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Sunday: Spreading the mess to YouTube

This morning, I checked my youtube subscriptions for new videos and this ad popped up on one of them:

I can only hope that the less politically savvy viewers figure out that:

1.) If there are only 2 trillion barrels of oil available in the US and we’ve used a trillion just in the last century alone, the trillion that’s left isn’t going to last very long.

2.) Just because wages have been lost, that’s not necessarily the result of a moratorium on exploring for new sources.  The authors of this ad should show a connection.  Just saying there is one isn’t a very good answer.  You wouldn’t accept this level of proof from your teenagers.  If, on the other hand, those wages have been lost from oil rig workers in the Gulf and the politicians answerable to the workers in their states blocked stimulus money or money dedicated to energy research or grants to retrain those workers (to install solar panels, for example), then those politicians should face their voters and explain themselves.

3.) Obama is responsible for a lot of things but in this case, any politician who doesn’t find a quick solution for the diminishing amount of oil in the entire world is not doing his or her job regardless of party affiliation.

I also bothered to look up who was behind this Stop the Energy Freeze campaign.  It’s the Institute for Energy Research and it seems to be particularly concerned with oil that is currently off limits in the Gulf of Mexico, for some strange reason.  Maybe that’s because they’re based in Houston?  Or maybe it’s because it’s because it’s been touted by Rush Limbaugh who hasn’t met a resource (natural or human) that he hasn’t considered exploitable?

Ahhh, this little tidbit is interesting.  The co-founder and CEO of The Institute for Energy Research is some dude named Robert L. Bradley.  And HE used to work for Enron and Kenneth Lay.  You know, the Smartest Guys in the Room?  The ones whose traders used to yuck it up about how they were going to f$^& over some Granny in California by manipulating the energy market?  The company that made all of its employees invest in Enron stock in their 401Ks and then locked them out of their accounts when the price plummeted so that they lost EVERYTHING?  Yeah, that Enron.  Bradley was the PR guy.  He’s also an adjunct “scholar” of the Cato Institute.  How charming.  Is that where he learned to deceive unsuspecting youtube viewers?  Is the liberty to make the end really justify the means ensconced in the Constitution somewhere?  Are we free to pull the wool over citizen’s eyes with bullshit?  I guess it’s the responsibility of every rugged individualist to be on his guard.

Enron, has it really been 10 years?

I hate to see Google participating in evil by allowing entities like this one from blatantly lying and misleading viewers and planting even more craziness in the heads of the unsuspecting.  So, if you’re out there, Jeff Jarvis, why don’t you ask Google if they have a policy about false and misleading advertising?  I’m not aware of any mechanism that will allow me to shut off ads like this.  There should be a toggle switch for political/policy ads.  Being bombarded with Old Spice ads is one thing.  This is quite a different and dangerous thing.  At the very least, Google should be requiring a lot more disclaimer and maybe even a warning saying “this ad is produced by a policy advocacy firm the purpose of which is to persuade the viewer.  Not all information presented here may be factual or accurate. Viewer discretion is advised.” and then followed by links to rebuttal ads.

Otherwise, it’s like being a party to evil, or renting out your beach house to a bunch of frat boys where evil is done.

Disclaimer: I favor alternatives to oil and coal energy including wind, wave, solar and *nuclear* energy, provided the regulatory agencies that monitor these things are technologically modern and rigorous.

20 Responses

  1. This is totally off topic but, I’m thinking about getting a French Press for our coffee. Does anyone have any recommendations?

    • What do a bunch of Gallic reporters have to do with coffee?

      • Unlike the in the tank for big business Americans they don’t cause you to spit your coffee on the screen?

        • They’re in the tank for big French interests and make me cracher mon café un peu partout.

    • I’ve used a french press and the coffee is quite good, but the best coffee comes from a very simple device called Chemex. It is a glass hourglass shaped container. I use unbleached filter. Put coffee in top section in the filter and pour near boiling water thru.
      There is nothing to plug in and it makes absolutely THE BEST COFFEE.

      Chemex is the only way to go.

    • Though being mostly “into” Melitta filters myself, I still love the taste of French Press coffee – just don’t always have the patience.

      Incidently in this thread at TL Sunday, Coffee and the Farmer’s Market, coffee brewing was also discussed. Never an off topic, if you ask me. 🙂

  2. File an objection with management that the video is misleading.

  3. Why isn’t that Enron guy in jail instead of ginning up a new scam?
    I suppose that’s what makes America great…the endless opportunity for snake oil slinging by known criminals …if we could figure out how to run our cars on snake oil , our problem would be solved. Since that oil supply is seeminly infinite.

  4. Interesting post, RD, and the video raises a lot of questions. Note that they said two trillion bbls of “energy resources,” not oil. They are counting natural gas and coal. Coal and natural gas are not completely fungible with oil.

    The moratorium did affect offshore drilling in the Gulf and did affect employment. Even companies with excellent safety records wanting to drill could not get permits. A lot of the people who work offshore in the Gulf are from small towns in La, Texas and Mississippi and they have been stuck in limbo. Those are good paying jobs so many people stuck in limbo stresses the local economy where those people live. Wells sometimes take a year or more to drill and contracts for rigs often cover a number of wells. That is why rigs moving out of the Gulf means those jobs are not coming back here for awhile. The rigs buy their supplies (not only for drilling, but food, fuel, uniforms, etc.) from places in La, Texas and Mississippi, so again those communities are affected. Then again, some of the people employed on the rigs will move with them. It is complicated and they should have given a lot more facts here.

    I think BP and Transocean specifically should have been banned and rules should have been tightened and enforcement stepped up, but other companies which work far more conservatively and safely should not have been punished with them.


    • Banning all drilling was probably in the under the table agreement that went along with the cash to the congress members involved.

      The BP blow out and subsequent pollution was too big for Obama to sweep under the table so something had to be done.

      As I said before, when ever a newly enacted law or regulation is too complicated or makes no sense it’s because the legislature got money to make it so.

  5. I’ve got it. The third party is called the New Frontier party and the message is “The once and future…”

    • Great idea, RD, but watch Caroline Kennedy sue us for besmirching–oh, I don’t know– something.

  6. After watching the “don’t tax the oil companies because they’ll make you life a living hell” commercials, this one is par for the course. Although the game show concept adds an epic level of revulsion, yay them!

  7. (1st comment and I am not sure I understand the login system).
    There are a few blogs about energy issues you might find useful/interesting if you don’t already know and follow them. Peak Energy runs mainly “good news” about alternative/renewable energy technologies and research and projects. http://peakenergy.blogspot.com/
    The Ergosphere runs detailed analyses of energy production and useage methods and efficiencies, mainly renewable. But it also runs some very detailed posts in favor of certain forms of nuclear energy.http://ergosphere.blogspot.com/

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