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Thursday: Osama is dead and I am still unemployed

Along with about 100,000 of my colleagues in the R&D industry.

And about 9% of the employable US population who are still looking for work.

Just sayin’.


12 Responses

  1. Now that OBL is gone maybe we can regroup and awaken from the surreal place we have gone for the last 10 years. I hope we step back and honestly evaluate our responses to 9/11 and correct the many mistakes. I don’t have much hope that we will but I remain an eternal optimist…just a very disappointed one.

    • Huzzah! (Brook is always saying this. She’s really into Shakespeare)

      FWIW, Al Qaeda is not going away just because OBL is dead. But now that he’s not such a focal point, maybe we can craft a more rational response to the problem of terrorism.

      I’m ready to move on.

      • I’ve always felt that the response to 9/11 should have been law enforcement not military. Terrorists are criminals not soldiers. Just my thoughts.

        • I would happen to agree with you. But international police agencies may not have the resources that the military has to capture them. I suppose it would depend on how dangerous you think the terrorists are and how much they threaten your national security.
          One thing I am curious about is would the left be having this reaction if bin Laden had been killed at Tora Bora.
          The other thing I wonder about is the timing. I could get very conspiratorial about that. Killing Obama 18 months out from the election is decidedly less good than doing it in September or October of 2012, right? So, was the decision to take him out now influenced by other current events, such as the Arab Spring uprisings? Because I think the administration has known where bin Laden was for some time now. Figuring this out was probably not rocket science.

          • I’ve read that the Wikileaks issue impacted the timing. One of the e-mails released contained the name of the courier used to track down bin Laden. If he found that we knew who his courier was, bin Laden might have relocated.

  2. Keep saying it, RD.

    Our future doesn’t rest on OBL being alive or dead. It depends on the employability of our population …. every person in it.

    The acceptance by our leaders of unimaginably high unemployment in this country shows how totally out of touch they are with the life’s struggles. I guess unemployment (for them) isn’t a big deal. They (probably) can float for years on their dividend payments — or whatever it is that keeps rich people going generation after generation.

    Anyway, they’re going to keep being surprised by how voters vote unless they get a grip on life outside Northern Virginia.

    • Now, if we can only get the rest of the left blogosphere to keep saying it…
      {{hint, hint}}

  3. Interesting bit of information about patents on drugs.
    It appears that older drugs whose patents have expired are not being produced by by Pharma because the profits from these are too low, causing shortages of some very important drugs.

    Patents assure huge profits for the company who invents the drug. After patents expire, the companies put their profits first and consumer be damned.

    What can be done?

    • Good question and I’m very glad you brought it up. First, I would like to say that working in a corporate lab is not such a bad thing. You can achieve an economy of scale and collaboration that can not be accomplished now that we are all being made into independent contractors or working in small biotechs.
      Secondly, when a researcher files a patent, he or she usually sells that patent to the company for a token sum, like a dollar, in exchange for a salary and access to resources to do research. I think this is a pretty sweet deal because if I manage to find a patentable compound on my own or as part of a small company, I’m going to want to cash in big now.
      Thirdly, pharma *is* a profit making enterprise. We do have an obligation to make money for our company. What we need to question is how much money, and who will benefit from those profits. I think this is a question that needs to be addressed as soon as possible in order to salvage what is left of the R&D apparatus.
      Fourthly, the FDA does not work in an optimal fashion. It is extremely risk averse, resulting in more trials and data, the costs of which are passed on to you, and it is somewhat outdated in its methodology. This results in drugs taking longer to come to market which in turn eats into the time that companies have on their patents. The less time to recoup the research investment, the more the drug is going to cost. You’re smart, you can figure this out.
      Fifthly, litigation in this country is out of control. It affects everything from playground equipment to the cost of your drugs and how risk averse pharmas will be in research. I’m sorry to say this but class action lawyers are the left’s version of the banker/bonus class on the right. If you want your drugs to cost less, you need to rein them in. It’s better if the left polices its own before the right does it for them, doncha think?
      Sixthly, the insurance companies take a big cut. You could eliminate the middle man.
      Finally, mergers and acquisitions are a waste of money and cost all of us in jobs, new drugs and the costs of new drugs.
      I could go on but those are some of the reasons why drugs are so expensive. As a matter of fact, my insurance benefits were accidentally discontinued a couple of weeks ago and until they are restored, I have to pay for drugs out of pocket. It cost me $382 yesterday for 2 prescriptions so I do feel your pain. For the record, no one in R&D is getting rich. Most of us just want to make a decent salary and practice our craft. Instead, we’re being laid off by the thousands and our jobs shipped overseas. We know, in advance, that this is going to kill research in this country but we have to wait it out. By the time Wall Street comes to its senses or is made to come to its senses, it will be too late for those of us who have been out of work.
      So, there you have it. You can continue to beat us until there’s nothing left and no new drugs or you can try to address what ails the industry.
      Your choice.
      Not so much fun when the burden is partially on YOU to solve the problem and vote for the right person.

  4. I can’t believe we are still shedding jobs. This was known since the beginning of the recession that the jobs weren’t coming back quickly and nothing has been done.

    Meanwhile the new political religion of “living within our means” but having plenty for the banks is spouted from every corner.

    • And that is why I wish the left blogosphere would stop the pointless sympathy for the devil over bin Laden’s death and focus on the economy.
      But will they listen? Well, they didn’t in 2008…

  5. he is dead good,don’t fill the gas tank tho 👿

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