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Trying Times

Banks and WikiLeaks

The whistle-blowing Web site WikiLeaks has not been convicted of a crime. The Justice Department has not even pressed charges over its disclosure of confidential State Department communications. Nonetheless, the financial industry is trying to shut it down.


The Federal Reserve, the banking regulator, allows this. Like other companies, banks can choose whom they do business with. Refusing to open an account for some undesirable entity is seen as reasonable risk management. The government even requires banks to keep an eye out for some shady businesses — like drug dealing and money laundering — and refuse to do business with those who engage in them.

But a bank’s ability to block payments to a legal entity raises a troubling prospect. A handful of big banks could potentially bar any organization they disliked from the payments system, essentially cutting them off from the world economy.


Still, there are troubling questions. The decisions to bar the organization came after its founder, Julian Assange, said that next year it will release data revealing corruption in the financial industry. In 2009, Mr. Assange said that WikiLeaks had the hard drive of a Bank of America executive.

What would happen if a clutch of big banks decided that a particularly irksome blogger or other organization was “too risky”? What if they decided — one by one — to shut down financial access to a newspaper that was about to reveal irksome truths about their operations? This decision should not be left solely up to business-as-usual among the banks.

I’m no fan of banks, and I think anything that is “too big too fail” is too damn big. But this situation is problematic because WikiLeaks is threatening to leak damaging information about the banks that don’t want to do business with them.

If I wanted to run an ad criticizing the NY Times should they be forced to accept my advertising?

If we require banks to do business with everybody we’ll have to indemnify them from criminal and civil liability. There’s some real potential for abuse there too. Perhaps a better solution is to break up the big banks. Don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen.

It should be noted that the NYT is hardly a disinterested player here. They have been publishing the leaked documents and were getting them direct from WikiLeaks until they published an unfavorable profile of Julian Assange.

Here’s an example:

Cables Portray Expanded Reach of Drug Agency

The Drug Enforcement Administration has been transformed into a global intelligence organization with a reach that extends far beyond narcotics, and an eavesdropping operation so expansive it has to fend off foreign politicians who want to use it against their political enemies, according to secret diplomatic cables.

In far greater detail than previously seen, the cables, from the cache obtained by WikiLeaks and made available to some news organizations, offer glimpses of drug agents balancing diplomacy and law enforcement in places where it can be hard to tell the politicians from the traffickers, and where drug rings are themselves mini-states whose wealth and violence permit them to run roughshod over struggling governments.

This is also an example of what I mean when I say the information coming from WikiLeaks isn’t exactly earth-shattering. Anyone who has been paying attention to the war on drugs knows that the DEA has been engaged in some dubious activities in foreign countries.

Missionary plane shot down in Peru: collateral damage in US “drug war”

How Much Did the DEA Spend on its Africa Vacation?

What have the leaked cables told us that the NYT didn’t already know or couldn’t have easily found out on their own?

The New York Times threw away it’s credibility in the run-up to the war in Iraq and the outing of Valerie Plame. The past couple of years they have been Obamafluffers.

I hope you’ll understand if I’m somewhat less than hopeful that they have suddenly seen the light.

163 Responses

  1. Seems like the new lazy journalism. No investigation, no due diligence, no judgement, no work. Let wikileaks feed the pipeline, then cherry pick and publish whatever unvetted “news” item will draw the most readers.

  2. ” A handful of big banks could potentially bar any organization they disliked from the payments system, essentially cutting them off from the world economy.”

    How bizarre that we finally have people concerned about this!! I mean, two thirds of the people in this country are damn near cut off from the world’s economy. We’ve created a system where a person can hardly function without being completely dependent on banks and credit. You can’t hardly rent an apartment, get a job, without a credit check. You can’t buy a car, get insurance, etc. Our whole lives are dependent on these too big to fail banks. Yes, that’s too much power for one entity to have, especially when consumers have so little recourse.

    As to wikileaks, they managed to pull in a few million that we know of, so I’ll save my tears for a real sob story.

    • It doesn’t seem to bother them that a handful of media outlets could potentially control the flow of information and determine the outcome of a presidential election.

      • They are doing a rotation, and including more as the language of the information changes (This I figured out, with your big noggin I suspect you should have too!). They have a US, British, German, French, Spanish (via Spain) and soon Russian and some others as per the tweets I see.

        They also seem to have volunteers that are translating things and posting it via their blogs.

