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Friday: Day two of Osama dead, I am still unemployed

Just sayin’.  Atrios is tracking the numbers.  The BLS churns the stats today.  I would like to say that I feel privileged to be counted among the 474,000 losers lucky duckies who filed for unemployment in April.  But I can’t because it sucks.  There are a lot of good, hard working, extremely intelligent, well educated people with degrees and experience in highly desirable fields who are out of work, including every adult Brook depends on for her economic security and health insurance.  (And there are some people who are working only by the sheer virtue of being on someone’s A list who haven’t contributed anything of value for the past 10 years.  You know who you are.)

Thank you President Obama and Congressional Democrats for diligently focussing all of your efforts on putting us back to work.  Oh wait!

Corrente linked to Distant Ocean’s post yesterday about our aspirational creative class’s sycophantic adoration of Obama in spite of his complete detachment from everything they purport to care about and quipped that if Glenn Beck sounded like Garrison Keillor, progressives would eat his words with a spoon.  From Distant Ocean’s post (HT Katiebird):

Who gives a royal rat’s ass if the Democrats speak good English, finish a sentence, or handle questions well?  Look at the policies, for Christ’s sake.

Unfortunately they do care, and care very much, if the Democrats speak good English, finish a sentence, and handle questions well.  That’s it.  That’s all it takes.  Just a president whose words are more pleasing to the ear, no matter what they’re actually saying.  Someone articulate and educated.  Someone who’s probably listened to a few episodes of This American Life.  Someone who reads the New Yorker or the New York Times or best of all, both.  Someone who has a favorite espresso drink, whatever it may happen to be.  In short, someone who at least gives the appearance of being one of us.

Just that and nothing more and the tedious minutiae of betrayals and crimes is not only forgiven, but all but forgotten.  The platitudes of Democrats like Obama are not just“the triumph of word over flesh, over color, over despair”, but over reality.

Now, I will take issue with Distant Ocean’s characterization of Bill Clinton.  If there was one thing Clinton was never accused of it was being heartless.  If anything, he got criticized for emoting too much.  And I have to add that while Obama has a lot on his plate leftover from the Bush administration, he didn’t have the endless investigations that Clinton had to put up with.  They were expensive, time consuming and distracting and had a substantial effect on the way he governed.  But whatever.  The squishy lefties will never ever acknowledge that Clinton was a pretty decent president that the vast majority of Americans would give their right arms to have back in office right about now.  He will forever be the guy who passed welfare reform, as if the aspirational class has ever had direct experience with welfare {{rolling eyes}}.  Forget the fact that with low unemployment during the 90s, welfare was pretty much unnecessary, let us not allow facts to get in the way of what we think poor people deserve, like a miniscule check that keeps their families in perpetual poverty rather than a good job that gets them out of it.

Anyway, Distant Ocean is right about the rest of it.  Obama epitomizes the Starbuck’s slurping suburbanite with the professional wife who gives it all up to stay at home so she can be there for the kids who are in school and don’t really need her to be there anymore.  They will get all self-righteous about their “choice” to sacrifice the extra income.  Oh, please, gag me.  If you can afford to stay home when your children no longer require daycare, that’s not a sacrifice.  But I digress.

Whatever the cause that made lefties aspire to the upper middle class suburban lifestyle also may reveal their utter lack of concern with the unemployed right now.  Poor people they can wring their hands over.  It makes them feel good to demonstrate their largess, like charitable subsistence wages that do not require yearly pledge drives and sustainable memberships.  But they can’t feel sorry for the  educated unemployed because those suckers demonstrate a complete lack of ability to network.  They brought this on themselves.  Then there is the 401k thing again.  You can’t get too worked up over the unemployed if they are the means by which your portfolio grows.  The Republicans are no doubt celebrating the serendipitous convergence of their drive to lower wages and the aspirational lefty’s current obsession with automatic rebalancing.  It will be shortlived but timing is everything in this game.

