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Finns violating virgin eyes

Did we consent to this?

Porkka Playboys do Motorhead Ace of Spades in the Sauna:

This is an open thread.

26 Responses

  1. Yes, if we click the play button, which I didn’t. Did Weiner put “Picture of my dick” in the subject line?

    • Click the play button. Unless you have no sense of humor.
      BTW, a picture can not hurt you, solicited or un.

      • I have a sense of humor. But I appreciate that you gave me a choice. I don’t know what’s on the other side of that “click”. If I choose to go there, then I’m responsible, right? But I did get to decide. Like if I open a post from miq2xu, I should know that he is often sexually offensive, and he’s not responsible for my discomfort if I willingly participate. (I’m not discomfitted. I love the raunch.) But I would be surprised (maybe even shocked) to see a raunchy post from Katiebird. It’s all about what expectations we have. A private email between friends, no matter what the person’s position in the community is would be nobody’s business, but something sent in an official capacity is. I think I understand why you want Weiner to remain in congress, but I’m not sure why you don’t get that women who are perfecty comfortable with sexually explicit material would find what Weiner did to be totally inappropriate. All the “virgin eyes” and “fainting sofa” stuff is missing its mark. It’s not prudish to expect elected officials to behave professionally.

        • You need to read more William Burroughs about American puritan sex attitudes. And he was not a womanizer. Actually he was a pretty monogamous gay man.

          No penis visible in the sauna. Just nakedness and very funny.

        • 1.) You don’t know katiebird {{just kidding!}}
          2.) Sexually offensive is in the eye of the reader. I never thought myiq was sexually offensive but I do think that some women readers react in a standard fashion to any kind of sexual dialogue.
          3.) Professionals of all kinds are also human beings. How they choose to conduct themselves in their downtime is none of our business. However, if we are going to ask people to resign for sexual indiscretions, we should start with the illegal ones first. Like David Vitter’s romps with prostitutes. Illegal. Larry Craig’s solicitation for a blow job in a public bathroom. Illegal.
          Sending a pic of your junk to a person you might have thought was receptive? Not illegal. It’s certainly stupid but millions of people do it everyday. (Not me. Never done it. Don’t intend to. But then, I’m not as buff as Weiner)
          No, I’m not at all bothered that he sent a pic of his stuff to some woman who then reported him. Seems to me the system worked well, Except that I see no need for him to resign.
          It’s just a picture. When it jumps out of my screen, pins me down and ravishes me, then I’ll be livid. But a picture is nothing to get all upset about. Women did not do themselves any favors by overreacting. Now, we’ll fall into a stereotype of not being able to handle this material. It’s different when it’s at work. This was not. Bad all around.

          • “It’s just a picture.”

            Some things you’re better off not seeing. Once seen, they can’t be unseen.

            Pictures of tortured animals do it for me. I can accept that others are disturbed by unsolicited sexual images.

          • HaHaHa!!! I’ll have to work on something special…..

            In the early 80’s Bouroughs bought a house a couple of blocks from me and lived there the rest of his life….. But I wasn’t a part of the right crowd & never did meet him.

            This home movie was filmed in that house

          • I understand that some people are upset by (what they perceive to be) unsolicited naked junk pictures. What I can’t understand is *why* they’re upset to the point of driving someone out of office. I doubt that men are offended or feel violated by an (what is perceived to be) unsolicited pic of a naked female body part. Whether or not women think naked junk is a turn on (I don’t think it is, probably), one has to wonder why a penis picture has provoked this kind of outrage. Are men the only gender that is allowed to feel comfortable with stimulation via digital imagery? I almost get the impression that women are taking it upon themselves to reinforce the idea that “nice girls don’t do that sexting stuff”. For some bizarre reason, there’s as much pressure on the recipient as there is on the sender. And I’m one if those people who wants to set the complete email exchange, not to condemn the recipient but to say it’s ok if there was mutual flirtation going on. It’s only digital. Who is hurt by this? It’s her right as much as his. But she has had to go out if her way to show she was completely innocent and chaste. That is ridiculous.
            So, no, I don’t think this reaction, overreaction, is justified. I think it takes women back to the victorian era where women were not thought to have sexual urges and were to close their eyes and thunk of England.
            I don’t want to go back to that but that’s where we appear to be headed.

