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Saturday: A rush to war?

U.S. and Allies Strike Libya
Barrage of Missiles Hits Air-Defense Targets

TRIPOLI, Libya — American and European forces began a broad campaign of strikes against the government of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi on Saturday, unleashing warplanes and missiles in the first round of the largest international military intervention in the Arab world since the invasion of Iraq.

I’ve got the TV on now (I know, I know but I’m hearing some good stuff) and they’re talking about how slow and careful Obama was to get involved in this intervention.

Slow?  Careful?  How seriously were we talking about this a week ago?

23 Responses

  1. Yesterday Today (by the way) was the 8th anniversary of the bombing of Baghdad.

    So maybe this is some sort of commemorative activity.

  2. Obama’s in South America, which is logical because…???

    I keep wondering if he’s trying to find shelter far from the demands of being a world leader.

    It would be nice if the highest public service job in the country was occupied by someone who wanted to be in the the thick of it, seeking immediate input and making decisions while getting real time information.

    But batte plans are apparently being drawn in Brazil.

    Oh well, Obama’s the president, never mind the hope, I can hope to win the lottery, too, lol!

    • Obama’s in South America, which is logical because

      Have we ever been informed that we are at war as an aside in the middle of a joint press conference involving a foreign president in a foreign country?

      How weird is that?

    • Can’t we just let him eat his … ehm, I mean have his vacation! That’s what it is, no? A vacation. Bringing not only the wife but both daughters and grandmama too. Michelle sporting a ‘barearmed’ summerdress. Can’t be an official state visit now, can it?

      Or is this an Axelrovian move to make him appear not too responsible for the air strikes on Lybia?

      From a report on Obama’s arrival in Brazil:

      Obama exited Air Force One in dark suit holding hands with daughter Malia, who was wearing a green and white dress.

      Behind them were Sasha wearing a pink dress holding hands with the First Lady, who wore a patterned red dress.

      Could the media be more shallow! And we’re talking political “journalism” here. [Resigned head shaking.]

    • This way- as in most other major events of his term- Obama doesn’t get sullied. He can take credit for the good outcomes, but he is not directly associated with any bad ones. It’s all about 2012. Once they roll out the Republican sacrificial lamb, it will be good enough for Obama to just be “not that yucky other guy”. Obama will not have much history that can be directly attached to him, so being less yucky will suffice.

  3. “battle plans” have been having problems with a drifting “L” all night. 😦

  4. For some reason March carefully seems to be the month for war. Not too cold, not too hot…

    Beware if the ides of March…

  5. They are now bombing Qadaffi’s Bunker. Apparently it violated the no fly zone.

    Bombs dropped near Kadhafi’s Tripoli bunker

    TRIPOLI (AFP) – Bombs were dropped near the Tripoli headquarters of strongman Moamer Kadhafi early Sunday, prompting barrages of anti-aircraft fire from Libyan forces, an AFP reporter said.

    The bombs exploded as an aircraft overflew the Bab al-Aziziyah headquarters in the south of Tripoli.

    It was not immediately clear what targets had been hit.

    Maybe they’ll take him out up front.

  6. France is all over this no-fly zone. I guess Libya is driving up their oil prices too much. Not like that Hussein guy, he kept the oil flowing until Bush came in.

  7. And who (the F!) in Pentagon comes up with a name like “Operation Odyssey Dawn” anyway!?

    I find those synonymes for wars/attacks not only mindnumbingly stupid, but also diminishing the seriousness of the actual situation. War is not a game, not a movie. This is not Hollywood!

    • That’s what I said when the deck of cards was used for Iraq. The government had real card decks printed with the faces of the targets, boxed and distributed to all military as a “souvenir” of that event. Apparently, we are both wrong, and, to the gov’t, war actually is a game.

      I learned of the cards when I went to a USO auction and several decks were being live auctioned. They sold for several hundred dollars a deck, and those who got them were thrilled!!

  8. Are none of you aware that Hillary Clinton was one of the prime advocates for military action here?

    • It doesn’t matter who advocated for it. It is wrong, wrong, wrong. We are basically interfering in a civil war. I’ve never even seen an attempt to tell us who these “rebels” are. It all smells to high heaven.

      • It actually does matter who advocated for it. If people are going to criticize the US for this action, they can’t pretend the decision makers, and influential voices don’t matter.

        • It certainly does matter who advocated for it. And we should have had some time to learn who was doing the advocating and why. As it is this stuff is leaking out like entertainment gossip.

          It’s all Hillary & Rice!! They made Obama do it.

          Well, maybe so. But, Obama’s the President and you can’t make me think that he had to go to war while he’s on some sort of official/family-vacation.

          For some full disclosure, I’m almost always against intervention. In fact I could come right up to the edge of saying that in this modern world, I’m totally against US Intervention.

          We’re now in 3 wars — how the heck are we going to manage that? Is this our job? Are we the United States of Intervention?

          • This absolutely falls square on Obama’s shoulders. However, he isn’t known for the strength it takes to actually make a decision on his own (except where to vacation, golf, who to invite to the WH for hoops and beers). His method is to rely on others to research, analyze and resolve. Then he will join.

            I’m still waiting for lengthy discussions in the media on why congress wasn’t part of the approval process. Did they vote via the internet so no one knew what they were doing?

  9. There is a post about Basement Angel on Corrente:

    Lorena Starfelt 1955-2011, aka Basement Angel

    She stepped into CDS threads and set the record straight all the time. I had no idea she contributed in so many other ways or that she was ill. I will miss her voice.

  10. another war..just what we don’t need right now 👿

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