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Tuesday: Obama is running for president again in 2012!!!

Let's not and say we did.

In case you didn’t know, because his campaign is trying to keep it low key and file early before anyone else notices, Obama is running for president in 2012.  That gives me a second opportunity to not vote for him.  I can hardly wait.

But where’s the fanfare?  The snooty “nose in the air” stylized graphic portraits of “Yes, we can” Man?  Why so hush-hush about the whole fol-de-rol?  The LATimes has a theory.  You’re going to love this:

Like other incumbents, Obama wants to avoid being viewed as a candidate for as long as possible to limit the scent of politics in his presidential maneuverings. He did not appear in the two-minute video that accompanied his emailed announcement, and he held no public events Monday. He did make an unannounced conference call to supporters in which he described himself as “a little older and a little wiser” than in 2008.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said Obama was “not focused on elections” and that there would be “plenty of time well down the road for politics.”

OMG, isn’t that a hoot??  He doesn’t want to look like he’s playing politics.  And he’s “a little older and wiser”.  That would be an improvement over 2008 when he was inexperienced and over his head, not to mention shoved down our throats by a bunch of finance guys who wanted a weak president who would be their Yes Man.  But, frankly, my dear, I don’t believe it.  Obama doesn’t really like politics.  He’s in love with the *idea* of politics.  But real “down in the mud”, get in your face, LBJ style politics?  That’s icky and makes him feel like he needs a shower.

LBJ puts the squeeze on Congress

I think that’s clear now to most Obots.  Paul Krugman never was a Kool-Aid drinker but he’s been giving the guy a chance (more than he deserves, IMHO, after he cheated his way into the nomination).  Even Paul seems exasperated these days.

But then there are the Grape flavored addled ones, like Kevin Drum, doing his best Britney Spears imitation of her unquestioning belief in George Bush.  Arthur Silber has the low down on Kevin’s devotion and trust in Obama.  Here’s Kevin leaving Libya in the hands of God Obama:

So what should I think about this? If it had been my call, I wouldn’t have gone into Libya. But the reason I voted for Obama in 2008 is because I trust his judgment. And not in any merely abstract way, either: I mean that if he and I were in a room and disagreed about some issue on which I had any doubt at all, I’d literally trust his judgment over my own. I think he’s smarter than me, better informed, better able to understand the consequences of his actions, and more farsighted. I voted for him because I trust his judgment, and I still do.

No, Kevin, you didn’t vote for Obama because you trusted his judgement.  You voted for him because his campaign made you think you were smarter, cooler and more connected to the political zeitgeist than you actually are.  To be honest, I have never been impressed by Kevin Drum so it could be the case that Obama is smarter, better informed, better to…oh, don’t make me repeat the nauseating drivel.  Obama is none of those things.  He is just what I said he was: a corporate ladder climber, a schmoozer, a guy who wants the corner office just so he can have the corner office.  The responsibilities that come with that office are secondary concerns.  Or tertiary.  Or quantenary.  Right after winning the MacArthur Genius grant, an Academy Award and Woman of the Year.  Voters are such whiners.  They need to learn personal responsibility.  Michelle, where is that bowl of homemade, sugar free, organic, macrobiotic granola you’ve been growing in the front lawn as an example of what working mothers everywhere should be cultivating for their children in their copious free time?

Anyway, I’m getting off track.  Let the campaign season commence!  Obama and his droogs are no doubt commandeering the social media outlets as. we. speak. to convince us that whatever it is we thought we wanted from him that he failed to deliver was some unreasonable expectation on our part and that we are too demanding or something.  His guys (and they HAVE to be mostly guys) will spend the next 18 months trying to get us to vote for him and I will spend the next 18 months digging in my heels and demanding that he actually do something I like.  Like get a real jobs program, rewrite his lame healthcare insurance bill, figure out a way to stop the crazy Republicans in their tracks.  Yeah, right, dream on.

I’m voting Green or Socialist or Ladies Auxilliary or Player to be Named Later.  Obama can save his breath.  I haven’t listened to him since that clueless State of the Union address back in January.  Yada-yada-yada.

21 Responses

  1. RD Player to be Named Later. HA i like it good one.
    keep up the good work

  2. “wants to aviod being seen as a candidate…”

    umm? then why was he the FIRST one on EITHER side to announce???????

  3. Just as losing one’s job is CHANGE thrust upon one, the acquired Wisdom of Aging in the answered prayer becomes a prison for which one would sieze on any hope to preserve. It was obviously his JOB to illustrate what the “Guys” and yes: it was the testosterone -driven GUYS who put this on us, consider Good Judgement…and you CANNOT LEAVE OUT that Hillary’s inferior JUDGEMENT made it incumbent upon the incumbent to trump our choice. That, of course, strategic collusion with by the superior “judgement” of John Edwards and the Democrats in the United States Senate.

