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Monday: what Ian says

We’re starting to see convergence in some of the left blogosphere about what will happen next year if Obama is the Democratic party’s nominee and it ain’t pretty. Ian Welsh lays it out:

Obama is not turning things around, what he is doing is negotiating with Republicans how fast the decline will be, and how much and how fast it is necessary to fuck ordinary Americans in order to keep the rich rich. If Obama wins another term, he will continue to negotiate the decline, then, odds are very high, a Republican will get in, and slam his foot on the accelerator of collapse.

This is why Obama must lose in 2012. I would prefer that he lose to a Democrat in a primary, then that Democrat wins, but he must lose regardless. If he loses to a Republican, then 2016 you get a chance to put someone in charge who might do the right things (or even just some of them.)

No, those odds aren’t good. They suck. Every part of them sucks. And even if you get a Dem in 2016, you’ll probably choose the right most candidate, just like you did last time, and he’ll go back to negotiating with Republicans over what parts of the corpse of America’s middle class they should dine on next. “No, no, eat one kidney first, they only need one to survive, so that’s not too cruel.”

But it is still your best chance. Otherwise you’re looking at full, Russian-style collapse. What comes out the other end, I don’t know, but you really won’t enjoy getting there.

And yes, if a Republican gets in in 2012, that’ll be awful. Just awful. But it’s not like a Republican is never going to be president ever again. That’s not on the agenda, that’s not possible. It will happen, and he will substantially cater to the Teabaggers. He will trash your country. That’s baked into the cake now, all you can choose is how soon it happens, and work to replace him with someone who might do the right thing.

Damn, if only some lefties had the courage to speak up in 2008 we might not be in this mess right now. I know there were doubters but they were too timid to say what they were really thinking. Why? Because they were afraid of being called racists and exiled to the Oort belt?

For you doubters in the left blogosphere who had Obama’s number but were too chickenshit to say anything, let me reassure you that there is and was a perfectly good reason for rejecting Obama. He messed around with the primary vote in 2008. No, don’t you roll your eyes at me. The primary vote of 2008 was the canary in the coal mine for everything that followed and should have been your leading indicator of all that would follow.

When it comes right down to it, your citizenship, your most valuable possession as a resident of this country, depends on your ability to exercise your right to vote. Self-determination, the kind of government you want, what kind of characteristics you choose in a leader to fit the demands of a fragile economy or time of war, that all hinges on whether you, along with your fellow citizens have the power to elect your representatives. The Egyptians learned that the hard way over the past 30 years. So have many countries around the world. When you lose your right to vote, when the vote is rigged in one person’s favor, when all other candidates need not apply, when political factions are suppressed, you end up with a country where brutality rules, where people are poor unless they are well connected and where the young grow up without hope.

That is where we are headed, lefties. If you accept the preconception that Obama will get the nomination and you do not choose to object – right now- then you take one step closer to living in a country where your vote means nothing to the people in charge. It already means very little. That’s because the primary vote was very clearly manipulated in 2008 and the Democratic activist base said nothing. The base was so enamored of John Edwards first and Barack Obama second, its dark, latent sexist tendencies provoked by political psychologists, that it did exactly what those manipulators expected. It went with the businessman’s candidate. The rest of us were screwed. And it did not protest when the 18 million of us who voted for the other candidate were cut out of the loop.

That was your fatal mistake, lefties. You should have insisted on fairness, a floor fight, an opportunity for each candidate to make his or her case before the convention delegates. That would have lead to unity. Instead, the party decided to suppress, in *our* eyes, the votes of Half of its members and humiliate a party loyalist who deserved it’s respect and admiration. In the end, the party’s slogan for 2008 could have been “unity is division”. You lost your ability to persuade the powers that be when you allowed half of the party to be jettisoned and their right to self determination trashed without raising a peep in protest.

So, now those powers are looking at what is left of the party and see a bunch of disunited factions, unable to solidify a credible response to their plans. And what are those plans? As far as I can tell, the Obama campaign will data mine the various socio-economic cohorts and craft a narrowly defined message for each one. There is no vision. There are only votes. They will pick them off little by little. The result will worse the second time. The business and financial sector elite with become entrenched and enjoy all the blessings of aristocracy. There will be no significant cohort to stand in their way to draw a line in the sand.

