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Announcement coming soon

If you’re wondering where I am, RL has intervened in a major way.  I’ve had to put this blog on the back burner.  But I’ll let you know what’s going on in a couple of days.  With President’s Day coming up, there may be a good opportunity to evaluate how THIS president is affecting the lives of many Americans and ask ourselves whether he deserves a second term.

In the meantime, keep your eyes on Madison, Wisconsin, where we are beginning to see the birth of GlennBeckistan.  This is what voters keep telling their politicians they want.  Then when they actually get it, they’re not so sure anymore.

There’s a reason why the national economy boomed during the middle of the twentieth century.  And there is a reason why it will take a heartbreakingly long time to recover from this Great Recession.  The grasshoppers who are consuming everything in sight are going to find out sooner or later that resources are finite.

Paul Krugman reports on the fraudulence of the budget negotiations in today’s column:

But that’s what everyone does. House Republicans talk big about spending cuts — but focus solely on that same small budget sliver.

And by proposing sharp spending cuts right away, Republicans aren’t just going where the money isn’t, they’re also going when the money isn’t. Slashing spending while the economy is still deeply depressed is a recipe for slower economic growth, which means lower tax receipts — so any deficit reduction from G.O.P. cuts would be at least partly offset by lower revenue.

The whole budget debate, then, is a sham. House Republicans, in particular, are literally stealing food from the mouths of babes — nutritional aid to pregnant women and very young children is one of the items on their cutting block — so they can pose, falsely, as deficit hawks.

What would a serious approach to our fiscal problems involve? I can summarize it in seven words: health care, health care, health care, revenue.

Paul’s preaching to the converted.  Even at the NYTimes, the front page news is concentrating on the turmoil in the middle east while putting our own battles in Wisconsin on simmer.  But I believe this pain and ugliness is all unavoidable.  The people who consistently vote for conservatives because they are moved by pictures of fetuses are going to have to see their political heroes unmasked as heartless minions of some extremely greedy and conscienceless power brokers.  What happens when those full term and delivered fetuses of mothers who were once gainfully employed are suddenly denied basics like milk and cereal when the WIC benefits are suspended?  I say suspended because I can’t believe the American people would be so cruel to deny sustenance to children who had the misfortune to be conceived when their parents still had a steady paycheck and health insurance and now don’t.  And yes, I know perfectly clean, well educated, American mothers who fall into this category through absolutely no fault of their own.  It was just business.  Nothing personal.  Except now the baby who was seven months in utero when the pink slip came still has to eat.  Or is infanticide acceptable, just not abortion?  Oh, we wouldn’t go that far.  It’s just a little malnutrition.  It won’t even show up until the kid goes to school.  Provided there’s a school available that doesn’t charge fees like some typical 3rd world country.

Americans have to experience the consequences of the rhetoric of the right.  It was all fine and dandy when it was some immigrant but now it’s everyone you know.  And they can’t all be slackers and parasites, can they?  The pain is just now coming to fruition in a hard way.  This is not by accident.  It’s by design.  The more you hurt, the more their plan is proceeding excellently.

Turn off your TV and radios and you take away most of their power.  They can’t talk you into doing something against your own interests if you can’t hear them.  Tell your doctor’s offices and garage waiting rooms that you’ll go somewhere else if they don’t shut off Fox News.  And mean it.  And tell 21st Century Democrats, the DCCC and any other Democratic fundraising organization that you’ll start contributing when Obama and the Democrats actually start acting like the Democratic party again.  Being out of power sucks.  You can get a lot of money from the big guys but as far as I know, votes still mean something and you get those from ordinary people.  And right now, ordinary people are pissed off.

There is one thing I think we can say with confidence: a third party candidate could clean up in this environment.  Real socialists start sounding reasonable.  And there’s a reason for that, for which I will give an example that is much closer to my current situation than I ever thought it would be.  Sound complicated and mysterious?  Stay tuned and all will be revealed…

This song is for the BFF.  I like this version a bit better.

Injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere.

