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Friday: I know, I know, you should have voted for Hillary

C’mon, you holdouts, admit it.  You guys are like the damned in Life of Brian that are about to be crucified who keep insisting that it “Could have been worse”.  Really?  It could have been worse or the same with Hillary?  How do continue to believe that and still manage to function in your daily activities?  Oh, sure, Obama keeps hiring former Clinton officials but note that they’re the ones that Hillary avoided during her campaign.  In other words, her husband tried them out and found them wanting.


On with the news:

The mainstream press has finally discovered-  The General Public!  OMG!  We’re like a new species.  Whoa, where did we come from?  And we don’t like the idea of cutting back on entitlements.  Why didn’t someone tell the press about this before??  Because they were, like, totally unaware of this.  THEY’D been operating on the assumption that whatever was going on in the Hamptons was like the very heartland in America.  I mean, doesn’t everyone just helicopter in or get Fabio to blow out their hair in the limo on that long, arduous journey from midtown to Long Island?  Wow, what they’ve been missing.

As President Obama and Congress brace to battle over how to reduce chronic annual budget deficits, Americans overwhelmingly say that in general they prefer cutting government spending to paying higher taxes, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll.

Yet their preference for spending cuts, even in programs that benefit them, dissolves when they are presented with specific options related to Medicareand Social Security, the programs that directly touch the most people and also are the biggest drivers of the government’s projected long-term debt.

Nearly two-thirds of Americans choose higher payroll taxes for Medicare and Social Security over reduced benefits in either program. And asked to choose among cuts to Medicare, Social Security or the nation’s third-largest spending program — the military — a majority by a large margin said cut the Pentagon

Well, there you have it, sports fans.  The American people want the pointless and expensive wars to stop.  And they choose cuts to the pentagon by a large margin.  Barry, are you listening?  Because Bush got us into these stupid wars and destabilized parts of the world it seems in a deliberate manner that makes it really tricky to get out of lest the neighbors start fighting with each other and lob nukes over the fences.

I can almost hear Chris Hedges and his Puritan posse winding up to blame Hillary for this.  Wait for it.  You know it’s coming.  Yes, they’ll say, Obama has been a disaster and a disappointment to them, but if the war doesn’t end, it’s all Hillary’s fault.

But in any case, the Democrats can’t say they didn’t know that cutting entitlements was not what the voters wanted.  And while it is above my pay grade to give math lessons, it should be noted that there are significantly more regular, average, everyday Americans who vote than bankers.  I know, the bankers resent this inequity in numbers and try to make up for it in cash but unless the Dems are planning to rig the voting machines, (and who would put it passed them given the way they ran the primaries in 2008?), the voters will have their say.  Some independent candidate could make a KILLING in 2012.  All those votes, just laying their on the table, unclaimed by either party…

This poll renews my faith in the American public.  After several years of the most intense propaganda, bad economic news and unemployment, they’ve managed to see through the smoke and now are fully aware that the rich and well connected are about to rob them blind.  It takes a Democratic president screwing around with social security to finally wake them up.  For this, we can be grateful that Obama is the unsentimental, opportunistic, banker ass kissing schmoozer we said he was.

In the meantime, the rich and well connected are continuing to try to relieve themselves of their obligations in the states, where state employees and teachers, negotiating in good faith for decades, have deferred part of their compensation to pay for their retirements.

Policy makers are working behind the scenes to come up with a way to let states declare bankruptcy and get out from under crushing debts, including the pensions they have promised to retired public workers.

Unlike cities, the states are barred from seeking protection in federal bankruptcy court. Any effort to change that status would have to clear high constitutional hurdles because the states are considered sovereign.

But proponents say some states are so burdened that the only feasible way out may be bankruptcy, giving Illinois, for example, the opportunity to do what General Motors did with the federal government’s aid.

Declaring bankruptcy is the ONLY way?  What we got here is a failure to imaginate.  How about we tax the people in the state who are making a whole lot of money?  Well, California screwed itself with its silly proposition 13 instead of hiking the income tax on rich people.  I mean, increasing taxes on the wealthy would be the right thing to do since to deprive the employees of their benefits after they’ve been paying into the system for years would be tantamount to breaking a promise to them and sanctioning fraud.  Would YOU want to worf for California and do a good job after that?  You get what you pay for.