        So, once again, I don’t see the ‘control’ thing, and suspected that the lack of dropping information was due more out of concern for the newspaper than the other way around.

        Any hoo, that is my observation…

        Back to let’s crucify him at the stake because he is an Australian right!?! I think Yttik still has the matches… Or did the meme change over night? Just asking? (SNARK FONT!)

        • ‘others’ being newspapers…

          Oh, I don’t think they will get any North Korean or Chinese newspapers on board though or any Cuban ones.

        • Julian Assange, WIkileaks, Kevin Rudd and sex & drugs: US diplomatic cables(Ladies sorry for this block’s off the mark closing…Australia’s version of myiq2xU!)

        • I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have a damn thing to do with him being an Aussie. It’s his truly international brand of douchebaggery that offends. And the fact that they have volunteer translators doesn’t make me feel any better about the media monopoly and the way that wikileaks is feeding it.

          • Than why make anti-Australian comments about watching ALL Australians? They are good to get into WARS as our allies, but now it’s OK to say they are all crooks?

            Argue the points, but don’t tar and feather ALL Australians with what amounts to lies, just because it will some how seem OK to kill one Australian without Due Process.

          • WV, I don’t mean to be… anything really. And I didn’t actually SEE any insults to all Aussies, because I haven’t been around. But I can assure you, that Aussies, like most us Commonwealthians, have a pretty decent sense of humour. We can take a little gentle poking about our former colonial status.

          • Prior WikiLeaks threads, I wouldn’t make that up, if not ask myiq2xU, I am sure he read it too. I think discussions are good, but blacking whole countries is not a sound point nor a good point.

          • Woman Voter, with all due respect to your family, I saw the front pagers post/comment that made a joke about Murdoch being an Aussie too.

            It was a joke. No one here really believes Assange should be watched because he is an Aussie.

            He should be watched because his rhetoric doesn’t match his actions. If he was an American the feelings about him being watched would be the same about Assange. And they would use Rush as the other person rather than Murdoch.

            Do you really believe that Americans are anti Australian? Let alone here at Confluence?

            Come on. It was a throw away joke to get to next point, not a genuine insult against Aussies.

          • The comment was by Yttik,

            And it was pretty anti Australian, to the point of ‘wasn’t it a prison colony’…etc. Given the fact that we seem to be involved in WARS that don’t seem to have an end and since we want our ‘allies’ to go into said conflicts, I think arguing the points are all well and good, but no need to tar and feather a whole country.

            Aussie’s by and large will make fun of themselves, but in private do take offense at the ‘crooks and criminals’ bit, that I do know. When the terror attacks happened to Australians while on holiday the papers hardly covered it, and then there was a lone flag run across the Golden Gate in remembrance and it too hardly got coverage.

            As for Julian Assange, he is an idealist and I some times wonder if he got more information than even he could have ever imagined, and the new age of this ‘Archeological Scientific Journalism’ may have come to fast for everyone to fully understand it, as even I am still trying to find articles about this form of archiving/journalism.

            In the early days, when it was a simply wiki ala wikipedia type software it was easier to understand but as the level of information increased I guess they shut that down and went into this new format.

            Any hoo…I have said my peace and will leave it at that.

          • As for Julian Assange, he is an idealist

            You THINK he’s an idealist.

          • I was in Australia on 9/11 and as I went to find a paper in a local Coastal town I saw a home, that had put up an American flag, to indicate that they too felt our pain and it made me tear up and then I saw another, and another when we got home.

            In fact every time I went I found an American flag up when I visited, to indicate our welcome. So, I do know the Aussie’s feelings towards Americans and they are not anti-American.

            And they have Universal Health Care…and haven’t gone MAOist or Communist because of it!

          • So you jacked this thread to defend Australia’s honor?

          • Myiq2xU,

            Do you think Julian Assange is a ‘Terrorist’? If you look at the first things he covered it is clear, he has a high regard for the truth and if you look at his work in Africa and elsewhere you can see he is true to his journalistic ideals and in the process found himself in more trouble than he could muster (IMHO).

            I personally was shocked about his ‘personal’ life style but that was more due to the ‘supposed’ mission ideals and the meme of him being solely dedicated to the cause…with many a detour I guess. Saint Assange he is not, that much is clear!

          • Myiq2xU,

            OK, if you want to trash Australians have at it, it is YOUR thread… there…happy NOW?