    • Ehhh, he can run again. Doesn’t mean he’s going to win. And it won’t stop others from running either. My spidey sense tells me that there is a great pick up opportunity for a new deal style candidate. And how do we know there isn’t one out there biding his or her time, waiting for the right moment? Is Obama filing early to capture all the big money? So what. He still can’t win without votes. And I’m not going to fall for that “if you don’t vote for me, the Republicans will win” because if you don’t distinguish yourself from the Republicans, they’ve already won anyway.

  4. Too funny. I accidentally hit the link to TPM in our blogroll from my iPad (damn screen is so sensitive) and, well, you really need to check out the front page over there. Just go look: http://www.talkingpointsmemo.com/

    I can’t believe I used to read Josh Marshall. So, let’s recap: Jeralyn Merritt, Josh Marshall and Kevin Drum have all re-enlisted- enthusiastically. Was there a signing bonus, because there would have to have been big money involved for me to take a dive.

    • That’s weird. Now the Obama 2012 ads have disappeared from the screen. The iPad definitely needs a screenshot keystroke combo. Maybe you only see them the first time you go there.
      Veery interesting.

    • Only ad I saw was for Jeff Stone who is running to replace WI Gov Walker’s old seat.

    • LOL – It hurts to get my eyes rolling as hard as they do at Jeralyn’s blog anymore. You could almost hear the panting as she tried to explain she HAD to support him or risk horrible appointments to the supreme court.

      His lowest ever approval ratings (41%) were announced just as the $1B war chest goal, and intent to run again were being released. What a combo. The only good thing about the $1B war chest is that it should create jobs and work for plenty of people and it will mostly be coming from the creeps who stole it from the people to begin with.

    • Let the flame war season commence! I just pointed out to an O supporter who had the gall to say he’s not a savior that we have the right to judge him as such because that’s how he was sold: with a messianic cult that would’ve made Mao blush. I thought I was gonna piss people off like three years ago but instead I got two Facebook friend requests out of it.

  5. There was one Obama add even after I refreshed, RD.

    But, the page was filled with stuff trashing Ryan’s plan for the destruction of Medicare. I don’t see how anyone can consider voting for Obama considering how he’s allowed the fate of Medicare and Social Security to dangle insecurely during his entire reign.

    • Ya know, I think that was the plan. Givethe Republicans enough rope to hang themselves and then ride like heroes to the rescue with a timely veto. Didn’t Joe Biden give some speech during 2008 where he said “you’re really going to hate what we do and think we have lost our minds but just wait because it will be totally worth it”.
      I dunno. I’d rather they had spent their last couole of years doing mire productive things like preserving our jobs and careers, not putting our children at risk due to lack of healthcare coverage and protecting our secure retirements. But nooooo, what I suspect they are going to do is play political chicken with the GOP so that all the drama over Medicare and social security plays out in 2012.
      They really are immoral bastards. I’m never going to vote republican but at this point, my affiliation with the Democratic party is tenuous at best. That will include supporting downticket Dems who throw their support behind Obama without considering alternatives.
      It’s time to stop playing politics with our lives.

  6. At least this time we aren’t going through the biggest lie of all ” all the money for his election came through samll donations of $5-10). BTW the billion is almost what his election cost last time. Does any one has the feeling that the GOP inentionally working towards his reelection as if he is their guy at least for the big money ones.

  7. well he can run but he can’t hide 😆

  8. Why was it easier for Democrats to oppose W on Social Security than it is to oppose extension of the Bush tax credits or changes to Medicare or Social Security? Because Obama is leading things now. The team of Pelosi and Reid looked a lot better without Obama in the White House.

    As for the Supreme Court, it was Democratic votes in the Senate that gave Clarence Thomas his seat, mostly southern whites. Fritz Hollings voted against Thurgood Marshall and years later voted for Thomas. Fool.

  9. Obama wanted to announce early to maximize the time he can rake in more and bigger bribes…I mean political contributions. These contributions can be used to buy good PR from the media, be better able to alter legislation for lobbyists, and live with his delusions. It is a sad state. He hopes a billion dollars will scare away any competition. And he may be right, but we all know what he is, what he’s done, and what he will do.

  10. I am so mad that the misogynist obama appointed a woman to be DNC chair. it’s obviously a trick to get us to forget how shabbily he treated Hillary. I mean appointing her Sec State is such a dis! almost as bad as when he scratched his face– I mean flipped us the bird. and to think he had that Hillary hater Sam Powers work with Hillary on Libya policy, if that isn’t worse than the debates–I mean “wildings/violent gang rapes” that he did to Hillary I don’t know what is…
    well, maybe “groping her in effigy” was as bad as the gang rape, I mean debates, but I am not sure.



    • Ah — so glad to see a campaign staffer visiting. It’s been a long time!! I’m not saying you should make yourself at home though.

      This visit is a one-time thing.

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