And by the way, when did defined benefit plans become so “gold plated” and Unusual?  (Oh, around 1994)  It seems fashionable these days to point to these state employees as some kind of parasites when they’re really just getting what the rest of us used to have as a standard benefits package before that damn 401K got rolled out to everyone as an alternative.  Whose bright idea was that 401K anyway?  I still contend that if you want to save the economy and jobs, cut off the bankers gambling addiction and move back to a social safety net that we can all live with, the powers that be should phase out the 401K.

Speaking of “pension envy”, the public in this recession seems to not be rallying around labor like it did during the Great Depression as this piece in the New Yorker, State of the Unions, explains.

Still, the advantages that union workers enjoy when it comes to pay and benefits are nothing new, while the resentment about these things is. There are a couple of reasons for this. In the past, a sizable percentage of American workers belonged to unions, or had family members who did. Then, too, even people who didn’t belong to unions often reaped some benefit from them, because of what economists call the “threat effect”: in heavily unionized industries, non-union employers had to pay their workers better in order to fend off unionization. Finally, benefits that union members won for themselves—like the eight-hour day, or weekends off—often ended up percolating down to other workers. These days, none of those things are true. Organized labor has been on the wane for decades, to the point where just seven per cent of private-sector workers belong to a union. The benefits that union members still get—like defined-contribution pensions or Cadillac health plans—are out of reach of most workers. And the disappearance of unions from the private sector has radically diminished the threat effect, meaning that unions don’t raise the wages of non-union workers.

Unions have a bad reputation.  But they gave us the weekend.  It looks like this is another battle we have to fight all over again and who knows what regulations Obama is going to want to put on the table to satisfy business?  As Nucky Thomson said in Boardwalk Empire, “You have to decide how much sin you’re willing to live with”  Is a little overreach by the unions worth it if it trickles down to the rest of us non-union people?  What would happen if the newly awakened public had another soylent green moment and showed up at public meetings supporting state employees and teacher’s unions?  How much time would it take to roll back the excesses of movement conservatism?

Following up on the Giffords’ shooting, Hendrik Herzberg has a post in the New Yorker about the connection between Words and Deeds.  He expresses what I have been trying to say beautifully, until the last third of the article where he goes seriously off the rails with effusive and undeserved praise for Obama’s speech in Tucson.  Come on, Hendrik, really?  Let’s compare a couple of presidential speeches that commemorate similar tragedies.

First, the excerpt from Obama’s speech that Hendrik quotes:

I believe that we can be better. Those who died here, those who saved life here—they help me believe. We may not be able to stop all evil in the world, but I know that how we treat one another is entirely up to us.

And now, Lincoln at Gettysburg:

But, in a larger sense, we can not dedicate — we can not consecrate — we can not hallow — this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract. The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here. It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us — that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion — that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain — that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

The dude just gave the USA Today version of the Gettysburg address at Tucson.  He used a lot more words and a lot less sensibility for the principles of the people he claims to represent.  He didn’t write it on the back of an envelope.  No, some professional speech writer like Jon Favreau wrote that piece of drivel for him.  See the difference?  Ok.  Good.  Can we stop making Obama out to be the reincarnation of a great orator now?

On a positive note, Gabrielle Giffords is making slow but steady recovery and is now using an iPad.  Her next milestone: conquering level 19 of the Angry Birds Christmas Seasonal edition.  Seriously, Gabby, we’re pulling for you.

107 Responses

  1. Now if they would only get their facts right….SS does not contribute a dime to the debt and, under law, is not part of the budget and can take no money from it. But still they persist in their lies:

    “…..Medicare and Social Security, the programs that directly touch the most people and also are the biggest drivers of the government’s projected long-term debt.”

    • Facts? You want them to care about facts? They just got their heads out of their asses and have a lot of catching up to do. You’re putting too much pressure on them. you must be one of those tiger mothers.

    • These crooks and liars (0bama et al) had to lessen the amount paid into Social Security so they can rail at how much quicker the SS system is going broke. This was the most cynical and despicable thing O could have done. I love the idea of getting rid of the 401k. I think an increase in what people pay into SS and matched by their employers, which could increase the benefit and strengthen the fund. Solid. Much better than Wall Street having their hand in our retirement. If people want to save mo ey on their own, fine. But do it without tax breaks.

