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The Democrats have no one but themselves to blame.

Hopenchange motherf**kers!

45 Responses

  1. Don’t mess with the Clown

  2. I hope that Nancy Pelosi is smart enough to know that if she had not screwed around with the 2008 presidential primary election process, she would still be speaker. I think that she is. Moral of the story, let the Democratic voters decide who the Democratic nominee will be.

  3. Isn’t it ironic that with the Repubs big win they want to get rid of Steele; and with the Dems big loss, Kaine announces he’s staying for 2 more years AND NO BODY SCREAMS BLOODY MURDER!

  4. Two pieces of Brooke’s art are featured at the Winter Arts Festival – again. It’s only the 8th year in a row. Tonight, she’s getting an award for her piece for the fine arts calendar, somewhat of a rarity for a Freshman in a school with 2000 students.
    So, I will be back at 8. Maybe I’ll have something to post by then.

    • congrats to her and to you. I remember what it was like to get public recognition when I was a kid. It is so motivating.

    • Sheesh, I wish I had some handy ones around…I can’t remember where I put them and just learned I need 12 in a portfolio disk and two actual ones…by Friday. I am off to the storage unit tomorrow and if not, I am off to the art store and putting some out…

      Way to go Brooke.

    • well Congrats.to you and Brooke.
      now to get all those buttons sewed back on your vest!!!!

    • The only thing which keeps you sometimes sane is to read something truly insane…helps you to put things into perspective….maybe we should recognize that certain media outlets just have this function….and all of a sudden all this non-sense makes, well, SENSE!!

    • Next you’ll came me crazy…(((shakes head)))

      I think you like that photo of her, personally… hemmm…

  5. Did everyone read about Peter Daou and James Boyce suing Arianna Huffington who claim that they came up with the idea for Huff n’ Puff in 2004:


    • If in doubt sue -welcome to America!

    • Daou is a good guy. If he wins something, good for him.

      • A suit like that will cost a lot of money. There must be some merit to the case.

        Either that or Arianna has rich enemies willing to pay the legal bills.

        • The first question, the lawyers asked: Does the defendant have money? Yup. Second question: Does the lawsuit have merit? The answer must have been, ayup. I guess it’s a percentage agreement. If Daou wins, the lawyers win too, but if he loses, the lawyers get Nada.

          • I doubt if it’s a contingency fee case.

            In a contingency fee case the lawyers do the work without getting paid and have to advance the fees and costs. The costs can be enormous and the case can take years before any settlement or award is collected.

            Typically only personal injury cases with an insured defendant are taken on contingency.

            This is a breach of contract case. The lawyers will want money up front.

  6. I was gratified to see Pelosi hand the gavel to Boehner. That’s how much she makes me puke. I won’t have to see her phony face on the news.

    • Dario,

      Yeah, Pelosi sucks, but Boehner isn’t any better. It’s just that we’re used to asshat men in positions of power. I don’t like him any better than I did Pelosi.

      What will be interesting to watch is how he’ll be treated if he pulls the same crap as Pelosi did, except from the other side of the aisle. Will he get a pass and everyone will just focus on how sensitive he is because he cries at the drop of a hat, while he screws the American people?

      Time will tell.

      • Boehner is a GOP and I don’t expect anything good from him. I know what I will get from him, but Pelosi gave the money to G.W.B. to bail the banks, and got nothing in exchange. She never investigated G.W.B.’s crimes. She also was part of the behind the scenes to select Obama. Boehner is up front about pleasing his masters.

        • Nope. In the kabuki theater of Washington, the GOP are the players who know how to play ball, and the Democrats’ role is to lose. I’ve seen the play before several times.

      • In a rational world, the tea partiers and the progressives would come together as one populist economic movement despite their differences on social issues to throw the establishment elite out of Washington. But the divide and conquer strategy is working too well with propaganda machines like MSNBC and Fox putting on their pro wrestling like charade. Meanwhile most of the country continues to struggle in silence.

        • Problem is the loudest voices come from the far ideological left and the far ideological right…the ones easiest to dismiss as extremist noise. If a working or middle class political activist on the far left cannot recognize and empathize with the economic stress of a working or middle class family who votes conservative, and visa versa, then what really is the point of political activism is these economic times.

          • If you try to argue that conservatives are human too the purity trolls will call you names and run crying from the blog.

        • If not throw them out (the DC establishment elite), at least put strong enough pressure on them so they don’t do stupid things like give the super rich more tax breaks. Pressure them to hold big banks more accountable, to make big multinationals invest in American jobs and innovation, to address the growth in poverty that comes with double digit unemployment…instead of ignoring it.

  7. Can’t watch the video. Did she give him a kiss on the cheek ? Or on his orange lips?

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