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Tuesday: Jumping the Shark

Ok, I promised myself I wouldn’t go over this subject again but it seems we have lost perspective.

It pains me to point this out, but here goes.

In the past two decades, those of us on the left have watched with increasing alarm at the rise of the right wing noise machine.  I forgot who called it the Wurlitzer but it’s an accurate description.  The Wurlitzer is loud, rude and everywhere.  You can’t get away from it.  I don’t know how many times we have wrung our hands in frustration that we can’t trust the news, can’t find any reliable news and can’t seem to get on the airwaves.  When there is something important the left wants to say, the right puts us on mute.  When there’s an issue that deserves debate, the right rolls out slogans like “cut and run” and “weapons of mass destruction” and “congenital liar” (that last one was from William Safire to describe Hillary Clinton).

Two weeks ago, it seemed like the sentiment on most lefty blogs, including this one, was that the news was a waste of time, that cable news, in particular, was chock full of conservative voices.  Atrios frequently points out the number of conservatives vs liberal voices on the talking head programs and asks us to “document the atrocities”.  We all agreed that the right was abrasive, aggressive, dehumanizing, and was out to shut us down.  We despaired that if Obama got the nomination, the right would draw and quarter him in the general election campaign in 2008.  (They didn’t, which should have been a sign that they were up to something)

We think Glenn Beck is appalling, Rush Limbaugh an arrogant, bigoted, asshole with a suspected taste for sex tourism.  We couldn’t stand Fox News and its ubiquity in doctor’s waiting rooms and liquor stores.  We glommed onto any tiny slivver of hope of an alternative voice, includeing Keith Olbermann’s, at least for awhile.

The right owns just about every TV network in some capacity, makes all of the editorial decisions, floods talk radio and used to dominate the internet.  In fact, just about the ONLY outlet that the left has with a major presence is The Huffington Post.  That tells you how bad it is.

The right can make or break you.  Give you 15 minutes of fame or 15 years of infamy.  Put your relatives into a trance like state and ruin your Thanksgiving Dinner.  Turn your friends into walking, talking right wing zombies.  Make state legislatures into non functioning entities.

And yet, in spite of all of the intolerance, intimidation, screaming and yelling, lies, misleading nonsense we have had to put up with for almost 20 years, we have now come to the point where we are defending the right to say any stupid, dangerous thing it wants and we will applaud it.

We see Sarah Palin give an “in your face”, “go on and make me”, shameless, defiant video that pretty much is saying, “go on, make our day, we can say and do whatever the f^&* we want and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it” and we …

applaud it?

They have managed to make most of us here say, “don’t pick on the right wing noise machine.  That’s *Political* and it isn’t faaaairre.”


I’m not the least bit surprised that this has happened.  I suspected their guys were on it the minute I heard the term “politicize”.  Oh, man, Karl Rove couldn’t have crafted a better meme to shut the left blogosphere up.  The fact that the right is everywhere a contributing factor.  When that is the message that is broadcast for several days in a row non-stop, it starts to almost seem reasonable.  Before you know it, it’s unthinkable that anyone would ask the right to tone down their rhetoric.  It would be rude, unAmerican.  The right would NEVER politicize a tragedy.  NEVER.

Hello, Terry Schiavo.  Remember her?  Remember how the Republicans rushed back to Washington to pass a bill to override a court in Florida to prevent Terry Schiavo to die with dignity?

How about the Iraq War?  Wasn’t 9/11 invoked relentlessly by right wing media and Republicans to get us into a war we didn’t need?

We seem to have forgotten how ruthless and unsentimental the right can be about politicizing personal tragedies when their agenda can benefit from it.  No one here should be under any illusions about what the right is capable of when it comes to turning on the histronics to 11.

If it had been a Republican legislator gunned down, the right would be on the air right now screaming for the rescission of the first amendment from the Constitution and some Republican extremist in Congress would be drafting legislation to make sure that Fox was the official news channel and the Roberts’ court would be standing by, ready to not only invoke the amendment but retroactively remove all of the speeches it finds offensive in elementary school text books.  Goodbye, “I have a Dream”.

And now we are made to feel sorry for Sarah?  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t BLAME her for the shootings.  But for being a careless, opportunistic, participant of the dehumanization of the left, yeah, I blame her for that.  It’s regrettable that the left has lost its moral authority to call her on it because they’ve gone batshit crazy on Sarah since August 2008.  But that doesn’t mean that Sarah is a nice guy.