      • These crooks and liars (0bama et al) had to lessen the amount paid into Social Security so they can rail at how much quicker the SS system is going broke.

        Oh, ouch, I hadn’t thought of that. But you’re probably right.

        They’ll make their SS prediction on that … then later raise the taxes again.

    • … until they go howling after the next Missing Blond Cheerleader to distract the masses.

      At least the supermarket tabloids had one redeeming feature, the people who bought them had to learn to read. Not so with cable news.

      With un/under employment numbers over 15% those Beltway to Nantucket journalists probably have family relatives or close friends collecting or out of unemployment benefits.

      Who knows?

      Perhaps they had to open up a couple of the unused rooms in their mansions so the relatives has a warm place to sleep.

      As to O-bot beliefs that The Plastic Messiah will turn this all around, they are no different than the Birthers or any of the other loons on the right. They have their facts and the truth be damned.

      Like republicans there is no arguing, it’s the Independents we have to sway.

    • My first thought at reading RD’s piece was how these writers she quoted can write things like that which are patently false. It isn’t even debatable. The biggest driver of our debt is the military and conducting foreign wars. Has been that way since way before I was born.

      • I agree. These endless wars are enslaving the entire country. And yet just yesterday I listened to Lieberman on Morning Joe insist that the Iraq War was absolutely justifiable because Saddam Hussien was on the threshold of developing nuclear weapons. Saddam was a clear and present danger, so said Lieberman.

        Really? Do we feel safe now?

        Be afraid, be very afraid is the mantra we’ve been hearing for eons. It’s wearing a bit thin against the push to cut every safety net we have for our own people.

        I don’t know where this will end. But it’s not pretty. There’s been a concerted effort to make union workers the heavies in this mess. That’s not to say the Unions are blameless but it’s a clear distraction to keep the public from noticing the real culprits: corrupted politicians and their Sugar Daddies.

        Btw, I read an article today that reported swarms of people who have declared themselves presidential candidates for 2012. One was a gutter guy. He might be on to something!

  2. The Independent idea …. use the Ross Perot model of buying air time and showing graphs. Start as early as the first primary babble.

    Don’t get drawn into the Party Games. Define the conversation yourself (whoever this person is)

    But, who is this person?

      • Hardly.

      • He doesn’t fit the bill at all.

        We need someone with enough money to run but, a FIERCE Liberal.

        • hillary

        • Why does he “not fit the bill at all”? You cannot win the mayoralty of NYC if you are not very socially liberal. I seriously doubt he thinks it’s a good idea to do away with Social Security and Medicare.

          • For me, Bloomberg really blew it when he blamed -wait for it-the unions for failing to clear the snow and ice in NYC.
            Hey, Bloomie, maybe that happened because you cut the sanitation workers and others by a third.
            But in Bloomworld the problem was that union workers had the gall to drop into Dunkin Donuts to defrost their fingers, toes and noses.
            Parasitic, socialist slackers!

          • Hm, Bloomberg sounds just like the perfect guy for the obots to switch to.
            Run, Bloomie, run!

          • You’re right, votermom. Plus, he has the requisite anatomy.

          • Roz,

            I think you came to the party late! Obama clearly was installed by wall street to dismantle Social Security. The whole “cult of Personalty” shit was a front for young people who hadn’t even begun to think about Social Security, not to mention the race guilt trip.

          • Bloomberg’s new snow removal plan for NYC: a shovel for every household!

          • NYB&R, I think that the dismantlement of SS was one of his purposes, but not the only one. Creating direct revenue flow from the people’s coffers direct to banks and insurance companies were on his checklist as well.

            tpfka, if that’s true, then the claim of “shovel ready projects” will finally come true!

          • Sure, Bloomberg may be socially progressive, but so are most people in the billionaire class, especially here in NYC. Bloomberg serves those people- his kind only. He isn’t for the working guy at all. In fact his vision (he’s on record for saying something like this) is of a future Manhattan that is essentially a theme park of high finance and high-end retail, art and entertainment for the sole pleasure of the globe-trotting wealthy.

