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Wednesday: Living in “interesting times”

Just a quick note to remind you (as if you needed any reminding) that there is more than one crisis in Japan.  The nuclear power plant emergency is a small part of the problems the country now faces. Here is a message from US ambassador Roos. The bigger problem involves thousands of displaced people whose houses and livelihoods and, sometimes, even families were swept away by a roiling ocean.

Chip in if you can.  Here is a list of resources you can donate to courtesy of the folks at Apartmenttherapy and UnPlgged:

Japan Earthquake Resources.

While the world watches Japan, it has taken its eyes off of Libya and Bahrain.  Keep them in your thoughts as well.

17 Responses

  1. If you are in California, donation opportunities abound… if you’ve got kids in school – check – there is probably something going on…our school put together a “penny drive” (low income area)… the kids scour the couch for change and beg pennies off relatives and neighbors… also we are encouraging “Chores for Charity”… kids do an extra chore and are paid and bring that in… both are easy methods and quick to put together… we usually raise anywhere from 2k-5k in pretty short order, even at our poorest schools… most of the elementary schools in our town are doing the same or similar.

    Entertainers are putting on a variety of fund raising shows up in Japan… local news stations are fund raising with “Meet the Weather Person” kinds of drives… the push is on now…

  2. Al Jazeera is reporting that rebel planes have sunk two of Ghaddafi’s naval vessels and attacked a third. These may be the planes and pilots that defected at the beginning and flew to Malta. It’s also possible that these are new defections.

    I’m thinking this might have something to do with why Hillary’s not supporting a US-backed no-fly zone.

  3. Yes, however serious the nuclear situation might evolve, let’s not forget the here and now impact of no less than three – 3! – concurring catastrophes, earthquake, tsunami and the destruction of important power plants. It’s unfathomable!

    My heart goes out to all Japanese, in Japan and abroad, and to everyone affected. At the same time I’m truly in awe of the Japanese people’s resilience and dignity! As I’m in awe of rescue workers everywhere.

    While in Libya, Gadaffi continuos slaughtering his own people who dumbfounded, depressed and disbelieving still wait for the world to come to their rescue. I recognize that the decision isn’t easy and that a no-fly zone might have – unwanted – implications/consequences. But still: How can we not react?

    • Let’s see-

      Is there anything to be gained by the oil companies from helping the Libyan fighters? Actually, no, because an extremely small fraction of our oil comes from Libya.

      Is there anything in it for the insurance companies? No.

      Is there anything in it for the American medical-industrial complex? No

      Is there anything in it for the banksters? No.

      Can Obama get a good photo op out of it? and maybe make a speech? Apparently not, or we’d be creaming Ghadaffi right now.

  4. Derek Lowe of In The Pipeline reports that panicky west coasters are buying potassium iodide and dosing themselves prophylacticly. This is totally unnecessary and could potentially be harmful.
    West coasters need to dial it down and stop watching so much TV.

  5. Is Obama out playing golf today? I have heard that on TV.

  6. I know several people in Japan, twenty two of them were old college friends I wish I had their current addresses. I’m worried about them- most were in the Tokyo or Osaka area, but one lived in Miyagi Prefecture, one in Chiba, and all but one were single women then in their twenties like me, probably most are married with different family names now… I wish there was some way I could contact them to make sure they are okay.

  7. Remember Christchurch? I confess that I too had to be reminded – and even if a single individual can only contain that much suffering at a time, I expect the media to be able to, and to keep me informed of the status of also “old” catastrophies and their impact. Like, how is the situation in the Mexican Gulf today? – instead of panting running off after the next “BREAKING NEWS!” story.

    And whatever one’s perception of celebrity figures and royalty may be, they can play an important role here (read: Can get the attention of the media), and in so doing also give the spirits of the victims a well needed and deserved lift. So cudos to the Japanese Emperor for breaking tradition and going on tv to speak to his people. And cudos to Prince William.

    Christchurch mayor, Bob Parker:

    He’s our prince. He didn’t have to come here but he did and the fact that he did means a great deal to us.

  8. Oh, and the breaking sun in the “Help Japan” poster is … Heartbreaking.

  9. I’m quite disappointed that you hurled that insult at Californians, then closed comments. I live in Southern California. I don’t know a single soul who is more concerned about themselves than the people of Japan. I’m frankly sick and tired of California bashing. These are tense times, but we are all heart sick about the suffering of the Japanese people.

    You have a right to be angry these days, Riverdaughter, but don’t displace your anger onto us. Believe me, many of us Californians have lost our jobs, too. Although that pales in comparison to the human and environmental nightmare going on across the Pacific.


  10. I just thought I would mention the passing of Lorenda Starfelt, from cancer, on Tuesday, March 16 at about 8:00 PM.

    • Lori, Brad’s wife? I am so sorry! I didn’t know she was sick.

      • Yes, the same Lori. She was diagnosed with cancer last September. Chemo seemed successful at first, but ultimately was to little avail.

  11. i hope you don’t mind if i do this but my city has a sister city in japan. they are recommending the northern japanese relief fund at 415-567-5505. i was going to donate to red cross and may still. the demographics in japan are such that there are many many elderly and they are suffering. it is cold there and there is very little shelter. i worked with japanese students learning english in the 1970’s and have family members and other friends from japan. stoic solid helpful people. knowing them, i’m sure there is shame going on in their hearts and they are turning inward. my heart just hurts for them. please, please help however you can.

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