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Monday: Weiner, Massa and Vitter

Anthony Weiner has offered to seek professional help. This is probably a good idea. democratic congressional leadership has generally been supportive of members seeking therapy. Remember Patrick Kennedy’s addiction to sleeping aids and his bizarre behavior behind the wheel? That was ok, we understood. Take some time off, Patrick, get your act together. We still love you.
With Weiner? Ehhhh, not so much. Maybe it would have been better for him if he had claimed to have strutted his stuff while on ambien. Anthony wasnt thinking ahead.
So, now Steny Hoyer is on the warpath and wants him out, out, out! He’s cranking up the ethics committee. There will be investigations and accusations and crippling legal bills. This is not going to be pretty. Funny how David Vitter didn’t have to run this gauntlet. I guess those good Christian Republicans are just a lot more forgiving,
But more than that, this frenzy of the Democratic leadership reminds me of last year’s piling on of Eric Massa. The details of Massa’s indiscretions always did seem a little sketchy to me. And it was the usual suspects, Nancy and Steny, who seemed desperate to completely ruin the man’s reputation in order to force him to resign. Let’s not forget that Massa was a liberal hold out who wasn’t going to vote for the health care insurance reform bill. He was a real obstacle to the vote counters who wanted to give Obama a win.
Anthony Weiner may be a guy with a masturbation problem but if he hasnt broken any laws, let the guy get some help and show some compassion. The fact that compassion is in short supply on the Democratic side of the aisle and the continuing presence of david Vitter in the Senate suggests that the leadership of both parties protects who it wants to protect and gets rid of the people who stand in the way of the agenda. What makes me think this is more than a sex scandal is that when it happened to Massa, the ethics committee investigation disappeared the minute he resigned.
So, what is it Steny wants that a strong liberal might stand in his way of getting?

As a followup to yesterday, the youtube blogger, Mompetition, shows us what its like to live in Soccer Momville when you have a brain of your own. It’s not pretty but it is damn funny:

and this one is for Atrios:

be afraid, be very afraid

36 Responses

  1. This is my problem….

    Strong Liberal? They are not doing anything up there in Congress except collecting their paychecks, grabbing their crotches, passing out tobacco industry checks on the floor of the house, and packing pork into worthless bills.

    They are not creating jobs. They have not taken Obama to the “woodshed” like they threatened Hillary with during the 2008 Primary.

    We the people have 9.1% unemployment (20% + if you factor in the underemployed and those who have fallen off the books)

    Congress can only come together when it means giving themselves a pay increase.

    We the people are at the whim of our employers who may or may not dangle an increase. We certainly do not vote our own!

    Congress has a golden pension plan and health care

    We the people have 401(k)’s that are at the whim of the market winds and the right to “purchase” healthcare that may charge us outrageous preminums only to get us to “drop” ourselves under Obama’s program and then turn around and pay a “fine” to Uncle Sam for not having any.

    Congress has a retirement plan that will pay its’ members more after they retire than when they were actually holding elective office. We are subject to the “cat food” commission and will never be able to retire. Once we die, our remains will go into making “soylent green”!

    Congress can find time to use their tax-payer fitness and sauna facilities when so many in this country are working longer, and a gym membership is a “luxury” they cannot afford.

    If they had created 20million new jobs, hammered out a middle east peace accord, kept FBI Director Louie Freeh and CIA Director George Tennant in check, gone for a run, reigned in Alan Greenspan and told him we pay down our debt and we tax the wealthy to do it, plus ordered a pizza and gotten a blow job, then I would be apt to look the other way and say “now there is a mult-tasker”!!

    Why should these bastards have job security? If I posted some vile crap on my Facebook page or on twitter, my current employer or even future employer would use it and quite possibly fire me or be dissuaded from even interviewing me. People have been denied jobs for far less than Weiner. Employers are using social media all the time to “research” their employees and prospective hires.
    A drunken photo at a party with all your clothes on could stop you from getting a job, since most states now are “right to work” states.