      • If Bloomberg runs as an Indy, would he take more votes from Obama or from whoever the GOP run?
        I really really wonder.

        • Works for me, if any politician is going to continue ruining the American Idea let it be a republican.

          Unless there is a sea change in the party, the quickest way to get their attention is to vote republican.

          • I agree…. anyone to replace Obama. because a second term for him will be unbelievably bad. Just as really it was so hard to imagine 2 years ago how bad he would be, I really think we can’t imagine now at how much looting and police-stating is going to happen if Obama is re-elected. All to the sounds of obotic cheering.

          • Donald Trump!
            He said he is considering a run.

  3. Rd & Co — yesterday I saw this at an LA blogging friends place. Scroll down to the very bottom link to “the biggest house” — check that out — Between the deals with Wallmart? Houses like this one you are about to see? Un-comfy.


    Creepy, actually.

  4. No pol wants to plss off the military.
    It’s a fact.

  5. I just heard on the radio that BO is appointing GE’s Immelt to some economic committee or another.

    Why Immelt — what has he done that is so great at GE? Has he created American jobs at GE? Has he even improved GE’s “competitiveness’?

    It can’t have anything to do with the GE owning the Neverending Barack Channel can it?

    I wonder what the Comcast ceo will get.

    • Explains all the shilling for Obama from msnbc. GE/NBC CEO is given new position in Obama administration. Further proof of our corrupt and comprised media.

  6. Let’s not forget that the banksters set up the MERS mortgage registration to evade fees from the states and localities. Those stolen fees total up to around $200 billion, which would go some way toward solving the financial problems at that level. The states and localities should sue to claw it back.

  7. I read where Nikki Haley has given raises to her staff in the tone of 27,000 to 50,000 more, how’s that for a stimulus plan?

    She’s trying to keep the unions out of SC, and she was hit with a big suit over Boeing…..

    As has been said, get over it.

  8. Why do unions have a bad rep? Can someone give me the short version — apart from the obvious right-wing propaganda about unions, I’m just wondering why.

    • Hi, votermom, I live in Lehigh Valley, PA, former world headquarters of both Mack Trucks and Bethlehem Steel, and have lived here since 1960. If you came here and talked to folks who lived here during the demise of both those great companies, you will hear a tale of two companies who used to be run by men who worked their way up through the ranks from the shop floor to the corporate offices. Then all of a sudden it became fashionable to bring in the “new” blood, the bean counters who had no loyalties to anything but the bottom line and their next corporate move. They had no relationship with unions as did the homegrown boys, so they gave away anything and everything simply because they knew they would not be around in the future to pay the consequences of their actions. The unions became stronger and stronger, their excesses and abuses more and more prevalent, and if you would come here and talk to the people of the Lehigh Valley who lived through those years, you would know that “right-wing rhetoric” hardly describes their feelings for the unions’ contribution to the demise of both Mack Trucks and Bethlehem Steel.

      • So, professional managers (or should I say mismanagers) is one cause?

        I can easily believe this because I’ve seen how professional managers can really bring down a company. They don’t have any emotional investment in whatever it is the company makes or creates or provides, and they don’t have an emotional connection to whoever is invested in the company either — they only look to next quarter’s bonus.

        • Oh. yeah, a lethal combination for both companies I mentioned. I wasn’t blaming only unions, didn’t mean to imply that at all, just that as their power grew, so did the excesses and the abuses. And to say it isn’t “right-wing rhetoric”, it’s headlines we read in the papers everyday.

      • so they gave away anything and everything simply because they knew they would not be around in the future to pay the consequences of their actions.

        It’s eerie how well this also describes Obama.

      • That practice was not unique to Mack or Bethlehem Steele. It was the way of industry across the country. The change came when college educations created graduates who had no work experience but were taught they were being given the golden key to the career of their choice. It was chaos. Turnover everywhere was because people were taking jobs for the title, then selling themselves up the ladder as fast as they could to other employers who paid more. People no longer worked for the success of the company they relied on for income. It started at the turn of the decade to 1970

    • The really short version–Ronald Reagan.
      And he used to be the president of the Screen Actors Guild.

    • This story from This American Life about an automobile factory run as a Japanese-American partnership will give you an idea. The description of the UAW Local is depressing.

