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Friday: Earthquakes and Tsunamis

The video footage from Japan can fill you with awe and terror.  There’s a whirlpool that looks like God pulled the plug on the Pacific and a video of a tsunami wave hitting farmland in Fukushima prefecture that was captured live from a helicopter.  Follow The Lede at the NYTimes for the most recent news and videos.

Number 1 child in Maui was wakened early this morning by tsunami sirens and this time, unlike the 2010 scare, she evacuated to higher ground.  She’s sleeping in her car in a parking lot, although her location in Maui is not expected to get hit very hard.

Number 2 child was hoping to attend a semester in Japan through AFS.  She’s at school right now and probably doesn’t know the full extent of the damage.  I doubt that this event will change her mind about her destination.

We are very concerned for the people of Japan and the Russian coast who have been affected by this tsunami and hope that the loss of lives is minimal.


6 Responses

  1. I’m glad your kiddo moved to higher ground – at least you can breathe easier about that.

    • She was looking forward to seeing something interesting. But, nothing significant happened. Still, this time, she bugged out early.

  2. Whoo-hoo! US Navy on the spot. My guess is that they’ll have more to do at that reactor with the cooling problem. The Japanese seem have to built in multiple redundant cooling systems into their nuclear power plants. Good planning.

  3. That shocking footage — I guess tsunamis are so rare we can hardly comprehend what we’re seeing when it happens. I can’t get the pictures out of my head.

    I just read that they’re evacuating an area around a second nuclear plant. I hope they succeed in keeping people safe.

    I have a friend who drove over the Golden Gate Bridge this morning and she said that people were either speeding to get off it as fast as possible or slowing waaaay down and trying to see if they could see anything weird. I think I would have been one of the speeders. Assuming I could have gotten on it at all.

    I’m very glad the tide was low at tsunami time in the US.

  4. I’m glad she is okay. The nuclear is the worst. So scary. Three Mile Island was my thought. There were ripples of waves here today, but the damage was more to the north.

    Take care RD & Co. This is the second time we have had warnings of tsunamis after a quake. Seeing this one has shown what that would be like. So tragic.

  5. flooding in your area RD.keep your feet dry hugs..:)

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