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Thursday: Obama Calls For More Civility In Politics?

Or so the NYTimes says based on its coverage of the Tucson memorial service where he is reported to have said:

“Only a more civil and honest public discourse can help us face up to our challenges as a nation.”

Ok, sounds good. Why don’t we let Obama and his lackeys go first and


He might also try


I mean, if he’s *serious* about civility in politics, he could publicly apologize to Hillary Clinton and to all of the other women, feminist, conservative, gay, straight, working or stay at home women, whose position in society he set back by 40 years during his Shermanesque march through the presidential primaries and general election campaigns in 2008.

And he could also tell his paid blog trolls to


seeing as how those two public servants, who are always being blamed for the focus group tested buzzwords of “corporatism” and “triangulation”, are constantly being called upon to either save his bacon or direct his foreign policy (which he copied and passed off as his own. Don’t think we haven’t noticed.)

If the president wants the caustic political environment to stop, he’s got to lead by example and he’s got a lot of penance to do. He can’t give me back my 2008 primary vote, which the DNC allowed him to steal and dump into the trash, and no amount of penance can make up for that or the fact that he was the wrong guy for the job in 2008. But we will be watching to see if he’s as good as his word when it comes to stopping his men (and they are almost all men) from punching the hippies and breaking the knees of the Clintonistas. Until then, I’ll just assume that his speeches are written by some professional jerk like Jon Favreau who has a degree in English and knows how to turn on the waterworks with a few well chosen phrases that Obama sees and says but doesn’t relate to in the slightest degree. Whoever thought Barack Obama had the moral authority to discuss political rhetoric at a memorial service was seriously mistaken.

More civility in politics from the Obama gang that is holding the Democratic party hostage and suppressing the votes and speech of 18000000 of us? I’ll believe it when I hear it.

221 Responses

  1. Certainly seems that Obama and Palin both took the opportunity to politicize this tragic event. Now the shooting is all about them. Who needs campaign managers when one has real life handing them these things.

    • For days the left has been implying and downright stating that she is responsible for this shooting. Why the hell wouldn’t she have a response?

  2. Certainly appears that Obama and Palin both took the opportunity to politicize this tragic event.

    • Please refrain from using the words “politicize”, “politicizing” and “politicization” in my threads.
      I am trying to ban those words here. I would prefer that you use original thoughts to express yourself.
      No trendy, thought express, shortcuts.
      This rule will be strictly enforced.

      • Huh?

        • You heard me. No buzzwords here.

          • Not to argue with the owner of this site but ‘politicize’ is a not a buzzword; it originated in the 1750’s. (Buzzword is of much more recent coinage, btw.)

            Can we use ‘political exploitation’ as a substitute? Of course, some might consider the term ‘exploitation’ a buzzword.

            Why does that particular word, politicize, tick you off? I’m genuinely curious. What is offensive about it? It seems a very useful word.

          • Can we get a list of buzzwords so everyone will know what not to say?

          • Nevertheless, I do not want it to be used here. My thread, my rules. You wantto use buzzwords? Get your own thread. Or go to myiq’s threads. Hes much more tolerant. I will consider any more discussion of the term on my thread as trollish behavior, meant to distract and will act accordingly

          • I think that is a perfectly good rule. I get disgusted with certain people I know who just repeat and repeat what other people have said or written and think they are intellectual. Who knows, I am probably guilty of that myself. Demanding original thought is a good idea.
            However, and not meaning to be nosy, you seem on edge the last few days. Hope everything is okay in your part of the real world.

          • The thing that makes me edgy is the adamant insistence that an issue can only be viewed in one of two ways, both of which deliberately downplay something very important.
            The ability to see nuance is very important to getting this right and it isn’t helped by buzzwords which force people to committ to one side or the other.
            So, yes, I am irritated and I will continue to be irritated until people stop doing it. I call a moratorium on the buzzwords associated with this particular strategy on my threads.
            People who challenge me on it are going to be moderated severely.

          • People who challenge me on it are going to be moderated severely.

            I double-dog dare ya!

          • [Inappropriate remark severely moderated.]

        • Yeah, my “making an event political” also go the axe.

          • [got]

          • On the contrary, the event had distinct political elements. It would be stupid to ignore them. That is not the same as exploring the political elements as the republicans would suggest.
            I won’t be distracted but I am very disappointed in how many readers can’t seem to tell the difference.

        • [testing]

          • On another note, looks like Palin is getting lots of death threats on Twitter. Hope she and her family will be okay.

            Also, questions are being asked about who thought up and paid for the T-shirts at the memorial? My question is, why wasn’t that money used instead for a memorial fund for the victims?

