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Obama is the worst president of my lifetime

Obama makes home ownership a thing of the past

Hyperbolic?  You be the judge.  Administration calls for cutting aid to homebuyers:

The Obama administration’s much-anticipated report on redesigning the government’s role in housing finance, published Friday, is not solely a proposal to dissolve the unpopular finance companies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said closing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac might take five to seven years.

It is also a more audacious call for the federal government to cut back its broadly popular, long-running campaign to help Americans own homes. The three ideas that the report outlines for replacing Fannie and Freddie all would raise the cost of mortgage loans and push homeownership beyond the reach of some families.

That fact is already generating opposition in Congress and among groups like community banks and consumer advocates.

But administration officials said they had concluded the country could no longer afford to sustain its commitment to minting homeowners. Better to help some people rent

What is more sickening?  That this president who had everything going for him when he came into office would betray the American people like he has or that the gullible left put him in charge because they got all snooty over Bill Clinton’s comparatively reasonable welfare reform?

Read the whole thing.  It will make your blood boil.  What would make anyone want to buy a house after this?  How will current homeowners sell in the future?  What will developers buildinstead?  Highrises?  Will you only be able to rent your three bedroom house with all the restrictions on making structural changes and painting the walls?  Will a greater number of Americans be subject to landlords and evictions, fees and arbitrary rent increases?  Will their rental rights and property rights be protected and respected?  Who will enforce that?    What nutcase thought this was a good idea??

And what does it say for Obama’s attitude towards the middle class that he expects that we won’t be able to afford houses in the future?  What does he know and when did he know it?  Who are his friends?  What are they talking about behind our backs?  We better find out.

61 Responses

  1. Link to the article not working

  2. obama is doing exactly what he was placed in the WH by the power elite to do — destroy America and make way for the total takeover by the corporate elite and render the rest of us corporate slaves. Those of us who supported Hillary saw him for who he really was and we fought the good fight to stop him from getting into the WH, but our elections are controled by party leaders, who are controlled by the power elite. They had their marching orders to make sure obama won “by any means necessary” and we watched with great despair his blatant stealing of the nomination from Hillary, while the MSM and the DNC sanctioned it every step of the way.

    In essense, a total betrayal of the American people and a “coup” planned and executed by the power elite.

    What we need now is a true revolution like they tried to have in Iran protesting the faux election of Ahmadinejad. The revolution obama turned his back on because, like Ahmadinejad, he came into power by fraudlent means.

    Until we are willing to take to the streets and not leave until obama leaves and we, the people, chose our leaders, we will have the same fate as Iran.

    • I completely agree. You are absolutely right.

    • Corporate has become a dirty 9 letter word and distracts from the real problem- the rule makers.

      In some industries, it is impossible to get anything of interest done without a body of people with related skills. Many of us work for such entities. There’s a difference between what some self interested types do at the very top and the actual corporation.

      Yep, some of these corporations hand out loads and loads of cash to politicians to get what they want. But note that the politicians don’t have to take the money or if they do take the money, they don’t have to necessarily give the corporation what it wants without question.

      Politicians are the ones you need to focus your attention on. It is human nature for the greedy of any entity to try to take advantage of lax rules and sleeping referees. But for politicians to put the blame on corporations for getting us into trouble is like a fat person blaming the candy for being sweet.

      Just don’t eat it.

      • Isn’t what you are describing a “Catch 22” situation?

        The way I see it the corporations own the politicians. How do you put a stop to this? My opinion is that the easiest way to do this is to stop the corporations from buying the politicians.

        My personal bias here is that the issue is not the entire corporation itself, it is primarily the marketing arm of the corporation which is attempting to get its propaganda out to as many as possible, as quickly and as cheaply as possible. It seems that today the best way to do that is to buy a politician. If we can put a stop to this we might have a prayer of getting the message back.

        • Yes, that would involve changing the rule makers. Including the supreme court. This is what 30 years of relentless republican propaganda and political victories has gotten us.
          In order to restore the middle class, we are going to have to replace Republicans with some other party member until the republican party is politically powerless. There is no other way that I can see to fix what ails us.
          As long ad conservatives control the message they will continue to drive both parties to the right. They must be defeated-utterly.
          We need a third party to siphon strength away from conservatives.