So, here I sit, from my perch, unsullied by the media madness, watching as my friends and fellow bloggers jump the shark, abandon all sense of self preservation and defend the right’s right to inflame, shut up, and shout down the left.  We hand them the mallet and say, “Here you go.  We’re sorry we questioned your right to trample us without limitations.  Please beat us some more and do it harder this time.  Harder, Harder!”

Guys, I’m not into S&M.  If you want to beat yourselves up for failing to speak softly to the right and making them cry, go right ahead but I’m not going to do it.  I now expect that commenters will scream that I want to take away our right to free speech, and I have said nothing of the sort.  Or that I am connecting the shooter with the insane political atmosphere in Arizona.  I think the jury is still out on that one and anyone who says there is NO connection is just as wrong as anyone who says that there is.  Or that I am denying the misogyny directed towards Sarah Palin, to which I say that even a target of misogyny can turn out to be a person with questionable motives and no scruples.  Just because they’re picking on you, doesn’t make you innocent of everything you’ve ever done.  But I am not going to do the right’s work for them by blaming everything on the patriarchy.

When we start pulling our punches with the right and feel that we don’t have the right to question their virtual monopoly on the media or the way they have damaged discourse and debate in this country in the past 20 years, then we have truly jumped the shark.

Well, some of YOU have anyways.

121 Responses

  1. Or that I am denying the misogyny directed towards Sarah Palin, to which I say that even a target of misogyny can turn out to be a person with questionable motives and no scruples. Just because they’re picking on you, doesn’t make you innocent of everything you’ve ever done. But I am not going to sit here and cry bitter tears for Sarah’s oppression by the so-called patriarchy.


    And Sarah, if she’s crying at all, is crying all the way to the bank.

    [The news post that was up briefly will reappear in a couple of hours.]

    • OT, Katiebird – I see you pulled your post for now. Just want to say, good point on slow weight loss and I was snarking about lipo.
      Anyway, carry on. 🙂

      • Actually, it would almost make sense for lipo to be safer than normal weight loss, since it actually Removes the fat cells from the body rather than simply shrinking them, putting their former contents into the bloodstream on their way out.

    • Oh, sorry about the news post. You can reschedule mine if you like. I have to get a move on and bug out of here. Lots of snow and I’m going to be late for work.

  2. I don’t disagree but i don’t completely agree. I haven’t forgotten how Hillary correctly called out the vast right wing conspiracy and how she got attacked for it.
    But it’s not the “right” per se that owns the media — it’s the corporations. Literally. The corporations own the media, they won the GOP establishment, and as of now, they also own the DEM establsihment.
    You can look at it as a right vs left problem but I think that leaves out of the picture the very real fact that this is a problem of corruption and cronyism.

    • (speaking for me) If Right/Left means anything:

      Concern for:

      Corporations = Right …. People = Left

      • That what it used to mean to me too, but now corporations own most of the left too. It built for a long time but became explicit when Congress voted for retroactive immunity for telcos in June 2008. Very few even said “boo!” because they were too busy making up excuses for The One.

        • Don’t they cease being “The Left” when they are owned (and support) corporations?

          • Yes.

          • This is kind of like saying the Pope isn’t a real Catholic because he isn’t living up to the tenets of the Catholic Church. I mean, it could be true, it probably is true, but it doesn’t have practical implications. As far as the majority of the Catholic and non-Catholic world, the Pope embodies Catholicism.
            To the majority of America, the Dems and the President embody the left. It makes me weep.

          • I was defining “the left” mostly as how they define themselves. In 2008 there wasn’t a lot of difference between various factions of Obama-cheerleaders, just slight differences in which types of excuses they used to justify his series of corporate giveaways. (remember that pathos-ridden letter from The Nation begging Obama to be more liberal in 2008?).

            “The Left” can identify either a set of people or a set of principles. Unfortunately, the two sets aren’t really reliably in concert these days, although many have come out of their Obama-induced hazes, many more have not. “Liberalism” identifies a set of principles. I’m probably sounding very tedious, but maybe we can sidestep any confusion between the set of people vs principles by talking about liberalism when we mean the set of principles.

          • Katiebird, if I understand it, you are saying the Left can’t be bought off or that once it is bought off it automatically metamorphosizes into the Right? I would have to respectfully disagree. Both the Left and Right can be corrupt and supported by corporations; both are vulnerable to authoritarianism and yes, to fascisim. BO and his Neo-Dem Party are prime examples of a corrupted Left.