  3. The pathetic MSM needs so little incentive to start drooling over him again. This article’s tone says it all:

    He HEALS! It’s true—he IS Jesus!

    Obama tells polarized nation: ‘We can be better’

    In an electrifying moment, the president revealed that Giffords, who on Saturday was shot point-blank in the head, had opened her eyes for the first time shortly after his hospital visit. First lady Michelle Obama held hands with Giffords’ husband, Mark Kelly, as the news brought soaring cheers from thousands gathered for a memorial service.


  4. Rescue me from Spammy please

  5. Yeah, the O-bots civil?

    Like that’ll happen.

  6. It seems like just yesterday he was wiping the girl cooties off his shoulder… How can I achieve detachment when he won’t go away?

  7. I guess you don’t want one of those souvenir Tshirts

  8. I don’t think he wants us to be civil to each other; I’d say he just wants us to civil to him while he’s being even more civil to the republicans than ever before. Little Christina Taylor Green, of course, expects that of us.

    • That is very sad. Christina Greene should be left out of this. If I were her parents, I’d have asked to read his speech before he gave it.

      • It’s really sad and pathetic and insulting to the victims. And so many people I know think he’s so great–my cousin shot of a facebook entry right after the debacle admiring his sensitivity, grace, and leadership–honestly.

        Hearing him talk about civility is like listening to a domestic violence perp lecture his family about being better people. He’s the last one who should be speaking and the first one to be cleaning up his own act.

        Your list is a good starting place.

        • The domestic violence metaphor is apt, I think, because seeing former BO voters who had said they were were done with him suddenly start swooning over him again is very like watching a friend take back an abusive ex.
          “But this time is different! He’s changed!”

        • Who are you to decide what’s pathetic, or insulting to the victims?

          Some of Obama’s behavior might be. Some of Palin’s or others’ might be too. I don’t know. I don’t read minds.

          But who are YOU to decide for THEM?

          • I’m not deciding for them, I’m stating my own opinion and view of the situation, that for a politician to turn a memorial event into a political pep rally with tee shirts and souvenirs, is by our current standards of social decorum, demeaning to the memory of the dead and somewhat insulting to the survivors and the families of all.

            My opinion is partially informed by the fact that my father, as well as two of my friends over the years, and a family friend when I was a kid, were all murder victims. But I think plenty of people without my background are not impressed with the event or with the way he used it to prop himself up.

            If the families involved felt satisfied by it, then I am happy for them.

          • Well, since I’m not in China, I’m allowed to decide what I find offensive or not.

          • PS — I am SICK of this relative society– some things are MORALLY WRONG regardless of the “feelings” of the participants.

          • Yes, angie, I totally agree. It’s almost like there’s no right or wrong anymore.

            Still, if the families felt supported, I’m glad.

  9. You know you’re a r@cist if you don’t believe he’s now being civil. 🙂

  10. NYP:

    But the president’s stunning speech was marred by the feeling of the evening that surrounded it and the appalling behavior of the crowd in Tucson listening to it.

    It was as though no one in the arena but the immediate mourners and sufferers had the least notion of displaying respectful solemnity in the face of breathtaking loss and terrifying evil.


    Worst of all, there was the crowd, which bubbled over with excitement and enthusiasm. The tone of the event came to resemble a pep rally, no matter the monstrous fact of the six dead and the many injured.

    Even Obama’s lovely peroration about little Christina Green — “I want us to live up to her expectations. I want our democracy to be as good as she imagined it” — was greeted by the listeners as though they were delegates at a political convention, rather than attendees at a memorial service.

    Maybe it was the applause sign over the stage?

    • There was an applause sign over the stage? For God’s sake.

    • At least they didn’t pull the usual fake fainting gag they normally do at their campaign rallies.

    • It WAS a campaign rally. It’s all about 2012 & all about O as usual. I don’t care what kind of phony preacher tone he uses to snow the highly impressionable.

      • Caught a glimpse on the news of Obama’s speechifying. In that specific part he looked angry! And I mean scary angry! Punching the air with his fist – or was he stabbing it with his ever charging index finger? Can’t remember which now, but he looked very aggressive.

        Then after leaving the stage, he walked up to … Michelle! Embraced and kissed her! 🙄 Do those two ever acknowledge other people’s presence other than as a backdrop, a tool to emphasize their own magnificence?

