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Ok, can we put the birther nonsense to rest now???

20110427-081247.jpgHe brought forth the birth certificate. Like it or not, the guy is a genuine, home grown American. He was born in Hawaii *after* it became a state, not that it would have made a difference as Hawaii was a US territory before that. He wasn’t born in the Kingdom of Hawaii nor does he owe his allegiance to any foreign tiki gods. He’s legit. Er, maybe not *legit* but he meets the qualifications for being president.

The birther contingent has wasted 3 years on this topic while blithely ignoring all of the perfectly good reasons why Obama should NOT be president, like, his thugs stole some caucuses, he bought off the DNC so it would bend the rules for him and he’s just a lousy president. Instead of going off over the “long form” vs the “short form”, can we please discuss why he seems so determined to give the rich even more money as soon as possible while he vamps on a jobs program?

No, I’m not interested in the smudges and the kerning. I want you birthers to stop acting like wingers and get back to holding his feet to the fire. The best way to get a better president is to point out how unelectable he is. In the run up to the 2008 election, we all knew that the Republicans were going to tank the economy and leave the Democrats holding the bag. That’s why it was so important to not elect a lightweight with no practical experience in governing. Anyone with qualifications as gossamer light as Obama’s could only be in it for one thing- the name plate outside the office door. It’s just an achievement for him, probably cooked up in some dark room by a committee of very wealthy power brokers. That’s the important thing, not where he was born. I guarantee that the more time we spend on this issue, the greater his chances of re-election. The birther contingent is starting to look seriously unhinged. Bad strategy.

Don’t waste our time, birthers. The rest of us want jobs, not stupid wild goose chases.

34 Responses

  1. Amen. Thank You.

  2. The REAL issue has never been whether or not Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, that is just what the media expeditiously and inaccurately put out there.

    The REAL issue has always been whether Barack Obama is a natural born citizen, or not.


    • What?? If he was born in Hawaii, he *is* a natural born citizen.
      You know, commenters occasionally look for some pat on the back for their ridiculous ideas, like, it’s ok to hate Muslims or Sarah Palin isn’t responsible for the crazy and irresponsible stuff she puts on her website. Don’t expect me to give people an excuse for believing nonsense.
      You are never going to get rid of Obama by pursuing this birth certificate issue. All you do is make yourself look foolish and him look pursued by a bunch of nut cases who don’t understand the rules for being a natural born citizen. We’ve told you from the beginning that this was a losing strategy. Ok, now you’ve lost. What are you going to do now?

      • Parts of this argument do raise valid points…both his natural and adoptive fathers were citizens of another county; Obama thus became a citizen of Indonesia when he was adopted. The interpretation of “natural born citizen” has always been at issue. Like most things in life, there are 2 sides to the story. Usually, neither argument is completely right or wrong. There are always facets to the argument that can be given credence. Much as you might like to, you really can’t sweep it all under the rug.

        • Yes, I *can* sweep it under the rug. Here’s how it goes:
          From the US Constitution:

          No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.

          It doesn’t say anything about dual citizenship or adopted by a foreigner or son of an African student from Kenya or anything like that. The rules for participation are very clear and precise. You have to be a natural born citizen of the US. Check. You have to be at least 35. Check. You have to have resided in the US for 14 years. Check.
          He passes the test. That’s the end of it.
          What exactly do birthers hope to achieve by going on about this? You are not going to win this way. Have you seen the latest Daily Show? Jon Stewart and the rest of the country are laughing their asses off over this.

          • Wasn’t really looking to “enlighten” you…I just happen to agree that the definition of the term has never really been clearly defined. I don’t think anyone is going to “win” with anything when it comes to Obama. As we saw in 2008, he apparently has all the money, power, and press on his side and they will do anything to win…which includes stealing, cheating, and lying.

            How goes the job search? My hubby’ s job recently felt the sharp pinch of the axe, so I can certainly feel some of your pain. At least I have a 2 head of household family…my job provides the health benefits. My daughter’s first year of college is probably good to go…all the scholarships, loans, work study, etc was in place before this happened. After that, it’s anyone’s guess. Best of luck to you.

