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Ready to STRIKE: I’m not in … why would I be?

It’s no wonder Unions are failing in this country.  We just don’t get the idea of STRIKE anymore.

Faced with the question, “Are you in?” too many people are sighing agreement.  They’re terrified of the alternative.  And the only alternative they see is crazy-Republicans and Tea-Bagging-lunatics.

But, there MUST be someone (Hillary?) out there who is a Good Viable Alternative …. isn’t there?

What would happen if we signaled our determination to do as Riverdaughter said yesterday:

I’m voting Green or Socialist or Ladies Auxilliary or Player to be Named Later.

If we could find some way to show we MEAN IT (for once) — would the Democrats find a way to give us a candidate we could vote for?

Or could a decent 3rd Party candidate (Bernie Sanders?) pull off a win?

We’ll never know because we’re not willing to put the issue to a test and STRIKE.

16 Responses

  1. I’m going for the write in candidate — HILLARY CLINTON

  2. I don’t think our votes have counted since the hanging chads of 2000, Katiebird. Really.

    • Oh, God. That’s a whole ‘nother issue. I totally forgot that it actually doesn’t matter how I intend to vote! (crawls back under the covers)

      • Katie, our votes stopped mattering long before that. The Supreme’s and their Corporate sugar daddies and with the help of their media lap dogs, stopped fearing the populace long before 2000.

      • Lambert had a piece on the robots? Was a shocker. Also, there was so much subliminal advertising. Creepy. Not the same game anymore I don’t think. I wish Hillary would step up to the plate.

    • Yeah, I’m wondering how my writing in the candidate of my choice yesterday was actually counted in WI.

  3. good job K.B.
    yep gonna vote.even tho I,m afraid it won’t matter 🙂

  4. Speaking of the unions, it’s high time they divorced Obama as well. If they swung their support to the Greens, that would be something.

  5. Perhaps this is a topic for another day, but I have to ask.
    Why do you see the Tea Party as “Tea Bagging-lunatics”?
    Here, in Northern Calif, I visited a TP and found normal working people fed up with Business as Usual. Tired of hardworking people paying higher and higher taxes and getting less back in government service.
    They were not lunatics nor ra@ist.
    Maybe thewy are in other places…but then…what group doesn’t have a nutball or two in their ranks?
    Honestly, I don’t get why the Tea Party is so reviled by progressives..

    Disclaimer: I was a Hillary poll worker and still support her mightily, but I have to agree that the Gov’t wastes too much money and we need to stop.
    Also, 1/2 (50%) of my hard earned income goes to one tax or another…or fees, state licences.

    • After looking at the budget approved by the Tea Party controlled TX House of Representatives, I will be the first person to call them Tea-bagging lunatics (at least the ones in TX.)

      Here’s just one example: they zeroed out (approved no money at atll) the technology allotment for public schools, while leaving 6 billion-with-a-B untouched in the Rainy Day fund. And what they did to the mentally disabled is so bad that the state will be in default of a settlement reached with the BUSH administration’s DOJ, which ruled that conditions in the Texas homes for persons with mental disabilities were so horrific that they violated their residents’ constitutional rights, should the House version remain intact. But taxes are being cut, so it’s all fine and dandy. Especially if the burden falls on non-voters, like children, the mentally disabled, and patients in long-term care facilities. I am through with the Tea Party. They are selfish, uncaring, and mean.

      • Then there’s the State Board of Education that passed new educational “standards” that support creationism, bypass the history of racism and Jim Crow in the South, and are generally so bad that even conservative think tanks are horrified.

        And then there are the radical statutes being pushed through state legislatures that restrict access to reproductive health–not just abortion–for women in over half the country, every one of them sponsored by a tea partier.

        And then there’s Wisconsin, which, thank Goddess, has begun a backlash against the TP and Koch crazies.

  6. Targeting the helpless is indeed mean.
    Where can you cut, though, but from the places that receive the most moneys?
    Across the board cuts would be more fair, but maybe even more damaging. 10% cut from the Pentagon would hardly be noticed with all the fraud and waste, but 10% cut in free school lunches would show up in 10% more hungry kids.
    UGH… Why did Obama hand over the extended Bush tax cuts? I guess the guy just folds right at the start of negotiations.
    My idea:
    I suggest Churches and all religious groups should be taxed on their income. No more tax free churches. That would be enough to help the helpless in those horrid facilities.

    • Why?

      Either he is like a French aristocrat before the revolution or firmly in the pocket of Wall Street.


      Come November 2012 I’m going to do the most damage I can to the Democratic party in the least amount of time it takes. I’ll hit the straight R button.

      • Which will damage not only the Democrats but the rest of the country.

        Unless the Dems come up with an actual liberal candidate, I expect to be voting Green.

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