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Feminazis Framed Him

WikiLeaks founder baffled by sex assault claims


Mr Assange regards himself as a victim of radicalism. “Sweden is the Saudi Arabia of feminism,” he said. “I fell into a hornets’ nest of revolutionary feminism.”

See, that’s what happens when you let them bee-yotches learn to read. Next thing you know they want to vote and then it’s just a hop, skip and a jump to Sino-Peruvian lesbianism.

This part is just eeeewwwwww:

She says they had consensual sex but she woke up the next morning to find him having intercourse with her to which she had not consented.

When she asked him if he was wearing anything, he had allegedly said: “I am wearing you.”

Stay classy, Julian.


The founder of the WikiLeaks website, Julian Assange, has said he expects to earn more than £1m from book deals.

Assange, who achieved global notoriety after his whistleblower website began releasing more than a quarter of a million diplomatic cables, said he would use the money for legal costs.

The 39-year-old is fighting extradition to Sweden, where two women have accused him of sexual misconduct. He denies the allegations.

Since being released on bail earlier this month pending extradition proceedings, Assange has been living under virtual house arrest at Ellingham Hall, a Norfolk country mansion, from where he regularly gives media interviews.

He told the Sunday Times that he was forced to sign a deal worth more than £1m for his autobiography due to financial difficulties. “I don’t want to write this book, but I have to,” he said. “I have already spent £200,000 for legal costs and I need to defend myself and to keep WikiLeaks afloat.”

He says he is innocent and has nothing to hide but he spent ten days in jail and $200,000 just fighting extradition.


Welcome to Sweden

45 Responses

  1. I’m projectile voting, again, I only wish it were directly into Julian Assange’s face.

    • ASSange already has so much egg on his face I doubt he’d notice vomit on top of it. 😛

  2. What a charming man. I will show my lack of feminism and red neckedness but my brothers and cousins almost beat one of my semi-boyfriends to death over less than this in 1978. And the boyfriend was a naval officer and a gentleman supposedly. He was also a stalker. Do this ladies have any cousins named Thor? Maybe Julian would like to visit Texas and shoot his mouth off.

  3. If it was a real hornet’s nest of revolutionary feminism, Assange’s unwelcome advances would have been met with this:

    Rape-aXe is a flexible polyurethane condom-like tube designed to fit
    inside a woman’s body. Inside the tube, rows of jagged plastic hooks bend backward like a shark’s teeth and lodge in a perpetrator’s penis
    upon entry.

    Remember that? I bet he’d be sure he had consent before he tried it again.


  4. Once again, as someone who experience the real thing as opposed to “cheeky remarks” I will just turn my head the other way and avoid this subject.
    My morning Sneeze: guess what Obama’s New Year reslution is?

    • the issue was more than cheeky remarks. He was having sex with her when she was not awake to consent. That’s rape and no condom means possible STDs.
      I was raped. There is no reason to demean another woman’s experience.

      • 1.) I still don’t know how you can be having sex in your sleep. Yep, call me one of those unsympathetic types but I would find such a thing IMPOSSIBLE. Before the insertion stage, I would be wide awake.
        2.) That’s not rape. It’s assuming too much but it’s not rape in my book. Yeah, he’s a creep. Yeah, I’d insist that he stop. If he didn’t THAT would be rape. But then, I wouldn’t have let him get that far in the first place. See point number one.

        There’s rape and there’s stupidity. Let’s not confuse the two. Not every act of unplanned sex is rape. If you’re not planning on more than one act per condom per night, get the fuck out of bed when you’re finished the first run through and tell your partner he has to go home. That’s the only 100% sure fired way to prevent this stuff from happening in the future.
        Take responsibility for god’s sakes. It’s your body. Don’t expect someone else to love it as much as you do.

        • I think that until something happens to you personally you can not understand it. Don’t join the attack on other women who have had experiences you have not. What is the sense in that? I can find sexist jackass men and women like Phyllis Schlafly all over the place who can fill that role.

        • Thanks. It’s relief to hear common sense on this. Woman and victim are not synonymous.

        • I absolutely and completely disagree. If you are asleep you can’t consent. If you’re passed out from drinking too much, you can’t consent. If you’re insensible from rophynol, you can’t consent. These are all rape.

          And yes, I have woken up to being fucked. In that case, it was pleasant, and no hard feelings. But if I had previously told the dude that my consent was conditional on wearing a condom, and I woke up to him fucking me without one? That would absolutely and certainly be rape.

          • Certainly a drugged person, whether the drug is ethanol, Rohypnol, or Whateverol, cannot consent, so indeed it is rape if a second person tries to mate with the drugged person.

            However, I wonder along with RD how any undrugged person, in a state of ordinary sleep, could not wake up if someone else was trying to mate with that person. 😕

  5. i wish someone would force me to right a book deal for £1m .

  6. Mr Assange regards himself as a victim …

    “I don’t want to write this book, but I have to,” [Assange] said.