          • The definition of what term wasn’t clearly defined? I thought the definition of qualifications for president were very clearly defined.
            Yeah, unemployment sucks. My daughter is 15 and I have no idea how I’m supposed to afford college for her.

          • Actually, the rule is very simple. One parent with American citizenship confers American citizenship on her/his child. So far, at least, no one has challenged Ann Dunham’s Amrican citizenship– though I heard in a bar last night that one of Michelle Bachman’s best buddies has seen Dunham’s Martian passport.

          • Not sure that’s even the whole story. All you have to do to be a natural born citizen in America is to be born here. Your parents’ nationality or resident status is not taken into account.
            So, Nicole Kidman could run for president (she was also born in Hawaii), Arnold Schwartzneggar cannot.
            There is a special exemption for children born to military and foreign service personnel. That’s how John McCain qualified. He was born in Panama.

          • To clarify, a person can be a citizen of the United States but not be a natural born citizen. The problem is natural born citizen has apparently never been exactly defined.

            Example, if Muamar Gaddafi fathered a child with a U.S. citizen, that child would a U.S. citizen, but not a natural born citizen because Gaddafi has a deep political affiliation with another country.

          • You realize that’s bullshit, don’t you? Read the constitution. There is nothing in it that makes the distinction you are referring to. All you need to become president is to 1.) be born in this country 2.) be over 35 years of age and 3.) be a resident for the past 14 years before you apply. That’s it. There are no other requirements. You could be the kid of Osama bin Laden and if you are 35 and a natural born citizen, meaning BORN IN THIS COUNTRY, you qualify.
            Don’t start writing in new qualifications that aren’t there. If you want to exclude Osama bin Laden’s kids, you can get yourself a posse and either write a new amendment or call a constitutional convention.
            But I would caution you that frequently, children do not turn out like their parents. That’s probably why “who your parents are” is not a requirement for becoming president.
            Please stop acting stupid about this. It’s embarrassing.

          • Based on the founding forefather’s concern over who could be president or vice president, it’s not bullshit.

            Back then, it was the British the founding fathers were concerned about. No way, no how, could a british soldier or officer impregnate a female us citizen and have that son or daughter become president of the United States UNLESS that british officer first MOVED to the United States, and then at some point, became a U.S. citizen.

          • Actually, it’s very simple.

            There are only two types of citizens recognized by the Constituion: naturalized and natural born. If you’re a citizen and you haven’t been naturalized–i.e., you weren’t born a citizen of another country and haven’t gone through the process of acquiring American citizenship–you are a natural born citizen. Those are the only two possibilities. End. Of. Story.

            You get to be a “natural born” citizen in one of two ways: either one of your biological parents is an American citizen, or you were born on American soil. Obama qualifies on both counts.

            Incidentally, Ghadaffi could father a whole litter of kids with an American woman, and they could all be born in Hong Kong, and they’d all still be natural born citizens of the United States through their mother. Or, for that matter, Mrs. Ghadaffi could give birth to their child in Los Angeles, and that child would have a valid claim to natural born citizenship of the United States due to having been born on U.S. territory.

          • What I also find interesting is how Barack Obama searched out his father and finished writing a book about him,

            After spending quite a bit of time in Bali and Indonesia writing the book about his dad, Obama apparently spent no time with his dying american mother.

            Where’s the book about Obama’s mom, about Obama’s grandad who served in the war? Are they any less of a hero than a man that Obama met once, and who lived in another country?

            This sure bodes to the argument about wanting the dad to be on U.S. soil at some point before the son or daughter decides to run for president. Barack Obama’s own actions speak to a man who valued the contributions of his own father over that of his own mother and grandfather.

            Natural Born citizen is only a technicality, right? Barack Obama’s ENTIRE political career has been built on winning on technicalities, the moment a technicality is brought up about his own situation, it’s called racist.

            And the racism charge is a hoot considering the natural born citizen rule was out of fear of CAUCASIAN BRITISH officers having influence over a standing president.

