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Well, that’s not good

Hmmm, last spring, Congressional Democratic leadership (with Obama chiming in) forced Anthony Weiner to resign because he sent a picture to a woman he regularly twittered.  There she was, perfectly innocent, because no *good* woman tweets provocatively, innocently discussing “cap and trade” and the nuances of fresh-water vs salt-water economists when suddenly, without any invitation at all, he raped her virgin eyes with a digital dick.  {{eyes rolling}}  After she fainted and made an appointment with her therapist, it was discovered that Mr. Weiner had inadvertently twittered the pic to the entire known world, half of which consist of women who cannot distinguish between a picture of some dude’s naughty bits and an actual physical violation.  (Oh, please, don’t get your fricking knickers in a twist over a damn picture like you are the pink of perfection’s maidenly spinster aunt. The faux outrage generated over this picture is counterintuitively anti-feminist and downright nauseating)

So, Mr. Weiner, getting a helpful nudge, no-doubt, from a sprinkling of right wing operatives in the comment threads of lefty blogs who quickly whipped up the pearl clutching outrage, took his leadership’s advice and resigned.  Regardless of Representative Weiner’s political gifts, or lack thereof, the resignation eliminated a seat from the Democrats’ caucus, a liberal seat, no less, and deprived his district of a representative it actually still wanted.  Initially, I thought that Steny Hoyer was just trying to eliminate another liberal voice in his quest to homogenize the House Democrats into cream of student body president soup.  But now I think that the Democrats are so afraid of the media coming down on them with relentless coverage of non-issues that they would rather emasculate themselves than strut around the House floor like nothing happened, you know, the way Republicans do when one of their lot gets caught tap dancing in a bathroom stall or has his diaper changed by a high cost hooker.

But no, not our Democrats.  This crop of Democrats is dickless.  They decided that it was much more reasonable to cave to fabricated public opinion and unnecessarily risk a special election for Weiner’s seat.  And they lost it.

Didn’t see that comin’.

The formerly Democratic seat is now to be held by a Republican. From the post:

With 84 percent of the precincts counted early Wednesday, Mr. Turner was leading Mr. Weprin by 54 percent to 46 percent, according to The Associated Press.

National Republican leaders immediately trumpeted the victory as a sign of trouble for Mr. Obama’s re-election effort. “An unpopular President Obama is now a liability for Democrats nationwide,” Representative Pete Sessions of Texas, the chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, said in a statement.

But Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida, the chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, said the district’s large concentration of Orthodox Jews made it unusual and meant the race had few national ramifications.

“In this district, there is a large number of people who went to the polls tonight who didn’t support the president to begin with and don’t support Democrats — and it’s nothing more than that,” she said in a telephone interview.

Riiiight.  So by getting rid of a well-liked liberal Democrat in this Orthodox Jewish district, the Democrats were helpfully restoring the district to its natural order- conservative and Republican.  (Oh, Debbie, you had such promise once upon a time)

But what’s this?  Multiple comments from staunch Democratic voters in that NYTimes piece are saying that the reason they voted for the Republican was to “send a message” to Obama and the Democrats that they are not happy with the direction the country and economy are taking.  They want the Obama administration and Congress to focus on jobs and not more budget cuts.  This is what the Democrats should be afraid of.  They have decided to make all of the decisions for the voters and haven’t offered voters a choice.  There’s no difference between the parties on policy these days and the Democrats seem determined to ram their selected candidates down the throats of voters who were OK with the guy they had before. Voters are so angry that they exercise the one choice they have left, they vote against the Democrats.  There’s no point in sending a message to the Republicans because they’re fricking nuts.  But Democrats should get the point.  Well, you would hope that after Martha Coakley and Jon Corzine and the Congressional turnover in 2010, the Democrats would have gotten the point but apparently, it’s going to take some additional bloodletting.  And this time, the voters are being vocal and specific about why they voted the way they did:

The unexpectedly tight race stirred anxiety among Democrats already worried about elections next year for president, the House and the Senate. The Turner campaign had eagerly courted disenchanted Democrats, and outside polling places around the district on Tuesday, multiple longtime Democrats confessed that despite concern about Mr. Turner’s eagerness to slash federal spending, they chose him hoping that his election would get lawmakers’ attention.

