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      There’s a joke about the CIA and torture, in that the only person who went to prison for torturing people was the guy who revealed the torture. Daniel Hale, the guy who revealed that drone bombing killed 90% innocents, is now off to his stint in jail. He seems tough, maybe he won’t be driven to multiple suicide attempts like Manning was by the deliberate mis […]
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Today I get an old new governor

SF Gate:

California has drastically changed in the 36 years since Jerry Brown first took the oath of office to become governor.

The Golden State’s population has swelled by 15.8 million people, the price of a gallon of milk has more than doubled, and the state spends nearly 10 times as much on government services in 2010 as it did in 1975.

The incoming governor has changed as well. Back in ’75, Brown was a 36-year-old bachelor with a thick tuft of hair, driving a Plymouth Satellite and sleeping in a cheap studio apartment.

Now, the balding, 72-year-old Brown is chauffeured around in a Ford Crown Victoria and shares a hip loft with his wife, Anne Gust Brown, when they aren’t sleeping at their $1.8 million Oakland hills home.

Then, he was the youngest person ever to serve as California’s governor.

When he’s sworn in today, he’ll be the oldest.

When young Jerry Brown was sworn in in 1975 he was taking over from an actor turned politician. Today old Jerry Brown is taking over from an actor turned politician.

I don’t envy Moonbeam. Sacramento is totally FUBAR these days.

15 Responses

  1. Annual tuition for average in-state UC student:

    Then: $647

    Now: $11,279

    • $11,279 will soon be the old figure, since Brown has plans to increase tuition again via his austerity plan for CA.

  2. fingers crossed for Jerry…

    when I listened to his very excited victory speech, my first thought is “he is the opposite of Obama”…

    cranky old curmudgeon, decidedly uncool, filled with experience and opinions…

    if anyone can fix this situation, it’s Jerry (but I bet it’s going to hurt)

  3. oh, and I like that they are having hot dogs and chips for the inauguration party…

  4. That description is BS. He was losing his hair then and he’s bald, not balding, now.

    So, the tuition rate went up by more than the rate of state spending?

    • well at least im glad that you get a new governor.
      im stuck with bought and paid for wingnut perry.
      to make matters worse they have no term limits for governor in texas.

  5. The EPiC run of Sinclair Lewis- chillingly apropos for today.

     His contemporary, the writer Edmund Wilson, would say of him: “Practically alone among the American writers of his generation, [Sinclair] put to the American public the fundamental questions raised by capitalism in such a way that they could not escape them.”
    “The Permanent Crisis”

    I am telling the people of America that we have ten million unemployed who will never work again while the present system endures. For the past year I have been telling the people of California that the burden of supporting their permanently unemployed million-and-a-quarter is driving cities, counties, and State directly into bankruptcy. I have told them that in some hundred and fifty mass meetings, attended by from one thousand to fifteen thousand persons. I have told them in some three hundred thousand pamphlets and some five million copies of weekly newspapers. And in August some four hundred and fifty thousand of them went to the polls and said that they agreed with me.
    Just what is to be done? No more important question confronts the American people today. If we do not find an orderly solution, we are going straight into the course of horrors which we have witnessed in Germany. I have believed all my life in democracy, the right and ability of the people to govern themselves. I am now offering the people of my home State a plan and a technique of procedure which will remedy the depression by gradual stages in a peaceable and human fashion, without violence and the overthrow of our political, industrial, or social system.

    The nomination of an avowed socialist to head the Democratic party ticket was more than the California establishment could tolerate. Sinclair’s radical candidacy was opposed by just about every establishment force in California. The media virtually demonized Sinclair through a concerted propaganda campaign based largely on smears and falsehoods. Sinclair’s candidacy also set off a bitter political battle both within the Democratic party and with many groups who were opposed to various aspects of the EPIC plan. Sinclair was denounced as a “Red” and “crackpot” and the Democratic establishment sought to derail his candidacy.

    Despite all of this, Upton Sinclair was very nearly elected Governor of California in 1934. 
    When the votes were counted, Upton Sinclair got 37% of the vote, the Republican candidate got 48% and a third-party progressive candidate took another 13%. 
    Copy of Upton Sinclair’s 1934 EPIC Plan

    See the web site of the Museum of the City of San Francisco for additional information on Upton Sinclair


    We hear from some corners that Obama’s a Socialist. 
    Any reasonably honest, intelligent man knows that’s utter bullshit. 

    Ron Paul: Obama’s not Socialist, he’s Corporatist – CSMonitor.com

    “A careful examination of the policies pursued by the Obama administration  [shows that]

  6. wishing him the best of luck..he will need it. 😦

    • If Brown repeals Prop 13 (a cap on property taxes) he’ll drive many (esp. retirees) out of their homes.

      • If he tries to repeal 13, I will campaign against it every waking moment–and unlike B0, I mean it and will do it!

        What is with these people?? Manage the money you’ve got wisely, it’s what we all do. I am sick of pols who think everything we work for belongs to them and they get to decide how much to dole out to us.

        • Prop 13 needs to be fixed.

          It should not apply to commercial property, only to a primary residence. And the 2/3 voter approval requirement for any tax increase should be changed to a simple majority.

          My county tried to increase the sales tax 1/2 cent for road maintenance and 65.5% of the voters agreed. It lost because the measure didn’t have 66% approval.

          • Brown has not said anything about repealing prop 13. And he said that he would not raise taxes w/o voter approval, which as you say requires 2/3 majority. I watched his inauguration live today and I was very pleased with his speech. Yea Jerry!

        • Why do you think it needs fixing?

          I think the Prop 13 limit is very reasonable, especially when politicians act like our paychecks/earnings are theirs for the taking. That attitude, combined with unaccountable governing, seems very dangerous to me. Look at the bank bailouts and all the cr@p going on in Washington. I doubt California is immune to that. Oregon, where my mom lives, is horrible–they raise property tax by 3% annually, even as property values are plummeting.

          I didn’t own a home when Prop 13 was passed, but where I live the sales tax just went to 10.5% and I am finding myself grateful for any buffer between me and the legislators who want to jack my taxes up higher.

          I also support social safety nets, but really, until the supervisors/superintendents/governors/mayors et al do better with what they have been given (or taken), and can prove they’ve been responsible stewards of the tax payers monies I am not interested in higher tax rates.

          That being said, I’ll go listen to his speech.

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