      Now, take that description, however unrepresentative it might be, combine it with a hundred years of right-wing anti-union propaganda, forty years of movement conservatism, twenty years of right-wing talk radio, Democratic political incompetence (or treachery), and the bad reputation becomes ubiquitous.

      Whenever I’ve encountered an anti-union person, invariably they have an anecdote, something that happened to a family member or acquaintance, in which the union is the villain. I always try to bring the subject around to the larger picture: forty-hour workweek, paid vacation, pensions, reasonable job security, etc. I remind them of their own family’s prosperity and how a union probably helped in that. But people hold on to these anecdotes.

      And the Democrats have not helped. They come around to ask for endorsements but their post-election behavior has been weak.

  9. votermon…….you know the FBI just had the biggest Mafia Bust on the East Coast. When you think back to the good old days, prohibition era, and all the movies showing gun fights, and unions marching on factory workers, and locking them out of the gates, and all the busted heads in the movie
    “Grapes of Wrath”………what we are seeing is the remnanents of that (Mob Bust) on the East Coast.

    With the East coast coming into Southern states, they reject the unions. I think SC, and 22 other states are right to work to States (or as someone
    said right to poor states). These are mostly southern states, or ag states, and they are required to join the union.

    The politics at play is associated with those remnanents of the pass.

    We all know that the Unions give us job protection, in other words they can’t fire a worker without cause.
    It also provides a safer work place, and that requires money and training, and better equipment, etc.

    • Correct: Thye are NOT required to join the union.

      • Thanks, Fannie.

        • You are welcome. Here is the list of Right to Work States (wikipedia)


          • Trying to follow all of this, if you look at SC salaries/wages it’s pitful, compared to California.

            Jobs got lost from the 1990’s trade agreements (Clinton), and the spreading of Nafta had a huge effect and opened up the borders for jobs.

            I am reminded everytime I buy clothing, nothing is made in US anymore. Over a month ago a fire in clothing factory in Bangladesh killed 28 workers.
            Those companies GAP, Hilfiger, Klien, etc need to be held accountable to those who have been killed, and the unsafe conditions, as well as more needed
            inspections to protect the workers.

            Then I am beside myself when I read about the Abortion Clinic that was busted this week with horrible conditions! They even had a 15 year old
            working there.

          • Right to work for less is what we in the industrial unions called it.

            I agree Ronald Reagan a huge cause for the rust belt and job losses because of deregulation and companies relocating overseas. Not to discount other causes as well.

    • they can’t fire a worker without cause.

      That would be nice. I live in an employment at will state, which really means “fire-at-will.”
      I have a feeling unemployment would be a wee bit less if it were less easy to fire people and give their jobs to faceless overseas peons.

      • But I read that companies are fleeing to employment at will states. is that true?

        • I think all the states except Montana are employ at will states, so I don’t know how that could be unless there is some kind of mass exodus of employers from Montana?

          • OK, maybe I have my terms mixed up. What is Michigan’s status regarding unions versus South Carolina? PA regarding South Carolna? Why did Mack Trucks move so much of its manufacturing to South Carolina? Sorry to be so dense!

          • Oh, I don’t know, sorry!
            I think maybe what Fannie mentioned– “right to work” meaning unions cannot require new hires to be members which is different from “employment at will” which just means the boss can fire you any time.

        • I don’t know the term will states….are you referring here to the NOT right to Work States? When you read the Wiki on Right to Work, reference is made to the Taft Hartley Act.

          In a general sense almost all companies having 2000 more employe give employee benefits, which include pensions/health care and the whole nine yards.

          I don’t know much about the Steel Workers, you no doubt have more information. Korea and China are providing pipes, and construction steel, when Pa. should be providing it here for us.

          Obama just gave a speech on workers/job at a Turbine Plant, and I have a hard time listening to him, but will try to read what exactly he said this morning.

  10. They don’t admit it.
    This DUdie edition is titled “Obama is more historicaler

  11. “I mean, doesn’t everyone just helicopter in or get Fabio to blow out their hair in the limo on that long, arduous journey from midtown to Long Island?”

    Priceless visual!

  12. I STILL get Obots telling me that things would be the same if they had voted for Hillary.


    Hillary 2012

    • Well, to be fair, I think they would still be deluded no matter who they voted for. There’s just no cure for stupid.