          • I do not see the Republicans (both declared, and undeclared) being replaced until we can free the media.

            I look at the last 3 presidential elections and I see that it doesn’t matter: In 2000 we had a clear choice between a D and R, but the media decided that the D was “too drab”; In 2004 we had a choice between what I perceived to be a D and an R, and the media decided that the people needed more protection than could be provided by a D; In 2008 we had a choice between a D (but truly undeclared R) and an R, so we really had no choice, because the true D was eliminated in the primaries by the media.

            I believe McLuhan had it right in 1964, but today I would change his phrase to: “The Media is the Problem”

          • DIng. Since both legacy parties are “conservatives.” As we see from the post, if not before.

        • How about publicly financed elections? Then the public owns it Congress. The media that profits from politician’s TV ads would suffer a huge loss of revenue. in Britian, TV ads are free and must be of a certain length, include the poltician, and relate to a real political issue, or so I read.

  3. 2008 Democratics primaries shouldn’t never be forgetten. The failer of the Left shouldn’t be forgiven either, because they are supossedly the gate keepers of democracy and the wlfare of regular people. IMO the unforgivable sin in 2008 was the blatent intervention of money in the proccess with the aid of the media. If people let go of their anger and hurt over it then they are too are complacent in the crime.

  4. I have a friend with clean credit and a savings account I can only dream of who cannot refinance without moving her savings.

  5. Wow. I didn’t know they were thinking about this. It shouldn’t surprise me but, it does. I’m shocked.

    Help Renters? That sounds all too much like the health insurance plan. Don’t cover health care — subsidize Health Insurance (more money for Insurance Companies). Don’t cover mortgages …. subsidize Rent (more money for landlords).


    • There are some large corporations that own a collection of apartments and then have property managers or on-site managers deal with the renters.

      I’m sure there would be some loophole where little landlords who just own a house that they rent out will be exempted from help.

      I’d worry that this “help for renters” would replace the rent subsidies/voucher program – section 8.

  6. Very well said.

  7. he is ahead of his agenda.the ruining America one:evil:

  8. As has been written by me here constantly, BO’s MO is to always promise everything in order to mollify the opposition and then after a period of some time, he would begin to break those promises and side with the companies that gave him donations during his 2008 presidential campaign. Go back to the health care bill..the 2008 housing crisis..could go on and on..

  9. “Obama is the worst president of my lifetime”
    I have to agree with that assessment. Who else could have so efficiently turned a campaign theme of hope to a reality of despair? Even former President Jimmy Carter who has been derided so frequently is looking like a gem now. I never thought Carter was that bad as president, but his post-elected life has been a mixed bag.

  10. Most of the A list bloggers have turned on TehLightbringer now that his true colors have become evident; and I appreciate their support.

    But I want to see them wearing sack cloth & ashes EVERY GD DAY!!! They need to preface EVERY one of their posts with an abject apology to those of us they portrayed as racists. It doesn’t need to be anything long, just a simple “I was wrong about Obama, now on to today’s subject.”

    Until then I will always remember their unforgivable ways and take everything they have to say with a box of salt.

    • Pennelope Pennebaker, I don’t care if they eat crow — if they would work as hard to get a good candidate to primary him as they did to get him elected.

  11. Here RD & Co. I just watched this.


    You know? Being from our gen and all, we would expect him to act certain ways — but he doesn’t. JFK, Carter, the Clintons — were the Dems we grew up with?
    He didn’t grow up here?

    It is very hard to have any faith in any politician right now. Because? They are in it for themselves. This did not seem to be a quality that the other presidents had, maybe.

    He should watch this:

    And this:

    Maybe the Clintons were the last of an era of Democrats that we understood? It
    just seems like everything has gone downhill since, in so many ways.

    • The guy is so full of himself that even a direct insult to his competence and delivery is flipped into an opportunity for his insubstantial assurances about how well he’s doing by everybody else’s standards.