    Years ago, when George W. Bush was asked why he didn’t use the internet he responded by saying: “…cause I don’t want you reading my stuff!” Now when an idiot like GWB understands the power of the internet, but so-called media junkies don’t, that is scary. If GWB can out-think you, you really are a dumbass and I think we can do better!

  2. Yes, let’s fire people for being human. That’s fair.
    Is that really the kind of world you want to live in? You won’t find pictures of me doing racy stuff on the Internet. But I have plenty of opinions. Some of them might make prospective employers mad but there are just as many that should make prospective employers encouraged that I am trying to correct the industry’s dismal reputation. Should we tell everyone to STFU because a little bit of truth is uncomfortable? If you only listen to the people who say nice things about you, won’t you be caught off guard when it turns out you’ve really screwed up and made serious, costly mistakes? I try to be fair. But this is not a time in our nation’s history where being fair or honest or human or having some kind of integrity is appreciated. This is a time for conformity, obedience and burying the truth about yourself.
    And with that, you will end up with people who take orders, avoid controversy, never rock the boat for fear that they will be exposed, hounded and ruined. It’s a good way to make sure nothing out of the ordinary happens.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen it this bad. It diminishes us as a nation. Even the brightest, most capable people, particularly out of the box thinkers, have very human flaws. In this environment, could Steve Jobs build Apple? Could Mark Zuckerberg tell people what he really thought if he were starting Facebook today? Perfection is unattainable and the quest for it will lead us to a less vibrant society. I don’t think I want that.

    • And how many of us Riverdaughter are venture capitalists? How many of us work for ourselves? You may not like the current climate anymore than I do, but these guys are the same ones who told us to get on the unity pony in 2008 and have done nothing of any merit since then.

      This has nothing to do with taking some self-aggrandized moral stance. If someone is doing their job, then their private life should be theirs’.

      However, these officials are not doing their job. Bill Clinton did his job and did it extremely well. FDR did his job and did it well.

      These bumble-fucks aren’t doing anything of any tangible good except for themselves. Being human doesn’t factor in. That is crap. Life puts limits on all of us, and if you want those limits removed, then elect better leaders. Leaders who can walk, chew gum, jerk off, and get real legislation through.

      And you know what…

      The more we have elected leaders pulling this kind of crap, telling us to tighten our belts while they leave their’s unzipped, the closer we get to the political elite of France (the so-called best and brightest), who think nothing of buggering a maid when it suits them.

      • Well, I’m voting for someone next year and it’s definitely NOT going anyone from the Republican party. My votes are going as far left as they can possibly go. Sitting out is not an option. A Democrat *may* get my vote as long as he/she is not an incumbent.
        Once upon a time, government worked. That was when there were a lot fewer Republicans. You can get pissed off if you want and blame them for everything they did but someone is going to get elected next year. You’d better make sure it’s someone who isn’t going to act like a weakling or a conservative. Nif you can’t find anyone, you’re not trying hard enough.

      • The more we have elected leaders pulling this kind of crap, telling us to tighten our belts while they leave their’s unzipped…..

        lol! true…people say we need to just get over it and “grow up” ….everyone needs to grow up…expect Weiner that is . What he did was simply be boys will be boys and no big deal …nice gig

    • Welcome to the desert of the real. We are here and there’s nothing we can do about it by using dialectical thinking.

      Vija: The market culture is total. It breeds these men and women. They are necessary to the system they despise. They give it energy and definition. They are market-driven. They are traded on the markets of the world. This is why they exist, to invigorate and perpetuate the system. (Cosmopolis p. 90)

  3. One problem. One of the incidents was not consensual. Genette Cordova, the college student he was tweeting with, claims that she did not ask him to send her his dick shot, that they were simply discussing politics and so she assumed it had to be a hoax. I don’t know if some man sending out a pic of his meat to a woman who didn’t ask to see it is breaking any law but how does that make him different from any perv in the park wearing a raincoat and flashing strangers?

