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Touchy, Touchy

I'm sorry, what was the question again?

I’m resurfacing a bit after the Big Basement Cleanup.  Still waiting for the claims adjuster to take a look around and tell me the damage.  AND, since the countertop was installed yesterday, I get to hook up my faucet, garbage disposal and dishwasher.  I know what you’re thinking.  The DIYer who installs her own dishwasher has a fool for a plumber.  But I have no choice.  It’s either this or cha-ching!

I noticed that the left blogosphere is still reverberating over the Momentous Job Package Announcement Scheduling Crisis from a couple of days ago.  Markos is starting to sound hysterical and tenderly refers to us as an “idiot fringe”* ,  ThereIsNoSpoon is analytical, as usual, and I’ve even had a twitter follower drop me over a couple comments I made when technically I agreed with him.  Oh, well, I’ve been losing friends since 2008.  I’m getting used to it.

But it looks like the unravelling of the Obama presidency is happening so rapidly that his former supporters have not had time to adjust.  For the record, I don’t think the scheduling thing was that big a deal.  It happens all of the time at work.  You check their outlook calendar and send an appointment, the recipient ignores it and you have to send another.  By this time, the date has been booked and you have to negotiate another.  No biggy.

What *is* a big deal is the way the media is handling this.  This is what I think is throwing the Obama contingent.  Up to pretty recently, the media wasn’t nit-picking.  It’s the harping on the minutiae that brings down a politician.  The constant fault finding, the mountains out of molehills, the inability to let it go.  God forbid there’s a scandal waiting in the wings.  It might be a reappearance of Tony Rezko or an agreement between the administration and some hated industry or maybe the media will finally get around to covering the 2008 Democratic primary and convention.  But, whatever, the media has turned on Obama and not just the conservative nutcases on Fox.

The Obama contingent could tolerate the Clintonistas as long as the media was still sort of on Obama’s side.  As long as he wasn’t getting the Hillary or Al Gore treatment from the NYTimes, he had a fighting chance.  Without that little bit of protection, every move he makes will be amplified.  When the media starts making your guy look like a loser, he’s in trouble. You know how it goes. You can’t pick out the color of your clothing without calculating the impact it will have on the Sensitive New Age voter.   You say that someone has been telling a fairy tale and suddenly you’re accused of being a racist.  Or you say something about Bobby Kennedy not clinching the nomination until late in the primary season and everybody goes nuts accusing you of threatening to off your opponent.   Crazy s%^& like that.  Every move, every syllable, every action is scrutinized for malevolence and dark meaning.  It’s all packaged up to make the politician look as bad, weak, imcompetent, spoiled, shallow and stupid as possible.  And if that’s what’s happening, then we very well may be looking at President Perry in 2012.  Am I right, guys?

It is disturbing, isn’t it?  The guy just looks vulnerable, doesn’t he?  He can’t catch his breath.  Yes, now he’s going to have to run a real campaign and he won’t have the media picking him up ever so gently and carrying him over the finish line.  You can blame the “horse race” tactics and insider journalism that Jay Rosen has been railing against lately.  Maybe the NYTimes wants a genuine fight to the finish.  The rest of us want jobs but red meat competition is what we’re going to get.

Or maybe the editorial boards have realized they installed the wrong guy.  You have to wonder what was going through the mind of the journalist who just a few days ago asked the press secretary if he thought Hillary was going to primary Obama.  *I* didn’t ask it.  After all, I’ve been told in no uncertain terms that it is crazy, insane, and a fantasy.  And I’m sure that the left blogosphere was able to happily ignore me until this last round of bad optics.  But now that it looks like he’s vulnerable, I’m suddenly more irritating than I was before?

Does the concept of Hillary joining the race make the Obama contingent uncomfortable?  Or are they going to hold the nomination hostage and scream “Mine! Mine! Mine!” until we put them in time out? Are they starting to think that they need an alternative and Hillary *does* look like the most likely candidate after all?  Have they figured out that a primary would be good for the party by forcing it to reconnect with it’s more liberal and New Deal base?  Can they swallow the bitter bile of their over-the-top vehemence towards her in 2008 and learn to live with her limitations in exchange for a more skillful and principled Democrat?  Nahhhhh.

I can’t get inside the head of an Obama supporter and I’m happy about that because if I could, I suspect it would be a very scary place where the AntiChrist looks something like Michelle Bachmann.  They’ll never change until they feel personally betrayed and disillusioned by Obama.  Right now, they seem to be really angry and are lashing out at the people they kicked three years ago.  If it makes them feel better, so be it.  We’re used to the abuse.  But it won’t fix the problem and it’s not going to make us give Obama our votes.  He’s still in the White House, the Democrats are charging towards a cliff with us chained to him and the media is going to assist in any way it can.

Feeling better?