  12. when i read this yesterday, it sickened me. i mean really? if this was gw saying these things the dems would be accusing him of destroying the middle class, but right now all these politicians on the left are silent on this, they don’t seem to give a damn that this will singlehandedly destroy the middle classes not to mention more job… i mean seriously, what are they thinking. if you can’t own and you rent then you are beholden to someone else’s rules so basically ob wants us to all be under control of someone else but this is america and i think he just doesn’t understand the american way at all. he is clueless on the pursuit of liberty thing. i just don’t understand why the left aren’t up in arms against this idea he is backing. i definitely for one am thinking this is something a repub would back not a true democrat. i just don’t get it and he frustrates me and the silence frustrates me. hillary would have fought for the middle class not want to destroy it so that there are only slaves and masters in the end.

    • That Dems dare not speak out against Obama’s conservative stands and actions, as they would likely be labeled racists or maybe worse, was the brilliance of the MOTU’s selecting Obama to be the sure-to-win Dem candiate in 2008.

      Hillary was perceived as not being a maleable or controllable. She had demonstrated clear adherence to the principles of the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party. She was viewed by the MOTU’s as much too independent and not totally on board with Corporatism.

      I warned over and over that Dems would be unable to hold Obama’s feet to the fire, that they would be unable to hold him accountable — for fear of driving blacks out of the Dem Party.

      Working brilliantly for the Powers That Be.

  13. BO is so awful that he conspiracy theories about him being a sleeper Manchurian candidate sound less & less crazy every month. It’s like he’s driving the USA into the ditch on purpose.

  14. I think I can answer the above question.

    The “left” fucked up.


    And have no idea how to recoup.

    Not that there’s been even a moderate “left” in this country since Howard’s silencing.


    i just don’t understand why the left aren’t up in arms against this idea he is backing.

  15. America will become Obamaville.

    • Yet the amount of corporate money that will flow into his re-election campaign will sicken every reader here. I am ill at the thought already!

      • There’s been speculations for some time now, that the cost of Obama’s reelection campaign will surpass $1 billion!

        Yay! So then not only will that be another “first”, another “historic”, we also get to call him “The Billion-dollar Man”. [Deep sigh!]

  16. The govt is not gonna help anyone in this matter and they never were. The knowledge/power matrix that Foucault discusses in book after book reveals how it happened if you use his method to see. The more mortgages were subsidized, made easier to get, the more the secondary mortgage market-read derivatives-increased. The more mortgage paper shit, the bigger the derivative market. Anyone ever involved in real estate knew that. This was the time to make hay.

    By the same reasoning, they cannot foreclose on you if you know the law on this. The Truth In Lending Act prohibits banks from doing certain things. They violated this law, so if you use it against them they fold and leave you alone. I went on at this at great length when I was studying it over at The dailykos, and the nazis lawyers there drummed me out. Lawyers are terrified of guerilla law, but that’s what people need to know. People never had to lose their homes. I’ll say it again. People never had to lose their homes. Why does everyone hang around expecting the government to do anything to help them when they are part of the problem. Go over and read my diaries on it at dkos. Any questions just email me. DON’T LOSE YOUR HOME.

  17. If the Left wants to do anything then they are going to have to know more than they know. Start with Rubenstein’s This Is Not a President. You can read Obama through her widedly funny Lacanian analysis of Bush I. Like him Obama is a male hysteric. The male hysteric collapses into the arms of his opponents before the fight even begins. This is Obama. This is why Hillary beat him. This is why the dem controllers can’t stand her because they know she would beat them too.

    Run Hillary run!

  18. wickedly not widedly

  19. I like the “help people rent” part. Does anybody doubt that’s going to end up as a humongous subsidy to big landlords while the little guy gets shut down, or becomes a renter themselves?

  20. This “plan” is merely the most recent big bank reach around to the vampire squids while they stick their blood funnels in his orifice of choice. It is a wonder he and Geithner could mumble the words with their mouths so full.

