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And now a message to the left blogosphere

It’s probably dawned on you that Obama and his recruits are not the ones you thought they were. I’m going to cut Obama some slack here and assume that he looks like he’s caving to the right because he’s part of their milieu and he really thought he could reason with them. That’s because he’s never had to struggle with success and has never met an obstacle that he hasn’t been carried over. Magical things just *happen* to him. There is not doubt in my mind that he has gotten everything he has ever aspired to. He played the game and kissed the asses of the people who could grease his way to the top and now he’s there.

He’s not a politician. He’s a CEO. He was groomed to handle a difficult transaction. Maybe at the time he started to run he didn’t think he’d have to do anything too onerous. I don’t know. But I do know that like many men whose ambition take them to the top, he is a ruthless campaigner, not above intimidating, bribing and bending the rules to win. He doesn’t play fair. That was your first clue that you should have been paying attention to what he was doing and not what he was saying.

In any case, the right is already spinning this vote as a liberal victory when we know it is anything but. So, if I were you, I would do as Ian Welsh suggested a couple months ago and distance yourself from him as far as you possibly can. That goes for Democrats in Congress as well. Put as many miles as you can between yourselves and the White House.

Democrats, you have lost all credibility. First, you shoved off the “old coalition” for this man in 2008. That gave those voters no one to appeal to. Then your party proceeded to capitulate to the Republicans on everything. Now, their lives are a mess and they are blaming YOU. You can blame Fox and Wolf for part of that but mostly, you have to blame yourselves for not being seen to be fighting more aggressively for them. And the first place you screwed up was not controlling the message. Actually, the first place was when you voluntarily divided the party. The Republicans were probably gobsmacked that you made it so easy for them.

This is the time, left blogosphere, to get rid of Obama and find a challenger. You know my preference and you really should consider it. I don’t think she’s anything like Obama. If you want to hang on to your CDS and Big Dawg Urban Legends, go right ahead. But there are few Democrats in the party today who could generate any kind of enthusiasm as well as she would.

But whatever. It is only August. There is still time to turn this thing around. As we said in 2008, it ain’t over until the balloons drop at the convention. Whoever you pick had better be a red meat eating, unibrowed, man or woman who can actually relate to the average American working person of any class. That will not be Howard Dean or Dennis Kucinich or Elizabeth Warren. Bless her heart but she’s not a politician. And this time, you want a *politician*. You know, someone who knows how to negotiate and manipulate the levers of government to get what he wants?

And you’re going to have to stop talking down to the rest of us. We’re not stupid. After all, *we* didn’t vote for the Lightbringer. We come in all ages, genders, education levels, sexual orientations, shapes and sizes. You can either join with us or sit it out for the next four years. It’s up to you.

Obama is no friend of the New Deal Democrat. He’s not a liberal. We reject his candidacy because he does not represent our values.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

One more thing: I’d like to thank my Senators, Robert Menendez and Frank Lautenberg, for voting No on the bill.  Any senator in a northeast state where the R&D industry is being decimated knows that this bill is going to cut like a knife.

And kudos to Kirsten Gillibrand as well.

38 Responses

  1. thanks for this RD – and for your words of wisdom to the Repubs as well.

    It’s time for the dreamers to wake up and get on board to bring this country back to a place it should be.

    I’m so angry I can hardly speak – these actions border on treason.

    • Pretty much. I was a litte surprised to see menendez and lautenberg buthelezi voting no. Well, I mean, they’re liberals and all but they’re also machine politicians. Menendez is up for re-election in 2012 so he needs to distance himself from the coming catastrophe and lauenberg has always been a bit out there. But still, I kind of expected them to fall into line. Which makes me think that Christie has the whole state spooked. He’s another disaster.
      Lautenberg is getting up there in age. He’s way past 80. I have no idea who’s planning to run in his place but I do know that there isn’t a single woman in the entire NJ Congressional delegation and hasn’t been in years. That’s a problem.

      • Both of mine (Va.) voted yes, although my congressman didn’t. I should have known – Webb is a former Republican, and Warner is a former telecom exec who cashed in and started running for office. Great post and I celebrate your main point, which is that we should only support people who support us and reject those who don’t. If more people followed that bit of common sense rather than exalting the warm and fuzzy that a candidate gives them, we’d have some real hope and real change. Peace.

  2. I don’t see any reason to support the Democratic Party. The worst thing about the Democrats is that they give cover to the Republicans’ agenda. The media calls it bi-partisanship, but it’s really Republican policies with the Democratic Party and Obama’s stamp of approval. I would be much better for the Republicans to have no place to hide. My dream is that next congress is all Republican and that the 2012 elected president is as right wing and he/she can be.

    The only way to get change in Washington is to purge the Democratic Party out of Washington.

    • It would be much better…

      • Ummm, no. The best outcome we could have is a wave election that purges Republicans to a mere wisp of a remnant that wouldn’t have the critical mass to hurt anyone. That’s the only thing that would work. Who the Republicans are replaced with could be Democrats or a new left of center party player to be named later. I don’t care. I just want the bastards out.