    If I was discussing politics with a politician and he suddenly sent me a pic like that I’d feel threatened, that he was sending me some kind of weird coded insult of some kind. Or that his account was hacked and I’d call the FBI.

    I don’t know. That whole aspect of the story is being ignored by his defenders.

    He was also opening himself up for blackmail. Not to mention how stupid he was being. He didn’t think any of the women would sell the photos to TMZ? He couldn’t have at least put a bag on his head and used a fake name?

    • I want to see the email exchange. I find it very hard to believe that someone would send a pic of their privates without some measure of confidence that the pic would not be unwelcome.
      When it comes to sexuality, there are a lot of gray areas and miscommunications. I have been on the web a long time and have never had a junk shot sent to me. Ever. But if someone did send me one, I doubt that I would feel physically threatened by it. More likely, I’d think it was shockingly ridiculous and stupid. No need to have a panic attack and bolt the doors.
      Really, women are not handling this well at all. She wasn’t a victim of any crime that I can think of. Her physical person was not harmed. The reaction by the feminist community over this makes us all sound like we are innocent nuns who are the prey of men with testosterone poisoning.
      My brand of feminism doesn’t think this is nearly as important as the ongoing problem of being considered second class citizens professionally. Why aren’t feminists getting their knickers in a twist over that?? Why must we always focus all of our attention on our genitals? That’s such a conservative obsession and one that leads to women being seen as a sum of their body parts.
      I don’t know who this Genette person is and I’m not a Weiner apologist. I just think there is a huge mountain being made of a stupid penis and I wish women would just grow the fuck up. We’ve got bigger problems.

      • I would like to think that I could exchange emails with my congressman and not be expected to just shrug it off if he sent me a picture of his genitals. But that’s what you’re asking women to do.

        • Depends on what kind of conversation I was having with my congressman. Have we seen the complete unedited emails from this Genette person?
          Weiner is no Prince Charming but I’d be extremely surprised if they were just talking politics.
          There are a lot of responses to getting an crotch shot. I don’t think I’d be offended unless the conversation was an adversarial one to begin with.
          Let’s just say that he *did* send the pic for its shock value, ala some dirty exhibitionist. What might have been a more effective response? Because in the Internet, women have time to retaliate. The battle ground is even. There is no one putting any kind of physical pressure on you, no knife at your throat, no gun to your head, no penis penetrating your vagina. It’s just you and this stupid, inappropriate (as far as we know) picture of a penis.
          Where is the danger? Have your virgin eyes been deflowered? Let’s say you ARE insulted. You can threaten to expose him, no pun intended. Then *he’s* screwed, not you. But let’s say he wants to shock you because he gets pleasure from shocking you. If you compose yourself and come back with some devastating remark, doesn’t that kind of defeat his purpose? Ask him to autograph the pic so you can show all your friends. If it was really unsolicited, that’s going to scare the shit out of him.
          Here’s my point: in situations like this, the recipient has the upper hand, once again, no pun intended. There’s no reason to reach for the smelling salts because that’s just what a real pervert wants. It’s not fun if you’re not indignant.
          I want women to stop acting like helpless, delicate flowers who collapse the first time they see an erect penis not their lawfully wedded husbands. But if they can’t do that, I want them to stop speaking for ME because I am not a child who can’t deal with this type of situation in a calm, rational adult manner.
          This hand wringing and whimpering about the indignity thrust upon women by an allegedly unwelcome penis picture is immature and beneath us.
          It would be a completely different story if the recipient was a 10 year old but the recipient is a college student and from what I can remember, they are very familiar with outrageous behavior.
          The ladies doth protest too much, methinks.

          • RD, you are misinformed. Here is a link to what Genette Cordova herself said:


            I believe HER.

            She didn’t ask for or welcome the d!ck shot. She didn’t ask for her life to be turned upside down by the gutter media after the d!ck shot appeared uninvited in her inbox.

