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So, how did we get here??

Sam trembled at Susan’s actions.  The body laid on the floor twitching.

Sam muttered to himself, “Not in my house, not in my house…”

It was too late.  Susan had tasted blood.  She knew how to kill now.

Beginning lines of one of Brook’s uncompleted stories (circa unknown.  It was years ago.)

How did we get here and where does this story go?



17 Responses

  1. Well….. I’ve been thinking about vampires so I’m going with that.

    Susan is a Vampire but she didn’t realize it until tonight. She’s been dating Sam since they were in junior high (they’re sophmores in college now) and she stopped by his rooming house to meet him before work for a homework session.

    Sam wasn’t there yet but, his roommate was ….

  2. Sam wrote Susan a sternly worded letter to not do that again, that is if he’s a democrat. 🙂

  3. I really didn’t expect this, it’s not what I wanted. I feel so disjointed, apart, and crazily full of electricity. I can’t stop thinking, smelling, looking. There is no fear, just power, lots of power shooting through me and out. How to move without making it worse.

  4. I’m really interested in reading what she wrote? Her gen and its love of this whole vampire thing? Research oriented. Also, that gen has invented their own language, RD — almost heiroglyphs as concepts only they are made from emoticons? Researching! Hugs RD & Co.

  5. After tolerating decades of annoying JWs banging down her door at the most inopportune moments, Susan finally snapped……

  6. Sam said, “No catnip for you, Susie-girl,” and buried the mouse in the garden.

  7. Suzie turned to Sam and said, “Your house? This is my muskrat den too!”

  8. Or … it could be a sequel to this video (h/t Brooke)? The woman stepping up to defend her family. 😉

  9. wow!!RD.. you are lucky to have such a talented child! 😦

    • Yep, she’s talented alright. She’s also persistent and driven. She was supposed to go back to France on a 2 week company sponsored exchange program this summer. Now that I’m “separated” from the company, she’s no longer eligible. Her previous exchange host family have invited her back whenever she wants to go but I have to save all of my money now.
      What kills me is that Brooke learns languages very quickly. She skipped 3 years of French due to her exchange last year. This year would have put her in AP French in her Sophomore year. (Yes, she’s that good. And she’s teaching herself Chinese right now)
      So, I have an incredibly talented polyglot/linguist in the making who is very frustrated about the recent turn of events. This did not comport with her life plan for the next several years. In this case, I really feel for her. It’s not just a vacation to her. It’s a genuine, intense learning experience of full immersion. With her brain young, malleable, flexible, and weirdly absorbant, it’s a missed opportunity to really nail French and become fluent.
      She is thinking of auctioning off some of her art to finance the trip.
      Her art is also very good. I’d hate to give up my original Brookes. 😦
      {{banging head on keyboard}}

      • For two weeks she can probably get almost free airfare by doing a courier thing. Google and check into it. What other kind of money will she need? Maybe a paypal button for her?

  10. Oh RD. Anyway have a chemisty piece up — just thoughts along my genogram research.
    Hugs RD.

    Am researching cognition.
    I’m so sorry for Brook. Fuck. What a nightmare this country of ours has become for everyone.

  11. And it’s going to get worse. Say hello to Virtual Reality folks. It’s here.

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