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I can’t believe I missed this one

Marc Rubin wrote this last week:

So amazingly, even in a year and in an election where it was virtually impossible for the Democrats to lose, the leadership of the Democratic party found a way to lose. It took two years and Obama botching everything from healthcare to the stimulus to the Bush tax cuts,but the defeat of the Democrats in the last election solely because of Obama’s failures was breathtaking in its scope.

Geraldine Ferraro was absolutely right even though she was torched by a knee jerk news media for saying it, that if Obama had been white he would have been a joke as a presidential candidate. Now Obama is president but the only ones laughing are Republicans while liberals, moderates and independents keep trying to figure out what went wrong. And the answer still is, nothing went wrong. Obama has been exactly the same duplicituous politician he was during the primaries and in his prior political career as he has been as president.

That Hillary Clinton was clearly the most qualified candidate was obvious then and more painfully obvious now. But those at MoveOn and the Huffington Post, and NY Times and the Nation and all those who turned a blind eye to Obama’s lack of qualification and character flaws because they wanted to support a black candidate for president, ironically had to take everything Martin Luther King lived for and took a bullet for — the idea that people should be judged by the content of their character not the color of their skin — and threw it in a dumpster in order to do it.

You don’t have to wonder how different things would have been had the DNC and the press did nothing more than simply be honest. If the process had played out honestly Clinton most likely would have been the nominee since there would have been no disenfranchising of 1,600.000 voters in Florida and Michigan who voted for Clinton over Obama in landslide numbers (which is the real reason for the Florida and Michigan fiasco), and the entire set of expectations, fueled by the press, would have been different.

There’s more and you should read it. I guess I was so busy preparing for the Airing of Grievances that I missed it.

I know some people think we should stop talking about the past and move on. Yeah, that’s always worked so well before. To paraphrase Santayana, “Those who forget the past have no future.”

84 Responses

  1. The best line from the full piece, imo:

    Obama had displayed his entire political life, but especially during the Democratic primaries, that he was the most underhanded, unscrupulous, dishonest, untrustworthy politician since Richard Nixon. But with none of Nixon’s grasp on real politics, how government works, foreign policy and certainly none of Nixon’s toughness.

    So cutting, and so true. The “biggest crook” we ever had as POTUS is head & shoulders above the guy we have now.

    • and Nixon was more liberal.

    • Obama the biggest crook, of his handlers?
      To be Nixonian requires some effort.

    • We tried to warn them

      Even now. With all they have witnessed from their Messiah, they still refuse to see what he is; A corrupt Chicago Machine politician indebted to the Corporate beast that birthed him!

      The Bot’s refused then to see that Obama was suckling at that teat way before he was even a glimmer in the DNC’s eyes!

      Yeah…we tried to warn them but weren’t the Followers of the Rev Jim Jones warned not to drink the Kool Aid?

  2. This is why those of us that saw through the sham continue to harp on the fact that ’08 was a sham.


    Hillary 2012


    • There needs to be a reckoning. Not out of revenge necessarily but because the country will remain broken otherwise.

      • Hey Three Wickets– I didn’t post this in the other thread but it was getting crowded but I’m LMAO over your “would be on my knees” comment. Ya got that right, brother! 🙂

      • Revenge isn’t bad in this case. They are stealing the fabric of our society. Revenge isn’t bad in this case. Let those idiots eat crow.


        Hillary 2012

      • Revenge in this case should be excused. These butt wipes are messing up the country, and we told them this would happen. Let them eat crow.


        Hillary 2012

      • For me, the reckoning is to vote straight republican from president to dog catcher until the current Dem elites are gone.

  3. Any argument about Obama’s victory that doesn’t mention the pathological hatred towards the Clintons is highly deficient. The constant screed against Hillary found in the Huffington Post, NY Times and the Nation resembled statements coming out off North Korea.

    The Nation, the lefty of them all, the publication that in the past supported the working stiffs, the down and out and the true progressives turned its back to everything it stood for and supported Obama despite knowing too well of his connection to Wall Street.

    • And what’s really sad and heartbreaking was that those were all right wing talking points. Which I think in the long run has done long term damage to the party and to the brand (even beyond Obama himself).

      • Well, a lot of the CDS stuff were originally right wing talking points. However, the elitist disdain for the Clintons, as well as the sexism, crosses all over the ideological spectrum.

  4. Santayana

  5. Some were idiots, but some were bought.
    I remember what delegates told Hillary when she called them intending to go on: “We might lose, but the money is good”
    I am catching up too – here are yesterday’s news

  6. and today’s – a lesson on how plutocracies work – wait until they apply this to education too

  7. No more moob pics:

    The White House is taking extra steps to prevent photos of a shirtless President Obama on vacation in Hawaii.