            And she sure didn’t ask you to perform your oddly overwrought critique of the imaginary response you’ve attributed to her, and to the women you dismiss as Red Tent Feminists.

            Seems like you’re the one who needs the smelling salts.

          • Please.

            Yes, I will apologize if she “was asking for it”, but otherwise, there is no question in my mind that AW’s behavior was creepy and uncalled for, and yes, if he sends that unsolicitated to a constituent, he MUST resign. At the very least, seek therapy, till we know what the heck was going on.

            To bring an old issue, Julian Assange’s case is the one that I have problem with. I thought that is really much ado about nothing. This one IS creepy.

          • A former male roommate of mine (who had a twin sister) would tell us what his response would be to a male displayer: “That looks like a peNi$, only smaller!”

            Obviously, Weiner was pleased not be a little weenie when full mast, so he thought others might be as thrilled as he is with his most prized physical possession. The fact that he doesn’t realize that a woman he doesn’t know in the least might find his private parts not to her liking shows behavior that wouldn’t be permitted in grammar school. Boys usually figure out there is a difference between what they’d like to see exposed of the opposite sex in pictures v. what attracts most women (hardly the equivalent of Playboy photos).

            He does seem a textbook case in arrested development. I’m assuming that his recent marriage (at age 45 or so), and the fact that he is going to be a father at 46 or 47 must be very stressful for him. All that adult responsibility. Poor Huma. She and her child -to-be don’t deserve this. Neither does my former political party. The man is showing no respect for his office or position, and is simply pulled by his need to display what he considers his best asset (I assume). He was attractive as man of principle, not for his physique (even reasonably covered).

          • I Don’t Care if she asked for it or not. How was she violated??? Was she raped by the resolution of her screen?
            Please, when the penis jumps off the screen, then there will be a reason to get upset. This is a big nothing.
            All she had to do was call him on it. End of story. He’s not a discreet guy. So aren’t a lot of people. The only reason people are making a big deal about this is because he’s a congressman and a Democrat.
            You can get upset if you want. I will ignore you. Wake me up when it’s something important.

          • Out of curiosity, what was your reaction to Obama’s speechwriter grabbing the breasts of a cardboard Hillary with one hand, and holding a bear with the other? That’s OK? if not, why not?

          • What Favreau and Obama did with the cardboard cut out was give a giant FU to anyone who voted for Hillary. It was the ultimate in hypocrisy, especially after the “This is what a feminist looks like” picture on the cover of Ms. Magazine. Did I personally feel violated as if he groped my breasts? No.

            There’s something about this story that just doesn’t make any fricking sense. And I think it comes back to Vitter. *He’s* still there. Apparently, you can be a conservative and get away with wearing diapers with your favorite call girl and people get over it. But that’s not possible if you’re a liberal democrat. We have Spitzer, Massa and now Weiner being asked to resign. Larry Craig and David Vitter? Nada. Don’t you think that’s unusual? But more than that, you’d have to be completely insane to send a crotch shot to anyone these days. Not because it’s so outlandishly obscene. Heck, plenty of people do it everyday. There are assemblies about it in school and Degrassi storylines about it. I don’t find the human impulse to send pics of your naked body to be all that strange. I wouldn’t do it but that’s just me. It also doesn’t strike me as impossible that a politician would develop an intimate email conversation with a constituent. All perfectly human.

            What’s bizarre is if the politician decided he could send a crotch shot and no one would find out about it. Especially after Massa, you would have to be reckless to do such a thing. But then again, you’d have to be reckless to tap dance in a bathroom stall for anonymous gay sex and you’d have to be reckless to visit a prostitute on a regular basis. Why do we expect only Democrats to resign?

