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I’m not dead yet

So, I got back from sunny California yesterday and found a foot of heavy snow waiting in my driveway. Before I could even park in my driveway and sleep off a red-eye, complicated by my two aisle mates (18A and 18B, you know who you are), who kept jumping up to use the bathroom, just as I was falling asleep, I had to shovel it out. Then there was the power steering of my car that is making a very expensive sound. And to top it all off, I have to clean up this post Christmas wreck before I sit down to write my multi-page trip report.

I have a lot to do this afternoon. I’ll probably check in later, if I’m not too depressed over the diagnosis of my power steering problem and not too tired from vacuuming.

In the meantime, here’s a video from Mompetition that should go viral. I wish I had started earlier with Brooke…

Vamp until I get back.

35 Responses

  1. How come the little girl is doing all of the work? What’s up with the little boy? Not coordinated enough yet?

    Otherwise a very cute video. The music was perfect.

    • The little boy was cleaning up the kitchen. I think the little girl is just more active. She looks like a live one.

  2. Positive reinforcement by M&Ms, press click. Love that.

    But why oh why is that mom abusing her children? Doesn’t she know it should be the other way around with her being a slave to their accomplishments, not for them of course, but for competition with others.:)

  3. I did my part to viralize it. Duly posted to Facebook! So cute!

  4. I’m afraid of lady parts. (edited for psychological accuracy)

    • Not only should you boycott american women and only date foreign women you should leave now to find your mate…go on…don’t wait!! Time’s awastin’

    • I suggest the Boycott Amercan Women blogger check into this alternative:

    • Please tell me this poster’s comments above me are snark.

      As for the video? Nice dream for the stressed out Mommy but more important than having kids trained like seals to do chores is nurturing balanced, loving and responsible adults. And the vast majority of parents do just that. Though the teeny tots can be trying, the teenagers are the true test of parenthood. But when your kids are bigger, better versions of you and your husband, and you’re proud that they’re yours? It all seems worth it.

      Still . . . the video made me smile and took me back.

    • Rambo? EEK!😮 It’s an Internet Tough Guy! ™ Run away! Run away!😛

      (I should talk, being the “Monster from the Id”)🙄

  5. In extremely cold weather my power steering pump moans at start up. When I bought the car (used) it moaned in warm weather. Changing to the proper fluid took care of that.

    • I have eliminated the cold weather parameter by adding power steering fluid to the resevoir.
      it’s a leak.

  6. So, we don’t defend Sarah Palin from the misogyny? (From below).

    • From what i can tell, Sarah Palin is perfectly capable of defending herself.
      I don’t approve of misogyny, or making fun of her intellect (liberals are waaaaay off about that) or gratuitous Palin bashing.
      But this is not http://indefenseofsarahpalin.wordpress.com
      As far as I know, that wordpress name is still available for those of you who have an obsessive need to protect her.
      Be my guest.

      • I haven’t said this explicitly in a post, but for the record, I am over former Alaska governor. This is not for any one particular reason, but after months of watching her, I don’t see the good anymore.

    • When we criticize Olberman for attacking two people in the same way (Hillary re RFK and P___n now), we’re looking at a pattern of Olberman behavior. We’re not necessarily defending (much less protecting) P___n.

      To criticize the police handling of the Simpson trial is not to defend Simpson.

  7. I heard THIS over the PA system in Brookshire’s grocery store today:

    A year or so ago, I heard the Ramones in the same place.

    You know you’re getting old when the cutting-edge bands of your youth are playing in a store, and it’s not a music or audio equipment store.🙄

  8. I have a lifelong fear of automatic-dishwasher detergent so THAT part kind of made my heart stop for a second.

    I loved the part where she gave the kid her car keys and the kid brought back a bag from McDonalds!

  9. STXAbuela’s 6:43 comment reminds me of this one I found recently (probably NSFW)😆

  10. That reminds me of last time we flew out to a sunny vacation in December (back in the day before TSA scanners) and when we got back to the park and ride the car was buried in snow. So we had to borrow a shovel from the shuttle driver, except that he had lent it to someone else first.

  11. RD! You were out here? Geez.

    It is really strange weather — because this is what it used to be like in October? Today. The last 15 years are very diff.

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