    • The crowd was disgusting, but blaming it all on them is a bunch of bullshit. First, he approved & allowed the event to take place at the Univ. of Arizona campus & packed the place with college students. He also allowed them to serve concessions & hand out t-shirts & bumper stickers, which started the entire “pep rally” feeling. Obama paused for the applause. He never once asked for quiet, and instead he started that old “revved up ready to go” shouting, with a smile on his face. So, in short, he courted and encouraged their behavior. He is as responsible as they are.
      I remember Clinton after Oklahoma & even GWB after VA Tech for the love of God. Those were how you, as the POTUS, are supposed to run memorials. Obama gave us a circus.

      • This is all he knows. It’s what he loves most. I’m tellin’ ya, the campaign for 2012 has begun in earnest–this was just a great opportunity for them to exploit. He was in his element. The rest is all details (ie: people who actually DIED). It’s repulsive.

      • “He never once asked for quiet, and instead he started that old “revved up ready to go” shouting, with a smile on his face. So, in short, he courted and encouraged their behavior. He is as responsible as they are.”


      • You couldn’t be more wrong and you know it. The White House had nothing to do with this event – it was sponsored by the Univ of Arizona and was initiated by a student there. the white house advised on security measures only. Obama and others were INVITED to this and did not plan it. and it was not a memorial. there was a slogan to launch it – the idea was to present a more positive face on Tuscon and bring the people who were responsible for saving some of the attendees plus the entire community together in unity and thanks. may be a tad crass for some of you but it was not an obama event – and you all know that, you just can’t help yourselves. oklahoma and VA tech were memorials and meant to be solemn, this was not.

        • Oh bullshit. This White House doesn’t wipe its ass without carefully considering the political aspects first. Everything related to that event was run past the WH for approval.

          The speakers, color schemes, music, lighting, camera angles, sound system, seating arrangements, EVERYTHING

          • I’ll bet there was a WH advance team in Tucson NLT Monday. That would include someone from the FLOTUS staff too. Among other details they would have made sure there were no fashion faux pas like some other woman wearing a dress similar to MO’s.

            Governor Brewer, what will you be wearing to the memorial?”

        • Yeah, the President of the United States of America had NO SAY in anything.

          No wonder you voted for him — you’re an idiot.

        • Oh, yeah, and it wasn’t a memorial, they just CALLED it a memorial as part of that 11th dimensional chess thingy.

        • (rolling eyes) ANY of the speakers could have stopped the outrageous cheering. EACH of them was responsible for the cheers. And NONE of them (except perhaps the first) made any attempt to do so.

          For the President (a former teacher) to pretend he had no control over the crowd is absurd. The man PAUSED for applause — he did nothing to discourage it.

          • he never pretended he had no control over the crowds. never mentioned it anywhere – why do you keep making things up?

  11. Gun-control advocates disappointed with White House silence

    Although President Obama ran on campaign vows of reinstating the assault-weapons ban and closing the gun-show loophole, among other reforms, he’s been all but mute on those issues since entering the White House two years ago — a silence that’s continued in the wake of Saturday’s shootings in Arizona.

    There they go again, playing “gotcha” with campaign promises.

  12. I have never in all my life seen such a massive attack launched against a politician as I have seen recently with Palin. I am indifferent to the woman, don’t hate her, don’t love her. Obama pretends to be above it all while his media shills and his minions do the dirty work. What crime or corruption has this woman committed that she is so roundly hated by the media? In the meantime there are pols out there who are guilty of crimes and corruption and the media ignores those characters, just brief news reports about their shenanigans, no massive campaign against them in the media.

    Pure propaganda. The media is corrupt and in bed with this WH. This Palin situation is Hillary redux on steroids. No dissent allowed when it comes to The One. You read the news reports today or watch MSNBC after the speech and the bashing of Palin continues. So much for civility. What utter and rank hypocrisy.

    I was watching the CBS evening news after the shooting and they ran a clip of Palin. I was waiting for some newsbreaking story that she was tied in some how. Nothing, only a mention that political discourse might be to blame. So why her in particular???

    It is frightening to see a media that should be a watchdog for the public ignoring those in power and instead working for those in power and going after those who ‘might’ someday be in power (Hillary and Palin.)

  13. About the speechifying, in a documentary about Pete Sousa, Obama’s official photographer, there’s a couple of “cameos” by Obama giving him the chance to praise … himself, as a subject!

    Of one of the pictures he says:

    “I think people’s favorite picures(!) is me going over a speech with … eh … my speechwriter Jon Favreau and my [looking exited] scrawl all over the place. It’s just a picture of the page and that’s something that you take for granted, but when it’s suddenly blown up you realize that that sends to the public I think, a sense of what the day to day activities of the White House are really like.”

