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Krugman going rogue

Bilbo Baggins (R Tea Party- The Shire)

He was shrill before but mostly towards movement conservative Republicans.  Then he found out Obama *are* one.  In Conservative Origins of Obamacare, Krugman lays out the case that we’ve been making for three years now:

The essence of Obamacare, as of Romneycare, is a three-legged stool of regulation and subsidies: community rating requiring insurers to make the same policies available to everyone regardless of health status; an individual mandate, requiring everyone to purchase insurance, so that healthy people don’t opt out; and subsidies to keep insurance affordable for those with lower incomes.

The original Heritage plan from 1989 had all these features.

These days, Heritage strives mightily to deny the obvious; it picks at essentially minor differences between what it used to advocate and the plan Democrats actually passed, and tries to make them seem like a big deal. But this is disinformation. The essential features of the ACA — above all, the mandate — are ideas Republicans used to support.

Then, in Obama the Moderate Conservative, Krugman just gives up and admits that the guy is one of them, admitting that he will get plenty of “foaming at the mouth” comments.

You know, Paul, I’m not so sure about that.  The foaming has mostly stopped to be replaced by wide open mouthed thunderstruck gaping.  The Obots are finally starting to realize they’ve been played.  Even ThereIsNoSpoon isn’t going shwing! over Obama today.  He’s more subdued like, “Obama is totally sucking, wow, I can’t believe how bad he is.  Damn, wish I didn’t have to vote Democrat in 2012”.  So, you know, it’s bad.

But it had to be said, Paul.  I admire your optimism in the face of so many inauspicious early data points.  You do realize that there’s no going back.  There are still a %#$@load of unemployed people out here and our prospects will get bleaker if any deficit reduction plan is implemented.  Whether he’s doing it to get re-elected or because he really believes it’s good for the country, we are still going to suffer hard, long and unnecessarily.  If that sounds like a description of rape, well, that’s because that’s what it feels like.  And it’s only going to get worse right up to election day 2012 because the Republicans *want* the economy to be as bad as it can possibly get before November 2012.   I’m not just going to eat my peas because some cocky young jerks and machine politicians in Chicago are calling the shots.  Are you?

In any case, we will be sending you our complimentary Democrats in Exile welcome package complete with knitting needles, white sheet and HRT starter pack.  Welcome to the club.

In other news: Democrats are starting to agitate for Obama to use the 14th Amendment option.  Things are getting a little too interesting in this lifetime.

Did I mention that the Tea Party Representatives really are out of their Fucking minds?? From Hullabaloo:

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) said today that some members of his own caucus who are refusing to agree to a compromise debt ceiling deal are hoping to unleash “chaos” and thus force the White House and Senate Democrats to make bigger concessions than they’re already offering. As many as 40 House Republicans, especially Tea Party members and freshmen, have demanded nothing short of changing the Constitution to include a balanced budget amendment before they would vote to raise debt ceiling, even though that has zero chance before the U.S. faces potential default on Aug. 2.

Speaking on conservative radio host Laura Ingraham’s show this morning, Boehner agreed that failing to raise the limit before the deadline would be devastating, and said the “chaos” plan won’t work when asked by Ingraham what’s motivating the recalcitrant Republicans:

BOEHNER: Well, first they want more. And my goodness, I want more too. And secondly, a lot of them believe that if we get past August the second and we have enough chaos, we could force the Senate and the White House to accept a balanced budget amendment. I’m not sure that that — I don’t think that that strategy works. Because I think the closer we get to August the second, frankly, the less leverage we have vis a vis our colleagues in the Senate and the White House.

And then there is this from John McCain who is calling House Republicans names:

Earlier today, he called them Hobbits who were going to refuse to raise the debt ceiling so that the country would turn on Barack Obama and bring down Mordor.

That’s silly, John, Hobbits aren’t that ambitious.

Heads up, Tea Party:  If you really want to make Obama one-termer, you do not want to make Democrats start to feel sorry for him.

9 Responses

  1. No, you really, really don’t want to make the liberals feel sorry for obama because they WILL vote for him if they do.

  2. No, really, really, I won’t feel sorry and I won’t vote for Barry. He did not deserve one term and even less two.

    • I don’t mean “we” will vote for obama…

      I mean the wishy-washy, “I won’t donate or work for your campaign if I get more madder than I am already (foot stamp + pout!!).”

      They would love an excuse to stay with obama.

      • My guess is that, if they are not already there, before long Raçism and Feminism will be incorporated in the present list of excuses/ scares:

        SCOTUS! – Roe vs Wade! – Bachmann! – The Rs are worse! – Nowhereelsetogo! Can’t expect too much in just one term!

        • If anyone drops the SCOTUS/RvW scare-tactic on me they are walking away carrying their own incinerated head on a platter garnished with parsley. Jesus H Christ on a trampoline.

  3. Sad to say, those who share your 3 years-in-evolution- view don’t give a toot any more. They wasted enough time in an earnest effort to elect a qualified woman and are now merely ‘spectators’ lending an eye and an ear to the talk while holding their “power” to themselves. The Voters are many and varied. In the end, it’s the NUMBERS that will determine our course. I’m not quite certain what divergent interests are coalescing into a majority to put “the One” in for a 2nd term, but if they didn’t like the Clinton results enough to continue his policies with Al Gore, what makes you think Donna Brazilla, James Clyburne and Company can overcome the Constant Crisis, Seat-Of-The-Pants management style in the absence of Obama Policy that the entire Administration understands and buys? The Insurance Industry, poised on the other side of that chasm, has its numbers, its money where its mouth is and isn’t up for re-election. They ain’t skaired.

  4. Denunciations of Obama for not being black enough used to make no sense to me.

    But any African-American who can be even a moderate Republican (and what the hell is that, really?) isn’t black enough.

    He really is an Oreo.

    Al Sharpton would have been better for all of us, I think.

    And he has still not apologized for the Tawana Brawley affair.

    LBJ was from a poor Texas farm family and went to some dinky Texas teachers’ college.

    Kennedy was the privileged rich kid from Harvard.

    Kennedy got dragged into the Civil Rights controversy against his will and had no real enthusiasm for it or for domestic politics, generally.

    LBJ was personally and deeply committed to Civil Rights, and the Great Society and the war on poverty were all his.

    He hated foreign policy and he hated his own stupid war in Vietnam.

    LBJ was blacker than JFK.

    And Obama is way too much another JFK.

    And McCain, by the way, is only marginally less nuts than the tea-baggers.

    You have to be to want to tie the federal government to balancing its budget every year.

    Just another crackpot who wants to rule the world.

  5. There is still a tie between race and class in America, I think.

    Just sayin’.

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