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    Catscatscats on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    riverdaughter on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    jmac on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    jmac on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    riverdaughter on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    riverdaughter on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    riverdaughter on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    jmac on PSA: how to correctly complete…
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Sunday: Bernie Sanders and other general stuff

Hey, there, sports fans, I’m at the mall, window shopping and typing this quick one on an iPad. Typos may apply.

Bernie Sanders has been all over twitter in the last couple of days to gain momentum for his speech on the budget tomorrow at 4:00pm. If you want to give him ideas or just a “you go, Bernie!”, check out #sharedsacrifice on Twitter.

Things that annoy me (feel free to add your own in the comments):

1.) Bathing suit manufacturers. Look, I know you guys need to make money and I should not be surprised to be asked to fork over $92 for the tankini *top*. But some of us have ancestors who should never have left the mists of Ireland. Pale, freckled people with auburn hair and blue eyes do not look good in black, fire engine red and eye popping fuschia. Our golden undertones are accentuated by brown, olive greens, and burnt orange. These colors are in noticeably short supply this year. I take that back, I can’t find any of these colors in any of the department stores I checked. This means that no matter how many discounts are applied to the $92 tankini *top*, I will pass on it because I will look completely ridiculous in the damn thing. Maybe this is a secret scheme to keep us pale people out of the sun but I resent it.

2.) Apple MacBook Air notebooks are like catnip for geeks. Steve Jobs is a pusher. (no, dandy tiger, I didn’t break down and buy one but I have to go past the apple store to get to my car. There’s still time to do damage)

3.) Many thanks to Ken the optician at the Bridgewater Commons Lenscrafters who repaired the frame on my Transitions lenses in about 5 minutes. My eyes are so sensitive to light that I can’t live without those suckers. Ken was very friendly and efficient. I promise not to step on them anymore.

4.) After three years of staying away from the news, I was finally exposed to the Casey Anthony trial through my mother. I’m the kind of courtroom virgin is hard to find for this case. It seems that everyone has an opinion. So, after having watched the evidence presented so far and after sitting through plenty of sketchy scientific presentations in the past, here’s my opinion:

– Casey Anthony is an impulsive, immature woman who is a compulsive liar
– Just because someone is a compulsive liar, that doesn’t mean they are murderers
– Prosecution: is that all there is? Really? You haven’t proven a damn thing.
– The chloroform issue is a maguffin. The evidence is very weak
– The Anthonys are a seriously messed up family. Both children show a similar distaste for their mother.
– Even though the defense claims that Casey was sexually abused seem to be a poor excuse for Casey’s behavior, it can’t be ruled out. Her father was a cop. If she was abused as a child, who the heck was she going to tell?
– The defense has totally destroyed the credibility of his client by admitting that she is a compulsive liar. It is highly unlikely that she will take the stand in her own defense.
– If she hasn’t confessed in the past three years, she’s not going to. Give it up, ladies.
– I’m going with an accidental death caused by Casey. She did something with Caylee that caused her to die. I’d go with involuntary manslaughter but even then, there isn’t anything that definitively ties Casey to the crime.
– I think someone helped her cover it up and leave no traces. Someone who understands crime scenes would be a good collaborator.
– Bottom line: she may get away with murder. There’s no there there except her subsequent behavior as a normal 23 year old in the year 2008. Maybe compulsive liars can even lie to themselves.

Related: Nancy Grace is a horrible person and I hope I never have to sit through another half hour of her show ever again.

But more than that, the entire female population (except *me*, according to my mother) is ready to string Casey up not so much for the murder, which is horrible enough, but because she acted like a ‘barfly’ floozy. The barfly line was compliments of Grace, who also calls Casey Anthony “tot mom” for some bizarre reason. The persistent use of the term “tot mom” serves to dehumanized Casey Anthony. She becomes the symbol and target of a national “slut shaming” ritual. I don’t know what was going on in her head but her reactions and emotions in court seem genuine to me.

Heck, I have relatives in my extended family who acted just like Casey Anthony when they were in their early twenties. One went to jail for what he did. But what sets him apart is that he is male and bad behavior was expected of him and he didn’t kill any one, accidentally or on purpose. “Boys will be boys” is still the standard operating procedure even though we intellectually know this is wrong. Fortunately, he grew out of it and he’s now a pretty good guy and a surprisingly good father. It is possible to grow up.