    Can it be any clearer, that what he sees as the most important part of being President is … making speeches?

  14. I wish Obama’s supporters would reign in their lack of civility and outright misogyny. Dkos was just tweeting his support for a teeshirt with Palin’s picture on it and a target across her face. Stop the Stupidity already.

    • OMG, really? So if Palin is ever assasinated, we can blame Kos? Nope, the media wouldn’t do that. It would be Palin’s fault, she had it coming (karma.)

  15. Ugh. Thank you for this. I was over at TL where the posters–even the Obama critics–are drooling and
    wetting themselves over the most wonnerfulest most marvelous speech EVAH in the history of the whole wide world.

    I posted a comment that while he was making that speech, dozens of people including children were being slaughtered as a direct result of HIS policies and where were his big emotional speeches over them??

    I’ll have to check back to see if I’ve been banned. HA!

  16. The hypocracy is stunning. Vitually every pundit (even FOX) has been drooling over the speech, but where was Obama when the blame game started?? As head of the democratic party, isn’t he responsible for those below him??

    • Well that is because Obama has to be someones puppet, the question is who is pulling his strings. It looks like Corporate Media could be the ones although I would have thought that it was more Corporate America in general. At the very least Old Corporate Media like to think they make or break candidates and the fact that Palin could get so much attention and press time yesterday with out subjecting herself to them, simply by putting up a Facebook post has got to be shattering their illusions of power. They wish we were all in awe of Obama. For my part I see it as a very inappropriate public event. If he want’s a more civil atmosphere he can start by condemning the recent actions of the press and his minions. Don’t hold your breath until that happens.

  17. I’ve been thinking a lot about the media being in bed with this WH. Notice how the economy and the wars and the launching of predator drones have been pushed out of the limelight in an attempt to boost his poll numbers? After all, there’s an election just around the corner. The only difference between Orwells’ 1984 and now is that at least we can turn off our telescreens.

  18. I don’t see why Obama inserted himself in this memorial unless he was going to advocate for more mental health care resources in communities and real gun control. Not going to happen until we have campaign finance reform.

    Hillary recognized that this mentally ill killer was not involved in polarized politics, which seems to be what
    sells ad space on HuffPoop and MSNBC. Am I the
    only one who finds the front page blurbs on Poop
    getting increasingly sick.

    • sick?

    • I don’t go to huffpoop — don’t see the need to make Arianna any richer.

      But ITA on campaign finance reform.

    • I don’t go to HuffPo either, but ITA that the focus should be awareness of the mentally ill & how we can get these people the help they need before they harm themselves or others.

      • Aren’t they protected from being treated at someone else’s insistence? I think they have to ask for it, or at least agree to it and many won’t.

        • It might not be popular, but IMO, it should be easier to commit someone (right now it is nearly impossible until they hurt themselves & others) AND there should actually be affordable & effective help for them as well.

  19. I thought G W Bush was a terrible president. How long after the World Trade Center towers were struck did it take for Cheney and the other neocons to start blaming Hussein and make plans to attack Iraq? Was it even before the Pentagon was hit? I don’t know that it was before, I’m just asking.

    In any case from what has since been revealed, blaming Iraq moved quickly from speculation to “fact” in their determined minds. When faced with facts that undermined their case for going to war against Iraq, the Bush administration continued to twist the facts, culminating with Col. Powell’s shameful presentation of cooked up evidence at the United Nations.

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I am deeply saddened that so many people in this country displayed an eerily similar rush to judgement regarding culpability for the murderous attack on Congresswoman Giffords and the other victims.

    Again I don’t care for President Bush, but after watching the Leader of the Free World’s performance at last night’s pep rally I couldn’t help but reflect on Bush’s words and demeanor when he spoke to a crowd at Virginia Tech the day after the massacre of so many students and faculty.

    • I confess to having been a number one W-hater but really, one of the big successes of Obama’s presidency is that he almost manages to make Bush look good. Now that is real miracle-working.

      • You said it, VM.

        It is scary to see GWB reflected so favorably after another dose of Obama.

        I swear… the world has turned upside down.

        • This is what makes me think that BO is really whatthey say — a narcissist. It’s like there’s a black hole where his compassion should be.
          W, in retrospect, simply looks like an entitled rich dood who happens to be a dry drunk.

          • Amen 1000x Votermom. I say the same thing to people all the time and I can’t believe the words are coming out of my mouth!

            Yeah, I see Dubya as kind of a bumbling dolt who was led into evil whereas I see Obama as actively seeking out evil. Which is worse?