            One can also sniff this out (i.e. Left-v.-R corruptability) by seeing who the MSM supports and promotes. It was clear in 2008 (as it is now) whom the MSM want in the WH. Next time it will be a Republican (esp. if Hillary does not run). This is why any political movement outside of this political binary is a threat to the powers that be.

            I agree with Votermom and Valhalla comments on this issue. I would argue that there is an ideological divide — the Left v. Right (and visa versa) — which has been exploited by an ascendant plutocratic class, and which has no allegiance to this country. Its only allegiance is to the bottom line and to high salaries and bonuses. It will buy off politicians from either ideological camp to achieve its agenda — which is to eviscerate and rob the middle class. (Some have alluded to this agenda as the third-worldization of the U.S. I would agree.) IMHO, this class and their political cronies have been playing the U.S. electorate for a very long time. People are finally waking up to this chicanery.

      • I used to agree with that formulation until I saw the so-called left sell out to the corporations. So until the so-called left renounces all association with Obama and his coterie, I just can’t agree that they stand with the people.
        Let them seriously primary Obama and they might win me back.

        • Oh, yeah, Votermom! Let’s have the Left once again embrace liberal principles, then I, as a voter, will see what they have to say. Until then, no dice.

      • Corporations = Right …. People = Left

        So long as people conflate the Left with the Democratic party, that is simply not true any longer.

        ps: For what it’s worth, I don’t think the Left has been on the attack against the Right over the Arizona shooting. The attackers have been the Obamacrats, and the compliant media. I will not defend those lying cretins for a second.

  3. Instead of calling for bipartisanship, Obama could have called for the restoration of the Fairness Doctrine which insures freedom of speech, but also a chance of rebuttal which is paid for by those that put out overt political messages through the media.

    But that would be Presidential and the folks on wall street don’t like it when their paid for shill goes beyond his portfolio.

    FDR’s Fairness Doctrine, ensured free, fair, speech and made demonetization difficult…well, expensive.

    • We should have gotten the Fairness Doctrine back when Democrats held the Presidency and both houses of Congress.

      It is a crying shame.


    • Unfortunately, I’m not sure how practical the Fairness Doctrine would be today.

      In the happy days when we had only ABC / NBC / CBS chocolate / vanilla / strawberry, it was sort of practical, though even then it didn’t extend to newspapers. Now we have cable channels, NPR, streaming radio — and blogs. Who is going to enforce it on all these different media, and how are small operations going to afford to give equal time?

      Last I heard, Obama’s camp was wanting to re-instate something like it, to apply to political blogs, perhaps including TC, H44, etc. I don’t think that’s something we want.

  4. {making popcorn}

  5. You don’t blame her for the shooting? I thought you did blame her for the shooting. That’s all these past two weeks have been about. Progressives over reacting and prematurely blaming Palin for the shooting. And you decided to pile on too RD, without having the full information any investigation would need to make that judgement. Sure, Palin is a factor on the national stage. But the Loughner shooting was a massacre perpetrated by a madmen. Progressives decided to politicize the tragedy from hour one. Now you have too RD.

    • You are mistaken. I never blamed Palin for the shooting. I blamed get for being part of the machine that spews fear, irrationality and hatred towards liberals, Muslims and immigrants. I blame her for abandoning her principles. I blame her for not acting like a politician who leads by example. I also haven’t singled her out. I have problems with her buddy Glenn and I’ve also taken issue with Rush, Fox and the whole right wing noise machine in general. I also blame the left for once again screwing up a perfectly good opening to talk about the caustic political environment by relentlessly attacking Palin.
      It has always been my argument that there is a third way to look at this series of events and neither party right now represents my views. I believe in holding our public servants and media to higher standards. That has always been my argument. If Hillary or I wouldn’t do it, Sarah and Obama shouldn’t either. But I’m not stupid enough to let the right kick me and then feel the need to aplogize for raising my voice. The left has no sense of self preservation. Don’t expect me to grovel in front of Sarah and the right and say I’m sorry for bringing politics up. Fuck that shit. That’s just what they want.
      You really need to read more slowly and reread to make sure you got it right. I

      • Honk, honk. Nicely said. Well, except for the typos. 🙂 Fuck that shit.