61 Responses

  1. I don’t know if this has been posted I already but I wanted you guys to see it.


    I have considered Chris Matthews an enemy since 96-97 but I still look forward to watching.

    • Not sure I want to promote Chris Matthews. I stopped watching him in 2008 when his behavior towards Clinton became juvenile, cliquish, sexist, cruel and stupid. I don’t care what his personal background was. His behavior was over the top and unfortunately carried much too much weight with the Obot contingent. He lead the band against Clinton.
      As far as I know, Chris Matthews still doesn’t get it. And I know some Obama supporters who have been discontent with Obama but are only now starting to realize what Obama is. This is something most of us figured out in March of 2008 but it has taken some people 3 solid years to finally “GET IT”. That’s sad. And Chris Matthews is part of that problem. As is NPR and all other seemingly centrist, ostensibly neutral, progressive sites.
      My theory is that when you start to see the effects of the Obama administration’s embrace of Reagonomics and Bushism personally or by a one degree of separation, the learning curve jumps exponentially.
      That’s where we are now. The Obama guys are not cutting him a break to learn on the job anymore. Now, they’re alarmed and pissed off.

      • Your assessment of Matthews is spot on. He showed his true colors during the impeachment thing.

        The President of the World feature still looks awesome though. I think “tweety” is having to eat some of his words.

        • Don’t for one single minute believe that this special look will include at least 30% of airtime on Monica Lewinsky and company. Remember, many of the young Obots were too young to know the horrible thing that Bill Clinton did. AND we got to see his SEMEN.

      • I think he saw the TEA LEAVES and realized that if he ever wants to run for something (Like that senate seat he had his eye on…) he needs the Rank and File and Rank and File are ‘Clintonistas’ baby! So, he is doing some back rowing…humble pie…

        Any hoo, just my take on Tweety Bird there…

      • Amen!

    • I wonder how much of Tweety’s character us an act to keep a job. His wife maxed out her contribution for Hill.

      Tweedy admitted that he fell hard for JFK as a teen, but fell even harder for Nixon. He wore Shrub for prez pins and propped him up as a contender just for being present during the sad presidential debates.

      GE’s slant is MSNBC’s or whatever multi-national now owns it.

  2. RD, the new Republican governor in Wisconsin is trying to remove collective bargaining rights from some public employee unions. Democratic state senators (showing backbone for a change) left the state so there would be no quorum and the bill could not be brought up for discussion. The Reps hold a majority and the bill would certainly pass. The unions in question , were not those that supported his election.

    • Sas, Are you located in Wisconsin? Can you keep up for us?

    • Abraham Lincoln actually did this same thing when he was in the IL legislature – he & his fellow whigs jumped out of a window for a no quorum on an upcoming vote. It is a old and honorable maneuver when all else fails, imho.

      I have been reading that OFA is now trying to co-opt these protests in WI and Ohio. Do they really think union members have not been watching anti-union BO for the past 2.5 years? Sometimes the lies just get so thick-

      off to work – thank you RD for this great post, I hope all is OK in RL-

    • This is what the Dems in the Texas Lege–the “Killer D’s”– did when Republicans proposed an insanely gerrymandered re-districting map after the last census. Many went to New Mexico and took refuge with Bill Richardson, who was still a dependable liberal at the time.

      • Democratic state senators (showing backbone for a change) left the state….

        I’m not sure if you are kidding. You think the democrats showed backbone by running away and hiding?

        Wow! You must be fun to watch in the ring.

        • I didn’t make the comment that inspired your idiotic retort, but I will point out that the Dems did the one thing they could do to prevent Hosni Walker and his corp-owned cronies from busting the teachers’ union.

          It’s the first time in long time that Dems have responded to a Republican power grab with anything but a resigned sigh of BOHICA. Good for them.

          • The Republican “power grab” was a legal and democratic election that gave them the majority.

          • So you support Obama because he was put into place by a “legal and democratic election?” If you apply that argument to Walker, then you must also apply it to Obama. Go forth now and be a good Obot.