But not for Casey Anthony. If she gets away with murder, she will be the most hated woman in America and other women will hate her the most. Women checking and shaming other women after Weinergate, the Supreme Court ruling against female Walmart employees and the application of the Daughter Test is the last thing we need. Women need to learn to treat other women as adults or we will never be equal.

33 Responses

  1. Get one swimsuit in black and one in red.

    On day one the black will highlight the pasty white skin tones while on subsequent days the red will disguise the sun burnt flesh.

    • >>pasty white flesh
      There are self tanners for that. But there’s no way I’m ever going to have the color palette of Kim Kardashian. That’s the only person who could carry off these colors.
      I guess the rest if us don’t exist.

  2. Didn’t Nancy Grace savage a woman into committing suicide a few years back? (Best ad ever for a tanning salon: “Tan fat looks better than white fat”– not implying anyone other than I am fat.)

    • Nancy Grace seems to be a hate filled person. Saw her once years ago and won’t make that mistake again.

  3. Duh. “is fat.” Damn comma rules force you into unnatural syntax.

  4. I absolutely agree with you on the Anthony case – totally. I was an Anthony viring until five days ago….I hate Nancy Grace…..and your comment about George being a cop so who would she go to if there was an accident is right on.

    • I mean virgin….it’s be so long ago that I first heard that word that my old fingers can’t type it anymore!

    • Can you believe the intense hatred directed towards this person? I understand that her subsequent behavior seems heartless but in a way, it kind of makes me think she experienced some kind of fugue state or serious self deception. A real psychopath turns on the waterworks and tries to gain public sympathy like Susan Smith did after she drowned her kids.
      Casey, OTOH, seems to go out of get way to say, “look at me, see how bad I am?”. Her life spins completely out of control. Rather than looking heartless, she looks self destructive. But that’s just me. My mom says I’m the only one in America who is missing the obvious and that Casey is irredeemable. There’s something really messed up in that family especially with respect to the mother. I can’t put my finger on it but I almost feel it would be better for Casey to stay in jail than to be returned to her parents.

  5. Casey is be sent to the big house for the same reason Scott Peterson was…: Their mind blowing party hardy behavior after their loved ones death ….Knowing her daughter, .can someone tell me why Cindy waited so long to demand Casey produce the granddaughter??? . I’d give Casey three days tops of sole “caring” for her daughter…or any living thing, including a potted plant. I don’t know alot about their history…were they trying to “trust ” her with the child?? like the kid was part of some rehab program??

    • That’s my point. She’s being convicted not of murder but of partying like a 23 year old. I get it that people are appalled but this intense hatred says something about Casey being a bad girl. But nobody knows what happened to that kid.
      And yes, I agree with you about the grandmother. Casey’s story was so outlandish and unbelievable that it’s hard to understand how she could have been taken in for a second. There’s some weird mystery at the heart of this case and the mother is the key. I’m almost beginning to wonder who the real psychopath is.

    • More: it almost makes me wonder if Zanny the Nanny was Cindy. Nanny is a common name for grandmother. The kid wasn’t even three when she died. What if ‘Cindy’ came out as ‘Zanny’?
      If I understand this story correctly, Casey wanted to give her baby up for adoption but Cindy wouldn’t hear of it. Then came three years of Casey acting her age and Cindy disappointed in her behavior ad a mother. On the night that Casey left and took Caylee with her, Cindy had once again called her a bad mother.
      So, my Crackpot theory is this: Casey left, but Cindy kept Caylee with her. Casey goes out to party and have fun having decided that Cindy is right, she *is* a bad mother. Cindy gets annoyed when Casey doesn’t come back with the car and calls the police to try to get it back. If what Cindy says is true about the chloroform research, she may have been the one who drugged Caylee, if indeed the chloroform plays any role in this. I still think the chloroform is a maguffin.
      So, the kid wakes up one day and gets in the pool and drowns. The body isn’t discovered for a couple of days. No one went swimming and the body didn’t float immediately. Then, someone discovers the body, probably Cindy, and the whole situation just looks really bad. George and Cindy try to cover it up and pin the blame on whoever was driving the car. Cindy confronts Casey and they both concoct a story about Zanny the Nanny. Cindy turns on the waterworks, gets national sympathy. George has a hard time accepting his role in this and leaves home, threatening to commit suicide. Casey loses it. I dunno, maybe she *wanted* to go to jail. She’s keeping a very big secret, or maybe several.