          • GWB was not ‘led” into sneering at Carla Faye Tucker while refusing her petition for clemency. There’s enough ugliness in his record to witness that he’s been rotten at the core for his whole adult life. Now, I think he was dealt a bad hand at or before birth. He seems to me to have many of the characteristics of FAS, and I sure as hell wouldn’t bet even lunch money that he’s dry.. But he’s not alone in any of that, and none of the evil he’s done was inevitable in his chemical makeup.

    • Where’s the cheering section?

    • please I would love to have this Bush speech to take over to another site.is there a link i can copy;..

      • here ya go (I’m removing the “http://www.” from the front of the link so that it doesn’t embedded, before linking it, don’t forget to add all that the the front):


    • I absolutely understand the point you are making, and as DandyTiger has often stated, it seems like that was the plan. To rehab the Bush II Admin by helping Obama into the WH. I can’t stand the guy either but Obama does makes him look better by comparison.

      Anyway, to sorta answer your question with probably more info than you cared to know, and a bunch of info you probably were already aware of.

      The Bush II Admin put the bullseye on Iraq immediately after walking into the WH. They lobbed a cruise missile at Saddam, a few weeks into the admin, to let him know that the Bush Family was coming back to Iraq. As you know, 9/11 just helped to give a visual excuse for an invasion but was brought into the discussion very early….a few days later, IIRC.

      For a bit of a back story. The first Iraq war was really just a war-profiteering exercise for Bush I and his admin. Frontline/Nova played audio of someone in Bush I’s admin complaining about their stock portfolio looking sad, and Bush I’s response was. ‘Let’s go find a war in some third world country somewhere.’

      Frontline/Nova then showed all the financial moves they made to profit off of the war via their tax returns. While they lured Saddam into thinking Kuwait was his for the taking, their ‘blind trusts’ were anything but blind.

      And when Bush I started to decrease the size of the military, thanks to the cold war ending. He was only increasing the footprint of private companies, like Halliburton. Making it easier to steal war funds by hiding behind their corporate structure. Privatization in all of its glory.

      Certainly, the oil fields have a special place in oil-men’s hearts, after all they were nice enough to protect the oil ministry building in Iraq, and little else. But as seen by the way the war panned out, war-profiteering was among the first goals, and why Iraq has been a Bush Family ATM for a couple of decades now.

      Once Dubya was in office, we were going to war with Iraq, even 9/11 never happened.

  20. “I’ve been banned from there twice.”

    Showoff. I think I was once before, when I posted something less than adulatory about John Lennon.

  21. As Stirling Newberry says (on facebook):

    Obama’s speech “May God almighty save people from getting shot, because I’m not lifting a finger to.”

  22. Togetherness: Can you feel it?

    In 1968, an astute adviser to Richard Nixon saw a hand-made placard at a campaign rally.  “Bring Us Together Again,” the simple message read.  The Nixon campaign quickly appropriated the message and its yearning for united, conciliatory leadership.  “Bring Us Together” — the “Again” was dropped — made it into Nixon’s election night speech. .

    (WIREUPDATE) — During Wednesday night’s memorial service of the fallen and wounded in the Arizona shooting tragedy attendees received a free t-shirt with a “Together We Thrive” logo emblazon on the front. 
    All the University of Arizona buses in Tucson have been flashing the slogan on their digital signs.

    • The commemorative beer cups were better because they came with beer inside,

    • If this turns out to be the Dems 2012 campaign slogan I may barf.

    • Never let a good camnpaign opportunity go to waste. Do you think “Together we Thrive” will be his new campaign slogan? The colors of the T-shirts are blue with a jazzy logo. I wouldn’t put it past him.

      If we had any real journalism in this country, someone would investigate the whole T-shirt thing, who started it, where did the idea come from? Of course, I’m sure they’ve hidden their tracks quite well. We’ll never know if it originated from the WH.

      • They’re blaming it on the college, kinda like Bush blamed the ” Mission Accomplished” sign on the Navy.


        • He could have stopped it – the cheering — he could have frowned and pointed out the blazing insensitivity.

          And so (by the way) could all the other speakers.

          • He should have stopped it. The families were there and didn’t need to be stuck in a pep rally. Maybe 10,000 sad people would have been harder on them, I don’t know.

            I wouldn’t want to be at a huge pep rally if I had just lost a family member in such a senseless way.

    • OMFG. I thought myiq was snarkin’. They really did hand out free t-shirts at a memorial service.

  23. It’s often a good idea for prominent leaders to stay away from memorials, because simply due to their fame they’re like an entire circus, complete with clowns and everything. They disrupt an entire town and blow the solemnity of the situation. It takes real class and empathy to recognize how simply your presence is going to be a disruption and to respond accordingly with some empathy for the people who are grieving.