            The tactic used by the Wisconsin Dems is a legal one previously employed against draconian and/or corrupt Republican state administrations. Given that upwards of 100,000 Wisconsin citizens have turned out to protest Walker’s attempt to remediate his self-inflicted budget deficit on the backs of the middle class and poor, those Dems would seem to be accurately and admirably representing the folks who elected them.

          • Not to start a war with you, okasha, but the general election was “legal and democratic” the primary was legal but not democratic or moral.

            Next, the thugs are in power in Wisconsin because the voters didn’t see any leadership from Obama and put them back in power, they didn’t grab anything.

            If the public and private sector unions get a royal boning they have only themselves to blame for not putting pressure on Obama and their local party hacks.

          • Some of the primaries were clearly not legal, Mr. Mike. The documented irregularities in Texas alone run into the thousands.

            But that’s immaterial to the general election. Obama was the candidate put forward to run against John McCain. He won, legally if dishonorably.

            As for WIsconsin, I wonder how many cheesehead voters actually know that their Governor is the Koch Brothers’ bougjt and paid for stooge. He was elected with massive financial support from outside the state, with $3 mil+ provided through the legal dodge of the Republican Governors’ Association… I call that a power grab.

  3. RD & Co. This piece made me cry. It is that bad. What has our country turned into? What?

    Yesterday, I spent a long time again reading and looking — also in FB — where I am going to link this piece under “me” for real. Adrienne. Because you and little Isis yesterday — I mean this is “feminist” — how we thought of feminism back in the 80’s– it was women who were going to get screwed because this kind of thing — this is why women couldn’t have babies because they couldn’t support them.

    RD is correct on infanticide. What are these women going to do? There is going to be blood in the streets in this country. I feel that, having seen what little isis was talking about yesterday. Maybe they want that.

    It’s like a wasteland on State Street — the main drag here. There are benches all along the street filled with homeless people from all over the country. I worked with that group, myself. Back in 2003, I was seeing a woman who gave birth under a shrub. No kidding. Without health care — what if something like the Black Plague happens? You know? Is this the Middle Ages? Is it?

    RD. I hope it will be okay with the BFF.

    A person feels powerless. Anyway, for whatever it is worth I read this last night. During 2008, I read the editorials here sometimes — haven’t looked back until last night when American Beauty was on, and it was all just so effing sad watching it again.

    This is something called “the tipping point” — some economist wrote it — but it is about this debt thing. I don’t know enough about financial stuff — but where is our country going?

    hugs RD & Co.

    I don’t think this writer is faking it. No way.


    He is talking about what will happen with food in this country. So it is a little like RD and the WIC. Also yesterday a journo I know had this map up in FB — I wanted to give you guys this map to look at.


    It shows every county and migrations. Here. I was thinking of the other map I saw of all those tea party areas the Naacp had. RD & Co. We are facing “wasteland” ala Mad Max beyond Thunderdome I guess. Maybe so. The pressure that people are under will stress them to the point emotionally that they will go off.

    I love you guys, RD & Co.

    • Do not cry. Preserver. As Hillary said, get back up and keep going. No matter what.
      My grandfather told me a story once about how he and his aunt, who was only slightly older than him, lost the grocery money they were supposed to use at the store to buy basics like bread and milk. This was in the early twenties, after his mother died, his Jewish father abandoned him and he had to live with his Irish catholic grandmother and her unforgiving husband. My grandfather had to quit school after 8th grade. He slept in a freezing attic. He collected coal by the railroad track. His family was working class. That day he lost the grocery money, he and his aunt sat down on the curb and cried their eyes out. They were afraid to go home. I don’t know how that story ended but at the time, it was one of the low points of his life.
      He perservered.
      He got jobs.
      He suffered tragedies in his life that are almost too heartbreaking to recount.
      He lived to be 92 and died with his beloved second “wife” by his side. The last 15 years of his life were very rewarding.
      You never know. Never say never. Hang in there and don’t let the bastards grind you down.

