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Lessons to be learned from the Casey Anthony trial

1.) Nancy Grace is a horrible human being.
2.) We still have no idea what happened to Caylee Anthony.
3.) The justice system worked in this case. It wasn’t that the defense won so much as the prosecution lost.
4.) The slut shaming of women by other women has got to end. Casey Anthony was tried for being a “barfly floozy” as Grace would say, and not for murder.
5.) To be found “not guilty” is not the same thing as being found innocent.
6.) Casey Anthony is relieved. But is she more mature?

Are we?

30 Responses

  1. #7 Don’t believe anything you see on television

  2. And #1 should be repeated about 12 more times. Tying and anchor to her and dropping her in the sea would be a waste of a good anchor. And rope. And a lovely boat ride.

    • The tern “news anchor” should refer to the weight used to keep the body of a bloviating gasbag from rising to the surface.

      (That comment got me banned from C&L)

    • {{snicker}}

      • I meant, “It was wrong and bad to suggest such a thing. We do not approve of the premeditated disposal of horrible bloviators. Bad, bad! No beets for you.”

  3. You’re a good teacher RD…your lessons are true…although you are probably singing to the choir here.

    Nancy Grace should be banned from any public life anywhere forever.

  4. Who is Nancy Grace? I understand she’s some sort of TV personality who comments on court cases for some reason, but why is she considered any kind of authority on the law? 😕

    • Oh, excuse me for using the oxymoronic phrase “TV personality”. 😈

  5. The purpose of the media is to perpetuate itself. To keep on doing what worked the last time. No, not guilty is not the same as innocent.

    I got railroaded like never before today by the municipal court in Springfield MO. And I knew better than to get suckered the way I was, so I blame myself. But I never ever before had to listen to outright contradictory lies about my traffic accident and a judge who told me I was a liar.

    Fortunately I am steeped in Foucauldian genealogy and I see why they did what they did to me today. They never want me or anyone else confronting the judicial system the way I did. This is a city that is harsher than harsh against its citizens. Hyperrharsh, so you won’t get out of line there. Of course all this does is create fury, bitterness and the urge for revenge in people. Wait until judges here go through what Italian judges go through.

    • And in thinking my reply over I realize that they are terrified that their sign of power, justice and right will be shown as an empty sign, so they must perpetuate an excess of “reality” to fool you.

      The emperor has no clothes and although he still has underwear on, it is getting mighty ragged.

      • I have to say I enjoy your comments . I look for the staring cat avatar

  6. Maybe I’m jaded but I don’t understand why people followed this case. Parents kill their children. Shamefully, it’s not even that rare. While I try to stay away from stories like this after too many years of being forced to pay attention to them, Nancy Grace’s appearance in the case gave me all the impetus that I needed to change the channel or turn the page.

    • I don’t know why they followed this case either. I’ve heard that it was because Caylee was a beautiful little girl. So are all little girls who die at Caylee’s age. I think the societal norms for women had something to do with it. But if anything, Casey anthony’s behavior after the disappearance of her kid suggested something other than culpability. It was more like denial and a mind coming apart at the seams. She wasn’t even trying to play the victim. It was truly bizarre.
      But whatever the reason, I think we can all learn from this trial. The lead up to it was full of emotional manipulation but it didn’t matter to the jury who evaluated the evidence, which was scant.
      I believe that whatever happened to Caylee made Casey feel responsible for her death and she couldn’t handle it. But it was media that manipulated the viewers and a good attorney that poked holes in the narrative.
      Democrats should take note.

      • It seems like every time a kid disappears the parents get put through the media Inquisition.
        JonBenet, Elizabeth Smart, that British kid who disappeared while they were on vacation, etc.
        I don’t know if it’s because it’s statistically valid that the parents are to blame or it’s a way of other parents saying “it could never happen to my kid.”

      • This whole circus has been a distraction from the elite’s tanking of the economy, our jobs, and social supports. It’s all circuses and no bread all the time now. Plus it’s some handy woman-hating, which is why a lot of people have been looking.

  7. It’s amazing how Scott Peterson was convicted with even less…he might of gotten off if he had a crazy family in the mix.

    • I don’t know about that. Didn’t Scott Peterson have a record of being a womanizer? And he was caught trying to flee. He had changed his hair color, taken some passports and a bunch of money.
      Anthony, OTOH, gave the appearance of wanting to get caught. It was almost as if she couldn’t wait to get back to jail.

      • That list seems like the male equivalent to Casey’s doings to me lol!

        But in Casey’s case “getting caught.” in a lie ( by Cindy ) usually seemed to be the beginning of their dance of their making excuses for her and her getting away with something…so she might have well wanted to be caught…as a means of starting the process of having it go away …. the pattern here seems the same, just incredibly vaster of course

  8. Thanks for this sensible post in a sea of witch-burning frenzy, RD.

  9. she had her day and won… 🙂

    • Nobody won.
      But if I were the Democrats, I’d hire the defense team.

      • The defense team is superior. I just came off of two weeks of criminal court jury duty, and as legally zapped as I was by it, the defense’s summation in this case struck me as brilliant. I don’t think the jury could ethically done any different given the weakness of the prosecution’s evidence.

  10. I didn’t follow this case on TV. My only comment here on all this is sociopathy circa 2011 in America. Hugs, RD and Co.

  11. There was another news story recently of a boy kept in a cage that I am referring to. I’m sure you guys saw it. Also glad to see Miq back over here and wishes everyone would come back. Maybe eventually despite whatever differences occured that I missed. I was thinking RD, geez — ! How many years have we all known each other now?

    hugs to all of ya!

  12. http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/economy/in-debt-talks-obama-offers-social-security-cuts/2011/07/06/gIQA2sFO1H_story.html

    WaPo: Obama’s grand bargain on Social Security will include cuts. I called the White House switchboard at 202-456-1414, at about 11PM to share my views and actually got a human instead of an answering machine, so that was satisfying. Go thou and do likewise….

    • Good for you Lambert. Our gen is getting screwed. Bigtime. Not only by corporate, like RD and myself but by our own gov. Who knew what was coming. I have no faith in anything, especially our gov. Any Hillary supporters I know? Will not be voting for the Dem party. You lost us, after years and years and years. To think you would make cuts of this nature is anti-Dem. Our country? Where is it going circa 2011?
      Hugs Lambert. & Conf & co.

  13. Off topic but breaking news: President Obama offering major cuts to Social Security and Medicare.

    We all knew he would. I hope this means he is a one term president.



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