    The president and his family are on a snorkeling trip in Hamauma Bay Nature Reserve, and traveling press are under “explicit instructions that there will be no long lenses or other sneaky attempts to take pictures,” according to a pool report.

  8. It might be too late for the Centrists(those workers who works 2 jobs to make ends meet) in the Democratic Party to undo what BO has wrought.

    The Democratic Party has been hijacked by reactionaries who wants to go back to the time when being in debt is a sign of affluence from the person itself all the way to the government.

    And this same government has been exhorting its citizens to spend the money earned and nowhere in this exhortation that some of our earnings must be saved, too.

    To me, only Hillary could mount a challenge to BO’s nomination bid and also has a decent chance to win the Presidential election. Otherwise, BO would be nominated and the reactionaries will be jumping for joy.

    Then the US will become saddled with so much debt that people will be on the lookout for a charismatic and strong personality to dictate to them, as what happened during the 1970s when developing and underdeveloped countries borrowed money in the billions has become debt ridden and thus has difficulty in paying it. Most of those countries elected leaders that became dictators because of the circumstances.

    And the United States is threading on the same path.

    • First you get your economy out of a deep recession, THEN you worry about the debt.

      Worrying about the latter usually prevents the former.

  9. Great article. Honk, honk.

  10. “…And the answer still is, nothing went wrong. Obama has been exactly the same duplicituous politician he was during the primaries and in his prior political career as he has been as president….”


  11. This is why I continue to bring up the primary of 2008. Oh, yes, I know that Dakinikat and Bostonboomer thought that it was a booooorrrrring subject.

    In actuality, it’s the only thing that counts. When Obama supporters looked the other way as their fellow party members’ votes were disenfranchised, they set themselves and the party up for exactly what happened in the past 2 years.
    In fact, they had all the knowledge about Obama’s character and future governing style all laid out for them by just watching his behavior during the primaries. And I’m not talking about the late primary season. I mean from almost the very beginning.
    1.) He was OK with the party punishing Florida and Michigan with the loss of all of their votes.
    2.) He was OK with putting his name on the ballot in Michigan as if to run in the primary that he didn’t think counted and then pulling his name off when he decided to game the system there.
    3,) He was OK with the party awarding him delegates that didn’t belong to him in Michigan including 4 that were won by a different candidate.
    4.) He ignored and then actively blocked the rerunning of the Michigan and Florida primaries *even when other people volunteered to pay for them*.
    5.) In the whole primary season, he did not even one time advocate for the voters of Michigan or Florida whose votes were nullified, reenfranchised by half and then manipulated. He did not stick up for fair reflection as long as the vote would have gone against him.
    Now, you could say that was just playing hardball, And it was playing hardball. But it was a hardball that didn’t just hurt his opponent. It actually undermined the system. Anyone who went along with it because of their fervent zeal that Obama should win the white house, slit their own throat by doing so.
    And let’s not forget:
    6.) Obama never objected to the overt misogyny directed at Clinton and later Palin. In fact, he didn’t rise above it but used code words in order to indulge and further stimulate his macho fan base.
    7.) He allowed the primary debate inequities to happen without objection. The attacks on Clinton were so blatant and the procedures so obviously stacked that the candidate herself pointed out that she was always asked the first question that Obama parroted afterwards.
    Throughout the 2008 primary season, obstacle after obstacle was thrown in her way while the path was cleared before him. And she still beat him.
    But it took the RBC hearing to set him up as the nominee and the rigged convention to put the nail in the coffin. And he didn’t say a word about the fact that 18000000 voters, including all of the big states, lost their say and didn’t even get a traditional roll call.
    He. Said. Nothing.
    He wanted to win so badly that he allowed himself to be used by some shadowy group who for some reason were absolutely determined to not let Hillary Clinton win.
    That’s the whole problem right there. His unscrupulous ambition and that group’s purpose.
    If you didn’t pick this up during the 2008 primary, you weren’t paying attention.
    To fix the problem, the party has to get rid of Obama and make an effort to honor the wishes of the voters of their party. Until it does that, the party will remain crippled and the shadowy figures pulling the strings will continue to take us down the road to perdition.

    • Ambition may be too kind a word for what drives Obama. Ambitious people generally are willing to work at least a little bit.

