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Wednesday: Stuff the Left Does that Drives Me Nuts

Busy, busy, busy, guys.  This is just a free form post of stuff the Left does that bugs the shit out of me.  For the record, I consider myself on the left -liberal side of the spectrum.  But my mind is not so wide open that my brains have fallen out.

1.) Blaming corporations for everything.  Yes, corporations are the bad boys of America.  They pushed the envelope too far.  If Margaret Heffernan, the author of Willful Blindness, is to be believed, they are staffed at the top by a bunch of preening assholes who are short term thinking, self serving and not necessarily working for the shareholders.  But it’s hard to do some kinds of work without the support of a corporation.  That’s just a fact.  The miserable, whining lefties can cry all they want about how unfair and mean and BIG and POWERFUL corporations are and how they run everything with obscene, unholy gobs of cash.  That’s like blaming the candy for being sweet.  No one says that politicians have to do their bidding.  If you don’t like what corporations are getting away with, change the fricking rulemakers.  It really is that easy.  And don’t be surprised if politicians are the ones behind the “corporations are the source of all evil in the world”.  It takes the eye off the ball, which is the politician.  So what if corporations can purchase more TV adds than Ron Popiell?  These days, you can watch TV for days without seeing a single political ad if you don’t want to.  When it comes to winning an office, the average Joe has as good a chance as anyone using social media.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is just doing a haka.

2.) Single payer is the holy grail of healthcare reform.  Mebbe.  Mebbe not.  We won’t know until we discuss all of the options.  Wedding ourselves to one answer and repeating it over and over again like it’s some kind of mantra could cloud our judgement.  It’s better to find out what successful national healthcare policies have in common, distill the salient virtues and try to match those virtues as closely as possible.  That might mean single payer or it may mean something else.  Lefties who insist that there is only one way to do this are boxing themselves into a corner and not thinking creatively.

3.) Big Pharma is Satan cubed.  There are big problems in pharma.  Some of these problems pharma did to itself.  No, no, don’t try to wiggle out of it.  Taking the easy route with merger and acquisitions has ruined research.  You can blame researchers all you want but keeping the beatings up until we all become cheaper to employ is not going to work.  In fact, it will backfire.  It will only make us not want to do science anymore, which, if I remember my microeconomics correctly, will cause a scarcity in scientists, making us more expensive to employ.  So, this strategy is doomed, DOOOOOMED, I say, to failure.  If people can go through life making a lower middle class living without having to learn the Hamiltonian equation, they will.  In fact, you can live your entire existence without ever once having to learn Organic Chemistry and your lifestyle might actually improve, if current trends persist.  So, if you want good researchers, you will have to make it worth their while to study the shit that 99.9% of the population in any country in the world won’t touch with a 10 foot pole. But I digress.

The reason why lefties deride pharma at their peril is because if you want good healthcare reform, (see point #2), pharma *should* be a necessary and indispensible part of the package and will help keep costs down.  Yes, sports fans, if you can prevent strokes, heart attacks, asthma attacks, psychotic episodes, epilepsy, diabetes and a whole host of other maladies from clogging up your emergency rooms and taking up valuable hospital beds, pharma is worth every  penny.  An ounce of prevention is worth a couple billion dollars in cure.

Think about that next time you want to bash pharma.  Which would you rather pay for?  Some obese, diabetic, cardio case waiting to happen sucking up thousands of dollars a day with IVs out the wazoo or some monthly prescriptions for ace inhibitors, insulin and cholesterol lowering drugs?  This is not rocket science, oh ye self proclaimed “our side is smarter than their side” lefties.  Whether or not pharma is effective in delivering this message is another problem.  Your stupidity will show.  Give people a choice between going to the hospital with some life threatening crisis and taking some pills everyday and they will choose the pills every time.

5.) Roe v. Wade is the holy grail of womens’ rights and must be protected at all costs.  In fact, the opposite is true.  The longer Roe is out there, the more our rights will be eroded by fundamentalist nutcases who are goaded by neo-feudalist politicians who know a good issue when they see it.  Democrats are also guilty of using Roe as a political football.  It shouldn’t have escaped the left’s attention (but it looks like it probably has) that the Obama campaign amped up the fear factor with respect to Roe in order to terrify women into voting for the Sun King.  Yes, Democrats are just as cynical and self-serving as Republicans when it comes to womens’ rights.  Let’s not sugar coat this.

You can’t build your rights on abortion.  Drop this pointless, losing, distracting battle to protect Roe and go for equality.  Are women equal?  Do they have the same rights as men under the law?  If they do, then you can set your own terms when it comes to abortion, preferably one that rewards responsibility and develops guidelines that the majority of people in this country can live with.

There’s more but I’m out of time.  Ciao for now.