      • Riverdaughter…..you are right on!! . you have no idea how good it feels to hear someone that sees things as it appears to be. I got beat up for saying these types of views on a blog that used to be Hillary supporters, that have completely bought the right wings hate messages and lies. You can’t even tell that they even liked the democratic principles or Hillary . It reminds me of the way obama’s koolaid drinking festival . I don’t agree with the direction the party{democratic} has taken, but i sure don’t believe in right wing ones! How quickly, they have forgotten how we got here. 10 years of hell and destructive Change!

      • Ding ding ding ding ding!

  6. The most distressing thing I’ve noticed in the last couple of decades is the dissolution of any difference between the left and the right. The right wing didn’t win….the left wing abdicated. Now we have those really in control of the government distracting us with a polarity that exists because the media tells us so. We seem to have a passion for the trivial and lose sight of what the real enemy is all about.

    • +1000

    • ITA.

    • Keep the hoi polloi occupied with bread and circuses to better steal the golden calves from the temples. HuffPuff is “lefty” trendy because that sells in LA better than what Ariana found in Texas. She made her conversion from Newt to Obama. Hillary was soundly trashed. The “articles” are links or from unpaid “columnists,” which further depletes the journalism ecosystem. She has found a model to get rich and famous.

    • Pretty much. The left wing seems to have forgotten to fight for itself.
      Adapt or die.

  7. Thank you, RD. Frankly, I’m sick of listening to Sarah Palin apologists. And I say that as someone who detested how the woman was treated in 2008 and spoke out against it.

    But Sarah Palin is furiously digging her own hole with her own words. As are those who defend those words, nuances and graphics [gunsights that are now magically surveyor hatchings]. This is exactly what the Obamacrats did and continue to do–defend the indefensible.

    It blows my mind that anyone who supported or said they supported Hillary Clinton could then turn around and drink the Palin koolaide.

    That’s a 180 that defies all reason.

    • If SP is digging her own hole, why is the Kos, MSNBC, et al group so furiously giving her the Hillary treatment? I will not let them get away with it, even if it’s SP or Ann Coulter. I can’t.

      • Just because Kos, MSNBC et al are doing something reprehensible does not mean that Palin is without sin.
        She’s a winger who is not ashamed if the tactics if her friends, she makes oodles of money off that and she’s not our friend in politics.
        We don’t have to support her just because Kos has gotten rabies again. By all means, call Kos out for being counterproductive and stupid. But don’t let Palin off the hook.

        • I think you miss my point. I’ve not defended SP, but attacked the left noise machine for doing the same thing to SP that they did to Hillary. I won’t look away simply because she’s not without sin. It’s not about SP, but taking away the respectability from the left wing noise machine, including Clyburn.

    • speaking of tedious, do you really need to be told that some people simply saw something different in her statement than you and RD did? I have not imbibed any kool aid. I just happen to think that when you are accused of causing the mass killing of a mad man, you have a right to be angry. Sorry if I saw her as being forceful and straight forward.
      If there is any kool aid hangover here I think it is yours from the media kool aid you have sucked up. Regardless of the woman’s politics, how can you NOT be appalled at the fact twisting lunacy that she was even partially responsible?
      No “tone” of hers or any other right winger caused what happened. The left may not have been stupid and destructive and ugly for 20 years, but they have more than made up for that for the last 3 or 4.

  8. “That what it used to mean to me too, but now corporations own most of the left too. It built for a long time but became explicit when Congress voted for retroactive immunity for telcos in June 2008. Very few even said “boo!” because they were too busy making up excuses for The One.”
    I stopped my subscription to the Nation during the primaries but this is a good summary of our countries politics and why we are screwed.

    “The End of New Deal Liberalism”


  9. Instead of crying continuously about the right noise machine, and have friendly types chime in, how about boycotting the media altogether? If the left will do it, the corporation, money being their political belief, will be downright unhappy and will either change or cry instead of us.

    I don’t watch noise on TV; I don’t read my local paper, WaPo, since it became to the right of Beck, etc. Let’s all do it. At the very least, the noise machine will be poorer.

    • I think people, most anyway, have stopped listening to and reading the media. That’s why magazines and newspapers are disappearing, and TV viewership of news channels and news hour get fewer viewers everyday.