      • That really is a crackpot theory.

      • There is much more to the story than you could have read about in the past few days. If your child was missing for 31 days, would you be out partying, getting tattoos and continuing on like a “23 year old?” She also stole her best friend’s checkbook and cleaned out her bank account; she was arrested on false check charges. I don’t know what is going on in that family … but the usual “it’s gotta be the mother’s fault” is ridiculous. Perhaps Cindy was so tied to that baby because Casey wasn’t.

        The question to ask, as far as their defense, which is George, Casey’s dad, found Caylee in the pool dead and helped cover it up. Why? Why would he help cover it up? Mothers rarely go to prison because their babies drown in the family pool.

        I feel it’s simple: Casey wanted to party; she drugged the baby somehow and the baby died. (Why duct tape was put on that baby’s head is unknown to me.) She put that dead baby in the backyard and in her car. Then, she buried her in a pet cemetary after triple bagging her.

        As for Zanny the Nanny, she is a real person. She is suing Casey Anthony for defamation, never met or heard of Casey and I doubt the defense will call her to the witness stand as it would be detrimental to her defense.

    • Scott Peterson is a sociopath who murdered his wife and unborn son. The cops knew he did it the first day – long before they found out about his mistress.

      (The case was local news where I live)

  6. Have you noticed how many photos there are of that child (Callie?) Someone was taking photos of practically every move (even her opening doors by herself) …. I don’t know what that means except it doesn’t seem like the lead-in to a pre-meditative murder.

    Your point about someone helping her is interesting. I’m surprised that hasn’t been mentioned before.

    • This crackpot theory of mine is taking on a life of its own. What if the incriminating photos of Casey living it up were taken before she knew Caylee was dead. She also starts stealing a lot of money at this point, presumably so she can continue living away from home. Like I said before, happened to a relative of mine. He racked up some painful credit card bills before it all caught up with him. Someone elses credit card too. He took cars without permission. Bad stuff. We didn’t think he’d ever get his act together but he did.
      But I digress.
      What if she went out partying thinking that the kid was being taken care of by her mother. How do we know Caylee left the house with Casey? Drowning in a swimming pool could have happened. Not unheard of. I’ve seen for myself what happens when a two year old sees an inviting pool and decides to jump in. If I hadn’t seen the kid do it in my neighbor’s pool, I might not believe it. It happened so quickly. The neighbors hadn’t shut their gate. I saw Brook run across the lawn between our two houses and jump right in. No one was watching the pool. If I hadn’t seen her jump in, she’d be dead.
      So, Cindy leaves the ladder next to the pool. The kid jumps in. No one notices for a couple of days. Cindy thinks Caylee is with her mother. Casey thinks the kid is with Cindy. They only discover the truth when they go to clean the pool.
      The whole family tries to cover it all up. It looks like negligent homicide of a child. I couldn’t figure out why they wouldn’t just call 911 when she drowned but it makes sense if the body’s been dead for a couple of days. There’s no point. If they report her death, it could get very expensive and charges might be filed. If they make it look like a kidnapping, they get sympathy. Cindy talks Casey into going along with it. But Cindy and Casey don’t really get along. It’s Cindy who wants to get rid of her responsibilities. Public sentiment is turning against Casey. Cindy looks like a martyr. She’s really enjoying the attention. She leaves a message on Casey’s computer suggesting that there will be consequences for a mother who kills her child. Well, it certainly looks like Casey is guilty. Casey takes this as a threat and every time she’s let out of jail on bond, she steals something so she can be sent back. Cindy’s a nurse who’s been researching chloroform and broken necks. She could make it look like a suicide.
      In this scenario, the pics of Casey dancing at a bar make sense. She’s not looking for attention. She’s not heartless. She’s just ignorant of the death of her kid. It explains why there is so little evidence tying anyone to the crime. It’s one thing to find the victim’s DNA but why isn’t there even a trace of the perpertrator’s DNA? It explains cindys bizarre behavior wrt reporting the kid missing.
      They’re all guilty. I’m actually starting to believe the defense argument. Cindy is a nutcase.