      • And to those people who believed so much but are hurting right now, I say (with great pride) ‘…TOLD YA SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. The only problem is that those of us that made the right choice are hurting right along with them.

        “..Rain falls on the just and the unjust alike…”
        Matthew 5:45


        Hillary 2012

        • “The rain it raineth down
          Upon the just and on the unjust fella
          But mostly on the just
          Because the unjust hath the just’s umbrella”

          Couldn’t resist, it being Friday and all.

    • Yes, and they blame her for the continued wars!

    • Well, POTUS Hillary would probably have had about as much success as POTUS Bill. Nobody could have delivered what IMPOSTER Obama promised.

  13. It seems fashionable these days to point to these state employees as some kind of parasites when they’re really just getting what the rest of us used to have as a standard benefits package before that damn 401K got rolled out to everyone as an alternative.



    • A point most people leave out is that these state employees pay in to their pension plan far more than SS. In many states they are not eligible to draw SS or medicare because of their pensions. I know that those that have 401s have taken a beating but how would they feel if their employer just dissolved the plan and took back all the money, matching and employee contribution? That is what is being proposed for state employees. Federal employees won’t be far behind.

    • Civil service has paid lower wages forever – the people who work there are working for pensions and benefits. I’ve been hearing the noise suggesting they are parasites too.

      Some people can be so delusional – how can they think taking good job benefits away from others (union or civil service) will ever help them? They weaken unions with the noise they make – could it be astroturf?

  14. Babysitting again! NOOK blogging …

  15. So an inefficent POTUS hires an inefficient CEO (GE’s Immelt)…anyway, there’s a joke in there somewhere.

    Or how about this one: A faux-liberal POTUS hires a CEO of an out-sourcing mega-corporation…

    Ya gotta wonder what the fauxgressive obots think about this latest move. It’ll fly under their radar, I’m sure. Obama’s lurch to the right continues, this time in overdrive.

    • But Clinton did Welfare Reform and was a corporatist!
      He’s a Third Way DLCer. Theyre baaaaaad!
      Obama’s only acting like a Republican because he got stuck with a mess. What do you want? Do you think he’s superhuman? Leave Barry aloooone!

      • I didn’t approve of Welfare Reform, but I realize Clinton faced little, if any, choice in the matter.

        Years and years of relentless right-wing propaganda against any decent provision for common citizens who suffered misfortune turned the sheeple of this country against social democracy.

        The sheeple moan and groan about the occasional low-social-class grifter who manages to chisel a few extra bucks out of the welfare system, while ignoring the massive flow of megabucks to corporate welfare. They complain about the mosquito while ignoring Dracula.

        Given that social and political environment, Clinton would have been committing political seppuku if he had stood up for true social justice. I can’t blame him for not wanting to kill his career.

        • I’ve always been a big proponent of fixing the problems in our country that have caused us to need welfare. Nobody except us crazy liberals actually want to see equality for all, decent housing for all, excellent health care for all and you know employment for all. Honestly, I think it is well within our means as a nation for everybody to work a few less hours and live just a notch better.

  16. Howie Kurtz on facebook:

    Keith Olbermann is resigning? This is not a joke? That’s what he is saying.

    It is true. MSNBC contract has ended. Olbermann is outta there. Lawrence O’Donnell moves to 8, the Ed Show to 10.

    We can check Olby off the list. I believe in Karma. Now we can focus on Donna Brazile.

    • As much as I grew to dislike,okay hate, Keith-someone should take Hillary into a room-Olbermann during the primary, O’Donnell will be worse,
      Olbermann would be up in arms about Obama’s coming war on Social Security; O’Donnell will be cheerleading for “austerity” ad nauseum.
      That’s probably why MSNBC got rid of Olbermann, he’s not completely with the program.
      Didn’t Obama just give a big job to a GE exec today?
      In return, perhaps, GEMSNBC had to serve Keith’s head on a platter?
      He’s been a tad too critical of the Chosen One, lately.

      • Yes, I’m thinking this is the Admin to Immelt to Roberts at Comcast…now that they got final approval for the Comcast NBC merger. Yes and Immelt as the new de facto Jobs Czar is already going to work. Streamlining. Maybe Keith will take over Gibbs’ job. He could do Worst Person in the World at the WH press briefings.

