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Dems may be looking forward to this briar patch

Well, as long as politicians insist on playing games, Boehner and McConnell may have put themselves on the losing end of this one.  Kevin Drum lays out the details of “The Blink” in Mother Jones:

  1. Next month Obama would receive approval to raise the debt ceiling $700 billion.
  2. A “resolution of disapproval” would then be taken up by Congress on an expedited basis (i.e., no filibusters allowed).
  3. If the resolution passes, Obama can veto it.
  4. If he vetoes it, it requires a two-thirds vote of both houses to override.
  5. If there’s no override, the debt limit is increased, but Obama would be required to lay out a “hypothetical” set of budget cuts totalling $700 billion.
  6. This would be repeated (in $900 billion increments) in the fall of 2011 and summer of 2012.
Kevin is dismayed and disappointed at how juvenile this is.  But if I were Dems, I would head for the fainting couch, hysterically weeping at how awful the deal is but they’ll have to do it because they haven’t got a choice.  It’s either this or defaulting and sending the world into a steepest economic descent.
Then, let the Republicans tie everything up, 3 times in the next year.  Let all the legislation that should have been passed be eaten up with time wasting demogoguery on the House floor.  While the rest of the country waits for the Republicans to move on already and do something about unemployment or step aside forgawdssakes and let the Democrats do something about unemployment, we will watch a rerun of Newt Gingrich’s bone headed hostage crisis of 1996 and we’ll get to see it 3 times!
 If the Democrats are smart, and so far, they haven’t demonstrated a surplus of intelligence. they’d propose cuts to military spending in Iraq and Afghanistan, or they’ll propose a Millionaire’s tax or they’ll let the Bush tax cuts expire on anyone making more than $250,ooo.  It would be the responsible thing to do when so many people are out of work and can’t afford to pay their piano teachers or their mortgages (or the piano teachers who can’t pay their mortgages).  Are the Republicans saying they want even MORE people to lose their houses while they tie the Congress up in knots and drag Obama kicking and screaming to their chambers to beg them to be reasonable?  Because, at this point in time, I’m not sure that’s a calculation the Republicans should think they will profit by.  Fox News doesn’t look quite as reliable as a propaganda organ as it did a few weeks ago. And many of us are ready to ditch Obama in 2012 anyway.  If the Republicans want to play Red Rover, we’ll send Obama over in a heartbeat.  I mean, if it’s going to be only marginally less bad with him there anyway, why not just bite the bullet and vote for a truly nutty Republican like Michelle Bachmann and go for a Democratic House?  You know, make Democrats play defense for a change.
And when you think about it, electing Bachmann could have some benefits.  For one thing, a woman on the ticket would be hard to resist.  Sure, she’s a conservative who is ready to kill the New Deal but, as it turns out, so was Obama.  Sure, she’s not a proponent of reproductive rights but Obama isn’t exactly a Sensitive New Age Guy.  (Quelle Surprise!)  Anyway, the sooner we get rid of Roe v. Wade, the sooner we can work on equal rights for women that would restore choice by default and who’s to say that Bachmann wouldn’t be on-board with that?  Think of how the feminist movement would be energized and let’s face it, it’s about as anemic as it comes right now.  Besides, for all we know she’s a secret liberal, she’s just playing a conservative to win.   I’ll bet she’s really a brilliant mathematical genius who can do differential calculus with a blindfold and without a calculator.  (See?  *We* can make nonsensical assertions as well as any Obot in 2008.)
Just a thought {{tongue firmly in cheek}} but think about it, ladies, it’s passed time for us to take the White House and if a historical barrier has to be broken with a conservative, so be it.  It’s not like the concept has never been tried before.  Otherwise, we may never see a female president in our lifetimes and I’m kind of sick of waiting, aren’t you?   We could have had a competent, experienced, DEMOCRATIC female president but that lovable but crrrrazy activist base of ours will have none of it, so, why not the next best thing?  If you’re hoping to hurry the governmental Armageddon that will bring on a millenium of earthly paradise, you can’t go wrong with an Evangelical Christian.
But I digress.
If I were Democrats, I’d jump on this once in a lifetime opportunity to let the Republicans hang themselves.  By the time the election rolls around, they’ll be thoroughly sick of the game and voters will remember the ordeal the pols put them through.
That’ll learn’em.
This one’s for you, John Boehner:

25 Responses

  1. If not for the screaming, hysterical misogyny, Sarah Palin would’ve been four years of entertainment in the Dan Quayle mold in a McCain administration.

    The running around and shrieking whenever she or Bachmann turn up on the tee vee is an indication to me of thousands of very guilty consciences.

  2. GOP is beyond stupid if they push this through. Their base will have their heads.

    • They’re pretty determined to overturn the New Deal safety net. But I think they’re going to run into a time problem, unless they don’t *want* to be reelected in 2012. The longer the unemployment situation goes on, the more dependent the unemployed will be on Social Security. We’re going to be eating through our savings and won’t have anything but. So, if I were the Republicans, I’d hurry it up because the longer this goes on, the more resistant the voters are going to be.

      • I’m not convinced the GOP wants to cut SS while they only have a House majority. Wrong timing. They want to cut it when they are in charge of WH, Senate, & House, that way they control who gets the money and they get the kickbacks. That’s why they liked it when W fiddled with Medicare – they got the kickbacks for that.

  3. I don’t even understand what “THIS” is ….

    Maybe I’m stupid but, how is this on Obama’s head? Didn’t Congress pass these budgets? Isn’t this on their head to say, “We pass this budget and stand behind our obligations” ….

    And by the way, if Obama thinks playing fast and loose with Social Security and Medicare in a different way every day of the week is winning any friends then he’s crazy.