          • Woman Voter Hijaked the THREAD…WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

          • Do you think Julian Assange is a ‘Terrorist’?


            He’s a horndog anarchist with delusions of glory.

          • OK, if you want to trash Australians have at it, it is YOUR thread… there…happy NOW?

            You’re the one who wants to talk about Australians.

          • OK, let’s talk about Scottish men 😉 !

          • I know this has been a sensitive subject for you and forgive me for forgetting who exactly made the comment. But going back over that thread, there is only yttik’s comment and it still reads as a throw away joke.

            There is not a run of comments to that effect, which you seem to be implying. And it has been my experience, without fail, that Americans love Australians and all of their history.

            I know you realize the English penal system sent indentured servants/slaves here too. So to rail against Americans and that penal colony joke is to ignore our shared history with England’s penal system and pretend only Aussies have that foundation to their country.

            Seriously, the penal colony joke isn’t the huge insult you are making it. It is part of both countries’ history/lore about hard working, fight the power/England, pulling ourselves up from our bootstraps type of people. England has consistently looked down on both our histories’ so you need to look across the pond for serious insults on that level.

            As far as the terrorist attack that wasn’t covered. You need to be more specific, I think I know which one you are discussing but didn’t want to assume and go too far off of the topic.

            And as far as Assange, he is still an unknown entity with me. I don’t find him to be an idealist but rather a hypocrite. He held information on the banks when it could have made a difference.

            Just like Obama did, Assange sets off alarms for me, his nationality has nothing to do with it though.

            We can agree to disagree on Assange 😉

          • Any hoo, my main gripe is that the WikiLeaks org is an international org/ group of people but some how the ire has been on Julian Assange and him being Australian.

            Also, today on the ‘World’ The Agenda round table the topic was about how America is view internationally and well our standing is not doing so well and in part it has to do with the BUSH II Administration and all the negatives that has brought us.

            Any hoo…I think they moved up stairs into a new thread. Thanks

          • Geesh people, it’s only a joke! Next you’ll be accusing me of being racist towards…white people. Listen, Australia used to be a penal colony. So what? Most of us in the US were either indentured servants or slaves or fleeing the king’s justice.

          • I missed the JOKE part. Since Palin wants Julian Assange hunted down and Huckabee wants him assassinated it is hard to tell the jokes from lynch’em.

            Oh, I saw a story that Palin has been reading the Wikileaks! 😯

          • Come on now.

            You are taking a post out of context and then smearing them with the same brush as right winger rhetoric that was never hurled based on his nationality.

            You are smarter than that. You can most certainly tell the difference.

          • And apparently Palin tweeted that what Assange was doing was un-American. Kinda ruins your rant.


          • I will admit that I have been surprised and dismayed at the kill him and the kill’em (the staff), but by the big politicos.

            I can accept that Yttik was joking and let by gones be by gones. I had bit my lip for weeks now, about the Australian stuff (found myself upset with myself for not saying anything too).

            I am bothered that high ranking people are making such menacing statements as it is not playing out well in the international stage and that is not good, and the ultimate result such talk maybe our First Amendment Rights will be curtailed or worse.

            Any hoo, OK I hear ya… and will let the CHIVO (won’t argue over the goat) rest, because I am sure myiq2xU is planning to make tacos any how…

          • There has been too many tweets about that there tweet…

            My point was about a comment, which was addressed (unless you know Palin Blogs here, than do tell) and more importantly about the the let’s get Assange and the staff as I am feeling we are going down a slippery slope where Free Speech, Freedom of Expression and Freedom of The Press will be placed on the chopping block.

            My issue with Palin is the ‘Hunting’ of anyone, because America should be a beacon of light, not of fear and Due Process is a right within the laws of this country and the latter can not be forgotten.

          • That rhetoric was most definitely creepy from such high profile people.

            It was one of those moments that lead to wonder about a dog and pony show. It was so over the top it made me wonder from who that talking point started and to what benefit?

            Very odd.

      • Honk, yo.

    • word, yttik.

  3. Forget Assange and his $1,500,000 corporate book deal (some rebel, what a sell-out), instead read a book that’s really been BANNED like “America Deceived II” by E.A. Blayre III.
    Last link (before Google Books bans it also]:

  4. OT on IFC at 7:45 The Devil’s Rejects.
    last time it was very late at night and I got sleepy,this rime I might stay through it.