        • @ elliesmom: +1000

  2. I hope they’re sitting on towels.

  3. You might appreciate this news, Riverdaughter:


    But the President said we need more engineers and scientists, so good jobs should be falling out of the sky for these guys, right?


  4. shame he doesn’t know that 👿

    • It’s not that they don’t know that, but they want the words out there to “float” as signs that this is what America wants, more high tech jobs so people will stay in university to get certified for them. Information is circling globally so now these words are circling globally. They don’t mean anything, they have no referent, they are just out there to “float”.

  5. how do they keep those instruments in tune in that heat and humidity?

  6. Anybody know what happened to Alegre’s Corner? It seems to have disappeared with no warning at the beginning of June.

  7. I guarantee no nekkid folks in this clip. :mrgreen:

  8. Since this is an open thread, a post of mine from another website:

    Where I part company with the Left critics of Obama is that I recognize (as they do not) that Bill Clinton left the US in decent shape, and that if he had been followed by 8 years of Gore, the nation and the world would look quite different today. It is true that Clinton accepted (though he generally did not initiate) policies that under W. and now Obama have resulted in disaster, but to see that as a straight line from Clinton to W. is reading history backwards. Whatever else he did, Clinton had restored a certain amount of faith in government, and left it with the funds to act in a crisis. That W. and now Obama have squandered both is not Clinton’s responsibility. If there is a straight line it is from W. to Obama.

    I am not a big fan of the Clintons, but again, everything is relative, and there is no doubt Bill was the best President we’ve had since the first two years of LBJ. If that speaks more of the terrible quality of most of those who’ve recently held the office more than of his virtues, it remains no less true for that.

  9. I don’t feel sorry for Weiner. He’s not a musician, or an artist, or a comedian, or some guy on the street; he’s (or was) a Congressman and this shit from our elected officials is getting out of hand. And I’m way far from a virgin-eyes prude, don’t even go there.

    I’m sorry David Vitter is still in office, he really needed to go by yesterday. And the rest of the damned sex-hypocrites too.

    But let’s focus on the future: electing women.


    • Also No Quarter quoted some of the Weiner’s tweets and the language was pretty horrid and indicated feelings of violence toward women. It was that more than any pictures that i found very disturbing.

  10. Did they send it to your personal email or twitter account?
    Flashing is flashing whether it is in a subway or your email, and yes it can hurt you.

    • And Weiner was in a position of power. It’s like being flashed by a cop. Who do you tell without fear of repercussions?

    • I read Genette Cordova’s account of the incident. She didn’t seem to be harmed by it. She seemed to have been surprised but not irreparably harmed. She also isn’t releasing the whole email exchange even though she says she didn’t do anything improper. What is improper? Would she be less credible if she was flirting? More likely the story wouldn’t be such a big deal. I have no interest in tracking her down and making her feel guilty about sexting but shouldn’t we see what the whole thread looks like?
      And no, I don’t think it was flashing. Millions of people do it everyday. Are you going to track down all of them and shame them?
      One last thing: was it his congressional email address or a private one? It makes a difference. And if she wasn’t working for him and he couldn’t retaliate against her, who was harmed?
      You keep saying someone was harmed but you haven’t shown me who and to what degree. From what I can see, we were all harmed because now we will all be a lot more careful about what we say in a tweet or email message. We will go back to victorian era propriety and coded language. That’s just stupid.

  11. Melissa McEwan–not exactly a newcomer under the bus–has deepened her epiphany:

    [A] not fully formed thought that has been hanging around the edges of my consciousness suddenly came sharply into focus: Obama is not the right guy.

    It’s not (just) that his policies are insufficiently progressive, or even insufficiently Democratic, and it’s not (just) the arrogance, the hippie-punching, the bipartisan blah blah, the 12-dimensional chess, and it’s not (just) his tepid, half-assed, pusillanimous governance and his catastrophic ally fail. All of these things are just symptoms of this basic truth: Obama’s not up to the job.

    I don’t mean he’s not up the job of being president; I mean he’s not up to the job of being president right now. I’m sure he’d have made a fine president some other time, some decade of relative peace and prosperity, where the biggest demand on his capacity was “don’t fuck it up.”

    But that is not the time in which we live.


    Didn’t this blog tell us that three years ago?

    She then goes on to say, “And, you know, I kind of think Obama knows that, too.”

    I know! I know what he can do about it! Pick up the phone…call State…you can do it…

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