus and give it to his cronies in return for zero jobs… and now he’s back begging for more.
    He’s like the junkie begging for money to feed his hungry kids when you know he’ll just blow it on a fix.

    • “America has seen Obama take trillions in stimulus and give it to his cronies in return for zero jobs”

      This is the great misperception that will bring strict libertarianism to power..

      The stimulus package was roughly $780 billion. Not trillions.

      The money did not go to cronies. The largest amount went to tax cuts. The next largest was continuation of unemployment benefits. (Perhaps you should talk to riverdaughter about whether that was a good or bad move.) The next largest was aid to the states, which used to money to keep teachers employed. Some was used for infrastructure maintenance, which had to be done anyways. Little went to jobs creation.

      A much bigger stimulus was and is needed.

      And that’s why your misperception is historically important: A clever propaganda drive has convinced the public that a larger stimulus WAS tried, and that it failed. This false idea has brought into discredit the very concept of spending to create jobs. Such spending is the only thing that can save this country.

      I’ve (ahem!) prepared a small video presentation which should answer any further questions you might have…

      • Unemployment bennies: definitely for them. If I thought the private sector could be pressured to hire us if the Congress failed to give us money, then I might pass on extensions. But seeing as that’s not going to happen and the wealthy would turn a blind eye to our families’ suffering, I think we have no choice but continue them.
        COBRA subsidies would also be nice. When Cobra kicks in for me, it’s going to eat up one of the two unemployment checks I get and then some (if I select the vision plan, and I can’t not select it)

      • The GAO Audit showed that the Fed gave banks $16 trillion in total financial assistance. Katie blogged about it here.


  3. If Senator Sanders would step upward from his “Independent” stance and announce ( with others?) the start of a real political party
    open to genuine joiners and supporters, I would be interested. He could call it the Social Democrat Party or the Real Democrat Party or some other name indicating that he wants a Party which will do what you are calling on the Democratic Party to do here.

    Perhaps those genuine pre-DLC Democrats who would like the same thing might join that Party.

  4. “Dear Democratic Party” is not going to change.
    This jobs bill is meager at best and will be watered down to be meaningless. In case you have not heard, Obama wants you to work for free while taking unemployment insurance.

    • Not a bad idea. Except I want to work in my field of expertise, not at some call center or DMV.
      So, if he can get me a job in a lab somewhere where I can keep my skills fresh, I’m all for it.

  5. the owners will not hire our first world / fading into 2nd world ass …they are waiting till we are third world at least.

  6. You might enjoy this from Mr. “It’s the economy stupid” Carville:


    He was right then and he is right now: the President should panic.


  7. This New Dem party is a sad, sad thing. I’m torn between fighting to save it and push them to not be Republicans or to help crush it so a new party can be created. Since it’s all self inflicted, I’m leaning towards the latter.

  8. FYI: Sent a donation to Elizabeth Warren this AM.

    I consider it a message to Obama to GTFO and make room for a REAL DEMCRAT to fix this country.

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