      • If only. You’d be amazed at what passes for discourse in break rooms across the country. I call it bumper sticker conversations, where one side says their buzz words and the other side responds with theirs. There is no nuance, subtlety or complexity to any issue. Each side is merely regurgitating what their favorite talking head said last night.

  10. Corp. control of the Dems started in the late 70s when much more money was needed to run campaigns. If we had publicly funded elections, the need to fundraise and sellout would be greatly reduced. Spending $10 to $15 per vote to get elected President is a perversion of our former democracy. Most of the money goes to TV ads. If we followed the Brit model with free TV ads to candidates of substance to discuss substantial issues, imagine the change in tone and quality of candidates.

    Also, most if the self-identified lefties I know voted for the packaged leftist candidate who was sold by the liberal newspaper of record, the NY Times. It endorsed Hillary lukewarmly in an editorial, but it was a Maureen
    Dowd lovefest on a daily basis.

    • So true, CB. Money is the root of this evil. The amount BO spent and now the numbers speculated that will be spent are incomprehensible to me. Just think what a difference all the money could make in curing many of our countries ills. To have the millions spent for elections? That defies all reason and logic.

    • Yes. It’s a long damn process, but the first thing is to attack the PROCESS, not the PEOPLE. The TV ads thing, electoral reform and primary reform, anything that can be done to make elections more fair and open. It erodes the power of the big two, and that’s what needs to happen.

    • It endorsed Hillary lukewarmly in an editorial, but it was a Maureen Dowd lovefest on a daily basis.

      Same with Gore in 2000. Both NYT and WP endorsed him at the last minute — after their profiles had been full of snark and distortions for weeks.

  11. Thank you Riverdaughter. What you wrote makes so much sense to me. I am with you on this and I feel it is an important position to take. It is not the easy road but it is the correct one.

    I say “The Confluence” is “my” blog…but YOU are the one I come here for….and for YOU, I will stay.

  12. The right wing controls CNN, MSNBC? Chris Matthews? Keith Olbermann? The Huffington Post is a reliable source of news? Who jumped the shark?

    • The “liberal Media” is a figment of drugbaughs fevered mind. It doesn’t exist. Never did as far as I can remember [and I can remember from way back].

      What makes you think matthews or olbermann are anything but bought and paid for pampered and powered pundits?

      The main post does NOT say hufpoo is “a reliable source of news”

      In fact, just about the ONLY outlet that the left has with a major presence is The Huffington Post. That tells you how bad it is.

    • I’ve been on tv and newspaper fast for many years. I read PUMA blogs and some large LJ friends lists, which I assume reflect the casual uninformed semi-liberal intelligensia. Quite a contrast.

      Within a couple of hours of the shooting, when it was still unclear who survived, one popular blogger’s comment was “Sarah Palin has an alibi. She was somewhere else.” Iirc he linked to her famous map.

      That was the pattern almost everywhere on the net I read (except for the PUMA blogs). Instant blaming or condemnation of Palin. With or without her map: just for how she’s been pictured for the last few years.

      Might take a look at ontd_political for a sampling. I’ll find the link for the ‘alibi’ comment when I can.

  13. I forgot who called it the Wurlitzer but it’s an accurate description.

    First time I saw “The Mighty Republican Wurlitzer” was from Lambert over at Corrente way back before they put up their building.

    • Thanks, T&F, but it was common when I started blogging in 2003. Atrios used to have the slogan “Middle C on the Mighty Casio” for his blog, and that was a play on the right wing Mighty Wurlitzer. Here’s Wikipedia, which gives an intel origin from the 1950s. Given the role of our famously free press in WMD, Whitewater, and so on, that doesn’t look so foily any more…

      • The Mighty Wurlitzer was exposed by Carl Bernstein in the seventies. It is not about right wing or left wing. It is about the CIA. You can also refer to Amy Goodman’s second book which has a lengthy chapter on it. The term is being misused here.
        And I’ll continue calling out sexism where ever I see it. That would include when a man shoots a number of people but the media fixates and blames a woman who wasn’t even in Tuscon. That includes when a woman is shot and is the apparent target but we can’t talk about this nation’s horrifying pattern of violence against women.

  14. “Frankly, I’m sick of listening to Sarah Palin apologists.” I would add, “and vilifiers, too.
    To me, the whole “conversation” is a distraction to preclude any discussion of a topic that could change outcomes: gun control.
    IIRC in the 1960s, NYC was the murder capitol of the US. It implemented very strict gun control laws and immediately fell to 14th on the list of most deadly cities.
    All the words wasted on blaming the rhetoric, no matter whose, could be put to better use in proving a direct correlation between the prevalence of guns and the frequency of violent deaths.