27 Responses

  1. Exactly! when will they ever learn?

  2. The problem with corporations is that their CEOs are all human beings.

    • The problem with human beings is that some of them are arrogant jerks.

  3. You went from 3) to 5). Did you delete 4) ?
    (I’m curious)

    I think corporations need more regulation, and definitely the class of profession managers (CEOs & directors) need a lot more auditing.

    Agree about RoevWade

  4. I’ve been thinking a lot about the complicity of every one of us in the devolving mess of neo-feudalism. As long as we continue our demand for low, low prices for stuff we don’t really need (I ask you, is there anything in a dollar store you really couldn’t live without?), then we will continue to drive ourselves over the cliff. If something isn’t worth paying a price that includes a fair wage to produce it, don’t buy it.

    • I completely agree.

    • Well, those cheap gift bags are pretty great. ….

      • Are they nifty enough to deep-six the North American pulp and paper industry, to say nothing of manufacturing jobs. Oh, and they are not recyclable, so add the cost of landfill capacity. When all the spin-off costs are factored in, they are not so cheap after all.

        • Not recyclable? Everyone I know reuses them for years before they fall apart. That’s the whole reason I like them. I get what you’re saying about the industry. But, I sincerely doubt the 4 gift bags (at the most) I’m buying each year are going to cause our downfall.

          • I like to use the reusable grocery bags for gifts, some stores have pretty ones.

            mostly, I reuse the paper gift bags I’ve saved. I have small kids, so my reusable gift bag supply is pretty good.

    • I’m repeatedly amazed at how much better quality I (often) get when I save till I can afford more expensive things. In the long run it doesn’t really pay to be a “cheap-skate”.

      But I admit it’s been a steep learning curve to be able to turn away from “bargains”; especially those I really, really don’t need but still find too cheap to dismiss. 😉

  5. […] Riverdaughter said: The miserable, whining lefties can cry all they want about how unfair and mean and BIG and […]

  6. good rant R.D..so what is the answer??

  7. While it’s both uncomprehensible and unacceptable that women – now in the effing 21st century! – still have to reason, and argue, and debate, and fight, and fight back re abortion, I agree with your position. And it both surprises and saddens me to see how easy it still and always is to bring it up to succesfully be used as “a political football”.

    • I’d feel better about the whole thing if any of the men in charge had any intention of holding the line on women’s rights. Using our rights to bargain… that’s crap and I agree with RD too – let it go.

      • jintacoma this guy seems to holding the line

        • Thank you! That is a truly great rant.

          And I have wondered exactly the same things, so I am also glad that somebody is asking why we can’t regulate corporations but the government is all over the idea of regulating my uterus.

  8. Obama she is.

  9. Off topic – and then again, maybe not: List of World’s 100 wealthiest.

  10. You can’t build your rights on abortion. Drop this pointless, losing, distracting battle to protect Roe and go for equality.


  11. By Christy Hoppe/Reporter
    choppe@dallasnews.com | Bio
    2:50 PM on Thu., Mar. 10, 2011 | Permalink
    Rep. George Lavender, R-Texarkana, has jumped well past the debate on the mandatory sonograms and filed a bill on Wednesday that would prevent any abortion except in cases of rape, incest or the life of the mother.
    By all means, let’s just drop it – and then complain about Obama.

  12. We can support women’s equality–including equality in health care–and complain about Obama at the same time.

    You may remember that your fellow Obots were and remain markedly misogynist when it comes to political challenges to Teh Precious. But thanks for your concern.

  13. Not a troll; not an obot (didn’t vote for him) was on this blog until it went Republican:

    From Think Progress:

    Since the start of the year, Republican lawmakers on the federal and state level have charged headlong into a comprehensive assault on a woman’s right to choose.

    In Nebraska, one law already in existence heaped needless trauma on a mother’s tragedy. Thirty-four-year-old Danielle Deaver was 23 weeks pregnant when she faced a fate “worse than your own death” — her baby would not make it. Her water broke early and, without amniotic fluid, the fetus would not develop lungs to survive outside the womb. Deaver and her husband decided they wanted to let “nature take it’s course” and would not risk harming the child further, so they asked their doctor to help “put an end to this nightmare.”

    But because of Nebraska’s law prohibiting any abortion after 20 weeks, the doctor could not assist or he would “face criminal charges, jail time, and lose his medical license.” Her doctors told her “she’d just have to wait.” So she did, in “torture,” and gave birth to Elizabeth at 3pm, watched her gasp for breath, and then watched her die at 3:15pm on December 8, 2010. “The outcome of my pregnancy, that choice was made by God,” said Deaver, but “how to handle the end of my pregnancy, that choice should’ve been mine.”

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