That is, if you do nothing but wring your hands in frustration.

What needs to be done is to not cooperate. Now. If you wait for the narrative to be fixed, it will be too late. Now is the time to reconcile with the 18 million and to tell Obama’s backers that you’re not going along with it. Do it now, while you still have the power to affect the outcome. Just say, “No”.

My objection to Obama has never been based on his race. As a scientist, I believe that the concept of race has no biological basis, even though it does in a socio-economic and historical sense. But Obama was not born a disadvantaged child no matter how unusual his childhood. His ties to the disadvantaged African American experience is tangential at best.

Nor do I think there’s any validity to the birther claims that he wasn’t born here. Bill Clinton said during the primary that Obama met the constitutional tests for becoming president and if you don’t think the Clintons didn’t look into it, well, you don’t know the Clintons. As far as his birth certificate goes, I think he withholds the official documentation just to make the birthers look unhinged- which they do. If you’re one of the birthers and you don’t mind that you look batshit crazy and ineffectual, go right ahead and keep tilting at this windmill. You will never dislodge Obama going this route and you are diluting your real strength by not returning to your Democratic roots.

And I don’t begrudge the guy rest and relaxation or trips to Broadway with his wife or any other down time the president of the United States is privileged to enjoy. Being president is aging particularly if you don’t do it well. If you are trying to please your patrons and run a country without any political coalitions of your own because you didn’t put in the time to actually learn the ropes of government through hard work and legislative activity, then it must be a very tiring experience and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

But a politician that seeks to invalidate my vote and smother my voice *is* my worst enemy. That person has no respect for the only right of a citizen that actually counts. Countless Americans without property or who were property or who were women struggled for years and in some cases centuries, to get that precious right and in the blink of a rules committee hearing, it was trampled, unceremoniously and almost gleefully by the same party activists who vowed to never act like authoritarian bad guys who ran the country for eight, long years. It doesn’t matter if that person has a D after his name.

The left has yet to learn who its enemies are. I have said before that nothing good comes of a bad seed. The 2008 primary was a very bad beginning and everything that Obama has done or failed to do and has impacted the lives of ordinary Americans has flowed from that series of very unfortunate events. It’s time to face that truth.

It really is that serious.

21 Responses

  1. I’ve been thinking about voting and representation in DC. I think we’ve got to push for an expansion of Congress. How much has the population grown since they capped Congressional Membership?

    It’s kind of scary to think of how many people our Congressmen are supposed to represent. It just isn’t possible for them to do it fairly.

    I don’t know what a reasonable number of voters would be but, at this point some districts are pushing 1 million voters — and that’s way too much.

    It makes Congressional elections way to expensive. And, It makes it way too easy for our interests to get pushed under a rug.

    • The population grew from 92 million in the 1910 Census to 308 million in 2010. The Congressional action which capped the House at 435 members specifically over rode the apportionment plan set out in the Constitution without a Constitutional Amendment. For the life of me, I think it is not constitutional.

      Theplan in the constitution would reduce the size of the average House district to the population of Wyoming and add perhaps another 150 seats.

  2. The last two Presidents stole their way into office: Bush in Florida (which he really lost by 22,000 to 50,000 votes according to a non-partisan academic study sponsored by the St. Petersburg Times and IIRC the Miami Herald) and Obama in the caucus states and the rules committee. Nixon’s Watergate crimes were far less severe because he was going to win the election anyway even against Muskie rather than McGovern.

    We had 12 years of bad Presidents before the Civil War and another 12 years before FDR took over. This is both more corrupt and a longer stretch. And yes, it is more class driven.

    We needed a Lincoln or an FDR and instead we get someone who merely tries to distort FDR and Lincoln so Hoover is presented as better. And yes, he is trying to repeal the Great Society, the New Deal and even the reforms of Nixon, Eisenhower and Theodore Roosevelt..