  15. I find it really ironic that HuffnPuff, DKos, Sully, etc, the new voices of faux-liberalism, are all former Republican right wingers, Bush supporters even, but people are worried that some of us may have jumped the shark?? In my mind I am the same political person I’ve always been. I didn’t agree with Kos when he was a Bush supporter and I still don’t agree with him now that he’s an Obot. Arianna has just as little integrity now as she did when she was a Republican.

    I didn’t jump the shark, I was thrown under the bus by the Democratic party. I’m not going to spend the next four to eight years under here sucking exhaust fumes waiting for the Dems to see the error of their ways. And I’m not worried in the least about catching conservative cooties or being unduly influenced by the right wing. I am who I am and I’ve never been concerned about being seduced or brainwashed by anybody. Just because somebody slaps a liberal label on themselves does not make them a good person. The reverse is also true, just because somebody wears a conservative label does not make them evil.

  16. But I am not going to do the right’s work for them by blaming everything on the patriarchy.

    And I’m not going to do the patriarchy’s work for it by blaming everything on the female members of the other tribe.

    • WORD.

    • It has been my recommendation since 2008 to obtain from watching TV news, talking heads programs and talk radio. You won’t get anything but spin and buzzwords.
      You’re late to this realization.

    • Sarah is part of the tribe that has the biggest mouthpieces. They’re like a Goliath to our David. They eat us for breakfast. She’s going to do okay. For all we know, the right wingers have infiltrated the Cheeto to whip up a little agitation. I wouldn’t put it passed them.
      I don’t like misogyny either but you’re better off taking the bad actors to task without reference to Palin.

      • But it’s not about SP, but about the noise machine that doomed our candidate before she had a chance to go against the GOP. In fact, I think the GOP and the Democratic noise machine are supported by the same people with the same goals.

        • same people with the same goals.
          my first look I read that as the same people with the same goats.
          It sort of makes sense that way too.

      • Re size of mouthpieces.

        Yes, Fox has more viewers than CNN etc. But the Matthews, Olberman, Stephanopolousousousoupalosa, NYT, WP, etc media has more influence, I wager, where the power is.

    • HONK

    • Thank You Kali for this comment.

  17. Nice one. I think it is really important to look at what was presented to us a few years ago in terms of her, RD & Co. Something new emerges every day.

    Hillary she isn’t.

  18. RD, I agree with everything you say about the right wing noise machine. I never felt I was defending SP, but attacking the MSNBC, Kos, and others who distorted anything and everything Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton said in 2008, especially the RFK words from Hillary. Just because I don’t agree with SP, I will not look away when she receives the Hillary treatment from that group.

  19. I’m going to say over here what I already said over at Violet’s place:

    It’s perfectly possible not to “blame” Palin for the shooting, and to hold Palin accountable for her failure of leadership in responding to it with the “Blood Libel” speech.

    It’s also perfectly possible to reject the “Don’t blame Sarah!” frame that so many Palin supporters unanimously and instantaneously propagated, in favor of a frame that regards glamorizing political violence as immoral.

    And it’s also perfectly possible to decry the glamorization of violent rhetoric by Obama’s rump Ds on “the left,” while recognizing that as a matter of historical record over the last twenty years, strategic hate management on “the right” has been better engineered, more pervasive, and more likely to be acted out.

    Improbable possibles, I suppose. At least for some.

    Now, I’m going to go check the pipes to make sure they’re not going to freeze. I blame Sarah Palin.

    • Best of luck with the pipes Lambert! I hear it can get cold in the winter.

      The only point of contention I have with this is I don’t think it was a “failure of leadership” to give the blood libel speech. Being accused. even by douche bags, of complicity in mass murder is nothing if not a blood libel.

      To not reply would not be possible, without tacitly accepting the charge. That was never going to happen and it shouldn’t. After all, she is a Republican not the Dalai Lama.

      There is one other meme I see propagated which should be addressed and that’s “she should apologize”. That’s also not going to happen because it’s crystal clear that she doesn’t feel as if she’s wrong in her actions. Frankly, I don’t see a reason to apologize having to do with AZ either. I have been watching politics for 40 years and don’t remember when the war rhetoric wasn’t common.