    That said, I’ve never seen anything so bizarre as that memorial yesterday. They went way beyond the disruption that they couldn’t help and actually embraced it and spot lighted it. It wasn’t about the victims or their families at all, it was about the President.

    This is sad and redundant, but Hillary Clinton would never have allowed that to happen. She would have made sure this event was not about her and she would have conducted herself with a lot more grace.

    • During the campaign in 2008, Hillary did a lot if little things to express her gratitude, kindness and empathy. She made phone calls and held thank you teleconferences with her supporters. She wasn’t loud and showy.
      I even suspect that it was her campaign that sent the beautiful flower arrangement of orange roses and flowers to PUMA HQ in Denver. We never found out who sent that because it was anonymous but I think it was her to thank us for not giving up.
      That’s the way she operates.
      She doesn’t pray in public.

      • Remember the speech reference to the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuit? That came directly from you….and the orange pantsuit she wore. I would say the flowers were from her.

        • Probably.
          But she should know that after the RBC meeting, it was less about her and more about the DNC disenfranchising us. I’m sorry to have disappointed her but our missions diverged at that point. Hers was to be a loyal Democrat and get Obama elected. Ours was to not give in to oppression and the rigging of an election. It was important for some of us to remain defiant.
          It is understandable that she had to distance herself from us but we have principles too that are as important.
          She did her best to get us on board. The failure was not hers. It had everything to do with the rogue group that took over the party.

          • I don’t think you disappointed her. I bet she still visits this site on occasion. On another note, the other day she re-iterated her stance against gay marriage in an interview with The Advocate, even though she’s implemented uniformly positive perks and benefits for gays in the State Dept. So I started imaging why she feels the need to maintain this position at this point in her career, especially since she claims not to want to hold public office ever again. Then I got giddy because I thought immediately “OMG, she’s getting ready to run!” Wishful thinking maybe, but how, at this point, can it be in Hillary’s interest to claim she’s against gay marriage?

          • If it had been an honorable electoral process and convention, then most of us probably would have gotten on board. I personally am not a sore loser if the battle was fairly fought. But it wasn’t. My time (I volunterw, my money, my vote–all stolen and probably from the outset that was predetermined.

          • If they had even allowed a normal roll call vote, I would have felt better.


    • Remember during the 2008 campaign a police officer was killed escorting Hillary Clinton’s motorcade in Dallas? She not only expressed her condolence and sorrow, but also took time off from her buzy campaign schedule to attend the funeral – after having consulted with the family first, of course!

      The media didn’t cover it and I only knew from searching local papers. They really didn’t want to show her in a flattering light at all!

      Then searching just now for a link, what did I come up with? Articles about how the deceased family is now suing Hillary Clinton for his death. Sigh!

  24. Military surgeons assist in Giffords treatment.

    Recognizing that medical experience working on soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq could be of benefit, the military hustled its most highly trained medical experts in brain injury to consult on the injury suffered by U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, two military officials said Tuesday.

    The two doctors, veterans of combat tours in the war zone, have developed extraordinary expertise in treating the most complicated trauma cases, the military officials said.

    After news of the shooting on Saturday, Adm. Michael Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, called Navy Capt. Mark Kelly, the congresswoman’s husband, CNN has learned.

    Mullen, who presided over the ceremony when Kelley was promoted to the rank of captain, offered Kelly assistance from the military, which has developed extensive expertise in treating gunshot wounds to the brain from years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to the two military officials. The admiral often visits or calls wounded service members.


    • I might get rained on here, but why did Fort Hood not have the same impact on us, as did Tucson?

      • Some here were commenting on Fort Hood, and how it was swept under the rug, just a few days ago.

        • Yes, instantly it rang my bell. One cannot help but compare the two, in regards to “mental illness”, and how they both were driven to use the guns.
          Both bitter and desperate. They may not have had the same names, but damn near the same minds.

      • Maybe because the media kept assuring us that it was an isolated incident and had nothing to do with Islam because the vast majority of Muslims are not violent.

    • Makes sense – the two journalists who had severe head injuries in Iraq both got top military medical and both experienced remarkable recoveries.

  25. After witnessing this entire incident and how it’s been played in the media I have come to the conclusion that the media will do everything in their power to see that he gets re-elected. You watch.

    The spinning and glorification has re-started. The focus will be on his speeches instead of on any accomplishments or failures. That’s how he began his career and that is how it will continue.

    Watch and see. The media got him elected and they will continue to shill for him because they don’t want it to appear that they were dupes.