      I agree completely that some shadowy group was behind this, and Obama was picked because his history showed him to be easily bought and manipulated into doing anything no matter who it hurt. Obama is out for himself and only himself. I honestly don’t even see him as dedicated to his family…they are just props.

      The Republicans knew they could not possibly win in 2008, so they needed a Democrat they could own. It was just icing on the cake that they got themselves a black guy. He knew that was to his advantage, as well. He was raised elite white, and saw the blessing of having some black in him rather early in life. Where is he most comfortable? In the mansions of San Francisco is my guess.

      • Can we leave his work habits out of this? Let’s all agree that he doesn’t have a presidential bone in his body and leave it at that.
        If we get personal about his background, we will miss the plot. Here it is:
        Obama is a bad guy.
        Americans are raised to believe that good always triumphs in the end and maybe, just maybe, that essence of our psychological makeup was used against us in 2008. The bad guy was disguised as a civil rights savior. But he’s really just a bad guy.
        A good guy would never take on this job with so little practical experience. Therefore, we have to assume that running the country with any semblance of competence was not the point of his election. In fact, the whole point of electing Obama was to prevent a competent politician from taking over and starting to set things right. Obama’s whole reason for being is to solidify the societal and economic changes that have been the wet dream of the economic elite for the past 30 years. One more four year term oughtta do it.
        So, my question to the party is, Do Democrats have the right to primary Obama? The answer to that question will tell you everything you need to know about just how serious this situation is.
        And it is VERY, VERY serious.

        • Agree. And if the powers that be in the Dem party make it nearly impossible for anyone serious to primary him, as they have been signaling pretty clearly of late, then that’s all you need to know about the new Dem party.

          • And if THAT’S the case, what must we do if we want to exert our power as voters?
            (You know the answer to this)

          • Yep. Make noise and vote. And don’t vote for the lesser of two evils because, guess what, we all do have somewhere else to go.

          • Yep, and that means a movement and a new party

          • Ok, fine. If you are getting good people into office running as independents, don’t let us stop you.
            But when it comes to pushing back, there is strength in numbers. Even if you are an independent, you presumably stand for something and cam find like minded individuals to join with.
            If you don’t, you’re part of the problem.
            No man is an island and all that.

        • HONK…Mega Honk

    • Honk, honk!!!

    • What you said, RD.

      And also what you said on the work habits stuff and all the rest of it. The idea that “Obama is a weak leader” is incredibly destructive, because it’s so easy to transform into the idea that we need a strong leader. Either way, it’s authoritarian followership. What we need is a stronger democracy, which is a lot more up to us. The issues are personal and not systemic. (This is why I prefer the frame “We get conservative outcomes from Obama because he’s a conservative.)

      So keep harping on this. Every career “progressive” and every operative in Obama’s Rump D Faction and every OFB, especially the paid ones, needs to have the dead stinking albatross of 2008 hung round their neck as a sign and token and a warning to others.

      * * *

      Incidentally, if you equate FL 2000 to caucus fraud in the 2008 D primary, as I do, then every Presidency from 2000 onward is “fruit of the poisonous tree” of election theft.

      Wouldn’t it be great to have a legitimately elected President again>

    • He also claimed to be the “anti-war” candidate! I will never forgive him for that, but then, he voted to fund the Iraq War time after time as a Senator. What a fairy tale!

  12. Gweema sez: I agree completely that some shadowy group was behind this, and Obama was picked because his history showed him to be easily bought and manipulated into doing anything no matter who it hurt.


    • {{head in hands}}
      Forget about Obama for a second. Ask yourself, why would you put someone so distinctly unqualified in the highest office in the world?
      Obama, from what I can tell, had bloody little to do with his own election. He was carried over the finish line in a padded sedan chair. He is guilty of going along with it, which tells us everything we need to know about his character.
      But that’s not the point.
      The point is, the foundation and affiliation of the Democratic party was destroyed and now provides no pushback to the economic elite. Who is behind it? And how were the party leaders manipulated?
      Forget I asked that. They’re only human. Stupid humans. Criminally stupid humans.

      • Money, money, money. And when you’re in office for a while, and you’re a multimillionaire, it’s probably all too easy to get more detached from us working class. The little people. So even the best among them if they’re a bit thin of character already, have to work hard to be on the side of the citizens.

  13. “Geraldine Ferraro was absolutely right even though she was torched by a knee jerk news media for saying it, that if Obama had been white he would have been a joke as a presidential candidate. ”

    It’s funny to me to hear supporters of the wife of the former President of the United States assert that Obama didn’t get to his current position based on his own merits.

