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Here we go again

Welcome to post-racial America, where the only thing that matters is race.


Rep. Danny Davis, a Democrat from Illinois and mayoral candidate in Chicago has a message for former President Bill Clinton: Butt out.

Davis, a onetime ally of Clinton’s, issued a strongly worded statement Tuesday, in which the Chicago Democrat said he is “seriously concerned and disturbed” by the news Clinton plans to throw his weight behind ex-Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel and make a campaign stop in the Windy City next month.

“The African American community has enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship with the Clintons, however it appears as though some of that relationship maybe fractured and perhaps even broken should former President Clinton come to town and participate overtly in efforts to thwart the legitimate political aspirations of Chicago’s Black community,” Davis said in the statement.

The pushback from a prominent member of the black community echoes that which greeted Clinton in 2008 as he campaigned on behalf of his wife, a presidential candidate at the time battling then-Sen. Barack Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination. Clinton – long a popular figure in the black community – saw his approval numbers sink among that demographic as he took sharp aim at Obama and questioned the freshman senator’s competancy to sit in the Oval Office, sometimes in terms conceived as particularly harsh.


The Chicago Sun Times’ Lynn Sweet reports that Carol Mosely Braun, a former ambassador to New Zealand under Clinton and now a candidate for mayor in Chicago, is also calling on the former president to back off.

Her statement:

“Bill Clinton is an outsider parachuting in to support another outsider. Rahm’s residency status continues to be challenged in court. It’s not yet clear that he will be on the ballot. At the same time former president Clinton risks his legacy and the great respect that he has enjoyed among African Americans by coming to Chicago to endorse Rahm Emanuel who is running for mayor against two black candidates.

“Clinton should remember New Hampshire where he called Barack Obama’s opposition to the war in Iraq ‘a fairy tale.’ He was wrong.

“Clinton should remember South Carolina where he played the race card painting Obama as “the black candidate”. Again he was wrong. Bill Clinton will be wrong again if he gets involved in the Chicago mayoral contest. He should stay home and avoid the cold.”

First of all let me say that I don’t like Rahm Emanuel. Although I was never one of those DLC-phobics I didn’t care for him even before he hooked up with Barack Obama. I hope he loses the election.

Secondly, unless Hillary really plans on running again I doubt the Big Dawg gives a shit about his approval ratings. If she runs in 2012 against Obama I doubt the Chicago mayoral race will be the first thing on the minds of African American voters. If she runs in 2016 against a slate of white Democrats I doubt it would make any difference either.

But this race card shit has got to stop.

Whatever Bill Clinton’s motives for supporting Rahmbo, I’m sure race was not one of them. The people turning this into a racial issue are Danny Davis and Carol Mosely Braun. They should be ashamed of themselves.

(h/t Angienc)

63 Responses

  1. Are you really an “outsider” anywhere once you’ve been POTUS?

  2. Why are they attacking Bill Clinton instead of their primary opponent?

    • Good point. Maybe what they really, really mean is that only black people are allowed to run for Mayor of Chicago.

      • That’s exactly what they mean.

        Same thing happened in New Orleans mayoral race…..AA candidates claimed they DESERVED the mayor’s office cuz NO was a “chocolate city.”

        Martin Luther King is turning over in his grave.

    • Because they want to run him out of this country.
      He’s on the top of their list as a racist.

  3. *Flips hair* That is like soooo 2008, I swear.

    How much longer do they think can use tactics like this before people just don’t give a damn anymore? Hell, I got over these lame and baseless accusations back in ’08.

    As for Bill Clinton campaigning for Rahm–I have no idea what is going on, but perhaps those stories about Rahm leaving Obama’s administration on bad terms is true. For me at least, it reaffirms the notion and that in return Bill is getting the goods from him.

    Think about it for a second. Let’s say Rahm wins and takes over as Mayor of Chicago, then he owes the Clinton’s something huge and there is the possibility that Rahm will give it to them because he is the kinda guy that revels in revenge and screwing people over, especially his enemies.

    I sound crazy, I know.

  4. Sounds right to me.

  5. Apparently that was just a dream.

  6. I’ve always appreciated Carol Mosley Brown, but this is just beyond the pale (no pun intended). She and Davis claim Bill was wrong about Obama and the only fairytale in this story is the one they’re telling.

    You’re right, they should be ashamed of themselves, but obviously they’re not.

    • I was happy to see that the responses — many by AA posters — to the original article were calling out Braun and Davis’ for their race-baiting tactics. I hope Clinton does the same when he campaigns for Rahm. Even though Braun attributed the “fairytale” quote correctly to BO’s war record (rather than to his campaign), she still pushed the “racist” meme when referring to Clinton’s S. Carolina remarks on BO’s candidacy. Davis’s remarks were beyond the pale, IMO.

  7. I notice the Kool-aid blogs aren’t touching this story.

  8. As I said in the other tread (that I admittedly tried to high jack — thanks myiq for front paging it) — there is a special circle in hell for ungrateful people. Backstabbers is too nice a word for these mofos. These ungrateful, backstabbing mofos deserve karma to kick them hard in the a$$. And by “hard” I mean out on the street, no job, no friends, no money, no prospects hard.

