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Poll: What is Obama’s most notable accomplishment to date?

Let me rephrase that: what action of Obama’s presidency will have the greatest positive impact on the largest number of Americans?

Just curious.


22 Responses

  1. Can you please add a “none of the above” button?

    • No, you have to pick one. At least ONE of the options presented has had the greatest positive impact. That is not to say that the outcome was a substantial as promised.

  2. I should have added “negotiated with Republicans in a bipartisan fashion” since that is what our c(w)ack media establishment keeps telling us we really, really want and will lead to the highest degree of happiness and personal satisfaction among Americans.

  3. I’d say the tax cuts, because most of the other things didn’t have much of a positive impact for anyone. At least the rich got richer with the tax cuts.

  4. I’m thinkin’ ….

  5. Was Obama even president in 2008? Am I missing something here, or does taking office in 2009 preclude engineering a financial bailout in 2008? Just asking.

    • I would say he was instrumental in getting that monstrosity passed in 2008.

      • Wasn’t the depth of his influence something he bragged about during one of the debates against McCain?

        • He BRAGGED about that???

          • I’d look for a youtube but I can’t stand the thought of watching it all again. According to my memory it came up in a discussion of McCain suspending his campaign and the He (Obama) was so wonderful he could campaign for the election and the Financial bailout (that was the Oct 3rd, 2008 fiasco, right?) at the same time. ….. By using that modern invention, the phone.

            I could be wrong. But, that’s how I remember it.

          • What redly happened was that the wizards of Wall Street in the form of Hank Paulson (goldman sachs) held a gun to Pelosi’s head and told her to get the money or we were all going to die. Then Obama went to work, I’m guessing with a lot of “walking around money” courtesy of our financial sector who cared tenderly for our economy. “nice economy you got there. Wouldn’t want anything to *happen* to it.”
            Yep, they treated our economy as if it were their own blood.
            That’s my theory and I’m sticking with it.

          • As I recall, there was an initial vote in the House where Nancy Pelosi was only able to whip part of the Democratic caucus into voting for TARP while the Republican membership voted no to a large extent and it failed.

            McCain came back to sell TARP to his party. The Democratic leadership decided to make their half-term Senator look presidential by bringing him in on the negotiations (which he nearly killed due to incompetence). Eventually, the bill was larded up with enough pork to get the strategic votes of Congressmen who were considered safe.

  6. This is JMHO but I believe that people who are voting for “death of bin Laden” are obligated to state *exactly* how taking him out has impacted positively on the American electorate.
    You must be specific. Because the other items do have positive aspects, realized or unrealized, substantial or trivial (mostly trivial). I’m at a loss to understand how death of bin Laden at this late date has any impact on us at all. It is simply justice delayed. It’s not like half a dozen bin Ladens, most of them his relatives, couldn’t pick up the slack. Any positive benefit is likely to be of short duration and quickly forgotten. Better to focus on what’s left of al Qaeda as Hillary suggests. The job isn’t done yet.

    • I voted for jobs program.

      I must say it was hard to vote “for” anything associated with obama.

      • I voted for ending the wars because then our troops could come home and we could quit squandering our tax resources and future tax resources and maybe, just maybe apply that money to a jobs program and other initiatives that would strengthen our economy.

    • I’ll answer that for you. It’s the ONLY positive thing he’s done in two years in my opinion and that’s why I checked it.

      I don’t consider the stimulus or HCR in any way positive.

  7. Whatever…. It is all BS. BO is a fraud and nothing he says or does is notable. I merely wait for him to exit stage right.

  8. Healthcare reform (if he’d done it.)

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