      • RD, I know what it is in your voice. I just figured it out — it’s the Irish in us. No kidding. That strand in us is the same, also the fight and the pluck. My mother — I get mine from her. i do. It’s the storytelling they did with us about different things when we were children. They taught us how to survive life and what it will hand you. They really did.

        I stopped doing that work because it was eating away at my heart. Breaking my heart, client by client as the tides kept coming.

        Homelessness was not something we saw in the 80’s until Reagan era. Towns had ‘characters” in those days. Not like this. People who have been born since the 80’s don’t even know what is wrong because they grew up living with the social structure as it was deteriorating. They are used to seeing people on the streets as normal. It isn’t. FDR had the WPA. All over my town are things built by the WPA. The post office. The roads. Dozens of things. People i was treating had come West from places like Indiana. Like the Dust Bowl. But this is an economic Dust Bowl and some of these people caused it with fraud — like Madoff. And the bankers. And maybe even our politicians. All my life I was told to care about the starving children all over the world — my mother and grandmother in childhood reminded me of that if I didn’t like the vegetable.

        In my lifetime, I have never seen the heartlessness and indifference out of our politicians that I am seeing now. I have not. I am tired of political liars.
        We need the kind of presidents we believed in in childhood. I stopped believing when it came to Bush. I was soured by Nixon, in my teenage years — I picked the Dems because of that.

        But now?

        I just want politicians I can believe in — like when we were kids RD. So Brook can have a life like we had — and all the other little Brooks out there.

        The middle class were always the givers, the decent rich people the philanthropists in this country.

        Now you’ve got tasteless, selfish, evil at the top — no middle and people begging on our streets. Leprosy can’t be too far off.

        And for little Isis — guard your heart little sister. Because funding was cut at every agency I ever worked for — for the programs. It was my Irish heart that wanted to help others. It is the French part of me who would be part of something like Bastille.

        All these years I thought the dems had been doing their work solving social probs. Until I saw pictures of that Rezko deal. Then I knew just how corrupt it was. I lost my respect for the political party I loved right then. No kidding. Presidents Day in America. It used to mean something, once upon a time. For me that will be JFK, Carter and what might have been Hillary.

        it seems to me that this crisis we are in happened from about 1995 on. It may have been building for longer but that is when we began to see it.

        Anyway RD — the Conf has been solace. Through it all.

  4. Dear RD, don’t worry about posting less here at TC….when you do, what you write is just what I need to read…I can get jokes anywhere.

    I’m here.

  5. re: infantcide…
    Just look at any relatively good sized newspaper in this country, how many cases of young mothers dropping a newborn into a trash dumpster, or really young couples killing their newborns. This is what happens when these whacko fundies start screwing with the abortion laws. The kids, who only know “Don’t Do it!” as sex ed get pregnant and without any form of abortion that have the babies and at 16-18 they know they can’t raise the child, so they dumpster it.

    This would be a perfect counter to all these anti-abortion posters with dead fetus’ (? feti?) posters of dead newborns in the dumpster…..

    • Just saw that the House voted to stop all funding of Planned Parenthood….

    • Owen, one instance of that happened near here in an NC coastal town: a young girl recently gave birth to a baby in a toilet at a sports stadium and abandoned it.

      Her picture was all over the papers as a mug shot, in bright prison orange. The news items universally condemned her, as though she had become pregnant through parthenogenesis, decided she really didn’t want birth control or an abortion, had all the food, shelter and income she could possibly have needed and just did this on a whim.

      The (white, healthy) baby has been given to a foster home. I don’t know what’s going to happen to her. It’s so very very wrong to take away all of women’s and girl’s choices, keep them out of jobs, take away their school funding and then just send them to jail when they’re too poor, young and uneducated to support the babies forced on them.

      Oh, and also lecture them on how they should have “kept their legs closed” – the closest these religious criminals will come to admitting the man they’re letting off scott-free might have been involved somewhere.