    • Hey, the media can try. But all of my friends are still unemployed and can’t use their advanced degrees to do science anymore.
      Lots of people are hurting, gas prices are going up, food is more expensive, wages are going down and the Republicans are poised to give Obama and the Democrats a living nightmare for the next two years because the Democrats were too timid to do it right when they had a chance.
      Sooo, I wouldn’t count on the media being NEARLY as successful as in 2008. They might just end up damaging their own reputations in he process.

      • You may be right. A new Gallup poll regarding the matter. Seems the spinning isn’t quite having the effect they’d hoped for. But the glorification will continue, I’m sure.


        • Yep. 2012 is going to be very interesting. Unless our National Preacher can perform a miracle with the economy, I doubt the media will be able to work its spin magic. And as far as political rhetoric goes, I’m guessing it’s going to get uglier, not gentler. Let’s be thankful we’re in the cheap seats.

      • Do they still have a reputation to damage?

        • I have to sift through newspapers very carefully to find convergence on news that I can trust. As for TV and radio? I never go there anymore. My impression is that it is so much easier to propagate propaganda and talking points by sound than by text.
          If anyone is still getting their news fro TV or radio, they are most likely getting it all wrong. So, yes, broadcast media is completely compromised.
          Weigh everything very carefully, be wary of buzzwords and come to your own conclusions.

          • Well, I am going to tip toe into this subject because it is clearly a top issue for you. And I agree, that it is good to be wary of buzzwords if you are easily lead by such things.

            But I was raised as a young child to listen for those buzzwords and notice where they are trying to move the citizenry/viewer. From everything to news media right down to commercials for toys.

            Frankly, it is within those buzzwords that they reveal the most. And show when the left and right are moving to the same destination. No matter what sound and fury they display against the other side.

            The buzzwords reveal the dog and pony show, so I am far from wary of them. I seek them out from sources on both sides of the aisle to see what propaganda they are selling today, in relation to yesterday, and the few decades previous. It is an excellent way to track the TPTB.

            Hearing the buzzwords makes your ears bleed but, as you know, the print media serves the same masters. But to be blunt, it seems like you feel that people here are too weak-minded to notice the propaganda when in fact most people here have proven they do notice.

            I understand your fundie family has problems with such things, but that doesn’t mean the rest us do.

            I have a fundie segment of my family. As the only person in several families (step-parents) that was never baptized, I have had a front row seat to the fundies and the religious. In 42 years, my husband is one of the only people who didn’t look at me like I was the devil incarnate when sharing I wasn’t baptized. Something your daughter will probably get to experience as well if she doesn’t take your advice to keep mum on that front.

            But with all due respect, the buzzwords aren’t our enemy, they reveal where they show is going next.

          • You misunderstand me. I dont think people are too weak to recognize them. I think it is too easy to fall into using them as a short cut for thinking an issue through and using your own words.
            So, no short cuts through the thought process on my threads. My thread, my rules.

          • Good to know.

            And I am glad it was a misunderstanding. If anything your rule might promote a more in depth debate. It will be interesting to see.

      • And don’t forgot, all the original Obots will have graduated from college & not be able to find a job.

    • Yes, this making political of an event (whey! I could have just used one word instead) is an all out effort to rehabilitate and revitalize Obama for 2012. Like GWB, the msm will see that he is installed once again for a second term.

    • And if the media can’t get him elected …they’ll just cheat. Again.

      • That’s what I was thinking. They’ve got about 6 months to hone their cheating skills and/or buy off another unprincipled candidate.

  26. Obama is always awarded for his choice of words, it is always considered an eloquent speech. Like those at the memorial we should all be cheering, even when he kicks us to the curve.

    Let’s all look like America, he needs to look at the large population of people with disabilities. Let him look to himself to the causes of discrimination against those with mental disabilities, let him improve health care for all of us, not just some of us.

  27. Just when you think people have finally woken up and see him for the self-serving fraud he is, they are eager, willing and ready to swoon over the slightest thing. It’s truly bizarre and disturbing. Group think and projection is a frightening power.

    • Only the media is swooning (like their paychecks depend upon it).

      • Old Corporate Media and the men who run it are trying to remain relevant by fluffing their boy Obama.. Palin really did an end-run around them when she posted her comments on Facebook essentially saying “who needs you hosers, you are not relevant” She talked to the world without Corporate Media’s filter shattering their delusions of power. That part of this whole political fiasco alone had me laughing all day yesterday. My other thoughts are I am completely disgusted by what is going on and I think the Tragedy rally yesterday was crass.