But Distant Ocean is a little late to this party.  We Democrats in Exile were way ahead of the game.  In fact, the current version of the Democratic Party of which Obama is its iconic member, isn’t really interested in representing Democrats.  They’re after something else:

I’m getting kind of tired of being written off by my party except for the whole, “We need your vote” thing. I want my nominee to pander to me. I want him to make me promises he does not intend to keep. I want to sit at the cool lunchtable. So, today, I am registering as an “unaffiliated” voter. I mean, I’m a well-paid, suburbanite, college educated, working in a very creative field and I can shoot latte like the best of them. Plus, my boobs don’t sag so I will fit right in with all of the other Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models with PhDs in Architecture that Obama has in his plus column.

Now that I am “unaffiliated”, I’m like one of those really attractive singles on hot dating sites. Obama is going to want my vote big time. When I was just a Democrat, I was completely unsexy. But I have shed that old skin, sort of like dermal abrasion, and I’m brand sparkling new and beautiful and so much smarter than I was just a few minutes ago. And my mind is suddenly unburdened. Yeah! I’m no longer worried about Social Security because that was the *old coalition’s” problem. Or universal healthcare because shared responsibility means that I might actually have to acknowledge the working class. Or high gas prices, because if people are spending too much on gas to drive to work, they should just buy a house closer to each of their jobs. Duh!

Any day now, Obama supporters will be knocking at my door and ask me to get a membership in their exclusive club. I will be treated like a queen once they scan the voter’s rolls in NJ and see my name. It will be like, “Oooo, Riverdaughter is a “creative class” unaffiliated. Well, we must really ask her to do a round of golf with us or share a latte.” I will be pampered and courted and made to feel better than all of you losers who comment on this blog.

We shall see next year whether the high unemployment in the burbs, that dirty little secret behind the Lexus SUV windshield, rears its newly independent contractor (without bennies) head.  I know *I* will remember in November.

Moving on…

What are we to make of this?

Is that Joe Biden with a fascinator on his head?  I’ve read some attempts to decipher this picture but they’re all from guy journalist, trembling with admiration for Obama’s cool reserve.  So, here’s my take based on my years of experience in a male dominated field.

Hillary is the only woman at the table.  She may be stifling a yawn or covering her mouth to prevent an aerosol of viral saturated droplets from infecting Joe when she coughs.  Or she may be genuinely shocked, amazed and concerned by what she is seeing.  (It’s probably just a live blog from inside the compound) Regardless of her expression and intent, it will be interpreted as a moment of weakness that she feels anything at all, as if any of those guys have any experience at all gunning down anyone in hand to hand combat.  (Well, except for maybe the dude in the uniform)

She’s dressed professionally.  Some of the other guys look semi-professional too.  It reminds me of the male medicinal chemists I used to work with at the first pharma I worked for.  They wore a “uniform”: Khaki Docker chinos, long sleeved Oxford shirts (usually light blue) and sensible shoes.  But for presentations, they always kept a secret weapon in their desks- a tie.  Yep, you can be a hands on, smelly labrat but the minute you put that tie on, you automatically become the voice of authority.  Hillary would look stupid in a tie so she dresses professionally while Obama and Biden can get away with casual clothing because everyone knows that they can wear a tie if they want to.  So, the absence of a tie on either of them is sort of like negative space.  It’s there because it is so obviously NOT there.  All of the subordinate beta males in the room wear ties.

Hillary also looks like she’s the busiest.  She’s got stuff on her computer and her lap.  Her hair is done.  You can say what you want but Hillary is no slacker and she takes her responsibilities seriously.

This makes absolutely no difference to the guys in the room.

I guarantee it.

21 Responses

  1. (commenting attempt part 2)

    Had a comment someplace but, I must have lost it when my niece called needing an emergency babysitter.

    Now that I’m set up at her house, I’ll try it again.

    We shall see next year whether the high unemployment in the burbs, that dirty little secret behind the Lexus SUV windshield, rears its newly independent contractor (without bennies) head. I know *I* will remember in November.

    This is what I don’t get. With (acknowledged) unemployment hovering so close to 10% (for how many years now?) pretty much every family in the country is affected. How can that be a secret at any level? What happened to the Democratic Party that they could let that go virtually unacknowledged for this long?