“I am a registered Democrat, I have always been a registered Democrat, I come from a family of Democrats — and I hate to say this, I voted Republican,” said Linda Goldberg, 61, after casting her ballot in Queens. “I need to send a message to the president that he’s not doing a very good job. Our economy is horrible. People are scared.”

That’s where the 2012 election season is headed.  If the Democrats continue to offer voters no choice, they are going to get creamed.  There’s always a choice.

Could we please get the plastic dry cleaning bags and sharp objects out of the Democratic Caucus room before they meet again?

30 Responses

  1. I don’t know if it has any basis in reality but last night Michael Savage made the comment that the special election wasn’t so much of a repudiation of Obama in general (his “liberal/socialist” policies) but his stance on Israel.

  2. We are all in that dry cleaning bag!

    • {{snort!}}
      Let’s just say that some members of the Democratic Party should be candidates for a political Darwin Award.

      • You’re right. Earlier this spring, the Dems won a very red NY district by hammering the other side on Medicare cuts that Ryan had proposed, and Obama squandered that advantage by embracing Medicare cuts himself. Several months later, the Dems lose two special elections on the same day by wider margins than would have been expected for those districts. The connection is obvious, as is the conclusion – if they would stop hitting themselves in the face with this austerity obsession and make the other party the one that wants us all to starve, they’d do a lot better. But they won’t.

  3. sure didn’t expect that, 😦

  4. OT: The crawdad site has an item up about Elizabeth Warren running for Senate. Posters seem to think she will share the same fate as Marth Coakley. If she is to the left of Obama she gets my support.

  5. I’m glad there are people now willing to do what they SHOULD have done in 2008 and exercise a protest vote. But better late than never I guess.

    • The Democrats seem to have a surplus of overconfidence. That’s the character flaw that usually brings down empires and financial institutions.
      Well, the election is still 13 months away. It’s still early.

  6. For the second day in a row, I got a call from DNCC thanking me for past support and asking for donation. Twice now, I said that when the Democrats put up a Democratic Primary challenger against Obama to call me back. Until I have a choice, I wasn’t supporting any Democrats that boosted Obama.
    The caller on both occasions said they were getting a lot of that!

  7. Got an email from Obama this morning (same as most of you) with the subject line, Maggie, can we meet for dinner?. LMAO! He only wants $5 for me to be entered in a contest to possibly join him for dinner. Hell that man needs RiverDaughter & me as advisors. Instead of speaking out for Anthony Weiner he came out with that wimpy advice that perhaps he should consider.

    Now if I had been his advisor I would have had him call a news conference and say nothing but “Larry Craig, David Vitter, Bob Livingston” and walk out of the room!

    • $5???
      What a cheap date. OTOH, you get what you pay for.

      • $5?

        Whats the going rate for a condom and a tube of personal lubricant?

        That’s what you’ll need with any of the Obama-crats.

    • They want to bring down the amount of the “average” donation to disguise the primary source of his donations – fat cats.

    • There’s an alternative way to enter without making a donation. I’ve been entering for free every time. Not that I think I have a shot – I’m sure Obama’s dinner parties are as screened as Bush’s town halls were. Still, I’d love to see the look on his face if I ever got the chance to look him in the the eyes and tell him why he hasn’t and won’t be getting my vote.

      • Oddly, I don’t really want to have dinner with Obama. He just doesn’t seem that interesting. What would we talk about? His wife chose to stay at home and I rarely see him accompanied by female staff. Not that he has to have a female perspective or anything but it would be nice to feel like he respected women or at least believed they have souls and brains and can think for themselves.
        But I imagine dinner with Obama where I would be subtly patronized, the conversation carefully tailored to the educational level a few steps down from my natural reading level. Every statement would be carefully salted with “themes” he is trying out. And my consciousness of this loaded dinner repartee would distract me from what would surely be a delicious dinner. Now, if Obama wants to talk about food-wine pairings, I’m there.
        I suffer from the inability to kiss anyone’s ass too. It is a real liability but that’s who I am. So, Obama probably wouldn’t find me very interesting either.
        C’est la vie.