            Barack Obama KNOWS, he of all people knows, that he does not meet the minimum standard of being a natural born citizen, and his own adult actions and motivations, including writing a book about his non american father, who CHOSE to never become an american citizen, while basically not being around for his own mother’s battle with cancer, no book about her or granddad, just proves why natural born citizen was an issue with our founding fathers.

            And lets not forget Obama’s inability to connect with main street, calling them bitter and gun-loving. Look at the timing of this announcement. It came right in the middle of one of the fiercest storms WEEKS in U.S history, and had more to do with worrying about Trump than about the american people.

            Natural Born matters. If Dad moves to america, Obama’s interests and empathies would be more with america, than just himself.

          • How many presidents have there been in which the dad never lived on U.S. soil, or, was here fleetingly, and then left, never to return?

          • What if we have a situation where two foreigners have a child while in the United States, then voluntarily return to their own country and never come back?

            Would that child be a natural born citizen?

  3. It won’t stop. These people are totally invested in their paranoid fantasies. Their very identity depends on elaborating them. There are all sorts of variations on the basic idea – for example, the possibility that he was adopted in Indonesia (my response – huh?) – and they will be pursued way past the time Obama stops being President. One thing is certain though – if he had produced this documentation three years ago, 25 per cent of Americans might not think there is something dodgy in the story of his birth. The refusal to produce the certificate back then just shows very poor judgment.

  4. Obama has always fueled this fire…the “transparency” president has had an awful lot of time and money put towards concealing his past…I don’t blame this on “birthers”…I blame this on the Senate and the media whose job is to vet the friggin’ candidates.

    Besides, while all this has been going down, he can come out of this smelling like roses all the while avoiding any real discussion with the people about the problems we currently face. I was just so darn happy to see him make time for this important issue in between taping Oprah and raising campaign cash in New York.

    • Obama didn’t fuel this fire. The birthers did. And they are going to continue to fixate on pointless and distracting issues like this as long as the media wants. Meanwhile, the unemployed, such as yours truly, would much prefer that the birthers fixate on a JOBS PROGRAM.
      Focus, people!

  5. It isn’t a waste of time to want details about the life of a person who substituted a fictional biography for facts about his past. Obama’s foot-dragging on this has fueled the suspicion. Now folks are claiming it was all some grand plan of his to embarrass conservatives by showing how silly their conspiracy theories have been. I don’t believe it. I want to know what he is hiding and why he won’t release school records and other facts routinely made public by presidential candidates. I believe he is a citizen but I don’t believe he is above the public’s right to know who he is. THAT is why I think this continues to be an important issue. No one hires lawyers to protect a long form birth certificate that has nothing on it. I won’t be alive in 50 years when they finally tell us what Obama was really hiding during his presidency.

  6. The issue is…why spend three years and two million to hide it in the first place? There is something damn fishy going on and this feels like a psy ops attempt to divert and discredit investigation.

    with the willing participation of the public who dismisses those asking as birthers…I might add

    thanks for your contribution

    • No, that is not the question. The real question is why birthers spent so much time on a non-issue while ignoring all of the legitimate reasons to object to this man’s presidency. Such as:
      – bailouts for bankers; nothing for homeowners with underwater mortgages
      – the underwhelming stimulus package
      – the inattention to unemployment with an overemphasis on inflation
      – the ineffectual health care insurance bill
      – the prolongation of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
      – the steady erosion of women’s right to choose
      – the capitulation to republicans on tax cuts to the rich and huge cuts to programs important working and middle class families
      Where were the birthers when food stamps were cut, when Republicans volunteered to eliminate the WIC program, when Medicare got put on the table? All the birthers have done is let their anger at being dumped in 2008 turn into a stupid and laughable crusade to oust Obama based on his qualifications to run for office in the first place.
      I am really disappointed in the birthers and their reprehensible pursuit of this matter to the exclusion of everything else. We have lost our jobs, guys. We are losing our houses and healthcare. Where were the millions of voices protesting his obedience to his corporate sponsors to the detriment of the rest of us? What have you done to help us?
      Don’t expect any thanks from me. Obama does have transparency issues but not where his birth certificate is concerned. You are wasting everyone’s time and attention. Drop it already. You were wrong.

