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Tuesday: Video day and British Parliament has a barbeque!

Two priceless videos that are somewhat related to each other.  What would the world be like if Rupert Murdoch had never been born?  What would the world be like if media moguls and political parties didn’t make it ok for us to express our hidden biases?

First up, Hugh and Laurie show what the world would be like if Murdoch hadn’t been born:

Second up, Gay scientists isolate the Christian gene:

And finally, the BBC reports that British MPs have grilled John Yates and are now *grilling* Rupert and James Murdoch over the phone hacking activities of the News of the World.  To see all of the festivities, go to the BBC live blog and broadcast of Rupert and James have “the humblest day of [their] lives”  {{rolling eyes}} testifying before Parliament.  Add a little chips and salsa, a beer or two, a game of volleyball, some fresh corn…

What is your favorite barbeque recipe?

18 Responses

  1. Easiest barbeque recipe EVER:

    Grilled Romaine with vinaigrette:

    1 head romaine lettuce sliced in half
    vinaigrette of your choice

    Heat grill. Place romaine halves, sliced side down, on grill. Grill until lettuce has grill marks (ie, not very long). Pull from grill and immediately drizzle with vinaigrette. Veal chops dusted with porcini mushroom rub and grilled to medium rare go well with this dish. Serve with a pinot noir.

    Variation: Works well with radicchio instead of Romaine.

  2. Speaking of corrupt media, I see on your newsy list you have MSNBC, the misogynistic, Obamaphile propaganda outlet.

    • It could be a holdover or Katiebird might really like Rachel Maddow. In general, we recommend that people abstain from main stream media outlets, particularly cable TV. That’s to keep tour thought free of manipulative visual imagery which when combined with talking points tends to reshape perception and reality.
      But we long ago decided to stop apologizing for the people on our blogroll. If you like them, fine. If not, that’s fine too. It’s your choice.

      • I think it’s a holdover from when we did the Morning News roundups. We kept a variety of links to make it easier to get to sources for stories.

        I actually can’t stand MSNBC myself but, do sometimes drop by their page to grab a quote or two.

  3. I wonder what News Corp would look like if Rupert were no longer CEO…? Would the new CEO be one of his trained disciples? Would Roger Ailes (who really runs FOX news and is why Fox News is what it is and has been regarded within the company as WILDLY successful) move up the food chain at NEWS Corp? Would he have more power and free reign?

    A better questions would seem to be “What would the world be like if Roger Ailes hadn’t been born?”

    Sometimes the Devil you know really is better than the Devil you don’t – be careful what you wish for and all that…

  4. Off Topic: Digby is unreadable. I can’t even tell what she’s trying to say anymore.

    • Yeah, that post was incomprehensible. I think what she was trying to point out that the Republicans are targeting their messaging to women who feel betrayed by obama’s policies while shamelessly approving of cutting Medicare for those recipients in the future.
      But the Republicans don’t have to do this. Obama never had this demographic.

    • Another problem with the Hullabazoo–well, why it is the HullabaZOO–is that Digby apparently believes it’s a mortal sin to discipline trolls, particularly one certain troll of unclassifiable politics, whom I doubt that RD would allow to post more than once.

    • It just got worse. Digby has brought aboard an Oborg apologist from the Daily Kult. 👿

      Thank Haruhi for da Confluence. :mrgreen:

  5. sounds good R.D. going to try it.. 😦

  6. As usual the comments on that Youtube video are as funny

  7. both vids are hilarious …looking at the first I realized basically Aussie Rupert Murdoch has “out backed” the whole western world.. ” no rules, just right” ….thanks alot .

  8. Thanks for the videos!!


  9. Hello again, Riverdaughter.

    I’ve been wanting to inform myself on the nitty gritty details of the Healthcare Reform law passed last year but my internet searches so far have yielded little useful material.

    Do you have any recommendations, short of actually reading the whole bill?


    • No. But most of it doesn’t even kick in for several more years .
      I think you should read it.

  10. I apologize if this makes your eyes roll so hard you trip over the futurniture, but Harvard Business Review cites Pfizer in an exercise in ignoring the obvious:

    Consider Hank McKinnell and Karen Katen, two rising stars at Pfizer during the 1990s. McKinnell, who’d served as CFO and run the company’s overseas businesses, was known for his assertive negotiating style and no-nonsense, occasionally abrasive manner. Katen’s performance had also won her numerous promotions, and she headed Pfizer’s primary operating unit. She treated subordinates and colleagues with respect and was respected in turn.

    In 2001, when it came time for a new CEO, the two were among the top candidates. McKinnell was chosen. One analyst told Bloomberg, “[Hank] is the right guy for the job…he’s got a toughness about him.”

    Toughness seems to be corporatese for penis.

    • I meant ‘furniture’ although ‘futurniture’ has a nice Jetsons ring about it.

  11. That Rupert video is priceless. Thanks for sharing it. I loved it!

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