  6. RD, I think the majority of the country, meaning the middle class and working class, have to get the fruits of the country’s rightward lurch the last 30 years (the poor already know). The fact is that the rethuglicans have won the war of words. It will only be when people realize they have spent the last 30 years being lied to will this country have any opportunity to get back on track. The Democratic wing of the Democratic party will have to reinvent themselves, possibly even as a new party as at this time, we have one center-right party and one far-right party. Keep up the fight.

  7. Well, I sure hope that your big announcement is that you’re running for President in 2012 because I sure do need someone to vote for. Who knows, it might be time, steam engine time, to take blogging to a whole ‘nother level.

    • Speaking of which – and even if I’m not sure a one-issue politician is necessarily a good thing – I like this story, from Slovakia, about how bloggers turned politicians.

      Natália Blahová, […] started writing about the problem of orphanages in Slovakia in 2006. She gained a significant number of followers and her articles were often reprinted in newspapers. Later, she turned the blog into the main platform for her campaign to speed up the process of adopting children.

      In 2009, she was recruited as the expert in this area by a new political party, and she became a member of parliament in 2010. Natália Blahová is now directly involved in changing the legislation that she has been criticising on her blog.

      Her party, Freedom and Solidarity, is sometimes dubbed the ‘internet party’, since many of its prominent members campaigned on blogs and Facebook, and its head, Richard Sulík, is well known not only for blogging but for passionately arguing with his critics on internet forums. He still blogs and discusses issues with the readers of his blog in his new job – as chairman of the Slovak parliament.

      • Power thru the internet, why do you think the pols are pushing “Net Neutrality”?

        The Democratic party has changed from a plant that bore the fruits of liberty to a noxious weed that chokes it.
        Like any weed it must be destroyed down to its roots. That means never voting for any down ticket Democrat again until Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the rest of the Wall Street toadies are gone. If this means voting fro some Neanderthal republican, so be it.

  8. RD, I am not in Wisconsin. I know something like 25K teachers marched on the capital yesterday and schools were closed because of it.

    • Until I was elected to the Board of Ed, I had no idea how hardworking teachers were. Yep, there are slackers. Yep, their bennies are generous. But we should be asking ourselves why we all don’t have them. Resenting them and tearing them down only undermines us in the end.

      • Why don’t we all have those bennies? Outsourcing.

        Wait until someone figures out they can fill a school full of TV screens with teachers from India.

      • I’m thinking the same thing. I’ve never been in a union, but I do know that what they get sets the bar for what the rest of us get.

        Yes, why don’t we all have good benefits?

  9. Excellent post and comments, RD. I hope the major way RL intervened is in a good way, but if not, I hope it does a 180 for you.


  10. good to hear from you R.D. has the snow melted ?

  11. Pardon me if I can’t whip up too much sympathy for public union members being asked to take cuts which still leave them with far sweeter benefits than those of us working in the private sector….those of us who still have jobs, anyway.

    • Jay:

      I hear you on that account, but that is what the people in power want. They want the private to go after the public, rather than the private asking, why are they not entitled to the same pension and benefits that their parents and grandparents had. They want us fighting each other for the scraps and all the while the powers that be in Washington, of all political stripes, are still cashing in on their benefits system, which we the American tax-payer cover. They talk about belt-tightening, and if they truly believe that then there is an old saying: “Charity begins at Home”. I don’t see any of these elected officials offering to give up their cushy benefits to show that they will “lead by example”. The suffering is to come from somewhere else. We should all be up in arms, that the last vestiges of the FDR social safety net have been dismantled and that the “shock doctrine” is the order of the day, our societies workers are now competitive with call centers in Banglidesh!!

      • Jay, it’s not about benefits, it’s about NOT being allowed a union or the ability to negoiate. Here in Oklahoma there is a bill being proposed that would PROHIBIT schools from having payroll deduction for union dues, only schools! And if you want sweet benefits – join a union!

        • Well…here’s the reality of it all, Marylee. There is no money. The alternative is to lay off a few thousand. These are the hard choices that just about every state is going to be facing. We have decided that we want a great society but nobody wants to pay for it…..nobody is willing to give up their sliver of pie.