    This is merely buying into the ludicrous meme that poor people caused the credit crisis. You never hear about the fact that 80% of the bad loans were refinancings. And of that 80%, 60% of that were for second or vacation homes. You never hear that the instance of home ownership throughout the entire housing bubble only went up less than 2% — yes, less than 2%.

    One thing that is buried in this “middle class bend over” plan is that there is a provision for banks and developers of multi-family projects, i.e. apartment buildings.

    The other hidden agenda here is that Fannie and Freddie (F&F) have, since the 1980’s, been a target of the Repugs. It was close to Karl Rove’s number one agenda item. F&F have long been seen as a bastion of the Dems with hundreds of millions that the well-connected Dems have taken out of there over the last three decades since F&F became quasi-private entities.

    I really don’t know how we could expect a man like Oblablah who is made from Silly Putty to do anything less — it concedes to his banking masters and pleases the Repugs. A perfect plan.

  21. This plan is about lowered expectations. It is essentially telling people that they will never own but be life long renters. It is not going to be as easy as sell as the banks and their marionettes may think. Owning real property is a basic requirement in many parts of this country’s culture. It may be a mobile home on a 1/4 acre in the hills, or it may be a McMansion, being a renter is a big step down and Democrats may have just greased their slide into oblivion with this Chicago housing authority quid pro quo stunt.

  22. This is one of those times when I’m grateful that I don’t have children. My first home was purchased with an FHA-backed loan which my children would likely be denied. I retired with a good pension which is now in jeopardy leaving my children the burden of caring for an aging parent. It’s a good bet that Medicare will be bone-dry by the time I really need it, again, leaving my children with the burden of deciding whether or not to feed their children or trying to keep dear old mum alive.
    The nation is going to hell in a handbasket and Obama and the Democrats are leading the way.

  23. I see this as another blow to America itself. Home ownership is a source of personal pride and does so much to develop the neighborhoods that develop the sense of community that bind us together. More destruction of a part of the American dream by the American nightmare.

  24. Go to youtube George Carlin American Dream

    GC had it down. But everyone just thought he was a funny comic… throughout history it has been the comics and jesters who spoke the truth but nobody listened.

  25. President Teddy Roosevelt said “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” Guess which President says “Teleprompt loudly and hoist a white flag!” (To see a related web article that some have banned, Google “Obama Fulfilling the Bible.”)

  26. Obama is the embodiment of the political truth “Only Nixon could go to China”
    He was installed so he could do what an outspoken R couldn’t. In the name of bipartisanship – the euphemism for surrender.

  27. RD, you were there – what happened in 2008 that made Hill back out when she had more votes than O?
    What made her tell our Governor and others to give O her delegates. That is unfathonomal to me – what on earth did they do that made her give up?

    • They made it clear to her that there was nothing she could do to win the nomination short of getting jesus to come back early and the nearly bankrupted her. When the convention came, she didn’t have the money to hire whips.
      I suspect that the obama campaign offered to help her pay her campaign debts and then didn’t really do it.
      They’re bastards of the worst sort. Never vote for him. Ever.

      • RD, I’d like to know if, at the time, did you catch a whiff of what Aravosis let slip last year?

        Then there’s all that work we did for the campaign, all the dirty work they asked us to do – and we did it, gladly, and quietly – none of that counted either, apparently.

        Does anyone know what the nuts & bolts of the WH connection was yet, how it worked, and beyond the obvious KOS, Arianna, & skinner at DU who else was “quietly doing what was asked”?

        • There’s still a continget at DU that are either hopelessly delusional fanboyz or so well paid that looking like hopelessly delusional fanboyz doesn’t bother them. No matter how completely BO effs up, they’re there to proclaim his ineptitude a brilliant ploy at 21dimensional chess. Then there’s the loose-cannon contingent that are obviously genuinely delusional and give it away for free..

      • RD,

        I also recall that had she fought like she did throughout the primary, despite being told by the boyz to get out after Iowa, that she would have been branded as a sore loser and an evil woman who would do anything to obtain power — that’s why from the beginning they marketed obama as a messiah, while painting Hillary as an evil witch.