        • We had a wave election in 2008. None of the Democrats in Washington deserves being reelected, and since there are no primaries, we need to push the Democrats out by voting for Republicans. It has come to that.

          • Actually we need to vote Green to really send a message. In most of California the Republican Party is as dead as the Whigs. The Greens put up candidates, frequently the only opposition to the Dems, and deserve our support. There is nothing to justify voting for a Republican. The Greens have a lot going for them, give them a look.

  3. My “liberal” Democratic senator has turned out to be all hat and no ass. He voted yes.

  4. Props to Diana Degette, on the Congressional side, for voting no. (used to be my rep until I moved)

  5. Kudos to Chellie Pingree (D-ME) not only for voting no, but for being the only rep to meet with the protesters before they were arrested in the Capitol.

  6. Pox on Boxer and Feinstein for agreeing to put draconian cuts to the fabric of our country in the hands of insiders and elites behinds closed doors.

    This is the change we were promised.
    .ta dahhhh.
    Super Congress.

    This is a very bad bill. Very bad.

    Kudos to local Congresspersons who voted against it
    Mike Honda, Barbara Lee, Zoe Lofgren, Jerry McNerney, George Miller and Pete Stark.

    Nancy Pelosi and Mike Thompson went with the GOP president.

    Who will step up to lead?


    • The problem I see with those who voted against the bill is that I believe Pelosi didn’t need their vote and were allowed to vote “nay”. If their votes were needed, she would have bent their arms until they wrapped around their necks to vote for whatever Obama wants. There’s not one Democratic congress person that has not compromised his/her progressive credentials to support Obama. I’ve seen enough from the Barbara Lee, Woolsey, and Boxer types. They all need to go home and spend more time with their families.

      I wish it were different, but voting Republican is the only solution left for the left. Staying home or voting third party is not enough.

      • There are Republicans in these districts? I can’t actually recall any.

        • I know what you mean. It’s unfortunate, but voting for a Republican in Pelosi’s district is like not voting. She never meets with her constituents, and all she needs to do is put her name on the ballot to win close to 80 percent of the vote. But that doesn’t mean that my approach is without merit. The Democrats will throw a few bones to the base, like the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, and claim to be with the liberals. When it comes to important issues, they turn their backs and vote with the Republicans. So what’s the difference between the two? It’s time for the left to abandon the Democratic Party. I’d rather wait for someone I know at the local level to be a true liberal that will go to Washington and represent me. If once in Washington that candidate does not prove to be a liberal, I will vote against him/her, even if I have to vote Republican. My vote will not be taken for granted ever again.

          • Pelosi is opposed regularly by Green Party candidates, who deserve our support far more than any Republican. Met a Republican voter recently. She began by voting for Wendell Wilkie in 1940. Interestingly, she is still considered a ‘Young Republican’ here. A mass movement to the Greens is our best policy. Just ask Al Gore.

  7. As long as Obama has the machine vote he’s in the White House until he is impeached or hits the two term limit. Which ever comes first.

    Joe Cannon has a piece up about a primary challenge from Elizabeth Warren as a way to shove Obama left back to the center but that is all it would be.

    The reality is your Democrat Senators and Representative have no spine, they didn’t push Obama to take the lead on a Liberal agenda when they had majorities, why would they do anything now.

    • Exactly …as to Warren, I don’t know what purpose it would serve if Warren gives up the doable ( Senate) for the impossible(successfully primary Obama.) I don’t see Warren ruining herself politically for some crazy idea one can move Obama to the left…you can’t .No one is moving Obama to the left…particularly in today’s media.

      Why doesn’t anyone call for an established Dem figures to primary Obie? Because they won’t? But why does the new comer gotta throw herself into the fire? It’s like those pushing this idea want to get rid of her too imo. She’s to forgo the doable in order to raise “the nation discourse” for a nanosecond?…then they will start picking her apart, Hillary style…if it would DO anything, that would be one thing…but the only thing it would do is ruin Warren.. I can hear the older woman knifes being sharpened now. Those pushing it in the media would be the first to say she was foolish later …it’s a trap

      • I think a decent primary candidate like E. Warren would destroy Obama and his ilk. He is a propped up paper tiger. One mild primary breeze and he would collapse like tissue paper in a summer shower. She could beat Obama, not sure about the Senate. Any decent Democrat (I know, that is an oxymoron now) would make Obama disappear. Bernie, Hillary or Elizabeth Warren would do BO in…easily.

        • If this was true, established Dems would be lining up to do so instead of trying to fool the the newcomer ( warren) into ruin herself in some nobel gesture

          She could beat Obama, not sure about the Senate.

          She could beat the Obama Inc World group..but can’t get into the Senate from MA? That seems backwards to me. If Liz Warren can’t get in the Senate from MA , how would she beat Obie national ?

          Obama has been totally exposed already ….everyone knows about him, and what he is… The Over Lords still want him …that’s the main problem for anyone running against him ….not so much what Obama is or isn’t

          • I think the People of Mass like Scott Brown a lot more than Obama. If she were elected Senator from MA, it would mean nothing. One vote….. while Obama controls the agenda and the media. I remember a time when George HW Bush seemed a shoe in until a Senate election in PA highlighted his vulnerability. And the rest is history. If somebody took on Obama he would fold like the cheap suit he is.