    • I dunno. Maybe they think we will adapt to the new norm and lower our expectations before next year’s election.
      Not sure that’s going to happen. I think the Republicans are going to make things very, very painful for working Americans with the expectation that we will blame it on the Democrats and plead for lower taxes in exchange for our future retirement security.
      It just might work too. Just look at what happened in Canada. I predict a very polarized political landscape after next year’s election. The centrists are going to lose. We should bet money on that.

  2. “But Distant Ocean is a little late to this party. We Democrats in Exile were way ahead of the game. ”

    You base this on…?

    • She is late to this party as far as we know – never heard from her when we were exiled by our own party.

      I left the D party after the theft in Denver –

  3. You and your stay at home moms. I really get tired of women who don’t have the guts to stay home with their children. If women are sitting idly by while their kids are in school, then too bad for them. But, others are doing great things – working from the home (for a paycheck); doing volunteer work for their child’s school (since so many mothers are outside working); taking care of their homes (better than a work at home mom can do); and the list goes on and on and on.

    All women should unite and be together. Gag me with a spoon.

    • How about you and the rest of your stay at home contingent stop expecting us to worship at your feet. We working people do everything you do and more.
      If you want solidarity, you need to start backing us up.

    • “women who don’t have the guts to stay home with their children.” It’s not a matter of guts, lady. For many women, staying at home is just not an option. I got divorced when my daughter was seven. Because of my age, length of the marriage, and mostly my career, I wasn’t entitled to alimony and we couldn’t quite live off the child support.. So I worked my ass off; at home and in the office.

      Over the years, I’ve taken my kid to school, ballet, karate, violin, swimming, basketball,and tennis lessons; in that order; all the while maintaining a private law practice.

      She has since chucked most of it except she lifeguards in the summer and she took up volleyball on her own and plays on her college team. She also took up piano and guitar on her own.

      But I feel like I did as good a job as any stay at home mom. When she was in middle school she would attend a summer day camp. I volunteered there (mostly fundraising) since the camp was run by the parents. Oh, and I did the shopping, laundry and housekeeping and cooking too. Thank God I only have one child who is now a wonderful college junior..

      So, Sheridee, if you were a stay at home, I congratulate you if it worked for you and your family. But please, please, please don’t pass judgment on the rest of us; those who work outside the home; and recognize that for many women there is no other option.

      • You shouldn’t apologize for working or having to work or even *wanting* to work. Men certainly don’t. And as long as the “mother is primary caretaker and is sacrificing her children’s future it she works” meme is still out there, every argument will be framed to make stay at home moms the ideal default norm. I reject that just like I reject the idea that everyone has to have a religion. Once you buy into that, you’re not a mature, moral adult unless you belong to some church.
        So, make sure you don’t go on the defense. Stay at home moms made a choice. It is no better or worse than having kids and going to work or not having kids at all. It just is. If they choose to think of it as a sacrifice, that says something about their attitude towards their children that is very unflattering.

        • Thank you RD. Why did I go back to work after my son was born? Because programming is what I went to college to do. I learned an occupation and I fully intended to exercise it. What an exotic idea for women!

          And I just as much, if not as eloquently, as you, got completely fed up with this Mommy Wars shit years ago. Say what you like about my ex, he totally understood why I was insulted by Attachment Parenting. What, like those of us who didn’t nurse for 2.5 years and homeschool have neurotic, damaged kids? Well, fuck you too.

          My revenge will be reading the memoirs written by these douchebags’ kids.

          • {{snort!}}
            yeah, look at how messed up Chelsea Clinton is.
            Smother mothers drive me crazy.

  4. Sheridee, I’ve done both over the years – taking care of my kids and my home were a top priority – always, but there was a time when I didn’t have a choice because of medical bills that had to be paid and one salary just didn’t stretch far enough.

    Good for those who can afford to be stay at home moms, unfortunately all of us can’t.

    I agree wholeheartedly that the biggest problem we have in this country is that women – working or not, of all races and religions don’t see the common needs we all have – if women could all come together a lot of problems would be solved.

    I remember the sentence in the WSJ back in 2009 that in effect stated that no women were at the table when the “stimulus” was put together, had there been even one woman, things would be different and (probably) a lot better.