            I’m no fan of the Democratic party right now but I find it disturbing that so many liberal, not moderate, not conservative, Democrats are involved in strange sexual situations. Don’t be surprised if it turns out that there was a bill coming up where Weiner’s vote was crucial. Lots of stuff on the table right now that a liberal would have problems with: debt ceilings, medicare, budget cuts. Why make Weiner leave in the House when Vitter gets to stay and Craig withdraws his resignation in the Senate?

        • Well one of my hacker boyz friends laughed and laughed. He said he would use auto paste and circle it around the world like a Rob Pattinson pap shot. Thousands of it per minute would get pasted.

          I like his solution. Like what us kids did in the movie theatre making fun of the perverts.

      • Well in St Louis there was a man who had child porn on his hard drive. He never did anything at all. And he is in jail now. He also said he was bad and deserved his punishment. Now the victim is blaming himself for being a scapegoat.

        All this is simply Deterrence.

        And once it is in Virtual Reality you can’t know anything for sure. Information “floats” globally. Information is not knowledge. It is not knowing.

    • What’s different is that one is in Virtual Reality and the other is a real person in the park.

      You cannot know anything once it is in Virtual Reality. Everything is credible. That’s what the repugs know and know how to exploit. The dems still don’t get it.

    • but how does that make him different from any perv in the park wearing a raincoat and flashing strangers?

      that’s what I was thinking…how is this not the digital age equivalent?

      • The difference is that sexting happens a LOT. Apparently, there are whole nations chock full of people willing to share their intimate bits and pieces with friends or total strangers. Exhibitionism seems to be a pretty common trait in human beings. Don’t think so? Just type the wrong keywords into google someday and you can find thousands and thousands of pictures of average, ordinary people flashing their stuff for the cameras. I found the links by accident one day otherwise I’d have to put some effort into finding them. I think it’s because I’m on a Mac. My mother says she used to get naked pictures sent to her all the time and I think it was because she used to be on a PC. Spam and viruses and crap used to get past the email filters all of the time. I think it was shocking at first but she got used to it.

        The difference between a sexter and a flasher is that the flasher is close enough to you to actually do you physical harm. I don’t think it’s a flasher’s MO to hurt anyone but there are probably instances where it’s happened. In any case, the flasher is too close for comfort. A sext is just a digital image. It can’t hurt you. I guess you could take it as a personal insult but it is not dangerous. You would be right to throw a fit if he sent it to your kid but an adult? Ehhhhh, not so much. Can we please stop treating women like they are children who aren’t capable of dealing with this?

        • It isn’t that we aren’t capable of dealing with it – it’s that we shouldn’t have to. I can deal with the whistles and catcalls when I walk past a construction site, but why is it acceptable behavior? Weiner’s behavior shouldn’t be acceptable for a congressman.

  4. I’ve always liked Weiner for his outspoken liberal views and his adamant support of Hillary. I didn’t have a kee jerk response to his actions but as more information has been revealed, it’s clear to me that he needs to go. His behavior has harmed Genette Cordova and it has damaged the liberal voice in Congress. There is no reason to believe that the person who takes over his district will not be every bit the strong liberal voice that Weiner used to be.

    Frankly, I don’t want to know what my Congressperson’s penis looks like and I think he should take care to make certain that I never do. (There’s another reason to vote for women.)

    • HOW was Genette Cordova harmed?
      Please be specific.

      • Her privacy has been invaded. Perhaps you’ve never been hounded by the news media. I have. It’s, at best, a distraction from real life responsibilities and, at worst, a hotbed of name calling, questioning one’s motives and revelations about things that Cordova did not agree to be made public simply by communicating with a Congressman.

        • Her privacy has been invaded- by the media. Who has done the most harm to Cordova? Anthony Weiner’s easily deleted digital image or some dipshit reporters who can’s leave her alone? I sympathize. I don’t think she should have been bothered. But that’s not the nature of the media these days. BTW, if you’re going to accuse someone of an action that may lead to him losing his job, you may need to provide all of the details of the interaction to back up your version of events. Wouldn’t you agree? If someone was accusing you of an action that would lead to your immediate dismissal from the job, wouldn’t you want to see the full report so you could possibly defend yourself? So, maybe Weiner has a right to challenge her but IMHO, the media should back off.
          I don’t like trials in the court of public opinion for either the accused or the accuser. It’s not fair to anyone.

