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Tuesday: So low you could step on it

Even if the Journal’s darker account is more accurate, the executioner’s hand has been stayed for the moment. That’s a victory for the American people, who oppose these cuts by large majorities across the political spectrum.

It’s a victory for sound economic thinking. Social Security doesn’t contribute to the deficit, and retirement benefits get recirculated into the general economy. That contributes to job creation and growth.

And it’s a victory for progressives who mobilized and acted quickly to forestall any such move by the president in this speech, as had been rumored for quite some time.

It could also be a political victory for Democrats, if the Post depiction is accurate. Dems would then be able, in Lori Montgomery’s words, to “draw a stark line between the White House and key Republicans in Congress.”

And what is this great victory? OMG … your heart will swell with pride!

No Social Security Cuts in the State of the Union?

Lori Montgomery of the Washington Post just wrote an article entitled “Obama won’t endorse raising retirement age or reducing Social Security benefits,” where she reports that the State of the Union speech will not include any suggestions for cutting retirement benefits.

Although the story does go on to say that the State of the Union will likely include President Obama’s traditional call to “put everything on the table.”  So let’s not make ourselves too comfortable.

26 Responses

  1. Of course he won’t talk about it in the SOTU, but he won’t veto it either when those mean gopers “force” him to implement hisi own Catfood Commission’s cuts.

    I’m not watching his SOTU. There has to be some scintillating McGyver rerun on or something.

  2. I am even more angry this morning than I was yesterday about this a*#.

    He has allowed angry dialogue to develop around his shitty policies and now he is going to step up tonight and say, “Nope…I AM not going to let that happen”.

    “And it came to pass that the world falls at his feet singing Halleluh – he is our savior.”

    And he will not have to accept the responsibility for the harm, hurt and fear that he has caused to fall upon so many of us for lo, these past months.

    Anger. A great emotion to generate in innocent people. What a guy you are Obama.

    • He’s The Gypper and Camelot Rolled into one! Plus, there’s more, he’s also our national pastor!
      For the low low price of only one billion dollars, you can have him for a second term!
      Donate now and get a free t-shirt!
      Don’t delay, credibility is limited!

  3. Oh my, can’t wait to see the newer looking seating arrangements, and the easier working relationships that will give us so so so much more for our dollar.

    • yup and when some reps and some dems sit together the media will announce that after hundreds of years it too Obama to bring peace and bi-partisanship to the US government.

    • So, the people who said the two legacy parties were a single entity were right all along. Hilarious.

      • That’s not funny, that’s sad. We still hold onto our Democratic values even if the Dems we elect don’t.

  4. My guess is that he will not talk about it, but will do it anyway. That’s a win win for him. Republicans will love him and so will the idiots who think because he didn’t talk about those cuts he is not responsible for them.

    • Agreed! I no longer believe him. Watch what he does and forget what he says because actions do speak louder than words.

  5. Now I’m confused.
    I had thought all this bickering back and forth about how many lunatics can dance on the head of a pin, and if that pin was a donkey or an elephant, was a smoke screen for Obama to hide another favor for Wall Street.

    But then I read the late Molly Ivins’ political biography Shrub. Seems Bush would do something similar as governor, come out in favor (or against) some piece of legislation but behind the scenes letting legislators know he would be happy if it failed.

    Sorta like Obama did with NAFTA, sneaking notes to the Canadians that it was all theater.

    • Yep. Gov Bush and our Democratic Lt Gov collaborated like that beautifully. They got along so well it was scary.

  6. So low a worm couldn’t crawl under it.

    A flatworm.

  7. Ha!ha! Ha! reminds me of the old country. When they had bad news – usually increases in prices – they would launch a rumor with way worse numbers. So when the bad news came, it could have passed for good news.
    Of course, Obama perfectly intended to touch the third rail, but saw the polls and doubled back.
    The new DUdies – they actually admit their mistake
    it’s the “We made a big mistake with Obama” edition

    • I went through that last week. The mechanic told me it would cost $600 to fix my car. I almost did a happy dance when the bill was under $500.

  8. A White House official has said President Obama will propose a 5 year freeze in discretionary, “non-security” spending in the SOTU address:


    1939 repeated all over again.


  9. My neighbor just dropped in to give me a piece of my mail she got by mistake, told me she saw on Morning Joe (she thinks that’s the program) that during his first two years in office Obama didn’t even as much as place a phone call to six of the people he had appointed to cabinet positions. How can that possibly be true? Czars really running things like people were saying? Gonna go search for this………

  10. Look for the bait and switch strategy here. I don’t believe it until I see it. We saw how he already gouged into SS with his tax give away deal for the wealthy recently.

  11. Oh gag. I’ve got Tweety on (as background noise) and the pre-sale for the SOTUS is so sick, I am about to blow lunch.

    Excuse me while I go and place my foot through the Tee Vee.

  12. Great Haruhi, I’m so disappointed that I work nights and can’t watch the Obamanable Snowjob, er, SOTU Address. 😛

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