  5. Funny – I am sipping my frappachino with my stay at home butt in a chair reading this blog instead of picking up. 😉

    I earned this. I won’t be shamed for enjoying it but I am also not looking for any “fab-mom” awards.

    I worked for 20 years before I took time off AND I put one husband through hospice and the 2nd one through grad school. I also served as a single mom in between.

    Be careful when lumping people into broad categories because inevitably you will be wrong about some of them.

    • This Mother-of-the-Year competition is for the birds. 100% of humanity was born of women and if you take a look around you, you will see they were born into a wide variety of circumstances. And yet most of us aren’t ax murderers! Don’t tell the overachieving attachment-parenting crowd, they’ll be crushed.

      • My kids are almost 15 years apart. With my daughter, I am an “older” parent, so mom-competition crap flies right by me and is mostly amusing.

        I was a “younger”, working parent when my son was born. But being so young, all the professional pre-school worriers didn’t bother with me. I was working and taking care of very sick husband. No time to worry that I was a failure.

        I did get lumped into the selfish, single-divorced (OMG!!) working mothers during the 90’s that were raising ADHD axe murderers that would torture cats… I think that working mom shaming was big during the final GH Bush years.

        My grandmother was a working mom back when people could afford housekeeper/nannies as a textile mill worker and still have extra money for the family.

        • Working mom shaming was huge when I was in a position to notice it, in the late 90s. I had other working moms in my life, including my own, so it did not touch me too directly, but I was appalled by the competitive parenting I saw in the popular culture–I hadn’t gotten the memo that the point of having a baby was to WIN!

          • It is delusional.

            Once kids turn 14 (+/- a year or so) they will claim mom ruined their lives while slamming bedroom doors. They will forget homework, have teachers call home to complain (unless homeschooled) and they will eventually kiss boys/girls and date – even if they were breastfed until age 5 and all the family slept in the same bed for 10 years or whatever!

            Perfect parents won’t make perfect kids because it isn’t actually possible.

            My suggestion to anyone bothered by braggy, know it all and intrusive playground or youth symphony SAH moms – record what they say. Someday thier kid will be dropping out of college to work at Kroger. You can enjoy wondering aloud if maybe they should have weaned them sooner.

  6. I have bronchitis again. This just isn’t fair.

    • Oh, man, how did that happen? Are you sure it’s not whooping cough? Because I had to get a booster DPT shot recently. It made me feel like a baby and the damn thing makes your arm hurt for days.
      Still, better than whooping cough. There’s an epidemic of it among adults in California. It turns out that too many smother mothers aren’t vaccinating their kids so they are passing whooping cough to vulnerable adults whose antibody titers are low after 30 years. Isn’t that special?

      • Crap. That’s terrible. But, I’m pretty sure I don’t have it. Yet.

        I will ask my doctor about a booster shot when I go in next week for my checkup. Also ask if she can give a TB test too. You’re right — it really might not be bronchitis at all. And (to look on the really dark side) what if it’s emphysema?

        • >And (to look on the really dark side) what if it’s emphysema?

          You’re kidding, right?

          Yes, go get a booster DPT shot. I recommend it to all adults. You will not become autistic. (Jeez, I can’t believe intelligent people still believe that crap after it’s been totally debunked.) There are just too many gullible moms out there (and it’s almost always the moms who do believe the bullshit) who are not getting their kids vaccinated. They are wrongly thinking that herd immunity is going to protect their kids. And that’s probably true if they are only hanging around other kids who have been vaccinated. But once they go to soccer practice or church where there are a lot of helicopter parents or other adults, they are at risk of spreading stuff like whooping cough because immunizations lose their punch after a couple of decades. Then, the nasty germs can ping-pong between unimmunized kids and vulnerable adults.

          • I’m only partly kidding about the emphysema. This lung crap — is horrible. I can hardly breath. And I was a smoker and I worked in a gravel yard without a mask for a year. Maybe I did some serious damage.

            On the other hand, apparently we had storms all night and I slept through them all. But, Mister says he didn’t and I never coughed once. So maybe the antibiotic has already done some work.

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