  5. Oh, and Eric Massa was accused of sexual harassment by a male staffer. Massa admitted to having “tickle parties” with his male staffers. I don’t know about you but if my boss tried to “tickle” me, I’d knock him on his ass and proceed to the EEO officer to file a complaint.

    • Yes, he was accused. Whatever happened to “innocent until proven guilty”? Was his resignation an admission of his guilt? Or did he look at Charlie Rangel’s ongoing and expensive ethics committee investigation and throw in the towel? Remember that Massa was a first term congressman from modest means. I met him in Las Vegas. Eric Massa did not give me creepy vibes nor did my gaydar go off. And we don’t know the context of the so-called tickle parties. To me, it sounded like a drunken slumber party. I don’t know if it was inappropriate or not. Don’t some of the Obama staffers play pool shirtless or something? Should we assume that there’s something inappropriate going on there between staffers and their bosses? Or is it acceptable for men to run around topless? Should we be concerned that women in this situation do not feel similarly uninhibited? It’s not a weird question. That kind of thing separates the men from the girls and in a more subtle way is much more serious. But I digress.

      In the cases of alleged or proven sexual indiscretion in the House, Steny Hoyer starts threatening an investigation and the accused crumbles. In Rangel’s case, he stays but his power on the Ways and Means committee is diminished throughout his term as the chair of the committee before the Republicans retook the house. But you don’t get the same reaction from Republicans. And did we ever ask ourselves why this is? I suspect that it’s because Republicans know they need every one of their votes for whatever devious crap they’re about to pull. So, why aren’t Democrats similarly concerned? It’s because our Democratic caucus is constantly trying to get rid of inconvenient votes. Massa was an obstacle to the healthcare reform bill. Rangel’s problems were tax related but Tim Geithner’s offenses were worse and he’s running the Treasury Department. Don’t think there aren’t IRS agents who aren’t pissed about that. They could be fired for what their boss got away with.

      Congressional leadership will tolerate what it needs to tolerate and eject what is standing in its way.

      Public opinion is very easy to manipulate. While I don’t think Weiner’s behavior was mature or discreet for a politician, I don’t find them so unusual that I would demand his resignation. He’s not asking his paid sexual partner to change his diapers.

  6. Voluntarily leaving one’s elected position is not the same as going to jail so your entire argument about being “innocent until proven guilty” is inappropriate in this context.

    Secondly, Massa confessed to inappropriately touching the men who worked for him. No person should have to work for an individual who touches them inappropriately. The fact that you’ve met Massa and you thought he was a nice guy who didn’t set off your gay-dar is worth less than nothing. Many mass murderers live next door to people who think that they were just the nicest guy.

    I also objected to Geithner being hired and I thought that Jon Favreau should have been fired. The fact that they weren’t does not excuse Weiner’s behavior. It just reflects poorly on Obama.

    Your entire paragraph about Republicans is superfluous. I’m not a Republican and I’ve never defended Republican behavior of any sort.

    I’m a disaffected Democrat who’s tired of trying to defend behavior like Weiner’s or Rangel’s. One of the reasons that I chose to be a Democrat is that I thought that they were the less corrupt party. I make no apologies for thinking that there are probably potentially effective lawmakers out there who do not send pictures of their penises to strange women or commit the numerous and truly stupid financial violations that Rangel did. I think that the House would be better off without both of them.

    Lastly, if you insinuating that I’m a member of the public who is being manipulated is laughable. Do you actually think that only you and those who agree with you can form independent opinions?

    • I never said you were a Republican. Why would you think that? Are you feeling guilty about something?

      No party is without corruption. And no party is made up of perfect human beings.

