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Jeff Jarvis, who you may hear regularly on This Week in Google, has a hashtag on Twitter expressing his disgust with the Washington political games and how they have hurt average Americans.  And you too can participate.  Express your gratitude to Washington and include the hashtag #fuckyouwashington.  (or for those among us who don’t say naughty words but are mad as hell anyway, try hashtag #FYW.  Same thing, just shorter.)  Instructions for how to do it by those people who are new to twitter: 1.) create a twitter account.  2.) create a message expressing your frustration and include the hashtag #FYW or #fuckyouwashington.  A hashtag is a keyword preceded by the pound (#) sign.  That’s it.  Your message will be associated with that hashtag.

Here’s how #fuckyouwashington started:

So, I was angry. Watching TV news over dinner — turning my attention from scandals in the UK to those here and frankly welcoming the distraction from the tragedies in Norway — I listened to the latest from Washington about negotiations over the debt ceiling. It pissed me off. I’d had enough. After dinner, I tweeted: “Hey, Washington assholes, it’s our country, our economy, our money. Stop fucking with it.” It was the pinot talking (sounding more like a zinfandel).

That’s all I was going to say. I had no grand design on a revolution. I just wanted to get that off my chest. That’s what Twitter is for: offloading chests. Some people responded and retweeted, which pushed me to keep going, suggesting a chant: “FUCK YOU WASHINGTON.” Then the mellifluously monikered tweeter @boogerpussy suggested: “.@jeffjarvis Hashtag it: #FUCKYOUWASHINGTON.” Damn, I was ashamed I hadn’t done that. So I did

And here’s a sample of the contributions he’s getting:

@partygnome said: “#fuckyouwashington for valuing corporations more than people.”

@spenski, on a major role, cried: “#fuckyouwashington for never challenging us to become more noble, but prodding us to become selfish and hateful…. #fuckyouwashington for not allowing me to marry the one I love…. #fuckyouwashington for driving me to tweet blue.”

@jellencollins: “#fuckyouwashington for making ‘debt’ a four letter word and ‘fuck’ an appropriate response.”

@tamadou: “#fuckyouwashington for giving yourselves special benefits and telling the American people they have to suck it up or they’re selfish.”

@psychnurseinwi: “#fuckyouwashington for having the compromising skills of a 3 year old.”

Go add your opinion.

It looks like Twitter has been moderating the trending topics and even though #fuckyouwashington isn’t on the list, the hashtag is pretty frisky.  Jeff appears to be strategizing to make the topic more visible.  The name may have to change.  Keep an eye out for it.  I suspect that this could get to be more viral than Rebecca Black’s Friday with the right nuturing.

Update: This is from HuffPo.  In the post about Jeff’s hashtag, we get this summary of the voter’s POV from blogger Michael Duff:

Everybody knows you guys are running the clock out, waiting for the next election. But you can’t have it both ways. You can’t go on TV to scare the shit out of us every day and then expect us to wait patiently for 2012.

You can’t use words like “urgent” and “crisis” and then waste our time with Kabuki theater.

Either the situation is urgent and needs to be solved now, or it’s all just an act that can wait for 2012. This isn’t 1954, gentlemen. The voters are on to you now. We know you’re playing a game and we know you’re using us as chess pieces.

That’s why #fuckyouwashington is trending on Twitter. We’re tired of being pawns.

Every politician in Washington needs to pay attention to this outrage, and remember who they’re working for.

Update 2:  Found in a #fuckyouwashington link to a James Fallows post to a NYTimes Graphic (whew!) that shows exactly where, when and by whom the deficit spending actually happened:

17 Responses

  1. Maybe #ForgetYouWashington (like the songs) ?

    • I might have abbreviated it to #FUWashington (for the sake of the grannies). Still, great hashtag. Lots of very pithy curses. It appears that many, many people have been paying attention and know exactly what’s going on. The era of fooling the people all of the time is over.

  2. Love it! And it is good to see so many starting to release the anger. About time DC got F*&#ed- they have been doing it to us for SOO long!

  3. Some great tweets there.
    I like these ones.

    #fuckyouwashington For jailing potheads for decades while letting the criminals in the banking industry write their own rules.

    #fuckyouwashington for shipping our jobs overseas and calling us lazy for applying for food stamps

    • I retweeted that last one. Yes, there are some excellent contributions. It just goes to show you that people are really paying attention and are beyond disgusted.

      • I am not on twitter- what does this mean?

        Older Tweet results for #fuckyouwashington are unavailable.

        Normal or is twitter deleting?

        • Not sure what that means. I switch the setting at from Top to All and all kinds of tweets appear. Try that.

  4. (for the sake of the grannies).
    😆 you would be surprised at us grannies.

  5. It’s my new favorite tweet hashtag!

    • Swearing in public is fun!
      (you might be surprised to know that, parentally, I frown on swearing in front of family members. I save that for my friends and Congressional representatives)

  6. I’ve been looking at projections of what the Iraq War will cost us. Stiglitz, the economist, stated in 2008 that the total cost on US economy will be $3 Trillion in a moderate scenario, and possibly more. I will be looking for updates as time passes.

    Due to its near inaccessibliity, Pentagon spending in February ’10 for Afghanistan, a month, was $6.7B; less in Iraq per month, $5.5B, where we are winding down.
    (These numbers are merely estimates and other and later reporting can change these numbers.)

  7. On a lighter note, Sunday, I unintentionally got into a political snit with my foxnews watching neighbor. I asked her to brunch as I was tired of news of no debt ceiling deal. I’m a registered Independent, albeit a left-leaning one. I complained about politicians and how they could eliminate $600 billion in 10 years by going after Medicare abuse and fraud. I made the mistake of telling her that moderate republican Obama was caving to the republicans. You guessed it; she came back with repub talking points: Obama is a Socialist and certainly not a Republican. She wouldn’t admit to being a repub or a conservative, but told me if I watched foxnews I might learn something. She thinks Bachmann and Newt are very intelligent. She knew all she needed to know by Obama’s background. I ended it there and she declined my invitaion.

  8. I forgot that she talked about Big Government.

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