* Ah, Markos, sounding just like a party loyalist, always ready to insult the regular voters and ignore their, you know, votes.  Because, after all, we can’t let the “idiot fringe” have a primary.  Obama might lose and someone like Hillary might win and that would be a really, really bad thing because, because… it is written!  So, there, you stupid primary fantasists.  Yep, according to Markos, Obama *must* be re-elected to four more years as a lame duck president because, presumably, Obama is the absolute best candidate the Democrats have.  It simply does not get any better than Obama and, by golly, even if there *was* someone more appealing that voters wanted more, the party is not going to let you have him or her because Obama simply is the creme de la creme of the Democratic party and he is entitled to your vote so get in line.  Yes, that is a winning campaign message.

More stuff:

On Virtually Speaking Susie on Tuesday, Susie suggested that the reason the Democrats are backing Obama in 2012 is because they need the African-American vote.  I don’t know if that’s true or not but the Democrats are having problems with women this go around.  And women are a much bigger contingent of the party than African Americans are.  So, I’m predicting that they have a more complex problem on their hands in 2012 than they would like to admit and the only reason they continue with Obama at this point is because they don’t want the Republicans to see them sweat.  Hillary as VP will not help the Democrats.  As long as Obama’s guys are still running the party, she would be deep sixed as VP and every woman in the country will know it.  Biden who?

So, Wall Street is having a bad day because of the jobs report.  Normally, Wall Street LOVES it when there are layoffs.  But at some point, those fund managers must be wondering who’s going to be depositing the funds they are supposed to be managing or buy the stuff made by the companies they invested in.

Weird Irene Side Effects:  I lost my apple modem in the Great Basement Deluge so I went to the local mall to buy another one at the apple store.  But when I got there, half of the mall had no power.  No, literally half.  One side of the mall was going about its business, every store lit up.  The other exact half on the other side of the main promenade was completely dark.  Same building, different halves.  It would be having power in only the right side of your house but not the left and no switch flipping at the fuse box would fix it.

So, we have to wait until tonight to get a new modem, if we can only get to the mall.  It seems like only one side of the road to it is working as well.  Funny lookin’.

41 Responses

  1. Yesterday in Paris, Sarkozy welcomed World Leaders to discuss the future of Libya. The US Representative.

    Heheheh, I just so enjoy her being presented as the US Leader. Even though it’s sad too. That she isn’t.

  2. Just say no to crack

  3. “The DIYer who installs her own dishwasher has a fool for a plumber. But I have no choice. It’s either this or cha-ching!..”
    Having just been through similar installations, don’t forget to buy the electrical cords for the DW and disposal. They don’t come with the units, you have to wire them yourself. Go figure..

  4. What *is* a big deal is the way the media is handling this. …

    The “journalists” at the major New York and Washington fish wraps didn’t make any mistakes. They touted the candidate their corporate masters instructed them to. In 2000 it was George the Lesser over the better qualified Al Gore. In 2004 it was George again over the robotic John Kerry and his vice-weasel John Edwards. Corporate America and Wall Street weren’t finished pulling our pants down around our ankles so the print and broadcast media was told to swoon over their newest lackey, The Plastic Messiah.

    I wonder if those op-ed columnists look at that hole in the sky that was once filled with the silhouette of the WTC towers and feel any guilt. They share some of the blame for 911 because they made sure the ones that allowed it to happen got elected.

    If the media is starting to go after Obama it’s because they been instructed to clear the way for the newest corporate toady.

    Will it be Perry?

    He seems to out “Chicago Way” Obama

    • If the media is starting to go after Obama it’s because they been instructed to clear the way for the newest corporate toady.

      Well said. The media gives one the news via whose pillow they are busy fluffing. News is not in the banalities they read off the teleprompter

    • in 2000 the media told us to chose Bush, we chose Gore but got bush anyway. In 2000, who knows for sure. In 2008 the media told us to chose Obamamessiah and we chose Hillary, we got Obama anyway.

      Each time we should have hit the streets in protest the way they did in the Ukraine. But we didn’t, or not enough of us did. I am sorry to say I did not.
      Our main problem is that the media is owned by other corporations that also own politicians. I think the time is coming when we will see riots demanding the American people once again have power over all other entities in the USA.

  5. It would be having power in only the right side of your house but not the left and no switch flipping at the fuse box would fix it.

    I actually had that problem in my (1950’s vintage) house. Two independent circuits, fed by two main lines (one of which went out
    during a storm). Really bizarre – particularly since there was no clear dividing line between the circuits.

  6. So if tha Republicans have a prior engagement, why not just crash the debates?

  7. Funny about the mall. And (not so funny) one of my sisters has had the same problem since Irene…. 1/2 her house has power & the other doesn’t. The saddest part is that the half that doesn’t is the Kitchen including the fridge.

    • 😦

    • Brings back memories. My parents bought a house on a ridge overlooking Elizabethtown in Lancaster county. During electrical storms sparks would jump from the refrigerator to the chrome counter top trim surrounding the sink. One day one of the circuit breakers failed and power was lost to the refrigerator … until you turned on the stove. Power would feed thru the working side of the 220 volt circuit, thru the burner on the stove to the refrigerator.