  5. on topic: You are wrong. The NYT lost it’s credibility when it led the crusade against Clinton. Jeff Gerth actually invented Whitewater and ran with it to a RW DA in Arkansas. by the time they were giving W BJs they were already a laughing stock.

    • There’s been international concerted effort by the banks to marginalize from the economy Wikileaks, and it should not be dismissed as another worthless editorial from the NYT.

      Every person and organization is at risk, and the Fed should take steps to correct the situation and make it illegal to close accounts that are in good standing.

      • I think to the TBTF banks, Wikileaks is at best an annoyance. There is plenty that is already out in the open that the government can go after. They are choosing not to (though Justice has been stepping things up) because the financial system is ostensibly still fragile and economists continue to debate whether that poses a risk to the general economy. There are 12 million people at all levels who work in financial services in the US (I’ve never been one), so when going after the banks it helps to go after the right people…the ones who’ve caused the most damage. Don’t know if Wikileaks is able to make those distinctions.

    • You are correct, but I went with Iraq/Plame because some of our readers hate Clinton and I really didn’t want to let them threadjack on that issue.

      • I didn’t stay on top of the news during the Clinton administration. But weren’t all the news services on attack mode after Bill, Hillary and the presidency? From the little I read, it seemed that way.

        • The Times was one of the leaders of that lynch mob.

          • Would love a nostalgic look back at those years.

            It would make for fascinating reading and to get a perspective on media and when the real big spin began.
            Someone here recently said that real journalism died when Walter Cronkite was pushed out, er…retired.

    • Sorry. I didn’t mean to post my comment as a “Reply”.

    • Absolutely true. And the same “liberal” writers in that paper (Dowd, Rich,) –also WAPO (Robinson, etc) —were trashing Clinton hysterically by using the right-wing memes like Vince Poster killed by Hillary agents (barf), right out of the rightwing playbooks.

      See Somberby’s archives for tracing all the trash Clinton’s own liberals used against him.

      Many of the Obots’ we-hate-the-Clintons still believed all the crap the “liberal” journalists/media gossiped about back then. The One was gonna “cleanse” the Dem Party of all that.


    • That’s how I remember it also.
      NYT has been bird cage liner for a long time now.

  6. If I wanted to run an ad criticizing the NY Times should they be forced to accept my advertising?

    If you wanted to run an ad criticizing the New York Times, should they be allowed to prevent you from running it anywhere?

    • Is that what’s happening here?

      AMEX is still processing WikiLeaks donations, and you can still send them by snail mail.

      • This is a simple danger of monopolies- they get too much power. It’s not an argument against wikileaks or against banks or against anything, it’s an argument FOR more anti-trust regulation.

        • Too many people are framing it as “poor WikiLeaks”

          • Agreed.

          • I don’t think it’s “poor wikileaks”. Snail mail works, but fewer and fewer people use checks, and though AMEX still process the donations most people carry MasterCard and Visa, to dismiss what the banks are doing is either naive or a let’s pretend that we don’t see the issue, the abuse of power by the banking industry. I would think that a website like TC would understand the implications, as the NYT explained in its editorial.

          • i with you on this one myiq2xu,

          • Maybe I should breathe to avoid run on sentences. 🙂

          • Wikileaks could be me or you for the right $$ reason $$.

  7. UFO Files Released By New Zealand Military

    In support of their Australian neighbor, Julian Assange, the New Zealand Defence Force released UFO reports for a freedom of information request. They released thousands of files on Wednesday, December 22. These files offer a 50-year history of UFO sightings in New Zealand.

    In an earlier interview, the champion of freedom of information, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange referred to the people who send his organization UFO reports as “weirdos.” However, he does acknowledge the substantial references to UFOs in these recently released cable reports.

    The files cover one incident of particular importance to New Zealanders: the UFO mystery of 1978 in Kaikoura, a southern island town. Air traffic control detected mysterious radar blips that they were unable to explain. At the same time, a cargo plane reported strange lights in the skies.

  8. Starting a new thread:

    I would think that a website like TC would understand the implications, as the NYT explained in its editorial.

    It seems to me that the level of outrage is based on the target rather than the action.

    If all the banks decided they wouldn’t do any business with the Klan, would people be as upset?

    • actually alot of the same people that are upset that ole Julian. is getting cut off would probably be cheering the move.