        I don’t think it was a matter of money, I think it was a matter of survival to fight another day. By then, she knew that despite winning the popular vote and having the right, just like every man before her, to have a floor vote, that the DNC had chosen obama and that they would destroy her if she took this to a final vote. No candidate can defy the power elites within the party, especially a woman, without paying a huge price. I interviewed one of the super delegates and she told me that they were told the night before the Convention that they were absolutely NOT to vote for Hillary, or else. She said it was unprecedeted intimidation by the DNC that set the stage for Hillary to throw in the towel.

        What we witnessed in Denver was raw power being used to usurp the will of the people and their willingness to do anything to make certain their puppet was given the nominiation.

        Anyone who thinks Hillary could have taken on the power behind an incompetent’s run for the presidency is living in an Alice in Wonderland world. I have no doubt they would have destroyed politically and she would have gone the way of Cynthia McKinney, had she taken them on. It was all about the evil power behind the candidate, obama, not money, IMO.

  28. Yes! We should all have our own personal Tony Rezko real estate faire.

    One of the biggest mysteries to me is why the NDIL US Attorney, Mr.Fitzgerald, has so assiduously protected both BO and MO, even before 2004. Rezko was far more deeply involved with him than with Blago.

    If BO had not had this protection he would have never been a Senator, let alone President.

    It all goes back to Fitzgerald.

    • I agree, remember reading about testimony from an undercover FBI guy that there were two people seen constantly visiting Resko, one of them Blago I think and BO for sure, yet BO escapes clean. Why?

    • Oh, and remember how thrilled we all were when Patrick Fitzgerald entered the scene? We were convinced that now, now, thanks to this man of integrity, the truth would finally be revealed – for all to see.

      What a disappointment he turned out to be!

  29. Obama is doing things to Joe and Jane Six-pack that republicans could only dream about.

    Time to abandon ship because a vote for any down ticket Democrat is a vote for the new status quo. This isn’t FDR’s party any longer and we don’t owe them a thing.

  30. did you guys read this? http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110213/ap_on_re_us/us_obama_pell_grants

    i mean, i am upset because he is talking out of both sides of his mouth yet again. he wants to expand education, yet he wants to limit pell grants as college tuition keeps going up every year. what are kids to do if they can no longer afford to go to college at all anymore. we really are going to have a huge chasm between rich and poor in this country if he keeps proposing middle class killing proposals. i am so sickened by his oblivious and audacious fight against us regular middle class people. if people don’t see that he is against them in the next election then i don’t know what else to do to help to inform people that this guy is a joke and not a democrat at all.

    they say they want to stop summer pell grants, but excuse me the program i was in i had to do my internship during the summer there was no other time we could do it. so the only way i could pay for that was with that summer pell grant. and i was even frugal with my college costs by going to community college, then transferring to a four year state college that was less expensive than the big state college or any private college. i owe 4k now after graduating 10 years ago. but still i wouldn’t have finished college without pell grants even being smart about my choices of what colleges i would go to money wise.

  31. Methinks if the American people wanted its Congress to be able to spend less time fundraising for the next election and more time serving them, and removing the incentive to dance with those that brung-em, they’d gather en masse at the Mall and demand publicly funded elections. I doubt that the U.S. media would cover it because it benefits more than any group of actual citizens from this money allocation, buy maybe Al Jazeera would.

    Imagine if Hillary had been the Dem candidate. She and McCain would have created the first presidential candidates that ran on public funding. As it was. one Obama vote costs between $10 and $15.

    • Typos–

      “but” maybe Al Jazerra

      “first presidential campaign,” not “candidates”

      “As it was, one…”

    • How about we just demand the Obama campaign reveal where their donations come from? Remember they disabled that security check for online donations that rejected credit cards from overseas? Never did get a resolution to that, did we? Lie, cheat, nothing is beneath them, and our complicit media says not a word.

  32. Oh, President Obama is just doing his best… to make President GW Bush look good by comparison.

    Yes, he can…


  33. No hyperbole at all … Obama is the worst bar none

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