  28. Spammy just ate 3 more of my comments. He’s ravenous today!

  29. As if to cement my opinion about the media, Chuck Todd, an ‘objective’ msnbc WH reporter admits to having experienced chills while hearing the speech.


  30. The media and the pundits are now labeling him “America’s National Preacher,” as if that’s a good thing. That actually really disturbs me and is part of the reason I’ve always advocated for separation of church and state. Many cultures have tried having the head of their church also be the head of their country and it’s never ended well. Perhaps the President could master fixing unemployment before he moves on to saving everybody’s souls. We actually don’t need a National Preacher, we have plenty of spiritual advisers, what we need is a President.

  31. OMG—-Sharpton had a call from a Black guy on his show calling him on the Palin attack—said it was bullsh*t , as in was NOT Palin’s fault.

    I don’t know how to post a link, but if anybody can post this for me:

    URL is http://bit.ly/fwXf7A

    Caller rejects everything Sharpton is trying to push. Worth listening to.

  32. I won’t hold my breath on this one. I honestly do not think Mr. Obama and his lackeys know how to be civil.

  33. I am speechless…..

  34. Just when you think people have finally woken up and see him for the self-serving fraud he is, they are eager, willing and ready to swoon over the slightest thing. It’s truly bizarre and disturbing.

    Over on TL it’s just like the primaries all over again.

    Over one speech. Yes, disturbing

    • Yeah, I was surprised to see all the swooning. It’s a speech people – a SPEECH!

      • His entire candidacy was just speeches. His entire presidency has been a failure because that’s all he really knows how to do, so when an opportunity like this arises for him to pull out his best Rev. Wright/MLK impersonation, he’s in his glory, and the sycophants start to convulse.

  35. Good points. It is important to remember that civility is a quality greatly to be desired. People who were disgusted by the misogyny Obama’s supporters directed at Hillary Clinton and other women would naturally, I would have thought, be equally disgusted by the hair-raising violence of right wing rhetoric, whether voiced by a right wing woman or man. It’s part of the same phenomenon, and opposing it derives from the same feeling of revulsion.

    • the hair-raising violence of right wing rhetoric

      Hyperbole much?

    • Just take a look at RD’s previous post. Of course we are alarmed at over the top craziness from the right. We’re also alarmed at policy ideas and political philosophies from the right. Like those of Palin, Bush, and Obama.

    • The hypocrisy is breathtaking. Have we forgotten the unrelenting hatred and violent speech and images against Bush (even if well-deserved)? We all participated, and I don’t remember anyone screaming about decency and civility then. It only seems to be free speech when it serves our own agenda. Human beings are myopic little creatures. It’s that same ole’ reptilian brain again, advocating for its own survival of the favored tribe.

      • Squeeze me? Baking powder? Speak for yourself. I don’t remember wish violence on George Bush or his droogs. Not my style. I wish evildoers long Carribean vacations on small islands in hurricane alley with alligator type creatures where the exiled are forced to spend time with their money in their penthouses and are prohibited from using their personal jets in international airspace. Think of it as a bunch of wall street types playing out their favorite social Darwinian wet dreams in real time. It could be a version of Survivor I’d even tune in to.
        I don’t think that’s violent. It’s more like creative justice.

    • what hair raising violence are you talking about?

  36. is there a link that I could copy to get the Bush speech please..thanks.ill check back

  37. Dear Spammy,

    You seem to have issues with my comments. I’m sorry if I’ve offended you. Please release me, let me go. (I can sing that for you if you prefer.)

    Much appreciated.

    • Hey fif! None of my business, but I’ve been wondering anyhow 😉 – could it be that your name is a part of a word that Spammy savor? S/he sometimes seems to be … delicate, that way.

  38. Loved the logo. “Tuscon and America. Together we thrive”.

    Tucson is not part of America. Who knew?

  39. This is what irritates me about the whole political situation. I am an Independent and I have always been an Independent. I vote for the best of both parties and I like that. I like the social awareness and concern of Liberals but on the other hand I don’t believe the government can organize a one car parade efficiently. Now with the screaming misogyny on the Liberal side (which no one is doing anything to change) I am a de facto Republican and I resent that and I blame Liberals for it. Still, until I see the liberal misogyny shut down and purged I am pretty much stuck with being a Republican. I want my Independent status back.

  40. I remember that photo and how all the Obots keep saying it was just humor and nothing was meant by it. Every woman who wasn’t all juiced up on KoolAid knew it was no “joke.”

    • I remember it well…some boyz in West Hollywood thought it would be a fun prank.

  41. sign me up

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