    If someone said “Hillary wouldn’t be a senator, a presidential candidate or secretary of state if not for her husband making her famous and putting her in that position” I wonder how it would go over?

    in any event, of course his race had something to do with him winning.

    Just as hillary’s gender had something to do with her support. Or maybe all of you would have voted for a man who supported the Iraq war, doesn’t believe in gay marriage, and is largely a moderate on almost every issue in a similar vein as Obama.

    Claiming that Obama won only because of his race is the most hypocritical assertion a PUMA could make.

    • He didn’t win solely because of his race.

      All those millions from Wall Street, the health insurance companies and the other big money special interests helped.

    • Where is the anti-r@cist spray?
      I am really tired of this shit. I voted for Hillary for one reason and one reason only: after I saw all if the candidates in Chicago in 2007 and heard her speak, I realized she was the gold standard against which other candidates would be evaluated. Over the next several months, not one of them came close to her degree of preparation, experience and strength of character.
      It’s too bad that not everyone had that opportunity. If you are ever in a room with Hillary Clinton, you will know what a criminally stupid mistake we made by not electing her.
      Did her gender have something to do with my support? Yes. It was my belief that the fact that the best candidate was a woman would put to rest the idea that women are not capable of leading. Her presidency would have been a positive for equality because she knew what was coming and was prepared.
      For a similar reason, I didn’t think Obama was going to advance the conditions of African Americans because he was not prepared. But I don’t blame African Americans for voting for him. I completely understand it.
      It’s the rest of the party that fucked up by pushing the idea that the 2008 election was a teachable moment on race when really it was a referendum on the kind of government we wanted.
      I’ve always been consistent about my reasons. It has always been about competence and preparation for me.
      But if some women voted for her because she was a woman, what makes that less justifiable than the idiots who voted for Obama because he was “the new black”?
      I don’t have to defend myself against racism. My track record speaks for itself. You are free to scour my site for evidence of bigotry. You won’t find it. What you *will* find is a consistent body of observations that lead to one conclusion: anyone who supported Obama after supertuesday 2008 was a useful idiot and a fool whose opinions don’t amount to a hill of beans.

      • Invoking Hillary Clinton and her being shut out by the Dems is running in place. She is not going to run in 2012, 2016 or any other time. The grief of her not being our president will be felt for the rest of my life, but she is not the answer for our future.

        • Completely disagree. It’s a very important event in our short lived republic. It still hangs in the air and still haunts us. And its ramifications haven’t even played out. It’s the 800lb gorilla in the room. To ignore it is folly.

          • It has nothing to do with Hillary per se. I don’t think she’ll be running for political office ever again. That’s not the point. The point is the integrity and even existence of the Democratic party.

          • You completely misread. What the party did cannot and should not be forgotten. That story can be told without pining over Hillary. If Hillary were to run in 2016, she would run as a Democrat. She would easily win the primary. So, would all of you vote Democrat under those circumstances?

        • gweema, what are you smoking? I know the 2016 meme is one floated by BTD and his ilk but that’s because he doesn’t really want hillary in the WH. How do I know this? It’s because it is impossible. By 2016, we will already be too far down the road for Hillary to make a difference. And after 16 years, the Ciinton era will be fading into pleasant nostalgia that no young voter will even remember.
          So, 2012 is much more practical..
          BTW, I never say never. You don’t know what the future holds so there’s no point in talking yourself out of it or spreading the despondency around. Don’t do it here.

    • Hey Asshole.. Hillary was the most competent, qualified and experienced candidate, who happened to be a woman. Obama was sold by the media and his campaign as the second coming of the civil rights movement…African American male rock star, who happened to be a US Senator for 12 months before he starting campaigning for Potus. Take your lobotomized brain somewhere else.

    • If you come here to be a pest and mock people, you’re a prick. If you come here to reason with and persuade disenfranchised dems, as far as I can tell you’re incompetent.

    • Project much? What is funny is that people who voted for Obama just because he is 1/2 black think that people voted for Hillary because she’s a woman. You were the ones who voted based on physical characteristics & not merit and because you can’t admit that, you hurl accusations that we were the shallow ones who disregarded merit in favor of “identity politics.”

      That’s the thing that I hate the most about Obama supporters — their total lack of irony.

    • Psst….Geraldine Ferraro was agreeing with Obama on that statment about his experience.

      Hillary’s work history has nothing to do with Obama’s opinion about himself.

      Trying to confuse the two only shows how ignorant of both of their careers that you truly are.