    • IMO – Banks should be broken up or nationalized. They also should be regulated to “do business” with peope and businesses according to specific standards, not based on a whim. But the owners of the banks get to run them how they want – just ask the treasury.

    • That’s my point. It’s not about the organization. I also defend the right to demonstrate being a right wing organization like the Klan or a left wing one. It’s the right I’m defending.

    • Don’t faint, but the ACLU has defended the KKK

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on why the ACLU defends free speech for racists and totalitarians

      Why does the ACLU defend free speech for Nazis, KKK members, and others who advocate racist or totalitarian doctrines?

      Because we believe that the constitutional guarantees of freedom of speech and press would be meaningless if the government could pick and choose the persons to whom they apply. The ACLU’s responsibility since its founding in1920 has been to make sure that all are free to speak, no matter what their ideas.

      In what circumstances does the ACLU defend such people?

      The ACLU defends the right of such persons to make speeches in which they express their beliefs; to print and distribute written material; to hold peaceful marches and rallies; to display their symbols, and to be members of groups which promote their doctrines.


      I am with Dario on this one, and when you register voters you agree to register every party and or stated affiliation (shocking as that may sound).

      • WikiLeaks has nothing to do with voter registration.

      • NO, it doesn’t my point was that there are laws and that when registering voters if one showed up and wanted to register as the WikiLeaks Party under other in protest you have to let them write that to their little hearts desire. I have registered some very interesting ones in my day. You just smile and check it and give then their little slip (confirmation with your info) and smile and turn it in.

        • This is ridiculous. People are conflating an individual’s RIGHTS with what they demand as CONSUMERS. That’s just wrong.

          Americans have the Right to free speech. That does not mean that they get to sing every song at Karaoke night. Julian Assange has certain rights, but NONE of them force banks to open an account for him.

  9. Myiq2xU,

    The other night you start a Wikileaks let’s go fight (was about to make coffee and found it was only Dandy Tiger here)…then you split, now you are complaining…sheesh…POVECHITO Payachito!

  10. Assange makes me cringe—the name, the photos, the deeds or not deeds. To me he is creepy. How people can admire him astounds me. He is a version of Obama—someone who walks on the world stage w/o anything to offer while taking everything from everybody and then he has a tizzie if he is questioned or subjected to his own dirty games.

  11. Changing the issue, might be a good tactic to avoid discussing it, but it’s naive to pretend that what happens to Wikileak cannot happen to another website. The banks should not arbitrarily close an account for a customer that’s lawful and in good standing simply because they don’t like the organization. And besides, this is not about one bank, but a concerted effort by financial providers to marginalize an organization. Most people would agree that a restaurant should not be able to not serve a customer because he’s ugly. Even if there are thousand of restaurants around, that’s not the issue. If one restaurant can do it, then all restaurants can, as it happened in the South during its segregation period.

    • I guess you didn’t read my post:

      I’m no fan of banks, and I think anything that is “too big too fail” is too damn big. But this situation is problematic because WikiLeaks is threatening to leak damaging information about the banks that don’t want to do business with them.

      If I wanted to run an ad criticizing the NY Times should they be forced to accept my advertising?

      If we require banks to do business with everybody we’ll have to indemnify them from criminal and civil liability. There’s some real potential for abuse there too. Perhaps a better solution is to break up the big banks. Don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen.

      But this isn’t a civil rights violation.

      • It is a civil rights case.

      • Btw, yes. The NYT should not deny your advertising if you are lawful and in good standing with the NYT, especially if you’ve been a NYT customer. There should be a good reason to deny service. And I think you might have a civil case against a supplier or service provider who denies you as a customer for no reason at all. A business may post that it reserves the right to deny service, but that sign is worthless if the business arbitrarily denies service, as it has happened with restaurants. They have lost such cases.

        • And I think you might have a civil case against a supplier or service provider who denies you as a customer for no reason at all.

          But they can deny service for no reason at all. What they can’t do is deny service for a prohibited reason, like race, religion, etc.

          • Exactly, myiq. If they were withholding service on the basis of race or because the customer was a Methodist, it would be actionable.


          • *ding ding ding*

            American Apparel doesn’t make plus sizes, sushi places keep the white guys in the back and the japanese girls waiting tables, and people get ignored in jewelry stores for looking scruffy. There’s a big difference between fair and legal.