        • If somebody took on Obama he would fold like the cheap suit he is.

          Not as long as the media loves him like they do and mops up after him 24/7 ….when they stop, you will see professional grade Dems pushing the likes of Warren aside to get into the race…until then, this is meant to make her a sacrificial lamb and get rid of her imo.
          Those advocating this in the lib press would lead the charge in giving Warren the Hillary treatment.

          When did a Senate seat become a big nothing ? Hillary was a Jr Senator for 8 years and did a helluva lot of good

          .But I think Warren is not someone to waste her time and all this is moot… the idea is meant to get rid of a newcomer , also to control and divert the primary Obie groundswell . imo

          I have no opinion whether Warren should even try for the Senate… but the other choice is a trap imo

  8. agree a trap

    • we need a trap, only maybe the trap would get Obama. Warren would undermine Obama big time. He would be crying and gnashing his pearly whites. He is vulnerable.

  9. I have nothing in common with them. THEY wanted HIM and they got him. In the same time, they also played a central role in destroying this country. Obama is going to have a hard time getting a second term next year. He is part of the problem, as you said, he is a groomed CEO hired to do the bidding of the corporate world.

    I did not vote for him, and I do not plan on voting for him next year. Barrack Obama is not there to look out for the interests of working Americans. He has never been one of us. He spent his life the kissing the collective ass of the ruling class. He has some sick love relationship with the banksters. He calls them “fat cats”, that is just for the cameras, PR. Behind the scenes Barry has protected them. Where are the prosecutions, tax increases on speculative behavior, and the investigations? Obama is part of the problem and it may have been better in the long run had McCain taken this term. Let the bottom fall out, then rebuild.

    • They need us. They don’t want to admit it but since they’ve lost all credibility, their efforts from this point onwards are going to be at half strength. The people they need to sway are going to ignore them because they’re the ones who got us into this mess.

      • Remember when Obama talked about the “excesses of the 60’s”.
        That is the same framing the right wing (Reagan, Nixon & Co) used to disparaged the social movements for civil/equal rights.
        I have no intention of supported Obama, someone who disparaged the movements that gave him the chance to be President.

        Now it appears the independent voters, the ones who Obama was trying to court with this “satan sandwich” of a deal, are not happy with this deal. Good luck, Barry, you are going to need it.

  10. My logic of voting Republican is simple. Third party candidates have very little chance of winning. The Democrats have put the fear of the Republicans in the left. It’s ridiculous. I fear a bad Democrat more than I fear a Republican.

    • Only Repug is running in 2012 so far…. The Obama Repug party and whatever/ whoever the Original Repug party are running…. We have only Repug here . If one votes Green at least one won’t be a party to the Repug Party rule directly…even though the Greens have taken GOP money to sink Dems in the past…but since there are no Dems running as of now …well there you go

    • Dario? No offense but I don’t want to encourage anyone to vote for Republicans next year or ever. If you want to flush the bushes for potential Republican voters, you might want to try another blog. That’s not who we are.
      We are New Deal style liberal Democrats in Exile. We will be looking for alternatives to the left of the current crop of Democrats. Republicans are nogos.

      • I think Dario’s argument is that in many districts people will have to bite the bullet and vote for Republicans to get rid of bad Dems. It is a two step process since the Democratic Party controls who runs and they only allow compliant candidates and incumbency is protected at all costs. The second step is to vote out the Repubs on their first re-election. Party or brand loyalty is no longer respected unless you are willing to get rid of them fast. The old term for this tactic by the electorate is “whipsaw their ass”. It is about all the electorate can do with corrupt parties.

        • That is assuming that there is no primary opponent or third party candidate who would be a suitable replacement.
          It’s not Republicans OR Democrats. There are other options.

      • I think it’s what the Democrats have done to themselves that will influence others to abandon the party, not what I say.


    • Third party candidates have very little chance of winning because we keep telling ourselves that. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy. But I don’t believe it. Once upon a time, the Republicans were a third party. The New Democratic Party in Canada was a blip on the radar screen until this year.
      We need to have courage to do the right thing, not more excuses for sticking with the two parties who don’t meet our needs now.
      Again, Dario, we are not into learned helplessness or falling back on one of the two parties here. Please think outside the box or find a different blog.

    • No, it’s the Republicans who have put the fear of the Republicans in me. Bad Democrats have wrecked the Democratic party, but Republicans, and their Dem lapdogs, have very nearly ruined the country. They are no longer an option.

  11. RD, there’s a rumor that Jon Corzine will replace Tim Geithner at Treasury.
    What do you think of Corzine?

    • Corzine- former CEO of Goldman-Sachs. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.
      Can we get a Treasury secretary who has no affiliation with a major Wall Street investment bank? Is there no one else we can appoint???

  12. Hillary!!!!!!! I am proud to say I supported her always.

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