      Moral of the story, you better know what you are doing when it comes to wiring.

  8. If Obama hasn’t the media fulffying his pillow 24/7 , he’s got nothing. That made him and the lack of it will break him. He’s a walkinmg Duakus tank moment machine on his own.

    Obama asks EPA to back off draft ozone standard‎

    I can’t keep up with the caves ins

  9. How do I use this voltage meter thingy? I haven’t done this since physics.
    And why is there always a piece missing?

    • It all sounds like so much work!

      I can’t remember exactly how to use the voltmeter either, but do recall I practiced on batteries first. It helps that the voltage is listed on the package, so you know the answer in advance.

      Sort of like cutting a program down to the fewest lines of code around the probable problem. And a bonus with practicing with the batteries is that you can’t get shocked.

      • The problem was I couldn’t tell which fuse was connected to the disposal. So, I just shut off the main switch until I was finished wiring. Problem solved.

        • Voltmeters aren’t much help in hunting down circuits. One day I plugged a lamp or appliance into every outlet and started flipping breakers. I was able to make a map of all the circuits in the house which comes in very handy.

          First rule of meters is do not put the dial on DC when checking an AC circuit. I blew out my first meter as a kid that way.

        • You can always plug a radio into a plug to determine which circuit is which. You can hear the radio and tell when you flip the breaker that the radio turned off with out having to run and look if light is on or not.

        • Ah. Shutting off power – safest and best method for that.

    • Google is your friend, if you must do it yourself look up 110 and 220 volt house wiring. Also know that do it yourself wiring can violate local building codes and void your homeowner’s insurance unless you have it inspected by a licensed electrician. There is a reason why union electrical workers go thru an apprenticeship program, lives depend on them doing the job right.

      Remember the marines in Iraq who survived the war only to be electrocuted by improperly grounded water heaters in the base showers?

      Ask dick Cheney about it.

  10. Faucet installed, garbage disposal reinstalled, water flowing, no leaks. Tomorrow, the dishwasher. The the microwave. Then I will attempt to build a house.
    So grateful to be able to wash dishes in the kitchen. Hallelujah.

  11. Great post. Regarding Kos, I thought it was funny that, even after saying that he thought Obama’s approach was stupid and counter-productive, he later asserted that he would support Obama slapping his (Kos’s) own first-born child in the face if that approach would work. I know, it was a throwaway line designed to reassure the Kossacks that he was still “loyal,” but it was also weirdly revealing. One of the leading lights of the left blogosphere said, out loud, even in jest, that Obama could mess up his kid and he’d be OK with that if it helped Obama? Um, what? Excuse my french, but that’s fucked up.

    • yup, if Obama ever slapped my child I would kick his a$$.

    • Excuse my french, but that’s fucked up.

      It truly is!

      Also I find it somewhat ironic that Obama has called the failure of the US to ratify the ‘Convention on the Rights of the Child’, in which one of the goals are “Freedom from violence”, an embarrassment and has promised to review it. (According to Wikipedia.) I’m quite certain that not even Obama would approve of this “measure of loyalty by child slapping”.

  12. If Obama (a guy who is slightly to the right of Nelson Rockerfeller) is the creme de la creme of the Democratic party we are really in trouble.

  13. The media turnabout made me think too about TPTB restoring power to the real holders. After all, Obama did a good job funneling the money their way and taking down the D party
    As for the half a mall, one blackout a few years ago left me with the VCR working and the TV not working – both plugged in the same group of 2 outlets. The apartment was evenly divided – fridge off, bathroom on etc. (somehow all the most necessary appliances were out of commission). Someone explained it to me at the time but…

  14. I am so glad you are getting your life back together and posting insightful thoughts like this. Markos just cannot get over the reality of his terrible pick. If the Democratic Party wants a shot at the next election, they have to allow a primary. But they are very good at losing.


  15. John W Smart linked to a Hillary-or-Obama poll at the Orange County Register. The comments are verrrry interesting.


    • Were interesting … until it devolved into a “how many angles can dance on the head of a pin” about the recession. Mayby it got interesting further on but …

      If you haven’t go vote the results are inreresting. One of the polling orgs should do a Hillary vs Generic Dem vs Obama poll.

  16. Another columnist echoes your idea that we are in a local minimum:

    E.J. Dionne begs for something “imaginative.” Eugene Robinson cries that the president’s “promised jobs plan needs to be unrealistic and unreasonable, at the very least. If he can crank it all the way up to unimaginable, that would be even better.”


  17. Something’s in the air. Obama is falling. The ringwraiths are riding black… and war is coming…

  18. We are not the lunatic fringe, Kos and his dittoheads are. It is very mainstream to want a new democrat rather than Obama. Have they not been paying any attention? Kos blogs for access and was willing to throw most of his kossacks under the Obama bus so that he could be included in the Obama campaign conference calls. The jerks over at Americablog did the same. They are the fringe and they were kicked to the curb long ago. They just do not realize it yet.

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