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A rose by any other name

Some names in America – Kennedy, Du Pont, Barrymore, Manning – carry a certain cachet that invokes positive feelings. Other names – Manson, Oswald, Daley – carry a negative taint.

William Daley at Top of Obama List for White House Chief of Staff

The Obama White House is considering William Daley as the new chief of staff, but no final decisions have been made, and interim chief of staff Peter Rouse still has not finalized whether he wants to stay.
Daley, who lives in Chicago, is Midwest chairman for New York-based J. P. Morgan Chase & Co. and is the bank’s head of corporate responsibility.

He is also the brother of Mayor Richard M. Daley and a close friend and mentor to former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. After Mayor Daley announced he was not seeking another term, Emanuel left the Obama White House in October to return to Chicago to run for mayor.


William Daley would bring vast political and government experience to the job and give President Obama a comfort factor an outsider could not: Daley is very close to Senior White House Adviser David Axelrod, who also was a top adviser to Mayor Daley.

So far it’s just a rumor. But if it’s true it blows away that theory that Emanuel left the White House with a boot mark on his ass. It would also prove that Obama really doesn’t give a fuck what his base thinks.

His Democratic base, that is. His banker base will be very happy.

32 Responses

  1. Ben Smith:

    Daley has a lot to distinguish him, but the thrust of the appointment would be this: If the party’s liberal base didn’t like Rahm Emanuel, it will hate Daley.

  2. This is sickening.

  3. “Won’t you go home, Bill Daley, won’t you go home…” 😛

  4. Ollie Obot:

    Well, this is disappointing.

  5. This is the proof you need that Obama doesn’t care what his Dem base thinks? Sorry, I’m LMAO at that — he’s proven he doesn’t care about the Dems, either individually or as a party, since the 2008 primary.

    • WE know that. When will his fanatic supporters figure it out?

      • True. But THEY are going to excuse this too, as they’ve excused everything else. Look at ABG — do you think *this* is going open up that deluded pr!ck’s eyes? I doubt it.

      • True. But THEY will forgive/excuse him this as the have forgiven/excused him everything else. Heck, we’ll probably be called r@cist for even questioning Teh Precious’ motives/judgment. I can hear AGB’s screed now, because you know a loon like him will not have his eyes opened because of this.

        • I’m reading that there have been huge layoffs at OFA (Obama for America). Maybe we’ll get lucky and AGB will be one of them. 🙂

  6. Stanford beats VA Tech 40 – 12!!

  7. Oooh, Daley, pinch me.

    • Yes—and he’s a JP Morgan executive.

      Just what we need, eh?

      • But he’s big on “corporate responsibility.” So we can all relax while the bankers sing a campfire round of “Let the Circle Be Unbroken…..” Wait, did they just change ‘circle’ to ‘noose’?

        • @ebertchicago: The world ended not in fire, not in ice, not with a bang or a whimper, but with one great huge motherfucking circle chat.

  8. i’d say the decisions he is making are historically bad.

  9. This is one reason I’ve stopped most of my blogging since O took office.
    I mean, once you’ve sold out the base, it gets sort of old!

    Much more interested in learning to trade these days…heck, it’s will be my revenge to make enough to survive even as the big guys try to screw us!

  10. My Morning Sneeze is on the very same piece of news:
    I never thought Rahm was booted – nor did anyone make noises to that effect

    • I still think Rahm was booted — I just never thought he was booted for being too conservative. I did not look for an improvement in his replacement, but I did not anticipate it would be this bad.

      Love the art work, myiq!


  11. Other names … carry a negative taint

    And a third subset of respondents said, “Hahaha he said ‘TAINT’.” (Sorry, my grown-up sense of humor’s still lying face down in a pool of its own vomit.)

  12. just gets curiouser and curiouser i feel like Alice in the looking glass 😦

  13. Is this the same brother of Daley who was paid by AT&T and got a very special deal from the Illinois legislature so they could be the only internet providers in Chicago? I don’t remember all the details, but I remember HIzzoner da Mare went to Springfield in person when the legislature was in session, and hung out for a while until the legislature voted for his brother’s pet project .

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