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Tripoli is falling to rebel forces

Another one bites the dust.  There are rumors that Qaddafi’s security detail has surrendered to the rebels. According to news reports, NATO air cover has been instrumental in allowing the rebel forces to succeed.  Tripoli is celebrating.  Libyans in the streets singing and beeping car horns.

But the US News media has some explaining to do.  Coverage of this event here in the US has been subdued.  There are no tweets from the State Department, which usually has Obama’s propaganda team taking credit for this kind of thing.  There are no live news feeds with one exception.  Andy Carvin’s twitter stream points to the live stream from Sky TV.

You can watch the events live here at LiveTVCafe.net  Alex Crawford has been reporting live as she accompanies the rebels as they advance on Green Square.  Green Square is the coup de grace.  The rebels are less than a kilometer away.  Crawford’s live feed has been temporarily loss.  Sky News is still covering the celebrations in Libya in the wake of the rebel’s path.

Update: There are reports that Qaddafi’s son, Seif, has been captured.

Qaddafi’s government mouthpiece, Musa Ibrahim, just gave a government response where he claimed a high body count and blamed NATO for the fall of the Qaddafi regime.  What was amusing about his speech was the Sky News split screen with Ibrahim on the right claiming that Libyans in Tripoli were terrified of the rebels with live coverage of those same Libyans partying in the street on the left side of the screen.  Some spin just doesn’t sell.  Ibrahim also says that the rebels are tribalists who are out to exact revenge against Qaddafi’s forces, which only goes to show you that if you’re going to be a dictator, you should practice a more moderate form of oppression.

Also, Here’s a pic of the celebrations of the events in Tripoli that are happening now in Benghazi courtesy of Al Jazeera.

Geek Tweet of the Day:
RT @Citizen_4537c84 Twitter tells me that Gaddafi is both dead & captured. He is clearly Schrödinger’s dictator. #Tripoli #Libya

11 Responses

  1. holy hemiola, Alex Crawford is an amazing journalist. Absolutely unflappable and composed among all the noise and gunshots. Give that woman a medal.

  2. The Al Jazeera liveblog is pretty interesting.

    it really is odd how there is no news coverage – too early here for local news and nothing on msnbc (no cnn on my cable box).

    • I think I understand what’s going on there. It turns out that everyone covering the event who did not hop a ride on a pickup truck in the rebel convoy, which is to say everyone but Alex Crawford and her giant titanium balls, is holed up in the Rixos Hotel under a white sheet that says “TV”. They’ve been under the “protection” of government security forces and hanging out with government ministers who figured they were safe from NATO attacks if they were hanging out with the reporters. They also had their internet connection cut off, something that Alex didn’t have to worry about because the convoy she was in had a satellite link. The internet connection is now back on according to AFP, which suggests that the dictatorship is being dismantled. So, I expect more live coverage of the live events in Green Square. But Alex covered the whole thing from the thick of it. So, there’s that. No one can touch her for sheer nerve- and titanium balls.

      • msnbc finally fired up the coverage…

        sure wish I got al jazeera on the teevee, but online is pretty darn good.

  3. Schrodinger’s dictator, does that mean that if there is no news coverage, than one can’t be sure whether the dictator has power or not ? cute.

  4. Stayed up too late following the twitter feeds… lotta nonsense, lotta interesting tweets…

    Donna Brazille even showed up to scold the Libyans to act correctly…


  5. I’m very happy for the Libyan people getting rid of their monster/lethal nutcase. I’ve supported our action in Libya and was not surprised to learn that it was Clinton, Rice and Power who convinced the faux Nobel Prize winner and do nothing faux POTUS to take the action we did in Libya along with France and England.

    And, of course it did not surprise me at all when this happened: http://tinyurl.com/4s69sf2

    And, I’ve been waiting all day to read or view something in the news that even mentioned Clinton, Rice and Power in connection with having anything to do with the success in Libya. But, not so for the Dear Leader. Again, not surprised about how he has thus far gotten all the credit for our involvement in Libya.

    And, then I came across this display from TP http://tinyurl.com/3uzyqtz and was really pissed. It’s a pic of what is called “Fantastic Four”. And, guess who is missing? SOS Clinton. To be fair, Power isn ‘t getting credit either but she’s much less well known and it seems understandable that whoever created that signage (and made a big deal over at TP) overlooked her. But, Clinton? Clinton is once again being erased from history as she was photo shopped out of that iconic pic in the Situation Room when they caught and killed Osama.

    That seems to me a deliberate omission because if the person who made that signage was cognizant of Rices’ involvement how could they not know of Clinton’s? And, even if the people who made that signage weren’t cognizant of Clinton’s involvement in their liberation, TP is aware of her (and Powers) involvement and yet no mention at all of Clinton (or Powers) by those over at TP who wrote that article about the Libyan people’s signage. http://tinyurl.com/3uzyqtz

    And, I didn’t see any “fauxgressive” commenters mention Clinton’s omission either which also doesn’t surprise me but, of course, praise for Dear Leader is neaseatingly effusive.

    I am so happy Clinton will be leaving after her term is over. I had mixed feelings when she accepted the job but I understood why she did. And, I’m glad she did because I always felt safer with her there than not. But, it’s time for her to leave. This administration is TOXIC and my disgust with the Great Leader and his followers is at an apex.

  6. There is no doubt in my mind that Gathaffy has to go. But has any one thought about the cost of this war? I am sure the (rebels?) neogatiated a price with Nato to help them take power do we know what that price would be. I am sure it will be costly for Lybia in terms of wealth and human lives. There no doubt in mind a group who would go to that length to gain power are no different from Gathaffy. Same shit different face, only this time the regular people have to deal with over lord from different countries OPENLY. Remember those rebels didn’t go the normal route a revulotion usually takes they went directly to seeking foriegn armies help or in other words they did Nato’s bidding. A lot of people want to see Gathffy hanged publically, but those rebels I am not sure about.

  7. Better step back a moment.

    Qaddafi’s son who was reported to have been captured appeared in public last night to rally pro-government factions. Rebels were left saying that they don’t know how he escaped. More likely, he was never captured, which puts the credibility of the rebel “leaders” in question yet again.

    I’ve also seen reprts that the rebels didn’t fight their way into Tripoli- NATO helicoptered many of them in and bombed the crap out of the place as well.

    I think we’re seeing a last-ditch effort by NATO to drag these “rebels” across the finish line. The final outcome is still not clear.

  8. oh it,s got to be over didn’t I hear the teleprompter declare it over?
    😆 😆

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