    Playing the “victim card” much? Poor guy seems to be the perpetual victim, no matter what. [Snort.]

    • Exactly. He is the one who chose this path, now we’re supposed to feel sorry for him? Grow up and either take responsibility for your decisions or STFU.

  7. Today’s tabloids are out and we got weather of course and the strangest couple of the year

  8. Lambert asks a question about Assange’s book deal:

    Who wants to bet the lawyers get it all?

    That’s what lawyers call a happy ending.

    • That’s what usually happens in pharma class action suits. Oh, sure, the plaintiffs get a token sum but the vast majority goes to the lawyers.
      Annnnnd the price of that gets passed on to YOU, the consumer, who pays in higher drug prices and fewer drugs in general.
      If aspirin were just approved in this environment, you’d never see it become the wonder drug it is. Too many side effects. And yet, I’ll betcha everyone has a bottle of that poison in their medicine cabinets and never gives it another thought that it’s a deadly killer.
      It’s all relative and everyone loses.
      Except the lawyers.

  9. Where’s all the dope on Bank of America that was promised?

  10. A hornets nest of revolutionary feminism??! I would have immigrated by now if that were true! The real story is that Sweden actually has some of the lowest rape conviction rates. They have been called out for their lack of response to sexual assault.

    “Sweden and its Nordic neighbours have been slammed by human rights group Amnesty International for failing to combat sexual violence, a new report shows.”


    • I think “hornets nest of revolutionary feminism” means: someone who dares to speak up for herself. He picked the wrong person to violate.

      • Oh, lordy, “violate” is such a Victorian term.
        I’ll be the first person to snub Julian Assange as being a prick who isn’t worth my time but from what I read, this is not my definition of rape.
        From where I sit, women will never be equal until they take responsibility for what happens to them, especially in bed when the consensual sex and nonconsensual sex has the greatest likelihood of being confused with each other.
        I’m a feminist and I am really disappointed that neither of these two women have figured out where they should have drawn the line. If anything good happens, yeah for the girls! If anything bad happens, it’s all the man’s fault? I’m sorry but I just don’t buy it. And I’m not a virgin (although I still have fingers and toes). We’ve all been in ambiguous situations but a lot of them are preventable and not entirely the fault of some creepy guy.

        • I think the case will set an important cultural and legal precedent for rape and date rape around the world.

        • Really? I see it as a setback. When women in Sweden, which has a high gender equality score, can’t figure out when a rape is rape, how the hell will the rest of us know?

        • But the way to get where you’re saying (and I agree) that we need to get is NOT to say “sorry ladies, no legal recourse for you”, it’s to encourage sexual assertiveness among women and sexual respect among men. Until we have that situation, it IS rape when a man fucks a woman without her explicitly stated consent. Because all of our cultural assumptions are based around the presumption of male sexual power and aggression and femal sexual compliance.

      • anyone who uses the term “a hornets nest of revolutionary feminism” is a misogynist disaster waiting to happen.

    • While I don’t question (most of!) the findings in this Amnesty International report, I do question the decision to examine these particular 4 countries … and in a separate report Cambodia!

      Why not look at, I don’t know, Monaco, Luxembourg, Holland and Belgium? Or any other foursome for that matter. Why actually lump together and examine as one, 4 sovereign, independent of each other, states?

      And where are the reports from, say, Congo? Or Iran? Or the US for that matter?

      There might be a good explanation, I just wonder.

  11. From the little I know about this, it seems clear that the term rape is used in the legal sense to force mr assange to get HIV tested.

    It’s about STD not violent rape.
    The laws have not kept up with the crime.
    It’s not about sex…it’s about disease.

  12. Aw, hell.

    I was hoping this guy was the real thing, but he just keeps digging himself deeper.

    I am entertaining a hideous suspicion that predatory sexuality is not entirely a matter of contamination of a basically wholesome drive by patriarchal culture–although patriarchy definitely is evil–but that there is something fundamentally warped and predatory about the sexual drive itself. 😦

    • Read up on bonobo sexuality. It’ll make you feel better about sex, I promise. Our closest evolutionary relative, lots of sex, no rape.

      • Bonobos are close relatives, but they are not humans.

        Mutations happen. Could not one have affected the brain, and therefore behavior?

        Diseases, painful and dangerous pregnancies, predatory sexuality–biological organisms are fascinating things to study, but to have to be one is irremediably painful, and not only due to the burden of sexuality.

        One reason I accept the dominant scientific paradigm of evolution is that I cannot see how any kindly and intelligent creator could have made the natural universe. It, like the living things it contains, is a fascinating thing to study, but I think little of it as a place to live. 😦

        More and more, my only hope is that there will be a next life in another plane of existence, one which does have a kindly and intelligent Creator, and so works MUCH better than this mindless, amoral universe. (Life 2.0 in Universe 2.0, you might say.) 🙂

  13. This reminds me so much of Bill and Monica. Not our business, at all. Get a grip.

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