      As for Massa’s “inappropriate touching” of staff members, isn’t it funny that all the accusations came just before an important vote that Massa said he was going to oppose? I don’t know if it was inappropriate. He apologized for making his accusers feel uncomfortable. As I have said before, sexuality has a lot of gray areas. The only way to prevent anyone from being accused of sexual impropriety is to step into a transparent bubble with a radius that exceeds the length of your arm and never, EVER take your clothes off for any reason. Do not be in the same room with a member of the opposite sex without a chaperone, never touch anyone without a legal consent form, watch everything you say and develop an ability to deliver thoughts without any trace of humor or human emotion. In short, become as much of an sexless automaton as possible. Is that what you expect from your public servants because that is what it will take. But only Democrats will be held to this high standard. Republicans will get a slap on the wrist and get back to the floor to deliver their votes.

      Yes, I do think it’s easy to manipulate public opinion. Especially women’s opinions. Women on the internet are very easily perturbed by slights and insults. I have seen it over and over again on blogs and comment threads. Someone looks at them funny and their feelings are hurt. They decide to take their dishes and go home. They don’t stand up for themselves. It really pisses me off. Some women use male usernames just so they don’t get shit flung at them.

      But the internet is the great equalizer for the sexes. If you own your own blog, no guy is going to be able to force you off the net. He can’t shout you down. He can insult you but you don’t have to put up with it. I am perpetually confused as to why women don’t get this yet. Men use physical strength to keep women in their places in the real world. But in the virtual world a woman’s punch is as forceful as a man’s. Oh, sure, they still get paid better for writing drivel but you don’t have to read them. You can do whatever you want, go where ever you choose and say what ever strikes your fancy and there’s not a damn thing a guy can do about it. They tried to shut us up in 2008. They failed.

      You can form whatever opinion you want. But I have seen how this operates. There are certain buttons that can be pushed because women are conditioned to view themselves as the weaker sex, prey to sexually aggressive males. That doesn’t apply in internet space but apparently it will take some time for women to get a clue.

  7. The last paragraph should read, “If you are insinuating that I’m a member of the public who is being manipulated, that’s laughable. Do you actually think that only you and those who agree with you can form independent opinions?”

    The paragraph started out quite a bit more dismissive of you but I decided to give you the benefit of the doubt but did not make all the changes that I should have.

    • Like I care.

      The internet is a big place. If you don’t like the atmosphere here, you are free to go elsewhere. You aren’t going to pressure me to accept your point of view.

  8. I have no intention of “pressuring” you. I think some transference is going on here. I do question what kind of organizations you have worked in that inappropriate touching isn’t considered an offense worthy of dismissal. We’re not talking about a hand on the shoulder. Perhaps you should read up on the “tickle parties” before you put yourself out there defending Eric Massa.

    As for Weiner, he admitted himself that he had no way of knowing the ages of the women that he sent his pictures to. Genette Cordova wouldn’t have become a target of the media absent Weiner’s actions.

    As a woman who worked in male dominated organizations for most of my professional life and the recipient of a great deal of unwanted sexual attention, I can flat out tell you that opening up my e-mail and finding a picture of someone’s erect penis even covered by his underwear can trigger negative emotions. I’m not suggesting that women are shrinking violets. I’m suggesting that women should be able to live their lives free of sexual harassment.

    I well remember your defense of Julian Assange and we will have to agree to disagree about what constitutes inappropriate sexual behavior.

  9. “the leadership of both parties protects who it wants to protect and gets rid of the people who stand in the way of the agenda”

    It frustrates me that all the people calling for Weiner’s head don’t get this. It doesn’t matter if Weiner is the biggest asshole in the world, if you condone the leadership of the party throwing someone out over a personal indiscretion, then you’re giving them another tool to carry out their anti-democratic agenda. Because they (and their media courtiers) not going to go after everyone who’s a perv, just those they don’t like.

  10. Conspiracy theory much?

    Sometimes a flasher is just a flasher;

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