      Since I got started, I’ve got one more question. Where in America are people afraid to identify as Liberals?

      • I also think it is ridiculous to expect her to apologize or any other version of being bagged and tagged by the media or the left.

        Geez…I am a liberal and didn’t let them bag and tag me a racist for not supporting Obama. Why would I expect Palin to sit there and take it when the subject is mass murder?

        The left leaning media outlets and talking heads had no problems hurling all of the right wing attacks and lies against Hillary practically her entire career. They hounded her expecting, only her, to apologize for her Iraq war vote. Which we all know would be used to try and diminish her as a viable presidential candidate. While none of the men were held to that standard.

        But now suddenly, I am supposed to join that crew and those same type of attacks to another woman politician for not bowing down….bowing out…..or apologizing when told.

        Sorry, not gonna happen, nor will I waste brain cells expecting Palin to live up to liberals’ demands.

        I didn’t jump the shark for Obama and I won’t for Palin.

        My principles are intact.

        • I agree. I’ll never forget the group that twisted Hillary’s words regarding RFK June death. That’s what the same group is doing to SP.

          • Yes. But this time the falsity of their charges is a little more clear.

            Hillary’s RFK remark needed explanation and context to show how Olberman et al were distorting it. Now it’s Palin’s graphic symbol and ‘blood libel’ — which are easy for most people to understand without further ‘splaining.

            In a way this reminds me of the 1990s GOP’s various charges and investigations of Bill Clinton. Whitewater, campaign donations, etc. Those were complicated things that most people didn’t bother to try to understand.

            Then they went after Bill about a blow job. That’s something EVERYONE could understand. “You don’t impeach a successful President about a blow job. — If you try, you’re a vicious idiot.” Suddenly Bill’s job approval went way up and stayed there, and Gingrich’s went down and stayed there.

            Palin’s graphic and ‘blood libel’ are things that everyone instantly has their own reaction to. When Joe Sixpack’s reaction is ‘no big deal’ but Olberman says it’s a big deal — down goes Olberman.

    • It’s perfectly possible not to “blame” Palin for the shooting, and to hold Palin accountable for her failure of leadership in responding to it with the “Blood Libel” speech…..

      How was telling the truth about blood libel a failure of leadership?

      ps… there are no Sarah Palin supporters here, just lots of people interested in being fair.

  20. Lost perspective how exactly? Have any of us recently denied the existence or power of the right-wing noise machine? Have any of us recently demanded more angry gun rhetoric, please?

    My entire point over the last few days has been A) I doubt that political rhetoric is a significant part of the problem B) There are dangerous potential implications if it is publicly believed to be, and C) if political rhetoric is a significant part of the problem, that still only makes Palin a part of a part of the problem. So why is she getting so much attention?

    Google “Palin Tucson Shooting” and you get well over 38 million hits. Try “Limbaugh Tucson Shooting” and you get less than 10 million. “Beck Tucson Shooting” gets just over 10. “Huckabee Tucson Shooting” gets less than 450,000. “Olbermann Tucson Shooting” gets less than a million. Hell, “GIFFORDS Tucson Shooting” only gets 33 million- less than Palin.

    THAT is what we’ve been reacting to here for the last week. The ridiculous fact (that you and your media fast may be missing) that Palin has been made the centerpiece of this discussion. Palin. Not the Rhetoric. Not Gun Control. Not mental illness. And certainly not the fucking victims of the crime.

    I’m not going to criticise your media fast. I think it’s a good idea. I’ve been doing something pretty similar for about ten years (before I moved to the States). I don’t watch TV news, I only listen to radio news when I’m in cabs (since NPR is popular with the cab drivers in Seattle), and I don’t read Newspapers. Since 2008 I steer clear of most political news websites and satire shows. Mostly, I get my news from here and Violet Socks, and from word of mouth, and then I dig in further if warranted, trying to keep in mind what I get from which sources. I aim for primary sources where I can (what can I say? I’m a grad student).

    But even a quick google news search mere hours after the shooting showed that the Blame Palin articles were all over the damn internet. That had no impact on you or your opinion- I get that. But it DID impact mine. Long before the Right swung back with “don’t politicize this tragedy”.

    Because trying to splash Palin with blood from this, which DID happen, was utterly reprehensible, regardless of where Palin stands on corporate taxes. And I resent deeply that I have to continually defend myself as a liberal in this discussion because I don’t want to watch a woman get hit for something she had no part in.