      • Gee, what would happen if people didn’t watch media gasbags and stopped reporting on their comings and goings, fits and furies? Maybe we could concentrate on something else? Stop having our chains yanked all the time?

        Goodby, Keith. We don’t have to watch you anymore. And that means the aides on capital hill don’t have to watch you either. Turn off the TV and get back to writing legislation based on principles, not what some idiot said on MSNBC or FOX or CNN or whatever else there is for bloviating ad nauseum.

        • I haven’t watched TV news in almost four years now and don’t believe I’ve missed a thing. Well, I miss out on a lot of faux outrage it seems from what I read.

          • I haven’t watched cable news or Olbermann in two and a half years, but I’m still wicked happy he’s gone. Anyway, adios.

    • I just checked my astrology guru. Brazile may lose her job in August.

  17. Ugh again?


    This blog chews up frontpagers and spits them out. I didn’t really care for the clown to be honest, but the pattern of bullying and exclusion of this ever dwindling community isn’t healthy.

    • The clown is welcome back any time he wants to return. So, no bad mouthing.

      • What the… I Leave the blog for one day, and it falls apart. Maybe Myiq is Aries. All Aries and Libra are having a difficult time because the stars are pushing for change, and sometimes it’s not clear which direction to take.

        This is sad.

        • Myiq is an Aries. At least he said so when we were discussing the change to the zodiac (that didn’t actually change to zodiac).

          • If he is born around somewhere between 21 and 24, he’s feeling the impact of one of the most powerful planets in terms of change: Uranus.

            All Aries and Libra people are being tested with change.

          • That Zodiac change is not right. The Zodiac used is season directed. Spring comes around in March, and it’s that energy that Aries embodies.

          • I’m an Aries too (btw) — I can feel exactly what you’re talking about. I’m in flux about whether I should move or not — do I remain angienc or become angienola once again? I’m actually kind of paralyzed by fear over the whole thing.

          • Without change, life stagnates and stops being exciting. Fear is a form of excitement. A child can let go and move on to whatever life is offering because a child is used to change.

            Here is a great lady explaining what’s happening to the Aries family. Click the “Aries 2011 Horoscope Astrology Forecast”.

            I disagree with Ms. Goldsmith that Aries will feel the change in March. Depending on when the person was born, she/he may feel it as early as the end of January.

          • Thanks for the link, Dario.

          • U R welcome. 🙂
            Astrology is for fun. Barbara Goldsmith predictions for 2011.


    • I beg to differ.

      People join together, oftentimes, with nothing more to bind them but a shared joyful – or painful experience. All is wonderful for a time.

      It is, however, inevitable that, in time, individual traits emerge. Sometimes these traits are shared and there is a true bonding of thought and spirit, sometimes not.

      • Fledglings leave the nest and that’s good for them and reflects well on mama bird.
        It’s a great big internet world out there and we can and will co-exist and thrive.
        Okay, that’s my happy thought for the year.
        But it’s not a purge, it’s evolution for all.

        • cool.

          • Didn’t realize the site was about “bonding” and holding hands in a circle. I can go to sunday school for that. Thought the site was about discussion, civil debate, and learning from everyone, from different backgrounds and experiences, from different perspectives. That is what made TC distinctive, apart from almost every other political site out there. The thing about becoming an echo chamber on the web is that unless you have big traffic, big enough to move large voting blocs, the value of discussions around the posts is marginal, because it is predictable and repetitive. The blog’s value then becomes about the strength of the owner’s regular editorials.

          • I blame a glass wearing woman politician who somehow brings discord even among friends. It’s weird.

        • So this marks the official beginning of yet one more intolerant and dull echo chamber on the blogosphere.

          So long and thanks for all the fish.

    • So this marks the official beginning of yet one more intolerant and dull echo chamber on the blogosphere.

      So long and thanks for all the fish.

  18. It’s karma, Keith. Now go to THAT room and don’t come out.

    • That’s what happened. The manager of MSNBC and Olbermann went into a room, and only the manager came out. 🙂

  19. I’ve been waiting for Oblerman to hit the deck, thank you Comcast.

  20. I miss Myiq. Bye.

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