          • jay – the reality is that any extra money went to Wall Street and just for a cherry on top, the tax cuts for the wealthy were extended.

            Now, a bunch of working class people around the country have to pay an extra hundred bucks a month to make up for it? Yeah, right. That won’t be enough.

            As for the pie thing, it isn’t the ones with a “sliver” of pie that are the problem. It is the ones making the rest of us divide the one, very small, remaining sliver who are actually the problem.

    • I see more and more people in the private sector working past retirement age because they can’t afford to retire, yet their taxes pay for the the very healthy retirement plans of public sector employees to retire at age 55. There is something wrong with that.

      • Plus the bad apples who collect their retirement bennies from one state and go to work in another. Or the ones who have their salaries inflated for a couple years before retirement so they get in retirement the same as what would have been their normal income when working. But also a big part is how the top people’s salaries in governement and private sector got so very inflated compared to the average worker in their department or company. That is also a cause of the budget inbalances and some pensions that are hugely inflated. Can you imagine if Bush 2 had gotten his way and everyone’s SS had been moved to private accounts just in time for the 2008 meltdown? If we think it’s bad now . . . So yes I agree that state’s have to figure out how to balance the budget but for working people to be fighting over the scraps is awful. We are the puppets being played.

        • Do you have some objection to people being paid for their labor?

          There’s no evidence that people in public service have “inflated” salaries compared to private business.

          • During a boom time, the public servants make less in salary but get the good medical coverage and retirement.

      • Jay, you are not addressing the situation in Wis. – if there is such a huge finanical problem why did the Gov. give TAX CUTS last month? The reality is this is about UNION BUSTING. I don’t know about anywhere but Okla – I have paid into my retirement for the last 40 years but the state has not been putting in their share and the retirement fund is 48% underfunded – so Babs the “taxpayers” haven’t been holding up their end for my “very healthy Retirement plan”.
        Yes, the states are facing problems but it’s not the public sector that’s raking in huge salaries. Our new Republican Insurance Commissioner increased his assistants from 4 to 10 while decreasing the white collar fraud unit. Included in these 10 are 3 former legislators who for reasons ranging from term limits to being defeated for higher office were unemployed. None have insurance experience but all are being paid $99,000!!!!! THAT’S the problem – no money for the middle class but plenty for the fat cats.
        Most teachers is my district have not retired at 55 – in fact several my age (early 60’s) can’t afford to retire – maybe they don’t kow they have such a wonderful retirement just waiting for them!! Most public sector jobs paid less than the private but we were told that our retirement would make up for all those low paying years – and now you begrudge us a hopefully decent retirement.
        Again – you want those “sweet” benefits – JOIN A UNION and negoiate.

  12. I’ve often wondered why the Dems did not run last year demanding to the GOP state exactly what would be cut..it almost felt as if they wanted to lose.

    There is so much wisdom in this piece…among the wisest nuggets: turn off your TV. At least for chunks of time. And I for one won’t patronize a business that has news on a tv while i shop or wait. And am vocal about it. Everyone ought to demand the constant noise of the media be turned way down.

    • It almost felt as if they wanted to lose.

      Sure did. And the funny (no, not really) thing was, that most opinionaters seemed to be on board with that (i.e. got the WH memo?) rejoicing that a loss would actually be a great advantage to Obama.

      Huh? Never understood that pretzel-like logic, but apparently no one ever felt the need to – or was asked to – explain exactly how that would be a positive.

  13. I only wish the protesters in WI would focus on the cause of the budget misery we are experiencing in all states and at the Federal level….namely, the control the big bankers exercise, taking large fees for pension moneys, mismanaging it, getting bailed out for destroying the monetary system….
    Walker and Christie…do you ever hear them rail against the bankers and the huge fees they take from the taxpayers and the huge amounts of interest states pay them on the pension debt?