  8. What’s wrong with voting for a third party? There was a Socialist Worker Party candidate running in this election. Send a message to both parties!!! Down with the legacy parties!!!

    • Nothing wrong with it. If you have a decent third party candidate to vote for, by all means, vote for him/her.
      In 2010, I voted for Chris Daggett for governor in NJ. He captured about 5% of the vote here. He was the best candidate on the ballot and was endorsed by a couple of state newspapers. It was enough for Corzine to lose and Christie to win. And it has been very painful for the state. But until NJ saw movement conservatism and austerity in all its glory, it was never going to learn. Now, we know.
      Property taxes here are still ridiculous, especially for the unemployed. But a more progressive tax system seems to be off the table – for now.
      Anyway, you’d think the Democrats would learn to have more respect for the intelligence of its base. Oh, well, they’ll have to find put the hard way.

  9. Vote Green or SocDem if they are on the ballot. It’s insane to vote for a Republican just because most of the Democrats are now indistinguishable from them.

  10. The third party candidate Chris Hoeppner (SWP) in NY got 3% of the vote which is not bad for an emergent party. Funny thing is you can not find a mention of him in any news article. The actual vote totals were 50% R, 47% D, 3% SWP. The press is trying to ignore the third party candidate? Evil and\or stupid maybe?
    I would like to know the actual vote total for the SWP candidate.

    • that is interesting. i was noticing that the vote tally added up to 100 percent without mentioning the third party candidate. now i know it was another instance of msm lying.

  11. OT , Have you seen attackwatch.com . The twitter feed is comedy gold. Some of the funniest chit I have seen lately. Whoever is thinking up this stuff on the White House staff is stupid and\or evil.

    • for those luddites among us who do not have a twitter account, could you provide a link? i could use a laugh….

  12. Ha. Good one.

    I’m so fed up with the internalized Demophobia coming from our so-called leaders.

  13. Maybe the Democrats will hear the message from NY-9, but I doubt it. They did not hear the message when Brown was elected in MA, or when they lost the House and almost the Senate in 2010 in one of the biggest landslide ever.

    I guess we’ll just keep sending the message, until there’s no one to receive it. First we’ll take the Democrats, and then the Republicans, one party at a time into oblivion.

    • Know what? I don’t think anybody has any idea what is going to happen next year, not even me. I can predict, based on the evidence, that voters are going to send Democrats a strong message next year but the election is still 13 months away. A lot can happen in those 13 months. My spidey sense is telling me that voters are looking for some defining event, an “Instance of the Fingerpost”, that will show them which way to go.
      You never know what message will catch fire and spread. You never know who is going to be that charismatic figure that takes over.
      It looks bad right now and if the election were to be held today, the Democrats would be in big trouble. That’s why it’s so important to look at the bench and decide whether they want to stick with the players they currently have or whether it is time for management to make a change.

  14. As near as I can see, this is total justice: the Dems screwed their base, constantly, in every way possible, and they’re going to pay for it, just as they deserve. The Republicans have delivered on their promises, and they’re going to win.

    I’m about the farthest left of anyone I know, and I can’t wait to see the Dems go down: they’re a bunch of traitors. The sad part is that they are going to very effectively pass the blame to the Republicans, who have merely taken advantage of all that’s been offered them by the spineless oposition, and the voters they’ve mugged will swallow that lie and continue to put up with them and their fake liberalism.

    I hope, before the country is totally destroyed by the trolls who are about to take over, that this country can birth a genuine liberal party, and that such a party will inherit enough to save. I will not, however, be throwing any flowers on the grave of the morally corrupt Democratic party,

  15. Dinner with Obama? I would take him a copy of Mark Morford’s column today.

    Obama, get your Dick (Cheney) on


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