    • I guess what the Republicans are proposing is that they pass their obligation to raise the debt ceiling onto Obama. I’m not sure this is unconstitutional. It sounds sort of like a power of attorney thingy. Congress washes its hands of the whole mess and lets Obama ask for the money. That makes him look like a Tax and Spend liberal, which we know he is not. But even if the propaganda is strong with these Republicans, do we really want to rehash this three more times? It could make Obama look like a savior in the end because he’s martyring himself to save the world’s economy.
      I’d prefer it if the Republicans didn’t pull this s#$% but there you go, they have a deeply fanatical party.
      Throw them an anchor.

    • The carpet layers are chug-chigging upstairs. I didn’t even bother to vacuum before they came. Ahhh, fresh new carpet! I’ve lived with the old one since I moved in 10 years ago and it wasn’t in the best shape even then. Got my workout today moving stuff around and clearing Brook’s bedroom floor. That was scary.

  4. You know Bachmann and her husband met while working on the Carter campaign.

    • What happened? Bad shrooms?

      • BwaaHaaHaa…Bad Shrooms!

        • I’ve never done shrooms but I’ve heard wonderful things about them, except for their emetic effect.
          Hmmm, I wonder if it is possible to design emesis away…
          From what I understand, a visionquest experience with shrooms is legitimately worth it from a scientific/psychology POV. Too bad we don’t all get a chance to experience that in a monitored environment. It might take the edge off the fundagelicals.

  5. I haven’t decided if this is a good thing or not. However I may dislike McConnell, he’s not stupid. This has already pissed off his Tea Party people and I don’t see him purposely doing that unless he thought that he was going to get a really big payoff.

    • I agree Jean.

      I am by no means a “political mastermind” but for me, this reaks of a set up. ( Or…as I am apt to believe..It was kabuki all along and Boehner, McConnell, Obama etc. planned this all along to dismantle SS and Medicare,)

  6. […] Riverdaughter gives voice to the frustration that I know a lot of us are feeling, and I’d encourage you to give her a listen, as […]

  7. We have idiot clowns in both houses and well what can I say about Nobama. Govt is in a dumbfounded mess and they know it but now it is up to us to see that everybody knows as Leonard Cohen sings.

  8. And wasn’t Jaycee Dugard absolutely beautiful. Maybe that’s what endless time for contemplation does for you even under impossible conditions.

  9. I will post from another blog because it’s worth noting that we must not pay attention to theater. The debt ceiling fight is theater. That’s not to say that Obama was willing to play along to put SS on the table. I’m glad that when the GOP saw what he was doing, Boehner left Obama holding the bag. What Senator McConnell is doing is putting Obama on the spot. If he accepts what the Senator wants, Obama will have to defend his actions, not something that Obama has ever been willing to do, e.g. he let the stupid Democrats in congress who voted for health care take the heat in 2010.

    Debt Ceiling Charade Update
    by CalculatedRisk
    I’m frequently asked why I’m not worried about the debt ceiling, and why the bond market doesn’t seem to care.

    The answer is the debt ceiling is a joke. It serves no purpose except political posturing.

    The budget is about the deficit; the debt ceiling is about paying the bills – and the U.S. will pay its bills.

    Here is what I wrote two months ago:

    Congress will probably push this to the brink, but they will raise the debt ceiling before the country defaults. The first rule for most politicians is to get re-elected, and the easiest way to guarantee losing in 2012 is to throw the country back into recession. If that happened, I believe the voters would correctly blame the leaders of Congress, and I think Congress knows that too. Therefore it won’t happen. I’m not worried and neither are investors.
    Early I argued the smart thing to do would be to eliminate the debt ceiling. Maybe we are headed in that direction. Today, Senator Mitch McConnell proposed something along those lines (not clean though).

    Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) unveiled a new proposal that would allow President Barack Obama to raise on his own the federal borrowing limit by $2.4 trillion in three installments before the end of 2012, unless two-thirds of Congress votes to block it.

    • Yes, it’s theater but I don’t think Republicans are going to benefit as much as you think, especially if Obama has to do this multiple times. As for Obama’s re-election prospects, so what? If he’s going to bargain away our safety net anyway, he doesn’t deserve re-election. So, we’ll get to see both parties at their finest. Neither will do themselves any favors because we still don’t have jobs and it will become clear that neither party is going to do anything about that. The republicans because they’re mean assed SOBs and Obama because he’s completely over his head.

  10. I don’t know about K. Drum is, but the McConnell is not dumb. As of now, Obama hasn’t taken McConnell’s offer.

    Christian Science Monitor: What’s in it for Republicans?

    The McConnell proposal, which requires special legislation to be adopted, gives the president expedited procedures to increase the debt limit by as much as $2.4 trillion that require only submission of a plan to reduce spending by a greater amount. There is no requirement that Congress actually pass those spending cuts.
    But even if the cuts are never passed, the proposal has two political advantages for Republicans: It forces President Obama to lay out his proposed spending cuts in writing, a longtime GOP demand. And it absolves Republicans of responsibility for sending the nation into its first-ever default, as early as Aug. 2.

  11. they’ll propose a Millionaire’s tax or they’ll let the Bush tax cuts expire on anyone making more than $250,ooo.

    Nope. Bush’s tax cuts are in place until 2012. Obama used that rope on himself in 2010. Besides, it’s not possible to have tax increases, just spending cuts to meet McConnell’s plan.

    It really doesn’t matter what the cuts are because the cuts won’t pass the house or senate, but Obama would be open to attack in his election if he proposes cuts to the military, the sacred cow of both political parties. It’s a plan with a poison pill.

    • Disagree. My conservative relatives are sick of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Cutting back there is doable. But the Republicans could reignite military spending in defense of Israel.

  12. bo say.s no guarantee S.S. checks will go out 👿

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