    Nah, we have to slam public workers, so much easier…You can be sure that eventually you’ll see a backlash against the public workers….unless someone gets to the real cause of the mess we’re in! They are just the scapegoats and the GOP will make sure the public turns against them…

    Until we in the states go after the international bankers, we are still not “Cairo in Madison”…

    • The immediate cause of the $137 million budget deficit in WI is the $117 million worth of tax cuts instituted by Hosni Walker himself. No doubt the bankers and his other corporate keptocrat cronies profited immensely. This calls to mind the Incomparable Molly’s First Rule of Holes: When you’re in one, stop digging. Walker found himself with a gopher hole and took a backhoe to it.

      It’s pretty clear that this whole thing is not about balancing the budget but about union busting–depriving the working class of the mechanisms that can protect them against becoming the white- and blue-collar counterparts of sharecroppers. Much of Walker’s support is coming from outside the state–from the likes of the Koch Brothers and other grotesquely wealthy radical conservatives whose ultimate aim is power for themselves.

  14. insightanalytical said:

    “focus on the cause of the budget misery we are experiencing in all states and at the Federal level….namely, the control the big bankers exercise, taking large fees for pension moneys, mismanaging it, getting bailed out for destroying the monetary system…:”

    Ding, ding, ding!

    Which is why I don’t want to hear anything, anything at all about unions or benefits or pensions until we have an honest appraisal of root causes to the economic meltdown that was caused by unbridled greed and malfeasance and corruption in our financial sector and in those grand halls of Congress.

    All this union bashing is a distraction, setting one group of workers against another, none of whom will ever see the take of the real professionals, the $3000 suited grifters that have run away with the store and are still playing the same old casino games and sleight of hand manuevers. Look over there, while I pick your pocket.

    In the real estate depression of the late 1800’s, bankers were hung from lamp posts in NYC. There was a reason for that!

  15. Obama didn’t deserve any of his “terms” in office, all handed to him by virtue of his historic whatever.

  16. Unions have to make concessions

    May not be as cathartic as name calling but this has the benefit of being honest and more realistic.

    No one likes to lose benefits. We all want what was promised years ago. However, it is simply not going to happen. As long as these budget deficits are staring taxpayers in the eye, unions are putting themselves in a difficult situation by thinking they will not have to give something back.

    Otherwise, union workers will end up like the police and firefighters in Camden, N.J.; playing hardball, only to see a mayor slash their jobs and leave half of the cops with no jobs, no health care and limited future choices.

    I don’t like agreeing with Roland Martin.

    • Unions rely on the public as much as their internal solidarity. When major unions still donate to the Democratic party, no matter what they do to workers, in order to get concessions for thei members, it turns people against them.

    • Roland Martin is an idiot. That should come as no surprise to you with his fawning over Obama.
      Additionally, the issue in Wisconsin is only partly pay and benefits. The laws also guts the unions’ ability to organize and negotiate working conditions for its members.

  17. What is going on with all the anti-union propaganda? Did the unions cause GM’s problems, the financial meltdown, the trade imbalances, etc.? I find the ability of big business and now the right leaning legislative boiodies to deconstruct the working class appalling. The working class must sacrifice more so that we can give more breaks to the corporations?

    Obama continues to sell out the middle and lower class proving once again that the only person who ever benefits from electing Obama to political office is Obama.

    • An answer, probably oversimplified, to Escee’s question about anti-union propaganda and turning the working-class folks against one another is “The Corporate Media”.

      The US Corporate Media is a mechanism for spreading propaganda that would make Goebbels weep in envy. The Right can lie with impunity over the Corporate Media, knowing no one with a microphone will call them on it. 👿

      Of course, the CM also played a big role in installing the Wall Street shill Obummer.

  18. “right leaning legislative boiodies” should be “right leaning legislative bodies.” I missed that typo.

  19. Indiana next?? 😦

  20. If anyone has access to HBO, you might be interested to know Gloria Steinem is going to be on Bill Maher next Friday. I believe she’ll be on the panel, so that should make for some interesting discussion.

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