      • I haven’t followed this but it sounds horrible. There are so many people who are really into the dead kid stories, I can’t figure it out.

        • I am not one of those people, trust me. I only started paying attention because my mother is following it obsessively.

          What really frosts my crockies is the way women are already convinced that she’s guilty of killing her kid and then going out partying. They seem more perturbed by the partying. You’d never see a bunch of women worrying about what an alleged male murderer did afterwards. It’s so over the top that I feel obligated to poke holes in the prosecution’s case. In short, they haven’t got one.

          One other thing that is interesting: her former fiance says that Casey was a smart, sarcastic witty, energetic and warm girl when he was engaged to her. But towards the end of their relationship, she started spending a lot more time with her mother and then the lies started. I have no idea what was going on but the whole thing sounds really disturbing. He said her personality changed completely under her mother’s influence. I just think they’re trying the wrong psychopath.

          • No, I was just thinking about my grandmother and her friends. They went to the lake where that woman drowned her children (NC?) and took pictures of the memorial that the public made leaving flowers and stuff.

            It was so weird, I was looking at pictures of family, cousins and stuff and then there were these morbid pictures of a crime scene as vacation destination. The witch burning mentality combined with the Nancy Grace type interest… weird, and like you, I don’t get it. The public interest puts pressue on the police to find a dislikeable bad “guy”.

      • I’m disgusted with how every aspect of Casey is being picked apart too.
        Yep, kids jump into inviting pools. I did that when I was 5, before I knew how to swim. Next thing I knew I was hanging suspended in deep water with my whole little life going before my eyes. I was saved when I made a blind grab for the edge of the pool and actually caught onto it. I was too embarrassed to tell my mother what had happened, but I learned a lesson about pools that day.

  7. Mmmmm, MacBook Air. I don’t think I’ll be able to resist.

  8. Following this stuff is Deterrence. It distracts us from anything important, whatever that might be. The media blows it up and we fall for it. No one will ever know the truth about this case. And yes she might be sent to prison for her behavior. That’s kind of standard for women mostly, but men also. Baudrillard has a case like this he wrote about but I forget it at the moment.

    • I don’t think this case proves anything and I don’t think any of us are ever going to know what happened. I find the case strange esp. the man that reported finding her. He is one weird dude and he called several times over a period of months. I’m with RD on all of this hatred that is being put out there. Nancy Grace is a horrible person and that “Tot Mom” reference is disgusting.

      In other news, it looks like a person would be a fool to become governor of Illinois. They all go to jail!

  9. RD,

    As one who has followed the Casey Anthony case, and with the utmost respect : I agree with only one thing you said : Its ridiculous the kind of “slut shaming” that is going on.
    As for Cindy ( grandmom) being involved:
    (1) Listen to the 911 calls . there is no way she faked that panic
    (2) She is a mother first , yes? So if her daughter told her that the kid was with a nanny – she would rather believe that than imagine that aid daughter killed the child. Thats why she called after only 31 days
    (3) If it was an accidental death and coverup someone would have cracked by now. No one is foolish enough to have Casey take a chance with the death penalty rather than cop to an accidental death/drowning/negilgence: least of all Casey herself.
    (4) Occam’s Razor : the simplest explanation. And the simplest one is that Casey is guilty of causing the child’s death. I agree that she must’ve been in some kind of disassociative fugue state.Hence the bizarre behavior , the unbelievable lies/.
    I think she is getting a lot of bad legal advice : hence the no plea.

    I dont think she should get the death penalty : but a child is dead and justice must be served. w/o the name calling

    • Yeah that’s pretty much my take on it too. Plus a bit of vengeance (perhaps not even consciously) on Casey’s part because Caylee was receiving love and attention from Cindy, while Cindy was telling Casey it was time to grow up and be a mom. Casey didn”t want to be that and was jealous of Caylee now being the center of Cindy’s universe. That side of her personality comes out in the prison tapes with her parents (before Caylee’s body was found, while she was still officially a missing child) Whenever her parents bring up Caylee, Casey explodes with anger about their attention not being centered on her.