        • HELLO – it is the free world…if somebody wants to trash my business, I am not legally obliged to help him doing so.

          So, if Wikileak wants to throw with mud, they should be prepared for others to do so as well and they cant stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!

    • I agree Dario, I agree!

    • So, should the customer be encouraged to go to a restaurant he trashes in the newspapers?

      • Should the restaurant have to wait on someone who trashes them in the newspaper?

        • Amazon, Paypal, Visa, Mastercard and a couple others weren’t trashed but cut their ties due to receiving contact from I think it was Joe Lieberman and poof their accounts went off.

          American Express is more on a global level and probably doesn’t want the negative PR and that is why they are still in there, and I think some new outfit similar to paypal has set up a service for them, but their name escapes me.

          I think the main thing is that Senator Joe Lieberman should have gone to court as chairman of Home Land Security and done it with Due Process. The Obama Administration is now silent, and now Senator Joe Lieberman Home Land Security Chairman is now claiming to be a ‘Private Person’, that is some powerful private person.

          So, myiq2xU, do you really think that companies should work like that? Shy ‘Private Citizen’ Senator Joe Lieberman called WordPress and said that, that clown Myiq2xU was just Un-American and they should shut you down, that would be OK with you!?!

          • The decisions to bar the organization came after its founder, Julian Assange, said that next year it will release data revealing corruption in the financial industry.

          • Now I’m gonna go watch The Sound of Music

          • Of course. It’s all Joe Lieberman’s fault. Now the conspiracy makes sense.

          • So, you are thrilled that they got TARP (700 BILLIONS) and have not released money to small businesses and have not lowered interest rates on credit cards and can still raise rates into the high 33+ % for being late one day, to those least able to afford it???

            Did I miss some thing….

          • Senator Joe Lieberman Will Use Wikileaks To Subvert The Constitution (Senator Joe Lieberman in his own words)

          • It’s not the 700 billion in TARP. Most of that’s been paid back. It’s the 2 trillion is cash they’re sitting on after the 6 trillion injection from the Fed that’s the problem. The administration should be leaning hard on the banks and multinationals to lend and invest domestically, but BO is in Hawaii and he doesn’t really have an economic team these days. Just the PR staff. Bernanke is running the country.

          • Small businesses are the American economy’s engine and it they don’t open up credit to businesses with a history (years in business + employees), the economy will continue to struggle.

  12. It’s not about Wikileaks. It’s about the right to be served when the customer is in good standing with the law and the service provider. It’s not about banks, but any service provider, regardless of the service. A provider should not deny its services arbitrarily because if it’s allowed, then we could have a situation that someone might be denied a service for being black, a Mexican, yellow or green or any reason the service provider feels justified to use. That’s the issue. I’m surprised that Wikileak has not sued. I’m not a lawyer, but I think it has a case. But then again, Wikileaks might not want to provide any document that a bank might ask if Wikileak sued.

  13. I’m thinking this must be some kind of news content play for Google. Because everyone else is shutting down Wikileaks…Amazon. Apple, eBay, PayPal, Visa, MC.

  14. Enough about the Australians.

    I move we start insulting a different country.

    Lower Slobbovians are all rubberheads who throw fish. :mrgreen:

  15. States are more stringent than the federal government about denial of service.

    I think it appears that courts do not accept to denial arbitrarily.

    On the other hand, a California court decided that a restaurant owner could not refuse to seat a gay couple in a semi-private booth where the restaurant policy was to only seat two people of opposite sexes in such booths. There was no legitimate business reason for the refusal of service, and so the discrimination was arbitrary and unlawful.


    • Denial of service is an interesting term since it’s been the denial of service attacks from hackers that’s compelled many in the tech community to turn against wikileaks. There’s that irony if not hypocrisy again.

      • I have NEVER advocating hacking any site, and as far as I know, Wikileaks hasn’t organized any hacking and I think Assange even stated that he didn’t organize the protests (Denial Of Service). My understanding of the OPS group is that it is loose and it is a some sort of WoodStock Cyber Protest spontaneous thing that grew from the first protest years ago against a NRG due to censorship.

        Most of the information on the group was in German and I don’t speak German so I didn’t get anything beyond the date of some thing. They now have a count down with a clock but I don’t know what it is, nor what is going to happen on the 27th. See, I have been watching SciFi and blogging.