  9. Carol Moseley Braun RIPS Rahm Emanuel, Jody Weis, Sun-Times Columnist

    Mayoral candidate Carol Moseley Braun lashed out at her opponents and Police Superintendent Jody Weis Wednesday, ripping on everything from Rahm Emanuel’s “buddy” Bart Stupak to morale within the Chicago Police Department.

    Braun’s series of attacks came at a morning press conference called to outline her public safety platform. First, she tore into Chicago Sun-Times columnist Neil Steinberg, who teased her candidacy in his Tuesday column.

    “I’m just going to tell the truth about these things,” Braun said Wednesday, according to the Sun-Times. “[Steinberg] is a drunk and a wife-beater and he insulted the entire African-American community in Chicago. And the Sun-Times, particularly based on its demographic, … ought to do better by Chicagoans than to give this man a continual platform for his divisive rantings in the newspaper.”

    • Now this is a clean shot:

      “We know that Mr. Clinton and Emanuel have a relationship,” Braun said in a statement. “But if Rahm is going to invite his buddies to Chicago to campaign for him then he ought to invite his friend Bart Stupak, who along with Rahm took a woman’s right to choose out of the health care bill. He ought to invite his buddy Tom Tancredo who blocked the Dream Act. Or he can have his friend Leland Brendsel stop by. Brendsel was in charge of Freddie Mac and played a huge role in the mortgage meltdown, and was a major Rahm contributor.”

      • No, Obama is responsible for that. He signed the bill. He laid back and let congress do it. It was all kabuki of course. But Rahm was certainly part of that as were the others. But I noticed she doesn’t say Obama should come visit as one of his buddies to did that crap.

      • Actually, Nancy Pelosi is responsible for the Stupak fiasco. It was negotiated and agreed to, in her office, just to get the bigger bill passed. She did it for The One.

        • She did it on orders from The One! Convenient obama tactic. When it fails, Pelosi is given all the blame. If it works, obama is given all the credit.

          I suspect Pelosi, who also has ties with Soros, has been given her orders from him as well.

          • Pelosi could said no, on behalf of Democratic women. She didn’t.

            Just sayin.

          • Mary,

            Do you really believe Pelosi would be in power if she said “no” to the powerful forces who put obama in the WH?

            Look what they did to Hillary for daring to run against their puppet. Hillary stood up to them and they attacked her every day and many within her own party betrayed her.

            We should not make the mistake in underestimating the powerful forces behind our government. Pelosi works for them, not us.

            If we intend to take back our government, we need to follow the wise advice of “know thy enemy.” Pelosi is just another puppet, just like obama. She’s just been set up to be the sacrificial lamb to protect the biggest puppet — obama.

    • Has Steinberg been convicted of beating his wife? Because if not, that is about as indefensible an attack as r@cist.

      I’m going to google it.

      • She was referring to his 2005 arrest for domestic violence after which he entered rehab for alcoholism. Hmm, if he is sober now & there has been no other issue with the DV, it is a very cheap shot — I have a brother who is a recovering alcoholic (2 1/2 years sober — go baby brother). He was never violent, however, if some a–hole wants to call him a drunk and wants him fired because of his former problems now that he’s sober can go F*CK THEMSELVES.

  10. former president Clinton risks his legacy and the great respect that he has enjoyed among African Americans
    Wait, I thought it was well established that the Clinton’s were racists. So what possible risk could there be. Once you’ve crossed that line with the race card, it looks like a rather pathetic joke to keep playing it.

    • My thoughts exactly. It’s almost laughable.

    • Bill is more accomplished than most people. Apparently, he can be a racist over and over and over again–whenever it is convenient for race card weaklings.

  11. I used to support Carol. And I really don’t like Rahm and don’t want him to win this seat. But now I’d like Carol to win it even less. That’s saying something.

    • My late mother worked on Moseley-Braun’s senate campaign in 1992. She was 77 at the time, a dignified retired English teacher and FDR Dem without a racist bone in her body (we’re Caucasian).

      It was not a happy experience for her. She felt patronized, ostracized even, and was regularly given the lowliest scut work to do in spite of her obvious abilities.

      I liked enjoyed watching and listening to M-B in 2003/4, but never forgot that was her public face.

      Needless to say this doesn’t surprise me.

  12. Beyond the fact that playing the race card is ridiculous here. And of course hard to pull off after the pre-planned, heavy handed, and overused use of it two years ago. After two years of epic failure by Obama, from a liberal point of view of course, Bill is looking better and better to most liberals. How smart is it to put yourself on the opposite side of Bill? And perhaps more importantly, to bring back up and remind everyone of the tactics and the reason the inexperienced, incompetent Obama is in the WH instead of Hillary. Or are things going great economically and otherwise in Chicago?

  13. OT: Wow, almost 10.5 million hits. That last 1/2 mill happened fast. And I thought the holidays would be slow. 🙂 TC readers and commenters rock!

  14. “I was bred and born in the briar patch”, said Brer Rabbit to Brer Fox

    It seems to me that Bill Clinton is being promised the briar patch.

    • I’m hoping the Big Dawg will finally stand up to this race card crap, for the sake of the Democratic Party’s future. People are sick to death of this nonsense.

      Not that I like or admire Rahm, but only Big Dawg could turn the party around.

  15. How do we know that the Big Dawg didn’t call Davis and Braun and asked them, “make me stop”?

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