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      One is not required to bomb hospitals, to torture, or to engage in mass killing of civilians when one is a chief of state. “My favorite war criminal did less war crimes than your war criminal,” is not a defense. That people feel the need to defend those who do such things when in power […]
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Immoral Open Thread

When asked if he wanted water in his whiskey, Fields replied, “I don’t drink water. Fish fuck in it.

What are your bad habits?

33 Responses

  1. I avoid mail. Can’t stand it.

  2. Wild orgies.

  3. Caution here, anything you admit to could be used against you in a court of law if it helps a divorcing spouse, insurance companies, or law enforcement screw you over unfairly.

    now have at it!

  4. This should be called “The Stripper Workout”

    They even have a pole.

    • Zumba is kinda like that except not as raunchy. You can burn 800 calories at a good zumba class that includes salsa, flamenco and belly dancing. After my first intense zumba class, I couldn’t stop sweating for about an hour, even after my shower. I went to the cafeteria for lunch and while I was waiting for my entree, a little puddle of perspiration formed around me.
      I wouldn’t knock it until I tried it.

    • I’m an advocate of Yoga & Yoga Booty Ballet.

      Om shanti om.

  5. I hate UPS. I’ve never had a good experience with them.

    These guys HAVE my Nook but, they’re not going to deliver it until Monday. I don’t actually expect them to bring it until Tuesday.

    I get it that the snow storm slowed things down but, the order was processed by B&N last WEDNESDAY and by some freak scheduling mess-up it didn’t ship until Monday. Except this week because of the snow (I guess) Monday was Tuesday.

    It’ll be almost exactly a month of not having the thing. If it actually shows up at all.

    I think a white-hot-hate like this is probably immoral.

  6. Drinking, smoking and cussing. I do treat animals and elderly women and men kindly. I have a secret love of “When Harry Met Sally” and got it for a present last week. I used to be crumudgeonly but have tried to improve that flaw, with some success.

  7. I watch “Rudy” every time it is on TV.

    • I watch Pride and Prejudice every time it is on.

      • Yeah, but watching Pride & Prejudice (and, btw, I hope you mean the A&E one with Colin Firth & not the one with Keira Knightly) isn’t a vice. Watching sappy Rudy more then once kinda is. (No offense Teresa). 😉

        • Actually, I’m not super picky about what one it is – although I LOVE most anything with Colin Firth.

        • That is the one true P&P. There should be laws against all the others. Not that I advocate censorship, mind, except when there’s a compelling state interest, and this qualifies.

        • RUDY RUDY RUDY! :p

        • Omg. Guilty immoral pleasure: I love the keira knightly one for Mr Darcy. Whem he says “because I love you”. I melt everytime.
          I’m sorry. You may ban me now.

  8. Jelly Babies

  9. Breaking an ankle. Between Christmas Eve and the day before, I was in 3 emergency rooms checking out ObamaCare for myself. My school likes to keep our hours below full time so they don’t have to provide health insurance. Not pretty.

    The first hospital was paid for by God (Roman Catholic church), the second by Illinois Cook County — no extra charge for the pet rats, they’re a cute brown color) and by the time I got to the third, a private hospital, my bones had been dislocated for so long that my foot was swollen and numb. “This is a limb-threatening injury. They never should have let you go with it like that. How did you fall through the cracks?” the orthopedic surgeon asked.

    How indeed.

    • Oh, {{{Nijma}}} That is horrible!!

      How indeed: I wonder how many hours that surgeon volunteers at the clinic? (snort)

    • Yikes. Sorry to hear. And that is atrocious that it wasn’t dealt with immediately.

    • Oh wow!

      Thankfully, someone finally took it seriously. What a way to start the new year or end one of the worst…ugh.

      They say that the first year is the magic year for regaining your strength and movement. I have seen it go badly for someone who didn’t take that suggestion seriously when doing their rehab exercises.

      Here is wishing you a full recovery.

    • Thanks all.

      I can’t help but wish Hillary was working on our national health care problem.

      An Australian friend of mine was in the hospital some time ago. Under the Australian system, everyone can receive the same quality health care. He was not insured, but was in the same area of the hospital with people who had insurance.

      So… “single-payer” is not the only answer. And our “two-tier” system–one for rich and one for poor–sucks.

  10. My bad habit…I have a lead foot.

    It is genetic. Mom was a speeder so was my dad until the wicked step-mom smashed his lead foot with constant nagging. It was a sad sight to behold.

    • my step grandmother believed that you should be able to drive as fast as the car would go, Otherwise why would they make a car that went that fast? I remember one particularly scary drive on winding country roads when a bunch of the teen age cousins were in the car. It was kind of funny how scared we were

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