    • >>As one who has followed the Casey Anthony case…

      Well, there’s the problem right there. If the leadup to the trial has been anything like the breathlessly hysterical and condemning coverage by Nancy Grace, you could only come to the conclusion that Casey Anthony was the most sociopathic person on the planet.

      I’ll be the first to admit that there’s something wrong with her but given that her friends and former fiance report a sharp change to her personality, I’d be checking her brain for some kind of abnormality. My family knew a girl who experienced uncontrollable rages all of a sudden, then developed a form of epilepsy in her adolescence. For years, doctors couldn’t figure out her problem but it kept getting worse. Then they found a tumor. I guess it got big enough to detect. She had surgery. Personality returned to normal.

      Check out this very interesting article from the Atlantic on the role that brain abnormalities play in criminal behavior.

      If you have been watching this trial from the beginning, you’re spoiled as a juror. My friends and I barely knew who Casey Anthony was until about a few weeks ago and we see things quite differently. I don’t watch the commentary on the trial because it’s so laughably inaccurate and over-the-top. From where I, and curiously enough, many males, sit, the prosecution has failed to prove its case. There is extremely little evidence tying Casey Anthony directly to this crime. In fact, it is so little that it’s impossible to believe that she carried it out and covered it up so thoroughly without help. She left no traces of her own DNA, there are no footprints, hair in the trunk could have drifted there, even the spots on the carpet don’t prove anything.

      As for her behavior, it makes no sense even from a sociopath’s POV. If you want to convince people that you had nothing to do with a crime, the last thing you do is go out and party. You party when you don’t know the kid is dead or you’re in such deep denial that you can’t process the information correctly. it’s like a fugue state. Sociopaths go out of their way to solicit sympathy, like Susan Smith. They’re usually clever enough to know when to keep a low profile and when to turn on the waterworks.

      As for Occam’s Razor, the simplest explanation is that the kid drowned in the pool, the body was found after it started to float and someone helped cover it up because otherwise, it’s negligent homicide. IIRC from reading the timeline (btw, the timeline is the only thing you should be looking at, not the news coverage), the partying happens shortly after the kid is supposedly murdered. I’m still going with the theory that Casey Anthony didn’t know the kid was dead.

      And when it comes to people faking it, I’m inclined to believe Cindy Anthony is just as good at that as anyone else. The idea that she believed that Zanny the Nanny story for 31 days is just ridiculous.

      My point is that even without the defense portion of the trial, there just isn’t enough to convict and with the defense portion of the trial, there is reasonable doubt to the point where I’d indict Casey’s parents. There’s no THERE there.

      We see this trial through different eyes because of the narrative that has been crafted. It’s the same with politics. The media will play up certain aspects and downplay others and will shape the way we see the world. That’s why I turn off the news.

  10. Apple MacBook Air notebooks are like catnip for geeks.

    The Light of my Life (who received an 11.6″ Air for her birthday) has been known to refer to them as “crackbooks” due to their addictive potential. I’d wait a few weeks for the refresh rather than buying them now – the Sandy Bridge architecture will be worth the wait.

  11. RD,

    I did not watch hysterical coverage on TV leading up to the trial as much as look at the facts and timelines as reported by newspapers etc .But you make a very good point with the analogy to political hysteria.

    We agree that there is something wrong with Casey : but does she not know right from wrong? That is the legal defense of insanity.

    As you may know, the defense recently made a motion to question her competence to stand on trial ( a late insanity defense?) . Several doctors examined her and said she is competent as recently as last week.

    I think the reason this case is so compelling is that it plays on our deepest , most basic fears: that a parent – and a mother – could kill a defenseless child. Plus the fact that she is young, white and attractive helps(!)

    I also agree that Nancy Grace is completely irresponsible :”Guilty until proved Guilty” is her mantra.

    I still think the simplest explanation – and the reason for Casey’s fantasies – is that she caused the child’s death. I cannot believe in a cover-up involving her parents etc – too complicated – so we will simply have to agree to disagree.

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