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Oh, Really?

Just picked up a link from Atrios about what is really important to voters.  It lead to a post by Greg Sargent at Plum Line and, well, just read the opening paragraphs about Obama’s meeting with Congressional Democrats recently:

According to a number of media outlets, the primary message that President Obama delivered to Senate Democrats during their private meeting yesterday was that they should not “draw lines in the sand” in the standoff with Republicans over spending, the deficit, and the debt ceiling. That would seem to mean that the President isn’t committed to drawing a firm line against Medicare cuts, as liberals want him to.

But leading liberal Senator Sherrod Brown tells me he took a very different message away from the meeting. He left convinced that Obama knows it would be folly to give ground on Medicare — and that the President understands that the 2012 election will be about jobs, not the deficit.

Brown says that he told the President in the meeting that a pivot to jobs will be essential as the reelection campaign heats up, and that Obama agreed.

Let me deliver a message to the White House and Congressional Democrats.  Unemployment is not a reelection strategy.  Unemployment is a very real, very urgent situation that needs to be resolved as quickly as possible.  It is not an issue that politicians should wait to resolve until it is convenient to them.

Having no job is a critical issue to families with children- right now.  A politician should be working overtime and with diligence to bring the unemployment rate down as quickly as possible regardless of his or her election prospects.  If unemployment drops and he still loses the election, that’s regrettable for Obama.  But he can console himself with huge speaking and consulting fees.  But if he does nothing until the campaign season heats up, I and a lot of unemployed people are going to remember that he let our skills lapse and our houses go into foreclosure because he wanted to be seen as a hero instead of a competent chief executive.

This is not a Republican site.  It is a liberal site.  And this is not a talking point.  It’s a warning.

8 Responses

  1. good post RD.we need help yesterday not next year 👿

  2. Excellent post

    The only line in the sand Obama seems to know about is one found in a sand trap…..

  3. Agreed, RD, but that does not mean that they hear us now. They will hear us — if not now, then in the 2012 election, when we vote against every incumbent who stood on the sidelines.

    WAOJ! (Where are our jobs?)


  4. This has an uncomfortably familiar ring to it. Protest voting for Republicans didn’t work the last time around. I hope that’s not what’s up for 2012.

    • How about…VOTE 3rd party only?
      My vote didn’t count in 08, anyway, so may as well just go for the protest vote.

    • I own my vote. If Democrats want it, they have to earn it. Otherwise, I’m voting third party. I will not be guilted into it.

    • The astroturf has begun!

      I own my vote and will do what I wish with it.

      My vote won’t be wasted on a democrat who has sat in office for forever and not said a word about jobs except on the campaign trail.

  5. […] The Progressives and the Right-of-Center folks such as myself do have some common ground Let me deliver a message to the White House and Congressional Democrats. Unemployment is not a reelection strategy. Unemployment is a very real, very urgent situation that needs to be resolved as quickly as possible. It is not an issue that politicians should wait to resolve until it is convenient to them. […]

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