        • If Wikileaks hack, then it would have broken laws. But there’s been no accusation or indictment that Wikileaks has hacked any system.

          • Not WikiLeaks the OPS, or maybe I have the name wrong…it is young people from what I can tell and what the news reports. Any hoo… I think it is just you and me left? Did everyone leave?

  16. Wikileaks “Classified” Dump Becomes Joe Lieberman’s Killswitch (‘Joe Lieberman Chairman of HomeLand Security Committee is calling for an investigating The New York Times’)

    • That’s why the issue is not about Wikileaks, but the abuse of power.

      • I am with you Dario!

      • Maybe one of the purpose of Wikileaks is to show that the internet needs to be regulated. Who knows. That would be a shame.

        • I don’t think it is, but I do think there are people more than willing to take more and more Civil Liberties away from us. Controlling the masses, while telling them it’s for their own good and having them thank you, and if they don’t cooperate, well then their mode of transport will be roller skates or a mule.

  17. Three Wickets reminded me of this the missing Trillions. If Wikileaks could give us a clue as to where the $2.3 Trillion Dollars went, we would have to rethink this new ‘Archeological Scientific Journalism’ and begin to ask why we Don’t Have Universal Health Care but do have Billions for Wall Street and Trillions that go missing in the WARS Machine.

    9/10/2001: Rumsfeld says $2.3 TRILLION Missing from Pentagon

  18. Sarah Palin Uses Info Gleaned From ‘Treasonous’ WikiLeaks To Pen Op-Ed On Dangers Of Iran

    Sarah Palin sought to build her foreign policy credentials on Tuesday, with a new op-ed arguing that the Obama administration needs to “toughen up” on Iran based on information from leaked diplomatic cables that she had earlier denounced.

    The former Alaska Governor writes in USA Today:

    ” Iran continues to defy the international community in its drive to acquire nuclear weapons. Arab leaders in the region rightly fear a nuclear-armed Iran. We suspected this before, but now we know for sure because of leaked diplomatic cables. King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia “frequently exhorted the U.S. to attack Iran to put an end to its nuclear weapons program,” according to these communications. Officials from Jordan said the Iranian nuclear program should be stopped by any means necessary. Officials from the United Arab Emirates and Egypt saw Iran as evil, an “existential threat” and a sponsor of terrorism. If Iran isn’t stopped from obtaining nuclear weapons, it could trigger a regional nuclear arms race in which these countries would seek their own nuclear weapons to protect themselves”

    We NOW return you to your scheduled programming of let’s get ASSAAAANEEE that WikiLeaker Dude from Down Yonder!

  19. Cables Portray Expanded Reach of Drug Agency

    WASHINGTON — The Drug Enforcement Administration has been transformed into a global intelligence organization with a reach that extends far beyond narcotics, and an eavesdropping operation so expansive it has to fend off foreign politicians who want to use it against their political enemies, according to secret diplomatic cables..

    • Thanks, and G’night.

    • You do realize I linked to that article in my main post?

      • I am being driven to drink. Granted it wasn’t much of a RIDE…

      • oops. Sorry.

      • I’m bad. I stopped reading after the bank editorial.

      • I agree. It’s stuff we know, but it confirms sometimes what the government has denied. Chavez accused the DEA of being spies, and the U.S. denied it. Now we know it was true:

        In Venezuela, the local intelligence service turned the tables on the D.E.A., infiltrating its operations, sabotaging equipment and hiring a computer hacker to intercept American Embassy e-mails, the cables report.

      • Yes, we saw that, but wanted to see if it included more accounts like this one that I hadn’t heard about in the news here. Shocking really, that this narco war is so out of control and that people keep buying the drugs which keeps this mess going.


  20. Anyone know this guy Alec Ross…was special advisor for tech and innovation for Obama during the campaign, now has same role under Hillary at State. Think he helped formulate the admin case for global internet freedom. Now he’s equivocating about wikileaks on facebook, and he seems a little lost. This guy has a senior staff job at State. Should he be gabbing away on facebook.

  21. What a dumbass thing to say. And hornet’s nest is the third book in the Dragon Tattoo series.

  22. Wow, you have lost your mind on this one. Just go to Glenn for a review of what Wikilieaks have done.

    You are so over the top about the possible sex scandal that you fail to see the good that Wikileaks have done. You are completely blinded – which is what the smear campaign is all about. HELLO.

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