    “lean on Me” amovie about “Crazy Joe Clark”, a Paterson, NJ principal includes a line, “I don’t want a good principal, I want Mr. Clark.” The Obama bots followed the same philosophy and they sure did not get a good President, just Obama.

  3. Nice one RD. Personally? As a member of his gen he and his wife should release all their scholarly papers, no? I mean we all went to school in the same era. Hey! Make all that available to everyone asap. I mean scholars are interested, bigtime. Also — the only Repub I would ever vote for is Romney, frankly.

    And, since 2000 and those chads? WTF. 2008 was the same damn thing. We saw it, we haven’t forgotten what happened and sorry but i wanted Hillary and I watched her be so insulted on national TV OMG.

    Nobody who was a Hillary supporter likes what we have seen happen since. Really.

    Publish the papers in the web why dontcha? It would be good to see the scholarship! Also it might open a dialogue into the mess of splits the country looks like it’s in. Really.

    • That’s the problem. Birtherism has been tied together with the legitimate desire to see anything about Obama’s academic or work history. It’s the only paper trail he really has and its under lock and key. Apparently it’s also raycist to ask what grades candidate Obama got in college or why Tony Rezko bought his house.

      • It’s the old “false choice” presentation….keep something silly under wraps, then release it (he is releasing his long-form birth certificate today) while still keeping the important stuff under wraps.

        What a guy! Seriously – too little ever really known about this creep before people fell into their swoons.

  4. I can’t imagine Obama being president until 2016, but I was wrong about the 2000, 2004, and 2008 elections. I still think that the Democratic Party and Obama will be wiped out in 2012, a total control of the government by the GOP. And that’s the scariest outcome, but it’s the outcome that was put in motion by those with a blind hatred of the Clintons.

  5. “the primary vote was very clearly manipulated in 2008 and the Democratic activist base said nothing”

    I’d say something stronger: I’d say the primary caucus vote was clearly stolen in 2008. See on the TX caucus, especially the El Paso incident reports, well as We Will Not Be Silenced, Part I and Part !!. And if the Obama campaign’s caucus fraud in TX wasn’t bad enough, we’ve got the Rules and Bylaws Committee taking votes from one candidate and giving them to another in FL and MI, in violation of its own procedures. (And if you wanted an early indication of where the Obama administration was headed on health care “reform,” you might have noted that the chair of the RBC, James Roosevelt, runs a large health insurance operation in MA. I won’t say “quid pro quo” but feel free to think it.

    Thanks for this post, RD. The 2008 Obama campaigns tactics are an open, running sore on the body politic as long as they remain unaddressed by party leaders, and/or the remaining D activists and access bloggers. Total silence, so far, and I don’t expect that to change, so good luck to them.

  6. Good reading, RD. One of your best columns. I wish everyone would read it because you are right on. I am tired of mentioning the primaries of ’08 and having ‘bots act as tho Nothing untoward happened.

  7. I agree with your post but if Hillary won’t challenge him, and she won’t, who the heck are we going to get? She had the guts and the qualifications and in the end the she had more stab wounds in her back than Caesar. Thanks, DNC.

    Nothing short of an 18 million strong draft Hillary movement will do. But I guess now I’m tilting at windmills.

  8. spot on R.D. as always.
    have you all seen this?? 🙂

  9. Wonderful post RD!!! Yes, it really IS that serious.

  10. yes, yes, YES!

    The utter “humiliation” of being named the Secretary of State of the US! That is why “Hillary” rejected the post! She just couldn’t serve in such a degrading position after she lost the primary!

    So glad to see the bitter dead-ender circle jerk continues, as it ever was and as it ever shall be…

    Bachmann Huckabee 2012!

  11. Thanks for this RD – as usual you’re right on the money with it.

  12. myiq4xallurs, you are an idiot as you have been every time you turn up from one of those islands for idiot boyz dkos or mydd.

  13. I agree, RD! It is serious. It ripped everything for me. If Obama was willing to subvert democracy in order to win, then everything after that was done on a fraudulent basis.

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