      • The sad truth is that the birthers pretty much were/are fine with the conservative policies that have done so much damage to all but the upper few percent. By definition, they’e not sensible people. It’s no surprise, therefore, they’ve been willing to support policies that in the end damage them as much as the evil liberals and undeserving poor.

        • I don’t believe this completely. Yes, some of them probably are right wing crazies. The others, I suspect, are the disenfranchised working class blokes who the Democrats blew off in 2008. They’re angry and confused.
          Ok, REALLY confused.
          They really need to stop watching TV news and turn their radio stations to music.

          • Its presumptuous to presume that the definition of natural born citizen is identical to being a U.S. citizen when the founding fathers of this country mentioned their very concern of who could be president of this country.

  7. The whole birther nonsense has always reminded me of the Hillary-killed-Vince-Foster crap. For the life of me I can’t understand it.

    • This indicates that there is every likelihood that you are a sensible, rational human being.

  8. I know that I am hated around these parts and generally unwelcome but I have to take a moment and applaud RiverDaughter’s defense of Obama against these claims from those who do not believe he is eliigible for office.

    At a base level, we have the unprecedented spectacle of a white man (Trump) forcing a black man to “show his papers” in order to prove to the white man’s satisfaction that the black man belongs where he is. No other president or candidate (including the one born in the Panama Zone) has been subject to such demands.

    And to underline how this relates to the racism of the past, as in the days of Jim Crow, even when the black man shows his papers and verifies his right to exist in his current position, the standards are then changed and he’s forced to go through another set of hurdles to prove himself.

    It is disgusting. It is subtlely racist. It is beneath anyone who claims to hold the ideals of liberalism to be important.

    So again, my hats of to River Daughter. I disagree with 70% of what she says, but when she does something right, I have to be fair and point that out too.

    And she’s being fair and fairly courageous in attacking this stuff head on.


  9. divide and conquer

    if you can get the left to fight among themselves and reduce them to calling those who put up even a little resistance names…..well…..Machiavelli would be impressed

    we deserve Obama

    • This isn’t the left fighting among themselves. Much as I respect RD, I’ve never encountered a birther who was anywhere to the left of center, and almost all I’ve run across are well to the right..

      • I’ve only met one birther. (Actually, I’ve probably met more but they didn’t identify themselves as such.) And he sure did not seem anywhere near center left much less far left. However, in recent weeks I’ve encountered a resurgence of r@cist finger pointing by Obama supporters who have completely glommed onto this birth certificate crap as “proof” that anyone who doesn’t support Obama is a bigot.

        They’re also starting this weird “Hillary is responsible for the birthers” meme which has me scratching my head. Is ObamaNation afraid that she’s gonna try to primary him? It’s a terribly destructive meme and the only side that benefits from it is the Republican side. Curiouser and curiouser.

  10. The MSM hounded Hillary until she produced all her records from her years as First Lady, remember? Then they went after McCain until he produced reams of paperwork stating that, if elected, he was medically OK to assume the office of POTUS. Remember? But any questions regarding Obama’s past were labeled as “distractions” by the Obama campaign, and a complicit MSM shamefully complied, assessing the garbage cans of Alaska a much more fertile source for their investigative ‘journalism”. The MSM and Obama himself created the “birther” movement, and I think Obama was deliberately witholding whatever it was that he revealed the other day, prefering to cast himself as a “victim” of those crazy “birthers”, and for no other reason. So in one respect I will credit Trump if he had anything to do with ending that particular political ploy on the part of Obama.

  11. SWARM the BANKS asks:

    “What if we have a situation where two foreigners have a child while in the United States, then voluntarily return to their own country and never come back?

    Would that child be a natural born citizen?”

    Strictly speaking, yes, that child is a natural born because he/she was born in the US.

    • I just researched the wiki page for Natural Born Citizen.
      There definitely are references and concerns to the status of the parents, not parent.

      Additionally, the one real restriction that comes into play is not allowing natural born citizen status if either parent is a political figure from another country, and it is not tied into the moment of birth, either.

      Barack Obama’s father became a Kenyan politician.

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