    • In case you haven’t noticed, Obama is a man who supported the Iraq war–voted for funding it every time it came up and is now expanding it into other Wesern Asian nations–doesn’t believe in gay marriage, and is largely a conservative on almost every issue i in a similar vein as George Bush.

  14. The great thing about all of this is that if he wins again, all of your assertions go out of the window. Experience? Yeah, he’s been POTUS for two years (four in 2012). Support of the country and progressives? Yep, they will have voted for him twice. Etc.

    The lame assertions being made do not hold up if he wins a second term.

    I can’t wait to see what this forum turns into at that point.

    • If he wins a second term, we’re all in trouble, including you.
      Hillary got a lot of early endorsements including the first in Iowa specifically because the editorial board didn’t think we needed a JFK wannabe in a time of crisis.
      He sucks as a president because it was never his intention to govern well for all Americans. Another term will not change this.
      Get off your cloud already v

    • He is a product of the mainstream media and a puppet for the investor class. Your idol is a puppet. There is no there there.

    • Experience only counts for something if you LEARN FROM IT. Any guesses how much Obama has managed to learn in the last two years?

    • By your rationale, GWB was a great president, because he was POTUS for 8 years and the people who complained about him . IMO, Obama can be a sh!t, incompetent, clueless, half-wit President for 4 years or 8 years, it still doesn’t make him any good. We survived 8 years of Bush & we can survive 8 years (God help us) of Obama.

      • Uh, I lost my train of thought — outrage that we still have to put up with these loons after the 2 deplorable years Obama has had as POTUS which has proven him to be even worse than we thought he would be can do that to a person. I meant to write:

        By your rationale, GWB was a great president, because he was POTUS for 8 years and the people who complained about him during his first terms were wrong about him because he served a 2nd term despite them.

    • Well, I for one am impressed that you’re still being allowed to posts comments in here.

    • Who are you and what did you do with ABG?

      I thought ABG was critical of Obama to the point where some accused him of being a republican troll.
      Or did I have a brain fart?

  15. I don’t see anyone in power in the Democratic Party even seriously talking about primarying Obama. I foresee another four years of him bending over for the oligarchy.

    • That’s the plan.

    • Well, then shouldn’t someone ask the party if Democrats have a right to primary Obama? Let’s get a definitive answer on that before we decide there’s nothing to be done.

      • I’m 110% for a 2012 Primary for Obama! Is there any reason we need to ask “the party” to do so? I know there will be alot of push back from “the followers”, but I’m not one to back down or never say ‘never’. Can do!

        I would definitely support the right Independent candidate as well. Let’s put it this way; anybody but Obama!

        • The reason the party needs to be asked is to clarify whether not primarying an incumbent is merely tradition or whether it is specifically prohibited in 2012. If it isn’t specifically prohibited, then it is perfectly reasonable to apply pressure to the party leadership to find an alternative to Obama. If it is prohibited for any reason, then the rank and file will know that their input is not needed anymore, only their votes in the general election.
          At that point, the rank and file Democrats can make a choice: submit to the will of the party or leave it and reform themselves as a new party entity.
          I believe that the right to vote is sacred. If your right us not recognized, if you have no right to self determination, then you are not a citizen of this country endowed with the responsibility to guide its future.
          If you do not have the right to primary your party’s candidate, then you are not enfranchised. I think party members should know what they are getting into. It’s difficult to make decisions if you don’t have all of the facts.
          I’m sure all kinds of excuses will be given. Incumbents can campaign from the white house. It will save us a lot of money.

          • Thanks much. I can’t imagine the excuses for “prohibiting” a primary challenge. We shall see.

    • He won’t win in 2012. Not a chance.

      • I totally agree with you. If we don’t get a Primary challenger or a good Independent running, we’ll have a Republican President in 2012. Not that we’ll see much difference! However, I would like to see a strong Democratic congress.

  16. rd, I suspect that you’d have to threaten the DNC with a campaign begun now enlisting dems, independents, and others who will not vote for Obama in 2012. The only bargaining chip we have is our vote. If only the 18 million Hillary voters would all stand up and yell, “Hell no to BO”! It would be an amazing uprising that we need especially now.

    Yeah, I’m a dreamer!

  17. The “payroll” holiday of 2% is the last straw for me.

    ducksoup* (12-28-2011, 9:37AM) predicts the destroying of 75 years of Social Security by a dem president in cahoots with the repubs. It’s a plausible scenario that the 2% will never be reinstated and it will begin decreasing the SS pay-in by 30% each year from now on.


    • I forgot to add which of John’s posts I was referencing. ducksoup comments are in “Tuesday Smorgasbord.”

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