    And finally, I’m a bit ambivalent about this “dangerous to be a liberal” theme you’ve been slinging lately. I’m a queer woman. I’m disabled. I’m an immigrant. I know discrimination when I see it, and I’ve seen enough gay-bashings to know what “not safe for me” looks like.

    And certainly during 2008, that lack of safety was pervasive and palpable. But I don’t know about right now. If that’s what’s going on where you live, then you have my sympathy. But it isn’t true everywhere, and if it is… well, I think we draw different conclusions from it. I don’t want to argue, RD, I think you’re very intelligent and well-spoken and it IS your blog. And it’s to your credit that I’m not afraid to post this here. I just want to ramp down the conversation a bit, because I feel like it is being blown out of proportion, yes, like perspective is being lost.

  21. Guys, I just wrote a really long comment. Is it in Spammy or do I need to re-write it?

  22. Nicely said, RD.

    It was high time someone stopped letting Karl Rove frame the debate.

  23. Back from checking up on (first) Great-Niece and (second) my parents. Thankfullly, everyone is doing great. But, now we’re leaving to babysit grandchild.

    I don’t know if I’ll have an Internet connection or not but, if I do … I’ll be back.

  24. Dangerous to be a liberal:
    July 27, 2008—Jim Adkisson shoots and kills two people at a progressive church in Knoxville, Tennessee, wounding two. Adkisson calls it “a symbolic killing” because he really “wanted to kill…every Democrat in the Senate & House, the 100 people in Bernard Goldberg’s book,” but was unable to gain access to them.

    A good sized list:

    But nowhere near complete.

      • Ya know, I really wish you folks would make this same connection between violence against women and hateful, misogynistic rhetoric, coupled with hateful, misogynistic entertainment. There are plenty of “examples.” Now, get to work on your “Dangerous to be a woman” list.

        • You mean like this?:

          • From TGW:

            Expect to hear boys singing along to it soon. This is the message they are imbibing:

            Women are slaves and bitches who can service a man’s sexual needs, even in death. Men are brutal and dominant, and have no empathy for women. Men enjoy dead women as sex and entertainment. The female body is to be devoured, reduced to the same status as meat. Female bodies should be displayed before men as a great feast for their consumption.
            Hanging from the rafters in stiletto heels, standing rigid in lingerie, expired on a bed. The white women in these scenes are depicted as subordinated to the black man, reminiscent of the pornographic representation of black men who love to ravish white women, to tarnish and spoil their ‘pure’ bodies.

            Limp, floppy, rendered powerless these doll-like bodies retain their seductive, sexual allure. Sure, they might be dead. Sure they can’t consent. Sure they wanted it.

            The clip is not only interested in fetishizing female bodies – it revels in fetishizing female pain, female passivity, female suffering and female silence. The ultimate female is the quiet, passive female – a mannequin – who accepts violence, abuse and suffering while remaining hot and sexy. And the creators of this feast of violence will probably win a ton of awards and commendations and sponsorship deals from major companies.

          • I didn’t check out the video–the still shot is disgusting enough. But Kanye West is a cool dude, right? So no problem.

          • Holy F*ckin’ Shit!!!!! As you said a few days ago: “This makes me ill”!!!!!!!!!

    • This is a sick joke right? The release of a report and a domestic violence shooting are part of this “Insurrection” timeline.

  25. Lieberman calls it quits~

  26. MICHAEL KINSLEY in his opinion piece “Right Wing’s Breathtaking Bait and Switch on Tucson” makes the same point from a different angle. He thinks that the right wing media played president Obama like a violin. It’s worth a read.

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0111/47701.html#ixzz1BQmHk2Oa


  27. I really think people here should read Baudrillard on the media. It’s in Simulacra and Simulation. Nedessary not just sufficent.

  28. Today, As I drew in the symbol for a low voltage lighting fixture for a garden I am designing, I took a second look.

    It looked exactly like Sarah Palin’s cross hair symbol on her sinister map.

    I wondered if i should re-think using this symbol to depict a lamp for a garden path.
    You know…a circle with 4 lines radiating from the center on an axis.

    Would the client get the idea that I am suggesting
    shooting something at this location, I worry…

    Anything can be twisted into something else…just ask Rush Limbaugh.He twists everything.

    For now, I plan to put disclaimers on every page of my drawings.

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